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It's the closest thing to skateboarding without actually putting your feet on a board. With innovative controls that take advantage of the dual analog sticks, the power of the next gen hardware, and the ability to sculpt tricks to define your style, skate delivers authentic boarding like no other videogame. Individual style mixed with physics-driven animations promise that no two tricks will ever be the same, and there's plenty of room to pull off those trick. San Vanelona challenges you to explore, find, and own the best spots. You can even capture footage to create and show off your style with friends across the world. Roll with the Pros skate features professional legends and upcoming pros including Danny Way, Mark Gonzales, Rob Dyrdek, Mike Carroll, P.J. Ladd, Chris Cole, Jason Dill, Pat Duffy, Jerry Hsu, Paul Rodriguez, Dennis Busenitz, Alex Chalmers, Chris Haslam, Colin McKay, John Rattray, Ryan Gallant, Ryan Smith and Terry Kennedy. Online Gameplay skate features extensive online gameplay including multiple online multiplayer modes.

  • Flickit: The dual analog control lets you perform skill-based trick executions that capture the real-world feel and true attitude of skating
  • Create your own style and personality with animation and physics that give you the freedom to decide how your skater looks, feels and rides. Get creative as you develop tricks and string them together to create lines
  • Capture your moves in game and put them online for the world to see. Use online video editing tools and add music to create a skate vid
  • Open progression allows gamers to skate how they want to skate. Get famous by generating mainstream hype or go the infamous route by outrunning security guards, owning spots and building street cred
  • Get chased by security guards, impress/annoy citizens, ride with pros, discover skate shops, and make spots your own in this fully reactive city

Customer Reviews:

  • Pull off the tricks and break no bones too
    As I was leaving the store with "Skate", the new skateboarding franchise from EA, in my pocket, a thought occured to me: when was the last time I played a sports game anyway? I mean back in the old days, I used to play whatever: fighting, racing, sports, RPG's, movie tie-ins. And yet now it's mainly relegated to long adventures with twisty narratives and for some reason, I felt this urge to actually give "Skate" a go and though I find real skaters a bit annoying with their attempts at being as "gangsta" as possible and seeing how many times they can say "yo" in one sentenc, the game itself is actually quite fun though the learning curve is a bit steep but like the old saying goes: it's easy to play but harder to master though it's pretty sweet nailing that trick.

    Story: After a hilarious live-action video, your character starts off and the basic premise really is just...skate. That explains the title I suppose since that seems to be the best thing to do and though there's challenges to take on and tutorials to lengthen your literal bag of tricks, the real goal of the game is just have fun and if you see a pipe or ledge then grind it. An obstacle then hop over it. Oh and look totally awesome while doing it.

    Graphics: Like open world games like Saints Row, Grand Theft Auto and the like, the graphics are pretty good though if you're going for immense detail than that's usually found elsewhere since this game is all about the finer details. The skaters' faces look pretty well done though not Half-Life 2 or Mass Effect extraordinary but then their character animations during skating is spot-on. Cars and cities are pretty basic and interaction is minimal but then the wobbling of your tires and the wince-inducing crashes are excellent. Load times can be a problem for some though in my case (maybe because of this patch that popped up), they were pretty minimal.

    Sound/Music: One thing I always hated about support character voices is the frequent clips they use since after awhile you feel like "I know!". One objective was to fliptrick into a manual (tilting the board front or back), staying that way than fliptricking out of it. Of course nailing it was tough enough but the other guy keep saying what I was supposed to be doing it's like you wanna slap the guy and say "shut up, I'm trying here". However, musically it's quite fun and who knew cruising to "Raining Blood" by Slayer would get you pumped for grinding the rails? There's many other tracks that popped up as well such as Nirvana's "Lounge Act" as well as a remix so that was quite cool. Again, voice clips are well done though repetitive but music's got no issues for me.

    Gameplay: Instead of button presses a la Tony Hawk, "Skate" is controlled by using the Flickit system which moves your moves to the analog. To do an ollie/nollie or essentially a basic jump, push back or front than move it the other way. After awhile it's easy enough to use but I gotta say, with so many tricks, half the time I'd land some move I never heard of yet I was really trying to go for a basic heeljump or something. Speaking of which, the sensitivity on this is a bit too unforgiving at times; like going for a move that calls to push to the right or left (kickflip and heelflip) only the game interprets it as a rotate to the left or right, resulting in a pop shuv it. It's not enough to get annoyed at but more often than not, I couldn't nail a requirement because the stick movement was wrong and with a mini-game named "S.K.A.T.E" which is similar to H.O.R.S.E. or basically a Simon Says, trying to imitate a skater can be tricky.

    The game's pretty free-reignas far as what you can do and new areas can be explored for more fun and a handy map works quite well. Music will dictate where most skaters are where you'll usually find a full on skating park with the big grooves and ramps to just simple parking lots with beams and ledges. One complaint is that outside of doing a flip trick or crashing, you're kind of glued to your board so if I want to do this awesome idea for a trick, I can't just walk up these stairs I tumbled down, I have to skate up these things, turn around and try again. Can't I just pick my board up, walk a few feet and give another go?

    With sponsors, music tracks and of course the ever-popular achievements, there's plenty to do in Skate and even when you've done everything well hell, just go out there again and go for the fun of it which was a nice surprise. I haven't played a Tony Hawk game in years (one of the initial ones on the first Playstation is only attempt so far) but I don't think I'd go to that one after playing this. This one just seems And fun of course....more info
  • Great but full of bugs
    This game is really, really fun. It is way better than the Tony Hawk series. You can choose to do the path of challenges to become a top ranked pro or just cruise around the city busting 360 laser flips.

    I found that the controls work just fine. You flick the right stick to perform different ollie tricks. The learning curve was steep enough for it to challenge but not too steep to cause unacceptable frustration.

    The graphics and music are both sweet. If you are an old skater like myself, you will dig much about this game. Some of the challenges are hard and some are easy. The sound is also very good. A boardslide sounds like a board slide, etc.

    The loading times are fairly long and frequent if you are going to do the challenges. Want to change your outfit or board? Go to the map and click the skate shop. Then you load to the skate shop (30 seconds to a minute). Go into the skate shop (30 seconds to load). Then go over to the shopping section and click into create a skater (45 seconds to load). Make your changes or buy new gear. Leave create a skater (30 seconds to load). Leave the shop (30 seconds to load). You see it takes a while in the neighborhood of 3-5 minutes to change your board. I am sure this is because the environments are pretty huge in this game. It still is not acceptable.

    The worst part of this game are the bugs. I have never seen a game this bad on the Xbox. Seriously it is terrible as far as bugs. For instance, I have not been able to play the X-Games portion at all because I have not been able to load it. It loads me into the air and I just fall and fall. I have tried a number of tricks to get it to load and have been unable to. This is not the only bug I have seen but just the only one I have not been able to get past.

    This a really good game and you will have loads of fun playing it. The game itself would have 5 stars solidly. However, the frequent loading, long loading times and the bugs made me subtract 1 star. I should have taken off more but the game is that good....more info
  • Great Amazon seller
    I would defiantly buy from again, the game was used but looked brand new, there wasn't a single sign of it been taken out of the case, fast shipping and responds to emails right away with all questions fully answered. Great seller...more info
  • Skate
    My son loves this game and is anxiously awaiting its sequel Skate II due out in the next couple of months. I am amazed by the detail and also teaches you by "real voice" commands from a professional skate boarder how to actually do these tricks. It also shows you what happens if your atempt fails, which is very important for young people to see!!...more info
  • Skate is amazing
    Skate is by far the best skate board game i have played. I recently got Xbox 360 and the games graphics are unbeleivable. The game is extremely realistic with actually having to set up for tricks and rails, and jumping curves. It has a large variety to skate and things like staying away from security guards. The live version is good to with being able to free skate and competitions. Skate is ten times better than Tony Hawks Pro Skater because that game is unrealistic where you just hit x to do a trick. Skate you actually move the joy stick to do a rotation. Its a great game and i recommend it. ...more info
  • Can't put it down!
    My son received this game for Christmas and he LOVES it. He can't seem to put it down. His friends also love to watch him play it. It has wonderful graphics. ...more info
  • Not only for real skaters
    This is the new revolution to skater games no more button mashing. This game is realistic but not too hard. Tony Hawk dosent have nothin on this game. It beats it in graphics and keeps you intrested. If you dig skating like I do then realistic plays a big part in this game. Your not flying everywhere like a monkey but you can still get so air. ...more info
  • Skate Wins
    Skate has been one of those games that you hear about for a while and get giddy with anticipation the closer it gets to release date. i actually went out and got this game long before i ever had a xbox 360. Being the foundation of a new era of skateboarding, it undoubetdly has its glitches, bugs and improvements. but the smoothness of the gameplay, the many different directions that you can take your own style and trick progression, and not to mention the video editor makes this game worth while. As a skater, i find myself feeling close to the same feeling of landing a hard gap, or a new trick that i've been working on that i would in real life. true it's with my thumbs, but the freedom you have with it is almost limitless. especially when you have an entire city to skate.

    If you do choose to buy this game, and have any questions that need to be answered, stop by . We're a fan based site, and the communitity is undoubtedly nicer than you would find most of anywhere else. this game is well worth the money. it's a game that you will not forget anytime soon. and a worthy successor to the new skate genre in video games ...more info
  • skate.
    "skate." A fitting title. No obnoxious cartoonish tricks or gameplay. The best approach to a skateboarding game to date.

    Let's start with saying it's about as realistic as you could possibly want a video game. If it were any more it probably wouldn't even be fun to play, (For instance, you're cruising down the street looking for a nice spot, and forget to ollie up the curb to the side walk, you're in for a faceplant.) But as far as that goes, it's perfect.
    There is no "Grind button", no "Ollie button" ect., you actually control the board. Which makes grinding just as much about the line you take at it, than hitting the grind you want. Making a 360 flip down a set something you can actually appreciate, or a blunt on anything great. I know this game came out a long time ago, I just got tired of paying 50-60 bucks for a video game, but I will tell you unlike many games you buy just to regret and would have rather have that money in your pocket, that thought won't cross your mind. ...more info
  • Skate rocks!
    skate is a very fun game and is way better than the Tony Hawk games because its like real life but in the tony hawk games you can do anything wich gets boooorrriiinnnggg! I can't wait to buy skate 2 wich will probably be alot better. I hope everybody enjoys this game and happy skating!...more info
  • Best skateboarding game so far
    This game is great for a number of reasons. It has great graphics, is very realistic (at least more so that tony hawk), and has an incredible amount of replay value. I have beaten the game 4 times already, and I still enjoy going back and just skating....more info
  • Skate disc problem?
    I just bought Skate brand new at Fry's. I played it a few times and it was a lot of fun! But, after a few times of playing, the game would freeze. Does anybody have any idea why this game would freeze? All my other games work fine....more info