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Metalocalypse - Season One
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Product Description

This is a show that satires celebrity-ism and celebrates and completely embraces METAL!

DVD Features:
Music Video

Customer Reviews:

  • Total Freakin Awesome!!
    Oh my God! This is the best dvd I have ever bought! I always watch Metalocalypse when it comes on Adult Swim. It is the best show I have ever heard of in my whole life! If you are trying to decide whether or not to buy this dvd, I think you should buy it. If you TOTALLY love metal music, EXTREME violence, and alcohol, then you should defenantly buy this dvd. WOO!! Go Pickles!!...more info
  • metalocolypse dvd set rules
    great dvd set, packaged nice , no floppy discs rolling around in case when showed up, amazon packs well , great price too, definetly recomend shopping at amazon for all gift or personal wants. keep it brutal!...more info
  • great tv show, censored dvd, bad for wide screen tv
    the dvd is censored as much as on TV, if you have a wide screen TV the show will be in the middle of the screen and tiny, other than that I would have given it 5 stars...more info
  • Awesome Series
    I purchased this for my husband because he loves the series, but finds it hard to catch it on Adult Swim. He flipped head over heals and just loves it! Buy it for your man!...more info
  • 4 Star Quality
    I rate this 4 stars.

    +4 stars for this excellent show on DVD.
    -1 star for being censored.

    This dvd set is not uncensored in any way.It is shown the exact same way as it is on adult swim....more info
  • Funny
    Metalocalypse is not for everyone, it has dark, bloody humor. The music is epic and well written. ...more info
  • Just as much as it needs to be
    If you buy this looking for the episodes as they appeared on [adult swim] then you are in luck, they are here exactly as they were broadcast. However, if you like your DVDs without FCC involvement you are out of luck. Given the brutal nature of the show, it's quite ridiculous what they must censor. But when a DVD set is released, even those bonds can and should be discarded. It unacceptable for a DVD set.
    The show is great, easily 4 stars. However this review is geared towards the DVD set, which I simply cannot recommend unless you're a hardcore fan. Even then you could really want to be treated a little better. ...more info
  • Brutal
    Adult Swim never ceases to amaze me. It seems as if nearly every new show to debut on the Cartoon Network's late night lineup pushes the limits of cable TV animation. Case in point, Metalocalypse; a show about death/doom metal supergroup Dethklok, and the metal laced path of insanity and destruction they leave in their wake. Led by frontman Nathan Explosion (who never speaks without his death metal growl and is always looking for new forms of brutality), Dethklok's mission of global domination finds the band slaughtering their fans, conjuring up a giant troll, taking on the comedy scene, and painfully being re-united with their families among others. Bloody, brutal, loaded with visual gags, and insanely hilarious throughout, Metalocalypse is a true treat that celebrates and satires the metal scene. There's plenty to love, including great, pumping music and some voice work from legendary metal screamer King Diamond, and even Metallica's James Hetfield and Kirk Hammett. All in all, picking up this DVD set is a no brainer for fans of the show, and while it may be an acquired taste for some, make no mistake that you'll get plenty of enjoyment from the brutal boys of Dethklok....more info
  • Goddamn funny - goddamn brutal!
    Title of my review says it all - this is brutally funny, even if you don't like metal - its prob'ly funnier if you don't.
    My only ciriticism is, given the star-studded line-up of voices (Hetfield, King Diamond, Corpsegrinder, etc), it would've been neat to have some studio footage as an extra, or some "making of" kinda stuff.
    Other than that, this owns you and your mum, and the makers definitely desrve "a banana sticker"!
    \m/\m/...more info
  • ummm... TOALLY AWESOME!!!!
    I am in love with Metalocalypse! This show is hilarious and disgusting all at the same time. It has you saying "did they just do that on tv?". It's about a metal band that pretty much runs a country and a band of people that want to destroy them including a man who always seems to be secretly on their side. Murdaface and Tookie are my fav! And Dr. Rockso makes a nice appearance as the cocaine addicted rock and roll clown. I am excited for the next season! Rent it if you haven't seen it and buy it if you want to be entertained with awesome metal music, funny scenerios and disgusting death, blood and demons!...more info
    This series is so funny the funniest episode in it is the Rock N Roll clown you will be rolling on the floor laughing, I should warn although that this show is for people with maybe a little more of a twisted sense of humor... This is evident with in the first 2 minutes of the movie though... I bought it for my husband as part of his Valentine's present though and he has watched it probably 20 times since then... it's an addictive show :) I highly recommend this to any one who is a little twisted and a little metal :)...more info
  • Great item
    Season two is better than season one, and I got it for a great deal on Amazon!...more info
  • Metalocalypse
    My son seems to enjoy this show and likes the DVD.
    Not for young children....more info
  • Metalocalypse Season 1
    Everything I wanted to know about the product was listed on the site before I purchased it. When I received the product through the mail, it was in perfect condition....more info
  • The Metalocalypse has definitely begun
    I love Metalocalypse on Cartoon Network's Adult Swim. Brendon Small and Tommy Blacha do a great job on this most metal of cartoons and I became a fan after the first episode. Like most people who will buy this DVD set, I was looking forward to owning Season 1 when it came out. Initially I was disappointed and wrote a review to that end.

    Then I discovered the hidden content.

    I won't tell you what it is or spoil it in any other way, but I will say that every thing I was bummed about not being included almost certainly is.

    So I am changing this review to "buy it!" instead of "wait". I would also give it another star making it 4 stars if I could change the rating....more info
  • the most metal thing ever
    This show is utterly amazing and funny. I don't know how I would live with out it....more info
  • Dethklok is a Blast
    If you like comedy this comedic show is for you! So funny and the music is to die for, literally. yayayayayay....more info
  • Wow... That's BRUTAL.
    The most incredible first season of the best cartoon show ever documenting the biggest and heaviest band of all time --- what more is there to say? If you love Metalocalypse, you should buy this. If not, you can go and die. Nathan Explosion wouldn't have it any other way....more info
  • The Metalocalypse has begun
    When you're the most popular band in music, the world's twelfth-largest economy, and guarantors of all things metal, dealing with such mundane matters as obnoxious relatives, tax issues, and sycophantic fans, along with the occasional killer troll or assassination attempt, can be a real hassle. However, it makes an ingenious concept for a satirical TV show, and the warped minds behind Adult Swim's Metalocalypse take full advantage of their subject mater, taking aim at heavy-metal excess, celebrity worship, and pop-cultural stupidity through the adventures of animated death-metal supergroup Dethklok. The show's creators combine an obvious knowledge and appreciation of extreme music with an understanding of its inherent goofiness, and show a genuine affection for their characters even while poking fun at their complete lack of aptitude at anything other than metal. The tone is enjoyably gonzo throughout, as the satire shares space with deadpan humor and lots of gratuitously over-the-top, lovingly rendered gore; the animation is uniformly first-rate, especially in its attention to detail (the band's enormous helicopter and its forbidding dwellings at Mordhaus are especially impressive); and the music itself is surprisingly well-played and catchy in spite of its humorous intent, although the comic aspect is undercut a little by the near-indecipherability of the lyrics.

    For their part, the band members walk a fine line between characters and caricatures, but all provide more than their share of laughs: brutish frontman Nathan Explosion, dog-faced, hate-filled bassist William Murderface, English-challenged Scandinavian guitar virtuosos Skwisgaar Skwigelf and Toki Wartooth, and hard-drinking drummer Pickles. In spite (or perhaps because) of their massive wealth and fame, the band members are essentially overgrown children, living in a perpetual state of immaturity, ignorance, and self-centeredness, with their no-nonsense manager constantly struggling to limit the fallout of their self-destructive actions. The show heavily exploits the idea of a band as a dysfunctional family, with the members of Dethklok showing an undeniable bond whether learning the ways of the blues (Bluesklok) or undergoing band therapy (Performance Klok). The later episodes even provide a few strong character moments, from Toki's attempts to shed his nice-guy image (Dethkids) to Murderface's quest for spiritual fulfillment after a near-death incident (Religionklok) to Nathan Explosion's twisted relationship with a woman who's all wrong for him (Girlfriendklok).

    Providing a thread through all the craziness is a top-secret cabal of political, religious, and military leaders, led by a shadowy figure with an eerie voice and a sketchy past, that secretly monitors the band's activities from afar and trots out a never-ending succession of hilarious experts to pontificate on the danger of the latest developments to come out of Mordhaus. Apparently, in addition to their enormous popularity, Dethklok may be the fulfillment of an apocalyptic Sumerian prophecy, which makes them even more of a threat than their music alone. Everything culminates in the brilliant concluding episode The Metalocalypse Has Begun, which brings the events of the season to an action-packed, violent head at a live performance in the icy environs of the Baltic Sea. Its the perfect way to cap the season, and sets the stage for even more insanity to come in season two. I've only briefly sampled the second season, but if it's as good as its predecessor I should be through it in no time.

    ...more info
  • Rating is about picture issues, not about show.
    The episodes on this set are great. This is a great show. I love it. Five stars.

    If you have a standard TV, you will have no problem with this set. If you have an HDTV, this is a frustrating DVD set. This is a 1:85 show. The show itself is shaped like your HDTV. It should fit the area of your screen exactly. Instead, your DVD player will either stretch it lengthwise with black bars on the top and bottom or it will have black on all four sides depending on your DVD player's settings. You can probably make your TV or DVD player zoom or stretch to make the picture fit your HDTV, but that's not how it should be.

    Perhaps they figured that the type of people who like Metalocalypse are broke metalhead idiots who can't afford nice TVs. Perhaps they're mostly justified in thinking that, but I'm still mad.

    Special features are underwhelming. No commentaries or behind-the-scenes. Fake interviews with the band are mildly funny....more info
  • Dethklok rules!
    If you enjoy really ironic humor and metal, then this is your bag. Effin hilarious....more info
  • Everything will be METAL!!!
    The name of the DVD says it all. If you're a fan of metal then you must buy this DVD. The special features alone are worth the price especially since Sgisgarr Sgwigelff teaches how to play the solo for "Coffee Jingle". What are you doing, are still reading this review? Go buy the F@&#ing DVD and let the Metalocalypse begin....more info
  • Completely Worth The Buy!
    This dvd is deffinately worth buying, I had originally downloaded all of the episodes and hadnt really even considered shelling out the money for the dvd, but when i saw just how many special features were included with the DVD i knew that I had to get it. All of the menus and segways between all of the menus are all done very very well, i was honestly very surprised with all of the time and effort that went into creating this masterpiece. This is deffinately a must have for any fan of metal, and even more so, any fan of the show, this dvd is amazing and i already cant wait for the second season on dvd....more info
  • technical shortcomings and no extra features
    I have a few complaints about the set. I had already seen every episode multiple times (tivo'd it) and think it's a great show.

    My complaints are:

    1. The "extra features." There is no direct way to access any "extra features." Somebody said there were "easter egg" bloopers but I haven't seen them yet. I hate it when they hide stuff on DVDs. If that's all the special features there are it's a let-down since that was part of the reason I bought the set.

    2. The subtitles are wrong for the "deththeme" and various other spots (that I've noticed so far). They're also censored throughout the set. This makes me doubt that the rest of the set has accurate subtitles. It looks like whoever did the subtitles searched google for the lyrics for the "deththeme" instead of getting them directly from the creators of the show, because I've seen that crappy mistranslation before on google.

    3. The 2.0 audio mix is censored, so if you don't have a 5.1 set up you're out of luck. If the 5.1 mix is censored (which I don't know because I haven't watched it through a 5.1 setup yet) then the set is 100% censored. Pretty lame.

    Somebody complained that it's not widescreen but it's a TV show that was originally broadcast in 4:3, so that's fine with me, no real complaints there....more info
  • Save Your Money
    I agree with other reviewers that have actually viewed the DVD set. It's the exact same as the TV shows. I feel cheated. I still love the show and I'd rather have this DVD set than nothing at all, but it could have been done so much better. No extras, just the same shows that were broadcast on CTN including the censoring, which was really surprising to me for an unrated DVD set of an adult show.
    ...more info
  • Brutal!
    What needs to be said. Besides this is the most Brutal show out there! If your a fan of the show, I would pick this up. Cant wait for season 2!...more info
  • Great Animated TV Comedy!
    Great show, great box set. If you like the show on Adult Swim, grab the DVDs!...more info