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Naked In Death
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"In a world of danger and deception, she walks the line--between seductive passion and scandalous murder... Eve Dallas is a New York police lieutenant hunting for a ruthless killer. In over ten years on the force, she's seen it all--and knows her survival depends on her instincts. And she's going against every warning telling her not to get involved with Roarke, an Irish billionaire--and a suspect in Eve's murder investigation. But passion and seduction have rules of their own, and it's up to Eve to take a chance in the arms of a man she knows nothing about--except the addictive hunger of needing his touch. "

Customer Reviews:

  • Great Start to Hopefully a Great Series!!
    I thoroughly enjoyed the book "Naked In Death". Honestly I have to say I was skeptical at first, I'm not to much into the futuristic books, but this grabbed me from the first page and didn't let me go till it was over. Actually it has me wanting to go and read Glory In Death to keep the series going in my mind. The story is about a fearless detective named Eve Dallas. She's self sufficient, she's in control and her whole world gets turned upside down literally when the Senator's Granddaughter gets murdered. Going through all the channels as Detective Dallas has to do she finds herself confronted with a man, a suspect. But not just any man...a man named Rourke. From the moment they meet the chemistry runs over! You will see just how important a little bit of love can help to ending a long streak of violence and brutality that not only is involved in the case, but also involved all they way back to Eve's childhood! If your a fan of Nora Roberts...pick this one up. If J D Robb is new to you, then do yourself a favor and read this book. This is one series, I plan on reading the whole way through!...more info
  • wonderful
    I was not disappointed with the book. It was in great shape and I loved reading it....more info
  • My first foray into Death
    I have to say, I liked just about everything about this book, save for Roarke. He came off as a smug, smothering, creep. As the saying goes, money doesn't buy manners.

    Eve and her universe felt very real, making her a compassionate character. I'll probably check out other entries in this series, just to see what she's up to. Overall, this was a fairly enjoyable read. It was a bit slow in a few spots, but other than that, flowed well. It's easy to see how the Death series is on the must-read lists of mystery and romance readers. ...more info
  • Naked in Death
    An edgy, fast paced, yet insightful novel, providing murder, police drama and romance in a futuristic setting. New York detective Eve Dallas is assigned to the murder of a high class hooker with ties to a prominent family. The investigation leads her through twists and turns and she becomes involved with Roarke, one of her suspects, making her question herself and begin to come to terms with her own mysterious past.
    A gripping lead in to the series....more info
  • You'll Be Hooked
    This is the 1st book in a long running series. You will be hooked!
    In this book we meet Lt. Eve Dallas of the New York Police and Security Department. The year is 2058. I am a huge Nora Roberts fan and I have to admit I put off reading this book for a long time because the futuristic theme frightened me off. I am not a fan of futuristic or Sci-Fi. I have to say I was more than pleasantly surprised with this story. Lt. Dallas is trying to find a serial killer when the name Roarke keeps coming up in her investigation. Roarke is a handsome multi billionaire from Ireland with what appears to be virtually no past. While all the clues keep leading back to him something just doesn't fit. Eve's gut says he is not the killer.
    This is a fast past suspense book with a red hot romance. You will not want to put it down and you will want to read more about all the characters created in this book. ...more info
  • As promised
    The product arrived in time and in the condition it was advertised. Very good service!...more info
  • The lady can write!
    Nora or JD, the lady can write and I think the IN DEATH series is her best yet....more info
  • Meet Eve Dallas, et al....
    This book introduces the reader to the world of Eve Dallas, Futuristic police detective living on a war-torn planet Earth. As our "introduction" to Eve progresses, she is thrown into a case involving high profile victims and murder suspects, one of whom is the mysterious "Roarke". (You'll learn more about him later in the series... I don't want to spoil it for those who haven't read it.)

    By the end of the book, if you're not hooked on Eve Dallas, chances are you're not going to be... but I highly recommend this series. Read at least the first three books. If you don't absolutely fall in love with this macabre cast of characters, there's something really wrong with you in my opinion! ...more info
  • Couldn't finish it
    For the sake of variety, I needed something to read in between David Baldacci novels, and this promised mystery, suspense, action, and the like. Needless to say, it delivered none of this, but instead bore me to death for 160-some pages before I gave up, threw the book against the wall and went back to reading worthy authors.

    Let's go over the many problems here, starting with the main character, I think her name is Eve but honestly I don't remember. She's this by-the-book, uptight, unkempt cop who cares nothing for the standards or modern society or beauty, and yet somehow manages to be beautiful enough that EVERY male character introduced first tries to hit on her. This is so cliche and doesn't make any sense. Second, we have Roarke or whatever his name is. He's a multi-millionaire with everything he could ever want, and every women in the world wants him, yet somehow he finds Eve to be the one that he can't live without.

    The mystery is really just a sub-plot to a horrible romance novel, but even it isn't very good. Some guy decides it'd be fun to go off popping 6 hookers, which apparently is legal in the future, which brings me to my next point. This is supposed to be futuristic, and to compensate JD Robb invented some lame new stuff to make it seem so, like laser-guns and finger print supressing spray. However, it just so happens that our killer is an "old schooler" who uses guns instead of lasers, so in reality, it's not REALLY a futuristic mystery.

    Even so, the investigation doesn't take long to deteriorate into a bunch of faux romance and unneeded sex scenes. After the third one, literally back to back to back, followed by the cheesy dialogue "Stopping a police officer from leaving is a crime, I could arrest you," and then "You weren't wearing you badge when it happened, or anything else for what matter."

    Seriously??? Skip over this book, it's garbage. 2 stars for whatever the ending might have been....more info
  • Great
    I love this series... you must read it to understand. It's all about a homicide detective named Lt. Eve Dallas and how she goes about solving a case which always seems imposibble to solve at first....more info
  • The Best Romantic Suspense Series EVER
    After 20+ books over 10+ years, I decided it was high time to go back to where it all began -- NAKED IN DEATH.

    Here, author J.D. Robb (aka best-selling author Nora Roberts) introduces us to NYPSD Lieutenant Eve Dallas, a force in her own right, and one of the trickiest cases yet. The granddaughter of a Senator has been brutally murdered, and the perpetrator promises that five more bodies are to follow. As Eve races against the clock to save more women from dying, she also must contend with her own feelings for Roarke, a self-made billionaire who early on is a suspect in the murders.

    If you haven't read any of the "...IN DEATH" books, I highly recommend them to anyone who enjoys romantic suspense. The mystery and the romance are evenly balanced, Eve and Roarke are definitely intriguing characters, and the story just never gets old.

    Going back to this first story in the series after having been a fan so long, I was grateful to be reminded of the meaning behind the gray button, how Galahad came into the picture, and how Somerset's attitude has been the same from the beginning.

    NAKED IN DEATH is a winner, and you'll be happy to know that when you finish reading it, there are 24 more stories already published in the series. Happy Reading!!
    ...more info
  • Slow Start
    this book started off slow, but as I got past the middle of the book I started getting into it a lot more. I liked how Robb brought a little romance into the story. the book was hard to put down towards the end. If you like mystery, suspence and romance.. you will like this book. Just don't expect it to start out with a bang....more info
  • An exciting first novel in an imaginative series
    Damn! I wish I hadn't done that! "Naked in Death" is the first in JD Robb's popular Death series which is now almost two dozen novels strong ... and I loved it! My pocketbook will protest and my bookshelves will be groaning under the ever increasing load as I begin the quest to accumulate the rest of the series.

    Eve Dallas is a lieutenant in the New York City Police Department. The story is set in 2058 - a future near enough to be entirely recognizable but far enough away that Robb can postulate some very interesting technological and cultural developments - guns have been banned; prostitution is legal and completely regulated; cars have an auto-pilot setting; VR simulations have advanced to a heart-stopping, palm-sweating, gut-wrenching reality that is light years beyond the technology we know of today; smoking is almost a thing of the past; police weaponry consists only of lasers and high powered stun guns with handguns firing real bullets available only in museums and private collections; and, would you believe it, recreational "hotels" for the ¨¹ber-wealthy are actually in continuous orbit above the earth!

    The murder, on the other hand, is one we are, sadly, all too familiar with - the violent, gruesome, almost ritualistic slaying of a sex trade worker, now known by the euphemism "licenced companion", which is only the first of an intended series by a serial killer. He left behind a note ... "ONE OF SIX"! This particular licenced companion, Sharon DeBlass, just happened to be the grand-daughter of a US Senator and you might well imagine the political pressure that is being brought to bear on Dallas and NYPD to solve the case. When the investigation points in the direction of Roarke, a self-made reclusive billionaire, the heat and passion in the novel is turned up a notch as Dallas finds herself in the unenviable position of falling for a man who just might be the killer she's looking for!

    I don't think I can give Robb top marks for the plot - the solution is just a little too predictable and can be seen a fair distance from the end of the novel. But "Naked in Death" certainly earns both thumbs well turned up in every other way - dialogue, characterization, setting, humour (the side plot about the husband's murder by Hetta Finestein, a lovable little gray haired old lady, is a positive hoot), imagination, novelty, creativity and more. And I have to hand it to Robb ... she writes a mean sex scene. Whew! They're footloose, they're well-timed, they're playful and they're enough to bring a little sheen of sweat up on your brow!

    Highly recommended! Romance, police procedural, mystery, science fiction ... you name it, they all fit. If you like a lightweight, easy-going enjoyable read in any of those genres, you'll enjoy "Naked in Death".

    Paul Weiss

    ...more info
  • The Beginning! Now I get it.
    I have read several of the books in the "In Death" series, specifically the later installments and for a while, have intended to read the beginning to see how the series evolved. "Naked in Death" was a wonderful building block for a series that I have grown to love. This books starts the evolution of the passionate relationship between Eve and Roarke. We see their acceptance of each other and their desire to find in each other something that they desire. They are willing to risk their hearts for love.

    We are introduced to other characters that appear frequently in later installments, but who I had no idea of how they joined the cast of a well developed series. It also explains that when we first meet Eve, she has hidden her secret in her subconscious and has no idea the impact that it would have on her future. We meet Mavis (Eve's best friend who is not yet the hip "Vid" star yet, but whose career is on the rise); Dr. Mira, who is pushing Eve to remember a past that she has chosen not to remember; Charles Monroe, a licensed companion (i.e., high class prostitute) who is later the love of Louise's life (Louise being one of her dearest friends). Sideline...I never would have known that Charles hit on Eve first, in a million years, called her Lieutenant "Sugar Pants" and even offered to give her a "freebie". [For those who follow the series, you will find that extremely surprising.] And finally, we meet the ever present Feenie, Eve's mentor and father figure (He even treats Roarke like a father who is dating his daughter. It is cute and they eventually come to an understanding). We see Summerset and how his relationship with Eve evolved, and find out how she comes into possession of Galahad, the peculiar cat, that is throughout every novel in the series. And most of all, we see Eve evolve into the woman that she becomes in "Innocent in Death".

    I guess I should mention the whole murder angle in the story. Eve is out to determine who is killing licensed LCs with antiquated weapons. The first victim is the granddaughter of a well connected Senator. On top of that, the man that Eve finds irresistable is a suspect. However, following her heart and believing in someone for the first time, is not easy. Unprepared for love, Eve navigates unchartered waters.

    I do intend to read a few of the others because I know that Peabody and McNab have to make their appearances in the next book or two because I see her in Immitation in Death. This will be the summer of fun reads. ...more info
  • A Steamy, on the edge of your seat mystery thriller
    Just as I described in my title ! :) Planning to read the 2nd book in the series next...more info
  • Good characters, not good writing
    If you hate Conservatives and everything they stand for and want to read a book where the author shares the same opinions, (even though it is supposed to be a novel about a woman cop in the future) then this is the book for you! Robb's overzealous rip of all things conservative was so annoying that I painfully made it through this book and will never read another book of hers again. I ACTUALLY believe I would feel the same way if it were against Liberalism as well! I thought the character development was fantastic - but Robb's underlying feelings just never went away throughout the book. Also, her use of the F-word - although I don't mind sometimes, was a bit much. I can't believe that in the future when every other thing has been "fixed" in the mind of Robb - they haven't found other language to "frak" (for the Battlestar Galactica fans). Ha! Enjoy it if you must - but beware of author's partial writing!...more info
    I loved this book, as well as the follow-up. Eventually I got a bit tired of the format with the 7th and so forth but the first two are my favs. We get introduced here to Eve Dallas and Roarke - the tension between them is fantastic - something I wish most books contained and few RS books manage to capture. Highly recommended.

    Check out romantic ecosuspense Blind Spot....more info
  • Took me by surprise
    Honestly, I was really surprised that I liked this book so much. So much so, that I went to the library as soon as I was done with the book to search for the next one. I've never read any of Nora Robert's books and wrongly assumed that I wouldn't like her books because she is a well known mainstream romance author. I enjoyed the gritty feel of the novel and the slow, burn of the romance between Eve and Roarke. The plot didn't feel contrived at all. The only thing I'd say is that the futuristic feel of the book is just not that strong - not that it's really a bad thing. I guess I'm just use to reading more paranormal/urban fantasy books where things are so different than the real world.

    I love Eve and Roarke's characters. While many authors write stories with a strong female character, the strength often crumbles at the drop of a difficult situation. This is not so with Eve. She was consistent in her actions and thoughts. Roarke was a great balance of the strong, powerful, alpha male that was also sensitive and vulnerable. A slow build up to the romance is what I prefer and exactly what I got.

    It's exciting to see that there are so many books in this series and that the ratings have been consistently high because I suspect these books will keep me interested and entertained for a long time to come....more info
  • The start of a great series
    For years I have avoided this series like it was the plague. I am not a Nora Roberts fan. I've never really found anything enjoyable about her books and feared that these books would leave me feeling the same way. However, when I became involved with an online bookclub, everyone was raving about this series so I figured to take the chance and ordered Naked in Death. I am so glad that I did. I absolutely adored this book and have already gotten the next three in the series. I cannot believe I waited so long to try this series.

    Naked in Death tells the story of Lieutenant Eve Dallas in the year 2058 (something that was at first a little difficult to get used to). Eve is investigating a high profile murder of the granddaughter of a US Senator. The book is full of a number of twists and turns that will leave you guessing until the very end. However, one of the best parts of the book is the introduction of Roarke. He is so strong and sexy. He'd definitely be one of those book characters I'd like to meet in real life (I'm sure hubby would love to hear
    ...more info
  • This series is fabulous!
    This is the book that introduces Eve Dallas, the Lieutenant on whom this series focuses. She is a homicide detective, and keeps finding all these naked dead people (hence the name). Through the book, you are introduced to several of the key players in this series, and it sets the tone for others. The setting is the future, and Eve has all kinds of neat computers and technology at her reach. Of course, the human element is still always needed.

    Eve is very human, and through the series we see her dealing with some serious personal issues, making friends, learning to trust, etc.

    I love this series and feel that it is the best that Nora Roberts has ever written! :)...more info
  • A real page turner
    This one gave me the background on Roarke and Eve Dallas. Great summer read....more info
  • First time reading this series
    I was impressed. I liked the futurist world Roberts created. The new technology and moral beliefs of the public was basically plausible. The protagonist, Eve, was realistic and well rounded. I thought Riley was a bit flat. He didn't show the tarnish of his stated upbringing, but perhaps future books will show this. Just to give a base line, Eve is a detective, Riley is a suspect for multiple murders. The murderer plans to kill a total of six legal prostitutes and is accomplishing it one per week. It is up to Eve to catch the bad guy before he kills again.

    My only problem with this book was the ending. I predicted it (including the bad guy) the moment he was introduced in the story. Granted, I read alot, so it is easier for me to predict endings, but I still prefer to be surprised and look for that great author that keeps me guessing. I didn't find it here, but I still found liked it and plan to read more....more info
  • Couldn't get past what plagued the main character...
    The book started off ok but then the reader discovers that Eve, the main character, is plagued by a very violent crime involving a little girl. Without giving too much away, I just found myself as a reader having a hard time getting past this point. It seems to me that the crime involving this child was ultra violent and something that did not need to be fictionalized for a book. Nora Roberts is a creative person who could have come up with a myriad of crimes that could have been just as effective in terms of a catalyst for a novel and a main character. ...more info
  • Once you read this one you will be HOOKED!
    It all starts right here with Eve, Roarke, Mavis and the rest of the "In Death" family. The cases are serious and this one leads her right to a love she would have never imagined could belong to her. Roarke is absolutely to die for. And, I don't know of anyone out there who doesn't want a gourmet cup of coffee after this book either....more info
  • Yeah, the Women were right!
    After much debate and just diggin my heels in to NOT commit to such a long series, I lost. Big time. And happily so, darnnit. I had heard of this great love story between Eve & Roarke and have been piqued ever since, but a long series did NOT excite me and 30+ books is definitely a commitment! But a friend had the series to borrow so, I thought that was better. And halfway through reading I was looking for the books to the best of my frugal ability, because I Knew I was hooked! Eve is not a typical heroine; Her story is gut-wrenching but without pity as the woman can take care of herself just fine. Meeting a man like Roarke was definitely not in the agenda, and she has to cope with her steely rules as an officer against pure, raw passion. This first book in the series definitely set the tone for the ones that follow- not for the weak as the heroine is a top homicide detective. If there wasn't any romance, it'd be hard for me to swallow. But OH, there is so no worries there! I can't wait to go through the series to see how their relationship develops, as well as read the intriguing mysteries that Eve Dallas will have to solve along the way. I bow in defeat to JD Robb; it was a good fight while it lasted! ;) ...more info
  • Good, but doesn't quite match the hype.
    I have to admit that I wasn't really all that interested in reading these books... until I had read some recent reviews of several titles in the series. When I happened to see the omnibus edition of the first two In Death books I figured, why not give them a shot?

    Somehow, in reading those reviews I didn't realize these books were set in the future, which gives them an interesting twist. Actually, at times I wished that there was more emphasis on the fact that these books are set in the future--Robb could have supplied more detail in that respect. The story is certainly not for the faint of heart, and I should have realized that there would be more than enough sex, as well, given who we're dealing with (Robb a.k.a Nora Roberts). I skimmed over that and dealt with the foul language--I suppose it made sense for the story, regardless of whether or not I actually liked it. The storyline was interesting, if a bit predictable. But at the same time there were enough twists that I didn't have it totally figured out by the end. Robb does a pretty good job with the characters--Eve and Roarke are fairly well-developed (Eve more so than Roarke), and the antagonistic characters are definitely not likable in the slightest.

    I plan to read the next book, Glory In Death, sometime soon, though I don't know that I'll continue the series beyond those two books. My reading tastes don't really include a lot of sex and foul language. All the same, Robb writes a good, suspenseful mystery and I could appreciate the story for that in itself....more info
  • Whoa that smell! Can't you smell that smell???
    As is my way, I leave the plot recap to others. It takes too much time, especially when I have so many other important things to address. I read this book at the prompting of a friend, after I had recommended a book to her. This, she said, was a great series. Hm... I won't disabuse her of the opinion of the series, as I haven't read any other books in it. But this book was, unfortunately, just average. And, also unfortunately, too predictable. And involved waaaay too many odors. I'm not sure WHY there were so many odors, but it definitely stood out to me (and I appear, of course, to be the only one to notice).

    As is also my way, I must give examples:

    The bottle of scent on the dresser was exclusive, and smelled, after a quick sniff, like expensive sex.

    The air smelled of flowers and pampered flesh.

    The quiet sound of birdsong and breezes sweetened the air.

    "She..." He gestured grandly. "Exuded sex as others might exude an expensive perfume."

    "She drew people to her..." He searched for a suitable metaphor, used the corner of the scarf again. "Like an exotic and fragrant flower."

    Slickly handsome in a black silk robe, and smelling seductively of sex, Charles smiled engagingly.

    The discomfort helped distract her from the misery of headstones and the smell of cold, fresh earth.

    The steam rising from her cup smelled like heaven.

    She hated to admit even to herself that the tobacco smelled enticing. (and in the same section, though not about smell, was THIS winner -- "The tobacco burned expensively between his long, elegant fingers." How does expensive burn?)

    Mavis Freestone whirled in, a jangle of bracelets, a puff of scent.

    But Eve had already scented it, already - despite herself - begun to smile.

    And just a few lines later: Eve brought the bag to her face and sniffed deep.

    She could smell it, as ripe and sour as the vegetable hash that was today's special.

    From the smell that had greeted her outside, someone had died out there recently, or the recycle trucks hadn't been through in the last week.

    Her guide was silent on the ride up and exuded a discreet whiff of sensible scent that matched her sensible shoes and neat, sleek coif.

    There as a sharp, spicy scent from a bank of dianthus, blooming in shades of rose and vivid purple.

    However glorious the scent, they failed to stir her appetite.

    "I'm going to follow my nose."

    So far her nose was just fine.

    She could smell them: water, bad fish, and old sweat.

    The room smelled of blood, of urine, of burned food.

    It was, as she'd suspected, floral in scent and flavor.

    The scent of brewed flowers lingered in the air.

    It was foolish to be susceptible to his hands over hers, the press of his body, the smell of him.

    Thoughtfully he blew out a fragrant stream of smoke.

    A room filled with violence, the smell of gunsmoke still stinking the air, and weapons still within reach.

    She could smell flowers and felt the give of carpet under her feet.

    "I'm going to enjoy smelling my soap on you." (Oh, and this line: "...that had an orgasm shivering through her like gold." -- how does gold shiver????)

    From another fount he drew pale green soap that smelled of wild forests.

    You knew this time, she thought, how it would feel, how she'd look, how the blood would smell.

    She leaned closer, looked into Joe's surprised and staring eyes, sniffed the pie.

    Hetta Finestein opened her door with a puff of lavender sachet and the yeasty smell of homemade bread.

    "Don't you so much as sniff this custard pie."

    A short time later, Eve was in the kitchen, watching the cat sniff with delicate disdain at a bowl of food she'd unearthed...

    Unable to resist, she swung by the bench, leaned close enough to smell sour vomit.

    "He either knew it or smelled it."

    She didn't feel awkward climbing back into her clothes with the scent of him clinging to her.

    She could smell his breath on her face, sweet, like candy.

    and finally:

    "It's tea, a whiff of whiskey."

    WOW! That's a lot of focus on aroma, don't you think? Perhaps Ms. Robb/Roberts could start using another sense? (Or scent? ha!)

    On another note, I figured out the "whodunit" part by page 60. The "gadgets" were barely more technical than what's available now, except for the flying cars. Although they DID promise me flying cars! ;) The dialogue was decent and I did laugh a couple of times. While I don't think the use of "the f-word", as another reviewer put it, was excessive, it was more than twice as someone else claimed.

    I agree that Eve was NOT the strong, assertive person she was described as. On the other hand, I don't think Roarke was as terrible as some people seem to think. It would take a guy like him to get through to a girl like her. The sex was a lot for such a short book, but I don't really mind that. They were about a 5 on a 1-10 scale of hot, though. Would have preferred something a bit more... sensual.

    As a forensic science/crime wonk, I was terribly frustrated, if not downright disappointed, with the deduction and investigation side of the story. The mistakes in plot, the steps of the investigation in general, were basic. For example, Roarke is one of those uber-security conscious people, right (I mean, he owns a security company)? Well, did no one think that perhaps his property might have video surveillance that could provide him an alibi? Or that perhaps talking with the victim's family was kind of important and should happen before page 100?

    I've been assured that the series gets MUCH better as it moves on, and I hope that's the case. If it DOESN'T get better I would be concerned for the taste of these 5 star reviewers. There IS potential here, but really only if Robb/Roberts can do better with the mystery and investigative aspects of her story. Otherwise no matter how decent the writing, or even if I learned to like the characters a lot more, I would get extremely irritated with the books.

    Now if only the rest of the series isn't as focused on odors...

    Edited because someone pointed out that I didn't give enough examples of the forensic/investigative problems that I had with the book. Basically, I know that when someone is shot they don't go flying backwards (which was mentioned twice). I know that if you put paint all over your body, even when your skin can't "breathe" (which I didn't include in my "aroma" references), you won't suffocate. Mythbusters has shown that both of these ideas are false. :)

    I also caught SEVERAL bad editing mistakes (Eve was called "Even" in one spot, for example). With the clout that Nora Roberts must have, SURELY she could have a better editor by now....more info
  • The first one in the series is the Hook!
    Although I didn't start this series with the first book like I should have, this is the one to read to get the ball rolling. The charaters are unforgetable and some of the scenes stay in your head forever. (Gotta love the coffee!)

    Reviewed by Rosanna Filippello Author of the Angelo Mysteries Series published by JustMyBest inc. Book One--Angel of Death, Book Two--Angelo of Justice
    (Angel of Truth to be released Fall of 2005) info
    Just got acquainted with JD Robb books and her great character, Eve Dallas. They are terrific! Then, had to get the first one. It is as good as the latest. It is so dramatic, interesting and detailed. Set in the future, it is a taste of Scifi with a main course of plain old detective work from any century.
    Now I am hooked and look forward to all the others.
    I recommend Naked In Death and all Robb novels...........more info
  • Great start to what promises to be a very interesting series
    Thanks to the posters on Amazon's Fantasy Forums, I got introduced to Eve Dallas. She was recommended by more than one poster as one of the best heroines in fantasy. Okay, technically Robb's novels are mysteries with a science fiction angle.

    Eve Dallas is a cop in the near future. She's tough, but she's got a tender side that manifests in nightmares over a case gone bad. She thinks she's off the streets and headed to get a Psych referral when she gets a top security case. It seems, the daughter of a US Senator has been killed in a brutal and sexual manner. When she arrives on the scene, she realizes the victim is one in six.

    "Naked" is a great start to the series. It's well-written. Robb really knows how to hook a reader. I like Eve Dallas and her world. I feel strong sympathy for the victims, particularly the second girl, Lola.

    My reasons for not giving this book 5 stars is my objection to Dallas sleeping with a suspect during the course of the investigation and the fact that I figured out the murderer pretty quickly in the game. Knowing 'whodunit' didn't stop me from reading the rest to find out how he got caught. I spoke to a reader further down the series than I am and was told the mystery element improves as the stories go on. I'm looking forward to that! ...more info
  • The start of a new love
    I have loved Nora Roberts for years, and rejoice when I see a new series come out. I chanced upon one of the Lieutentant Eve Dallas stories a few months ago, and when I realized it was one of a series, I started an immediate search to start at the beginning and read them in order. To watch the development of the characters, the blooming of the love story, to see how Eve finds out about her past, little by little, is fascinating. I have fallen in love with Eve and Roarke, and all the other wonderful characters in the series, and since they are hard to find anywhere but on Amazon (or perhaps in a local library), I am buying them a few at a time. The interesting thing is that as I am reading them, I am finding more and more women who are also reading them, and these books were written several years ago! Why did it take us so long to discover them? I think they are Nora Roberts at her best. I recommend the series highly to anyone who is a fan of romance, crime and passion....more info
  • Took me by surprise
    Honestly, I was really surprised that I liked this book so much. So much so, that I went to the library as soon as I was done with the book to search for the next one. I've never read any of Nora Robert's books and wrongly assumed that I wouldn't like her books because she is a well known mainstream romance author. I enjoyed the gritty feel of the novel and the slow, burn of the romance between Eve and Roarke. The plot didn't feel contrived at all. The only thing I'd say is that the futuristic feel of the book is just not that strong - not that it's really a bad thing. I guess I'm just use to reading more paranormal/urban fantasy books where things are so different than the real world.

    I love Eve and Roarke's characters. While many authors write stories with a strong female character, the strength often crumbles at the drop of a difficult situation. This is not so with Eve. She was consistent in her actions and thoughts. Roarke was a great balance of the strong, powerful, alpha male that was also sensitive and vulnerable. A slow build up to the romance is what I prefer and exactly what I got.

    It's exciting to see that there are so many books in this series and that the ratings have been consistently high because I suspect these books will keep me interested and entertained for a long time to come....more info