Smart Strip SCG3 Energy Saving Power Strip with Autoswitching Technology
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With patented auto-switching technology that saves you money on electrical bills, the Smart Strip SCG3 Energy Saving Power Strip features seven outlets that work in sync to efficiently power your electrical devices. This unique energy-saving power strip automatically switches devices on and off and uses less than one watt of power when fully energized. And with premium EMF/RFI filtering and 1225-joule protection to defend devices against surges, this strip keeps your valuable electronic equipment fully protected.

The Smart Strip SCG3
Energy Saving Power Strip:
  • Provides a safe, uninterrupted power supply
  • Auto-switches devices on and off to save energy
  • Uses less than one watt of power when fully energized
  • Offers an EMI/RFI filter and 15 AMP circuit breaker
  • Delivers 1225-joule and 48,000 AMP protection

Seven outlets work in sync to power and protect your electrical devices. View larger.
Protection and Power-Efficiency Save You Money and Worry
You don't want your power strip to eat up power, but you also want assurance that your equipment is safe from harsh power surges. Ideal for computer systems and home entertainment centers, the Smart Strip SCG3 employs a proprietary auto-switching technology that automatically shuts down devices that are not in use, saving you money and reducing your overall energy usage.

The Smart Strip has seven clearly marked outlets that you plug your computer or home entertainment center peripherals into. When you power down computer or stereo, the Smart Strip automatically shuts down the power to your computer's and entertainment's center peripherals. This unique feature not only saves you money and helps the environment, it also makes shutting down your systems fast and easy.

Unlike most power strips, the Smart Strip itself uses very little energy. It uses one watt of power when fully engaged and less than 1/4 of a watt when the automatically switched outlets are off.

Advanced Surge Protection with Superior EMI/RFI Filter
Power strips without EMI/RFI (Electromagnetic Interference/Radio Frequency Interference) run the risk of allowing waves from one electronic device to cause malfunctions or interference in another. The Smart Strip SCG3 protects you from this risk with its advanced EMI/RFI filter, backed up by a 15 AMP circuit breaker. Plus, a passive current sensor ensures an ultra-safe, ultra-clean switching off and on of your peripherals, giving you added peace of mind that your valuable electronics will remain safe.

The possible hazards of power surges are further prevented with 1225-joule surge protection and 48,000 AMP protection, both of which employ a three-way design to give you the ultimate protection for your valuable equipment.

Place for Convenience with Long Cord and 45-Degree Plug
The Smart Strip SCG3's widely spaced, clearly marked outlets give you the space and ease to connect all necessary equipment. The four-way wall mountable design, 45-degree space-saver plug, and heavy-duty six-foot power cord offer the versatility to place the power strip wherever it is most convenient, so it never gets in the way of your footpath or your home d¨¦cor. A lighted power switch keeps the strip visible, so you're never left fumbling in the dark.

The Smart Strip SCG3 is backed by a full two-year warranty for defects and includes a lifetime $30,000 connected equipment warranty.

What's in the Box
Smart Strip SCG3 Energy Saving Power Strip with Autoswitching Technology

  • Superior EMI/RFI filtering
  • Up to 40db line noise reduction
  • 48,000Amp, three-way protection
  • 4 way wall mountable
  • 1225 joules three-way protection

Customer Reviews:

  • Smart Strip
    This product is easy to use and convenient. I no longer have to remember- or worse yet have my husband remember to turn off the entertainment center. It's automatic. I have not yet received my electric bill so I can't compare the savings. I am sure it's working though....more info
  • Works as advertised
    Recently purchased for my home laptop setup to control power to external HDD, speakers, etc. Works great - I no longer have to remember to shut down the power strip when I shut down the computer. Purchased 2 more for other computers in the house....more info
  • Power saving strips
    Energy is expensive. A power strip like this can help you not only save money but save the environment. I added one to my entertainment system. ow my always on powered speakers only come on when the amplifier does. These strips are wonderful ad the company's customer support people are outstanding.

    Check the company site if you are planning to use this strip with a low power computer such as a Macintosh Mini. The version Amazon carries isn't sensitive enough to work with that computer. However, the company sells one that is sensitive enough and it also works like a charm.

    I hate to think how much power I wasted in the past running power bricks and powered speakers when I wasn't using them for weeks and weeks. I love these strips!!!...more info
  • good but frustrating flaw
    I just got it and set it up so probably too early to review but I have already encountered a frustrating issue. The Always on outlets do not have space for an adapter. I guess I should have noticed this when I selected this one but I did not and my modem/router which needs to be always on has a huge adapter that not only blocks the 2nd always on outlet but also one of the switched outlets! This leaves me with only 3 switched outlets and one always on outlet 8-(. I am going to get one of those little extender things but think this is not an uncommon scenario and wish they had planned it a bit better. The bigger one has space for it in the always on outlet but it would have been overkill or my needs.
    Aside from that it was easy to set up, I turned it all the way down and turned on my computer then turned the dial until the other stuff came on and turned my computer off and the other stuff went off like it should. It has a flat plug for the wall and slots on the back i guess for mounting to the wall which i have not tried yet.
    Overall I can't rate it low for something I should have noticed but it is annoying and thought I would mention this aspect of it... plan accordingly!...more info
  • This device works as advertised only if you use it appropriately
    This is a review of the Smart Strip SCG3 / 049418906 Energy Saving Power Strip with Autoswitching Technology product offered by

    This product when plugged in with no load, uses virtually no power. In my home it is controlled by my TV set. The devices which power on and off (the controlled devices) include an Xbox 360 (Elite), PS3 (60 GB), a Wii and an 8 port Ethernet switch.

    Using a Kill A Watt, my power savings vs not having this switch are about $2-$3 per month, depending on how long the set is on for. The longer the set is on (that my kids play) the less is saved. My electric rate per KWH is about 18 cents.

    This device will pay for itself in 10-15 months using my configuration.

    To know how long it will take to pay for itself in your home, you'll need a Kill A Watt or similar product, and will need to measure the power off energy consumption of the devices which will be turned off by this product.

    In my opinion any product which pays for itself in under 2 years is a reasonable purchase.

    If I had fewer devices controlled, or if they were different devices, the only way to tell if this would save enough energy to justify the cost is by using a Kill A Watt or similar device.

    My suggestion is to take the $30 you'd spend on this, and purchase a Kill A Watt first, then you'll know the energy consumption of the appliances which this device will fully power down. You need to measure them in the off state to determine if this energy strip is viable for your situation.

    I personally prefer the Kill A Watt 4460 as you can enter your energy cost, and it will tell your what an appliance costs to use per day, week, month or year.

    Purchasing this strip without a measurement of energy use from the controlled devices, is making a guess, maybe an educated guess, about power savings.

    Our devices are controlled by a 47" LCD TV, and no adjusting of sensitivity was required. My guess is any large appliance can control all smaller appliances on a circuit.

    This appears to be a reasonable product to use when controlling devices linked to a TV or home Computer. It may have difficulty with some energy efficient laptops....more info
  • Save energy & money
    I bought two Smart Strips and had a problem with one of them because of the device I had plugged into the control outlet. Support people are great, took a week or so to figure out what was happening but they did and are going to send me a new unit which corrects the problem....more info
  • Hard to adjust; Didn't work in a simple setup.
    A smart power strip is a great idea. I'm going around my house finding things that consume power when they're not in use, and making sure they're off when they're supposed to be off.

    This smart power strip is supposed to be just the right thing, and if you can get it adjusted properly, it will work as advertised. But I had a lot of trouble with it. I first tried it with my TV setup, to turn off the amplifying antenna, digital converter box, Roku box, and TV when I'm not using the TV. I did this by plugging a lamp into the control socket. It was a low-power CFL lamp, using about 12 watts when on (and of course, zero when off), and I was unable to make the Smart Strip go on and off reliably. I tried two different bulbs with different power consumptions. After a dozen attempts to adjust the screw setting, I gave up.

    In the end, I used a standard power strip to turn that TV stuff on and off, but it's less convenient than using the Smart Strip would have been.

    But I persisted. I connected my PC to the Smart Strip unit, so it could turn off the LCDs and speakers when the computer was hibernating. After much tweaking and frustration, I was able to find a setting that worked for this very standard Dell computer. But it wasn't easy, and I was angry by the time it worked, and not confident that it would continue to work. I returned the unit to Amazon.

    Instead, I bought an APC Power-Saving Essential Surgearrest power strip Apc Power-saving Essential Surgearrest 7 Outlet with tel 120V for about the same price. It worked on the PC the first time. It has no adjustments at all. No frustration and a big smile. I recommend the APC unit instead of this one.

    One note: APC advises that anything taking more than about 15 watts when in the low-power state (sleep or hibernate) won't trigger their unit to shut off. This is a better arrangement, and caused no problems for me....more info
  • Drives a stake thru Vampire Power
    I bought this product to save electricity in my media center. The product works as advertised. I have my TV plugged into the control outlet. I plugged my DirecTV PVR into the "always on" outlet. I have my game console, amplifier/receiver and DVD player plugged into the controlled outlets. When I turn off the TV, the game controller, Amp, and DVD player are disconnected from power. This ends the slow bleed of electricity that these devices use....more info
  • Just as advertised.
    Works exactly as described. When I turn off the TV, the sound system, DVD player, etc. all go off as well. I have the satellite box plugged into one of the "always on" outlets so that I don't have to wait for it to come up again. When I left for a couple of weeks at Christmas time, I simply hit the master switch and turned everything off....more info
  • Works so well I bought 2 more!
    I own two of the 7 plug smart strips after buying and loving the 10 plug model for my home entertainment cord mess :) I couldn't recommend this more to anyone who wants to be energy-conscious but lives with other people who have trouble remembering to turn things off. I'm sure my roommate appreciates me not bugging him to unplug his power-guzzling transformer for his pc speakers!...more info
  • Excellent Product
    The Smart Strip is an excellent product. I saved money the first month. Well worth the investment....more info
  • Simple, easy to use, saves money
    With my Kill-A-Watt, I discovered that my computer speakers use 15W even when they're not being used. I now have my monitor and speakers plugged into the Smart Strip, and have confirmed (with the Kill-A-Watt) that I'm saving some energy, and the Smart Strip will pay for itself in 7 months.

    Also note that there are lots of models of Smart Strips. The "L" models are large (10); the "S" models are small (7). The "3" models are the simplest ones; the "4" models have a phone/fax/modem port; the "5" models have both a coax (tv) and phone/fax/modem port.
    ...more info
  • Mac Mini, Laptop Users and Smart Strips
    Note to Mac Mini users

    Notice from the bitsltd website:

    All Mac Mini and Dell 800 Series Laptop Owners!

    Please order only 3rd Generation Smart Strip Models as Mac Mini and Dell 800 series laptops tend to have very irregular power consumption traits that are incompatible with our standard Smart Strips.

    What can I use the Smart strip on?

    The Smart strip can be used to save energy on Computers, TVs, & Home entertainment systems. they can automate lights & vacuums on your shop equipment. They do not save energy on phones, washers, dryers & Kitchen appliances.

    I read a review elsewhere by R. Gressick who did use a laptop computer as the switching device by adjusting the knob on the side of the Smart Strip until the other devices switched off.

    I have not bought or used the Smart Strip yet....more info
  • Well worth the price for savings
    I buy nothing but energy star appliances. I stumbled onto this product on an infomerical late at night when I couldn't sleep. I was very impressed. I bought it and thought I would give it a try for my computer. I read several articles concerning computers that sap a lot of electricity even when you turn it off. It's not just the computer itself but also the monitor, speakers, printer, cable modem, and if you have a cordless phone plugged in; this equals even more electricty that is spent. What's bad is that I have speakers that are hooked up to my computer that has a light on it that never shuts off. My one question was how would my phone (Optimum Voice) and cable modem (Optimum Online) would treat the energy star power strip. I noticed that there is a spot on the power strip for items that need to be on all the time such as the cable modem and phone (wireless, charger amd base). I plugged in my cable modem to the power strip marked "always on" but my phone's charger base has that plug in the shape of a big square which doesnt fit on the charger. This is the only minus. Wish it had a spot were it could fit. These days plugs come in all shapes and sizes. I plugged my computer tower into the control socket of the power strip then the peripherals in the other; printer, monitor, and speakers. At first I thought the unit was broken because the instructions said that when the power strip stops electricty from going into all the things I have plugged into it; the red light shuts off and all you see is the green light showing the ground and surge protection is ok. Basically, if you see only the green light then the power strip is doing its job. The next day I noticed that the only light on on the power strip was the green light. I got worried on the first day I bought it, but it works like the charm after that first day. What is amazing is the first full month that i've had this power strip is in the savings. To put it in perspective, I bought the energy star bulbs designed for the bathroom (the plump ones not the spiral ones because the spiral bulbs arent made for the bathroom- there are energy star bulbs now available for the bathroom. What I like about the energy star bulbs for the bathroom is that they slowly get bright when you turn them on. Perfect for someone who hates getting up early in the morning and when you flip the switch in the bathroom you get blinded by the light. Not so with the energy star bulbs) and with the power strip attached to my computer; my electric bill dropped $19 for this month. My only minus was the thick plug for my cordless phone charger was too big to attach it to the part of the power strip labeled,"always on." It would block either the control socket or the controlled outlets. Still, the savings can only be said in one word; Outstanding!...more info
  • Defective
    Product was defective. My TV was unable to control the autoswitched outlets or other devices. My lamp was able to control only the indicator light for the autoswitched outlets, but apparently not the outlets themselves as my TV and XBox were not being turned back on. It took their customer service about 4 days to return my call even though the receptionist initially advised me that they would be in touch "shortly". I give them 1 star for bad quality control and poor customer service, plus 1 star for the possibility that a replacement item would have worked....more info
  • Smart Strip Performs as Advertised
    The unit does the job it's supposed to do. When I shut down Windows on my PC, power is automatically shut down for the cable modem and the printer. Over time, the unit will pay for itself in reduced power consumption....more info
  • Great Idea
    It is a bit expensive but we love the idea. We plugged in our TV and all the accessories. So the accessories only come on when we turn the TV on... they eventually go off a bit after you turn the TV off. Our clock plugs into the same strip and is always on. ...more info
  • Not for laptops or low power computers
    This seems like a terrific device to use when your controlling device draws a fairly steady amount of power, say, a desktop computer or a TV. However, it didn't work well for me and my low power computer. My computer is a Mac Mini G4, which is basically a laptop sans monitor, very low power usage. While using the computer, the power level drops so low that the device thinks it's off, and shuts down all the controlled outlets. I would expect that this would happen as well if you are using a laptop computer as the controlling device, as the laptop could start drawing power from the battery and nothing from the outlet.

    The device does have a sensitivity switch, so you can set how sensitive it is to power drawn by the controlling device. This is a good thing, as many devices never really turn off completely, drawing a small amount of power to power a clock, for example. So, you do need a sensitivity switch so that you can set it to something higher than zero so that it will work properly with these devices. Unfortunately, even at the highest sensitivity setting, it is not sensitive enough for my computer....more info
  • Energy Saver Poer Strip
    Have tried a number of other products that all tried to do what this product succeeds at doing. No usb connection required. Also the fact that it does have connections that are constantly hot ( for TIVO, switches, etc.) is a real plus. It really works!...more info
  • Large but Easily Setup
    The smart strip is larger than I expected, but that is understandable with all the technology that is contained in this strip. It was very easy to setup and I just used another powerstrip plugged into one of the controlled outlets instead of buying the version of the smart strip that has more outlets. I wasn't able to get it to work with my AT&T U-Verse DVR, but just set it up to use my TV as the controller instead. I think I am going to buy these as Christmas gifts for family this year....more info