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Bible of Options Strategies, The: The Definitive Guide for Practical Trading Strategies
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The world's 60+ top options trading strategies-all in one practical, easy-to-use reference!

  • No other book presents this much authoritative, current information on options trading strategy
  • Covers all of today's best income, volatility, leveraged, synthetic, and sideways market strategies
  • Discover why each strategy works, when it's appropriate, and how to use it-step by step
  • Includes a full chapter on tax issues associated with options strategies
  • By Guy Cohen, whose OptionEasy system has helped thousands of traders achieve breakthrough results!

The Bible of Options Strategies is the definitive reference to contemporary options trading: the one book you need by your side whenever you trade.

Legendary options expert Guy Cohen systematically presents today's most effective strategies for trading options: how and why they work, when they're appropriate, and how to use each one. The only reference of its kind, this book will help you identify and implement the optimal strategy for every opportunity, trading environment, and goal.

Cohen addresses every key area of options strategy: income strategies, volatility strategies, sideways market strategies, leveraged strategies, synthetic strategies, and more. Even the most complex techniques are explained with unsurpassed clarity-making them accessible to any trader with even modest options experience. As your experience grows, this book becomes even more useful-guiding you through challenging, high-profit strategies that few traders have the confidence to attempt.

Thousands of traders have paid $800-and more-for Cohen's exclusive options seminars and subscriptions. Now, drawing on the same material, Cohen offers this comprehensive book for a tiny fraction of that price.

From start to finish, this book is relentlessly practical: modular, easy to navigate, and thoroughly cross-referenced, so you can find answers fast-and act on opportunities immediately!

Customer Reviews:

  • The Bible of Options Strategies: The Definitive Guide for Practical Trading Strategies
    This is the sixth book I have read on Options Strategies and by far it is the best I have read. Guy walks you through the construction an unraveling of strategies in a down to earth approach. First he explains how to build your strategies from a single option trade, and then to more complex strategies one leg at a time; to improve profits and reduce costs. He then explains how to monitor the strategy and best of all how to exit the strategy when it is doing well, and if not so good. I love his continual reminders of "don't be greedy". He does a very nice job explaining which strikes to pick for the strategy and why. Guy does a great job explaining the Greeks and how each Greek affects each strategy. This book is an absolute keeper for any options library....more info
  • Complete and Well Organized
    This book is a complete description of all option strategies. It is totally organized. Each strategy is described in exactly the same manner to facilitate comparsion of one strategy to another. It should be on any option player's bookshelf as a quick reference and guide....more info
  • Good Reference
    A no-nonsense, no-introductory-material reference library of option strategies. Cross-referenced by goal, risk tolerance, strategy type, name, and more. Herein one easily can find each strategy described with its theoretical outcomes, its benefits, and its drawbacks. Order entry and exit procedures and Greeks also accompany each strategy.

    For an introduction to options investing, see the author's prior book....more info
  • Outside academia, this is the only option book you'll need
    I have several books on options, but this is the one book that I keep on using. Most option books spend too much time on how to price an option. Unless you are active in thinly traded options, the market will dictate the current market price. This book gets right into why you are interested in options. Each option situation is broken down so anybody with a basic understanding will understand. For each situation, he discusses the Greeks (the new hip way of talking about options), risks, pros and cons, as well as an example. The only subject this book seems to fall short is what to do when your position is not going your way and how to minimize your loss.

    I have a coworker that is interested in options and this was the only book I suggested he read....more info
  • It's OK
    Gives basic details on many option strategies. As an income trader, I often use the covered straddle / strangle technique: both listed in the book as not recommended! Not to argue with the author, since the audience for this book is wide, and therefore one must take a conservative stand. So, after noticing one of my favourite strategies being marked not recommended, I naturally then searched the entire book for other not recommended strategies, which did give me a few ideas!

    A person new to options would probably like the book for the most part. However, I'd recommend the Options Playbook, by Brian Overby as an easier to understand, and more practical, first options book for beginners....more info
  • Excellent Options Reference Guide
    This book provides exactly what every casual to semi-professional options trader needs. If you want to know all of the various options trading strategies and when/how to employ them, this book is for you.

    It is especially good for folks that need a quick refresher every now and again as to the risk profile and appropriate timing of specific trade strategies....more info
  • Good Reference Book
    This is more a dictionary of options strategies than a regular book. But it organizes and explains each strategy well....more info
  • Great Option Reference Book
    Nice reference book for dipping into any options strategy you can think of. The illustrations and explanations are very efficient which means I can pick the book up and get the answers I need very quickly.

    ...more info
  • Great Book for Options Traders of Any Level
    This book explains ~60+ options strategies from simple calls and puts to the complex (e.g. laddered spreads, condors, butterflys). What impressed me the most is he gives risk versus reward information on each strategy and he even recommends never using a few of them as the risk is just too great. He uses a cool visual indicator system as well (skull and crossbones for unlimited risk). The book doesn't need to be read cover to cover either to get a lot from it. One can use it as a reference to quickly get the info on a particular strategy....more info
  • Typos? We don't need no stinkin' typos.
    I bought this book for the princely sum of about $35 after reading parts of it in a library and using some of the ideas even before I bought the book.

    I am a reasonably experienced (but conservative) option trader who now executes maybe 100 to 200 options trades a year and have traded options for about 15 years.

    I found this book to be in an amazingly simple format with very concise descriptions of option strategies that have been so arcanely described in other works that I am really impressed.

    I also added a couple of the described strategies to my repertoire which (whether through luck or experience or combination), returned about 50 times the cost of the book in the first month of trading alone. And much more since.

    However, anyone who trades options should really understand the risks of option trading. Thankfully, this guide tells you which types of strategies have unlimited loss potential. Unfortunately and necessarily, it is up to the reader to exercise good judgment, understand the markets in general and do basic research in connection with evaluating trades.

    Maybe because I am a speed reader I didn't note typos or editing errors that affected my evaluation of this tome....more info
  • Comprehensive Manual of Options Trading
    Extremely detailed manual of options trading. This book has become one of my standard reference manuals for options trading strategies. Well written. This book is for traders who understand the basics and want to get into the more sophisticated options trading strategies used by the pros....more info
  • Keep this book next to your computer while you trade options!
    I've read and reviewed many books about options on my web site. Guy's writing and organization is tops.

    The Bible of Options Strategies is a tremendous resource. Guy defines over 60 spreads and positions. Even better, each strategy is categorized by Your Proficiency, Direction, Volatility, Risk/Reward, and Type (income or capital gain).

    Let's say you were looking for a strategy for: Proficiency (Novice), Direction (Bullish), Risk/Reward (capped/capped), and Type (income). You would find that "Covered Calls" meets all these criteria.

    The Bible then takes you through all the steps to initiate and manage the strategy.

    Every strategy has thorough descriptions including advantages and disadvantages so that the reader can make informed decisions best suited to their trading style.

    I strongly recommend that any options trader have this book, along with Options Made Easy. Guy's site: [...]is also an excellent resource of educational information...more info
  • Really Helpful
    This is a fantastic book that enables you to look at any options strategy you fancy and pick out the salient points, including a worked example for each one.

    Definitely a dip-in type of book, each strategy follows the identical template so it feels very familiar once you've read through a couple.

    Great use of illustrations, really helpful for understandng risk-reward and the Greeks for any strategy. Amusing use of icons too - shows you can have a sense of humour even when describing the serious topic of options tradng! ...more info
  • Options Reference
    This hardcover should not be your first reading about options. It assumes that you are already familiar with options trading, and just want a reference book at hand.

    For each strategy, e.g. "Short Iron Butterfly", there is a description, context (outlook, rationale, net position, effect of time decay, appropriate time period to trade, ways of selecting the stock and options), risk profile, Greeks, advantages and disadvantages, ways of exiting the trade, and an example.

    However, the ways to select an option are not always adequately covered. For example, in the "short (naked) put" strategy, the author simply writes "Give yourself as little time to be wrong". The concept of Annualized Premium is not covered, there is no method given to select the best option from different strike prices and expiration dates. If you are interested in this technique, you can find it in "Options as a Strategic Investment" by Lawrence McMillan, chapter 19, or there is a special book "Using Options to Buy Stocks" by Dennis Eisen.

    You may keep this book as a quick reference, but if you didn't read anything about options yet, I have some recommendations. If you are not quite familiar with the stock market, I would suggest "The Options Course" by George Fontanills and Richard Cawood. If you did buy stocks already, then skim through Trading Options For Dummies by George A. Fontanills; or Options Made Easy by the same author as of the reviewed book.
    ...more info
  • Nice organization, presentation, and content
    I've found this book useful. It is the best book I've seen in regard to providing a complete, consistent, and logically presented overview of option trading strategies. As others and the author note, it's more of a reference book than something you read front to back.

    PS: The grammatical errors noted in earlier reviews have been addressed....more info
  • The Bible of Option Strategies
    The perfect How, when & Why of defineing option strategies. A very easy to read and understand the many different option stategies. This is a permanent desk top reference. A must have for the serious option trader....more info
  • Lives up to its billing
    This book lives up to its billing. It methodically explains and evaluates the gamut of options techniques from most simple to most complex. In doing so, it explains the rationale for using the strategy, the risks and rewards,how to set it up and how to unwind it. It provides useful examples and good common sense advice. Best book on options trading I have ever seen....more info
  • A handy book on options strategies
    This book is easy to understand the option strategies and I found very practicable to apply the strategies in real trading. ...more info
  • Good next step
    This is the continuation from "Option Made Easy..." by the same author....more info
  • Excellent reference book for all options traders
    This book has it all with the strategies outlined in a very concise manner. Not only is every strategy listed with a nice synopsis of each one, an example of a trade is listed on every one. Also, every advantage and disadvantage of each strategy along with an exit strategy should the trade start to turn south. The nice thing about it, is it is so easy to look up a strategy you might want to try without having to comb through the entire book. And each one is listed by type of investor, aggressive, income, etc.
    I dont read this type of book to critique it for typos as one reader mentioned. I want information on each type of trade and it is given in detail. I have read many other options books, and this one seems to be the best. ...more info
  • encyclopedic and approachable
    easy format. thorough information on every options strategy. i suggest reading an options trading overview book first. however, this is an excellent reference....more info
  • Complete reference for your library
    If you need a reference to look up those obscure option trades, this is the book for you. The author does a great job of organizing the book by strategy, risk, style, volatility and other useful categories. You begin to see a trend with the types of trades presented and your investment style. This book was very useful in helping me determine what level of risk I am comfortable with for the type of trade desired. Studies suggest 80% of stock options expire worthless. This book will help you understand what it means to be on the other side of those trades - the one collecting the premium. The book does not use real life stock examples or show P&L from actual trades. I'd recommend Jeff Augen's book for a study on hedging and advanced option trading....more info