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Time Crisis 4 (Includes Guncon 3)
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Product Description

Reborn on the Playstation 3, Time Crisis 4 includes a full FPS game mode, stunning HD quality graphics, a newly designed Guncon to enhance every aspect of the game and an intense new storyline.The U.S. Army's Internal Surveillance Group (ISG) has learned that a top-secret weapon developed by the armed forces is about to fall into the hands of the European terrorist organization known as W.O.L.F. In response, the ISG instructs Captain William Rush to head to California and investigate the incident. Arriving at Pier 5, the enemy's purported hideout, Captain Rush finds himself face to face with unimaginable enemy forces and menacing biological weapons. Meanwhile, having received similar information, the European Union dispatches Giorgio Bruno and Evan Bernard, two agents from the V.S.S.E. International Intelligence Agency. Upon their arrival in California, however, the pair is ambushed by a mysterious military force? Test your sharp shooting skills and complete your objective within seconds, or go head-to-head with a friend in a variety of challenging mini games. In addition to your standard weapons assortment, such as handguns and shotguns, upgrade to grenade launchers and mounted machine guns (FPS mode only) to increase your lethal arsenal. Also features unlockable console exclusive bonus weapons.

Turn your living room into a state of the art arcade arena! Join operatives Giorgio and Evan to investigate and prevent a top secret weapon from falling into the hands of international terrorists.

The latest and most advanced title in the popular Time Crisis series is now arriving on the PS3. Time Crisis delivers the first and only arcade style interactive FPS gaming experience on the next gen console with HD quality graphics. Superior to its Arcade counterpart, Time Crisis 4 is reborn with additional new free roaming FPS stages along with a new and improved Guncon. In addition to future downloadable content, Time Crisis 4 brings a fresh new look that will carry the series into the next generation.

  • New Guncon - The new Guncon is compatible with all TVs and has been enhanced with 2 analog sticks that will allow you to move freely in FPS mode.
  • Free Roaming FPS – Exclusive to the console, you are able to roam freely in FPS style through various stages. Change your camera angle, move while crouching, standing and more!
  • Multiple modes – Along with Story and Arcade mode, destroy biological weapons in Crisis Mission mode, test your sharp shooting skills or go head to head with your friend in various mini games.
  • Downloadable content – Extend your gameplay by downloading additional Crisis Missions.

Customer Reviews:

  • Fun stuff
    I have three boys and they love it. It's pretty fun. Very close to the arcade version. Works fine on a 65" DLP. 5 point synch and tracks and aims well. Great fun, worth the money....more info
  • Arcade at its best
    This game is the most accurate arcade game you can find. It is very fun and easy to use. Great replay value. Compare to ghost squad or Resident Evil it is far more fun. Wiimote is nothing more than mouse, you have to track it on screen to get head shots. Once you calibrate the gun it is pin point accurate. Nothing comes close.

    I didnt pay the full price, got it on a amazon one day only sale. It is a all around great family fun game. ...more info
  • Careful...the gun may not work that well
    This game was actually one of the things that tipped the scale and made me purchase a PS3 (I already own an Xbox 360). I wish I could say it plays better than it does.

    Graphically, it does not push the PS3. In terms of gameplay, if you have played this game at an arcade, you know what to expect--it's pretty straightforward as to what this game is.

    I am extremely disappointed in two things. First, the Complete Mission mode has to be played with both hands as you try to move and shoot using the little toggle knobs on the gun controller. That is just plain awful. To say this part of the game is painful to play would be an understatement. And why the gun is not wireless I can't understand.

    In Arcade mode, there are areas where pointing the gun to the left or the right of the screen is supposed to make you turn to fire at oncoming bad guys. Out of seven or eight sessions, I have only gotten that feature to work once. Awful.

    The best thing I can say about the game is the third mode, called Extra if memory serves (and it may not). This is just a plain old aim and shoot area where you have to shoot targets of various colors and arrangements. To be honest, this is the only reason I haven't Ebayed the game yet--that and the fact that I am waiting on someone to post a saved game with a "hidden" part of the Extra mode unlocked.

    The gun is pretty accurate though. I am hoping that some other company comes out with a game that will really take advantage of the gun system. Time Crisis 4 does not do that in my opinion....more info
  • the gun the is the downside
    the gun is not made for lefties. my husbands a leftie so holding the gun was a little bit of a challenge. i would recommend it for anybody who loves first shooter games and arcade games. ...more info
  • New Gen?
    If you are considering this game because you want to experience all the euphoric feelings of the past then go for it. it's still a fun game just nothing new. graphics haven't been updated at all. one addition of a different game play mode is fun. still luv the gun, but expected more, nothing special. Enjoy....more info
  • Great if you like no-frills arcade ports
    There isn't too much that needs to be said about this game other than if you liked Time Crisis 4 in the arcades, you'll probably enjoy this home conversion. If you're expecting lots of neat extras, however, like with the PS2 Time Crisis releases, then you'll probably end up a little disappointed. The new Complete Mission mode that features FPS stages interspersed with the arcade game stages is largely tedious and forgettable. It took me over 40 minutes just to trudge through the first stage, for example, which doesn't mesh well at all with the fast paced action of the arcade game.

    If, however, all you want is the arcade game at home, then this is a very satisfying conversion. My main complaint is that additional GunCon controllers can't be obtained separately, meaning you'll have to either enjoy single player mode, or eat the cost of a second copy of the game....more info
  • outstanding
    I was so pleased that you delivered this game so quickly to me. When I purchased the wrong game the first time, it was used and not in very good shape. I wanted this game for my son for Christmas, and I was so disappointed when the wrong one came, but I reordered the correct one, "new" from you "Amazon", my son loved it. I had to pay for a game that I didn't even want plus the correct game, so I paid like double, but that was not your fault, it was a costly lesson for me, and I will only order from you, not "used" and not sure what I'm getting....more info
  • old game better graphics
    this game was ok but nothing inovative about it and got bored of playing it after a couple of times. i bought it for 49 dollars on a GB special and got about my money's worth back as a tradin at a local buy sell and trade store. overall atleast i didn't waste my money on it....more info
  • Cool stuff for 50 bucks
    Ok, so the original $90 tag is ridiculous, but now Amazon's basically offering the game and a free gun. And the gun works great for me, especially when the 5-point calibration method is used (as another reviewer suggested). The arcade mode is fast and fun, even if the story's over-the-top, but who cares about that with this kind of game anyway? The arcade mode is hard, even for those really accurate with the gun (I'm not yet, but with practice it's getting better), but when you get game overs the number of continues increases so it's all good. The mini-games are also challenging, but make for great party game competition. Only reason I dock a star is the FPS mode should have been really cool, but it's not. With all the FPS's being released for the PS3, here's hoping something like Resistance 2 or Call of Duty 5 will take advantage of the GunCon 3 and make good use of the gun in a better FPS game.

    Note: since the GunCon 3 is at present not being sold seperately, and individual guns are expensive on eBay, it might be a good idea to get 2 copies while this Amazon deal lasts and sell one game copy back for 2-player co-op modes....more info
  • Can't Save in Arcade Mode
    This game had great potential to becoming one of the funnest game for the PS3 system. The graphics are okay and the Guncon is accurate if you know how to calibrate it right. Now, let's talk about the gameplay, and here is where the developers screwed up (hope there is a patch that can fix this nuance someday). Let me explain, first TC has always be a gun on rails arcade game and they should've left it like that. The FPS mode is cumbersome, the controls feel clunky. Not a lot of fun for me.

    Arcade, here is where they really messed up the game. Come on, who had the brilliant idea to limit the number of saves to 3?? Imagine you only get 3 saves to beat the game in Arcade mode. Since when TC only allowed people to put 3 quarters before they had to start the game all over from the beginning. And this is what the game does, you only get 3 saves and believe me when you have to re-start the game for a third time it gets old very quickly. I'm a casual gamer and I don't have the time to master this game to the level that I would make it through the end with only 3 saves. I just hope there will be new games that will make use of the Guncon in the future. ...more info
  • Target practice was never so much fun...
    Time Crisis has never been known for its deep gameplay and complex strategies, but it's still a darn fun series and TC4 is the best one so far.

    Time Crisis is basically a target game built around a lightgun, which was/is its major draw at the arcades. The name comes from the limited amount of time you're given to complete each stage; usually you feel like you're running behind the clock.

    Sure, you're shooting "people," but there's no blood, dead bodies, exploding body parts, or other gratuitous violence found in many other FPSes. Honestly, I'm thankful for this.

    Graphically it looks great, as can be expected of most PS3 games.

    The classic arcade version runs "on rails"--your character is moved from position to position by the game, all you do is point, shoot, and RELOAD! (The announcer always screams "reload" for some reason.) TC4 adds the ability to look left and right in some scenes, a gun flashlight, and some interesting new opponents, but otherwise is pretty much the same formula as the earlier games--make it through each chapter without getting shot too many times and fight the boss at the end.

    TC4 includes an FPS mode where you can move around using the Guncon's builtin joystick, but I found this frustrating and not nearly as fun as the classic arcade version.

    TC4's Guncon is based on the "LED marker" technology used by the Wii and several other new controllers. Older Guncons used a video-sensing lightgun, but that method doesn't work with LCD/LED/plasma/projection TVs. The new design works with any TV, but I've found it is harder to calibrate and it really doesn't feel as accurate as the previous Guncons.

    (Note that the new Guncon can't be used with previous TC versions, and old Guncons will not work with TC4.)

    Time Crisis can be played with a gamepad, but it's a pain and I don't recommend it--moving the targeting cursor around the screen with a joystick is slow and awkward. The game's sole basis is really the Guncon; believe me, I've tried playing it without (as the old Guncons didn't work with my rear-projection TV....)

    Should you buy TC4? For fans of the series it's an easy purchase, especially at the new low prices. If you're unfamiliar with the series, keep in mind there isn't much depth to it as there's no real strategy involved--it's just shoot, shoot, shoot. But for mindless fun and excitement it's hard to beat....more info
  • Good game but too expensive for it's price
    I've been waiting for the next installment of Time Crisis 4 to hit the PS3 for a few months now and sad to say I'm a little disappointed. There are both positive and negative things I can say about this game. I will start with the good news. The calibration in this game is pretty accurate and the response is fast. The sensor works a lot better than the Wii's sensor bar so it beats the Wii Zapper. The mini games are pretty short and fun. You can play two players and hit the targets as they appear -similar to Duck Hunt. Compete to get the most amount of targets. The FPS (first person shooter) mode is something entirely different for the Time Crisis franchise and I'm happy to say they did a good job on it. You get to move around and shoot just like any FPS game. In addition to your new set of movements, you also get to use different weapons (i.e. shotguns, machine guns, knives, etc). Your health bar can also revive itself you you're idle long enough. I am glad they added this new feature to the game it makes the game a lot better. Decent FPS but don't expect it to be anything like Resistance: Fall Of Man or Call of Duty 4: Modern Warfare.

    Now the bad, one thing I didn't like about this game was the # of continues they offered. 3 continues for each player. Unlike the arcade...if you need to continue you can simply insert coins and continue playing until you're done or out of coins, not the case here. If you've used up your 3 continues for arcade mode it's game over for you. Also, rumor has it that Namco will NOT be selling separate Guncons. You will have to buy a second game with a Guncon or play with a friend who purchased this game. Now to the price. In my opinion I don't think it's worth $59.99 but if you're a big fan of this series you probably won't want to miss out on this one. If you are planning on buying this game get it through Amazon as they are selling it for $59.99 compared to retail stores which are going for $79.99 and up. Realistically, you can't compare it to the arcade version, as the whole experience and environment is different. However, I will say it is a good alternative at home if you don't want to shell out change down at the arcade....more info
  • A good rail shooter for the PS3.
    Time Crisis 4 (Includes Guncon 3)

    Time Crisis 4 is a decent rail shooter for the PS3. Nice graphics and decent game play. The game comes with 1 guncon 3, the game, and a pair of sensor devices enabling a light gun to be used on plasma or lcd television.

    The graphic of the game are decent. It look like the arcade, but there are times where in certain area, the game slows down from 60 frames to 30 frames, it does not effect the game.

    The gameplay is like the other Time Crisis game, you shoot and reload. There is also a mini game mode where to do target pratice, as well the new FPS mode, not only you shoot the enemies, but have to move like in any FPS game. The mode tends to get confusing because there are many things the player have to do, there is a button to reload, a button to duck, etc.... and also since it is a rail shooter at the same time, you have to point at the enemy to shoot, there is no target in the middle. Overall of this mode is a good concept, but gameplay wise gets confusing.

    If you are looking for a rail shooter for the PS3, Time Crisis 4 is the game....more info
  • I give the game a 4, and the gun and sensors a 2.
    ok so the game it self is decent. i beat the first couples and liked what i saw. i used to play time crisis in the arcade, and this is one of my favorites all time. i had the previous 2 time crisis games and they were very good not that strong in the story line but you dont buy this game for a story line you use it to shoot a light gun at your tv. so the main good point is this is a fun game.

    BUT... and i mean a big but is while the game play is good the execution is now comes with the gun con 3 with a joystick. really??? there is no need for a joystick on the gun. this ulitmately means your hand is going to cramp in 5 minutes. you just move from point to point after clearing a wave (classic gameplay=no need to change). the next downfall is the sensors. and this was the main reason i traded this game. i have a 52" LCD HDTV and now they give you these sensor blocks. i'll get to what they do in a minute. but the cables for the blocks is too short so when i put the blocks on top of my tvthey hange over and are in the middle not in the corners like they supposed to be and i cant put them on the dootom because again they don't reach far enough. so the blocks are there so you can hold up a sheild or turn a certain way but turning is not as intuitive as you think it should be.

    so im gonna have to say do not buy this till it is about 40 bucks and if you have anything more than a 42" you will have 2 blocks sitting the middle of your tv. more annoying than you think given that they coold of added a foot of cord and avoided all of my complints....more info
  • Amazing arcade shooter!
    When I first saw Time Crisis 4 at my local gamestop, I dismissed it immediately after seeing the price tag. $80 is alot of money for something that you don't know if you'll like. When it went on sale for almost half the price on Amazon, I decided to give it a try. I was surprised by how fun it was. The led's are easy to place, and the calibration is incredibly easy. It only takes 5 seconds to calibrate the motion sensors. The arcade mode of gameplay was amazingly fun, and completely replicated those great arcade shooters. The story mode is pretty fun also. The controls are good, but hard to get used to. It looks really good on the Playstation 3. I was surprised that it didn't look like a last generation game! This offers up some good gameplay and a lot of style. I highly recommend picking up a copy of this game, especially if you still enjoy playing arcade shooters....more info
  • Old school fun which has become hard to find
    I have a complex job, that is very challenging. What I want in a video game is the simplicity that my life otherwise lacks, and this game provides it.

    I don't want extremely deep learning curves and "open exploration", that is what real life is for! (I mean, heck, there're a real city right outside my door that features a huge map for me to explore at leisure, and litterally millions of NPC characters that are real people with whom I can have actual conversations.) For me a game should be tight and full of tense adrenaline, structured, fast, simple, fun.

    Works very well with my 92 inch front projector - I just had to tilt the sensors down a little.

    I even very, very much like the fps sections reviewers have been complaining about - it feels like you're really there, shooting at dangerous people, much more than other fps titles which do not include "real" gunplay.

    The Guncon 3 is very comfortable, and very easy to get used to.

    Extremely addictive, extremely fun, and, with the fps sections, very, very long, although individual sessions can be a few minutes each (between save points) which also suits me well as I do not have a lot of free time in large chunks.

    I put it on very hard difficulty, and I figure it will take me 6 months to get through it.

    One of my favorite games ever, along with Motorstorm and Ridge Racer, which also provide simple, arcade fun.

    I sure wish they would re-release the old Time Crisis games on the Playstation Store to be compatible with the Guncon 3 - I would buy them all right now....more info
  • Big disappointment
    Arcade mode is very fun for a while, and this is currently the only light gun game that works with flatscreens. However, the overall implementation is pathetically shoddy. The guncon3 does not work on my 46" tv, only on a 27" one. The calibration is only accurate if you don't move, and the LED lights you have to put on your tv are an annoyance. The gun itself feels cheap and is awkward for me to use in FPS mode because I am left handed. Speaking of FPS mode, this "feature" is so badly implemented as to make it unplayable. AI, graphics (especially in FPS mode), story, and voice acting are insultingly bad.
    2-player is a necessity, but there is no way to buy a second guncon at this point, another major disappointment. Other letdowns: no online, no wireless guncon, long loading times in menus, no compatibility with large screens, no compatibility with other games. Hell, the PS3 even calls the guncon an "unrecognized USB device" outside of the game.

    However, if you get past all this, and get the guncon to work, arcade mode is very fun (while it lasts) and makes for a great party game. Multi-screen battles in arcade mode are also fun, if you realize that the joysticks can be used to switch screens, which is not mentioned in the game or manual at all.

    Overall, I'm glad to own this game, but only because there is no better alternative....more info
  • My first guncon on PS3
    I played TC2&TC3 on PS2 before and both are fun. TC4 is somewhat the same game with better graphic(I give it a 4 stars). However the guncon requires much more work to setup right for you to really enjoy the game(minus 1 star here to make it overall experience 3 stars). Once the setup is done, you should have good time w/ the game. The game is also harder than the previous ones. You will "game over" many times before you can pass the game (at least I did). I haven't tried playing with 2 guns yet, so I don't know how that feel. I think it should only be more fun with 2 man playing together. If you like the TC2, TC3, you should definitely own this game....more info
  • It would be Good if it was a $60 game But $80 is too much
    This game is a port of an arcade game. One of the features is the included light gun that requires a ugly tangled mess of wires and a sensor array that you have to hang on top of your television. It takes about 5 minutes of setup to play this game if you don't like ugly crap hanging off your HDTV. The light gun and the sensor bar each also take up a usb port on your ps3. Now once you get this mess of a device set up you can begin playing the game.

    The Guncon has an number of analog sticks and buttons on it for switching to the different weapons, and a button for reloading and hiding. I found holding the second handle to be uncomfortable for long periods, and you left handed shooters are out of luck. This is a bad un-ambidextrous design for the gun. The game itself is pretty fun, but just simply mucks up the fun with having one button to switch between the different guns you may carry. I really like Time Crisis 1 and 2 much better due to the simplicity of weapons and not having to deal with an uncomfortable posture holding this gun.

    There is also a side game that uses the analog sticks to move around like halo, but I found the level design really un inspired. The control scheme sounds great on paper, but do to having to aim with the unergonomic design of the light gun, playing in this mode got tiring after a while and actually hurt my wrist, back and shoulder.

    On the bright side, the game itself is pretty good for a light gun game and contains your usual point and kill style of game that you are expecting. Overall the game is a pretty big dissapointment due the the implementation of hard and is way overpriced. If the gun was one handed and didn't feel like I was operating a belt sander I would have scored it better....more info
  • Shooting for fun
    This is a great if you like shooting people (in games).I purchased this for my husband, retired military. My 15 year old likes it too. ...more info
  • Cool game and gun for the price here
    I purchased Time Crisis 4 (TC4) because I need a game that doesn't require thinking and time. Just like those games at the arcade, just put in your quarters and play. I love TC series at the arcade because I like the idea of covering yourself during reload and the time limit restriction. TC lets you apply your playing style a little. You can stay under cover whole day, but eventually you will die when time runs out, or you can rush yourself in a hurry and take risk of getting shot. I like the gameplay idea since the very begining of the series. The graphics is not all that and it won't give you the "Wow" factor when you see the game on your LCD screen. However, it fits my need of a game that I can just put it in and shoot, shoot, shoot. It may sound easy, but if your reflexes are not good, you should just stay away from this game. Like I said this game doesn't require thinking, but it sure requires your body's reaction. So, if you are slow with eye and finger's coordination, you will have trouble here for sure. The guncon3 looks weird, but it does its job. As long as you calibrate your gun correctly, it is very accurate. This game is also fun during party or friends gathering. 50 bucks with free shipping for this game is a must-buy game for me. The guncon3 alone is already 40 bucks, so why not just get a fun PS3 party game for the additional 10 bucks. There are going to be more games coming out that use the guncon3 in the future. This is a good investment for game accessories. ...more info
  • Good.
    its a fun game, but a little confusing at first but then you get the hang of it. graphics i feel could of been a lot better. i consider it a hassle to aim the gun every time you play or having to set up the infrared sensors. The gun is not cordless whitch was not appealing, together with the gun color(bright orange). other than that is a fun game to play. ...more info