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Timex T5H881 Zone Trainer Digital Heart Rate Monitor
List Price: $99.95

Our Price: $57.95

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Product Description

FEATURES INCLUDE: #&174 night-light;100-hour chronograph; 27-lap memory; 100-hour countdown timer; Alarm with 5 min back up;Water resistant to 50m; 3.5 Year Battery;Target zones; Zone trainer; Average heart rate;Time in zone; Calories burned; Recovery timer;Max heart rate; Digital transmission;Data Recorder compatible.

Combining stylish looks with power sport timing and heart rate monitoring features, this larger Timex Digital Fitness watch (model T5H881) can be worn by both men and women. It features a chest strap heart rate monitor, easily accessible function buttons, durable resin case, and comfortable resin strap with a stylish tapered profile. For integrating heart rate monitoring into your training, this watch enables you to track your avareage heart rate and pre-set target heart rate zones with data for time spent within that zone and alarms. It can also display data for calories burned and offers a recovery timer that measures your heart rate after a timed recovery during or after your workout. Sport timing features include:

  • 100-hour chronograph with lap and split, either in large digits
  • 27-lap memory with average heart rate per laps
  • 100-hour countdown timer
  • Alarm with 5-minute backup
  • Month/day/date display with 12/24-hour time
  • 3.5-year battery life

The Indiglo night-light uniformly lights the surface of the watch dial using patented blue electroluminescent lighting technology. It uses less battery power than most other watch illumination systems, enabling your watch battery to last longer. The Night Mode feature allows you to illuminate the Indiglo night-light for 3 seconds with any button press, regardless of the mode or function. The watch is water resistant to 50 meters (165 feet)--suitable for swimming but not for diving. All Timex heart rate monitor sensors have batteries that can be replaced by consumers without requiring them to be returned to the manufacturer.

  • Heart rate monitor watch for improving your training routine
  • Monitors average heart rate, max heart rate, and calories burned
  • Includes target zones, recovery timer, and 100-hour chronograph
  • 100-hour countdown timer, 27-lap memory, and built-in alarm
  • Water-resistant to 50 meters; includes 3.5-year battery

Customer Reviews:

  • Kinda small, but okay
    Bought it to replace my worn out HRM. Turned out to be teeny. Worked fine though. Gave it to my teenage son and he loves it.
    Alls well that ends well......more info
  • HRM Timex
    It is a nice watch that is easy to read and use once you read the directions. The heart rate sensor adjusts easily and has no trouble being picked up by the watch.

    If you are interested in logging your workout on the computer with the use of a data logger, then do not buy the Oregon Scientific logger. It is not compatible with the coded FM signal from the Timex heart rate sensor. Instead you need to get the Timex T5G751 Data Recorder 2. It works great with this package....more info
  • disappointed
    The watch and chest strap need to be described as small size. they are a very small medium . the wrist strap just about closes. the chest strap is on the widest adjustment in my opinion the description of this prodect is wrong.however it works just fine....more info
  • it works
    I average 10 miles a week with legs and lungs to supplement my martial arts practice and I stand 5'9" and weigh 180lbs. The basic features for this watch are great for the casual to semi-serious runners and work out junkies. HRM, Target Zones that beeps if you exceed or fall below, average heart beats per lap, and approximate calories burned (I wouldn't really rely on this because every body is different) are to name a few of the features that I like. A very AFFORDABLE HRM watch, I've been looking around for the past year and couldn't really justify paying $100+ for a Polar or anything within that price range - If I was a pro triathlon athlete, the story would change. However I'm sure this watch can meet some expectations of the pro's.

    The face of the watch was a little bit small to read. I tend to jog at night so it's important for me to stay alert and not have to zone in on the watch to figure out my HR and time. Therefore, this was the primary reason why I exchanged it with a Timex Ironman T5C411 Unisex 30-Lap Digital Fitness Heart Rate Monitor Watch. The T5C411 is much more aesthetically pleasing with a large face, same functions, and a few more bucks out of the wallet. Nonetheless, don't discount its size for its functionality! ...more info
  • Great Features
    I weigh 190lbs with a 34 in waist and the chest strap just fits. I have a small frame (albeit somewhat overweight) so I can see how larger men would have a problem with the chest strap. But, it fits me so I went ahead and gave the watch five stars.

    The more I use this thing the more I like it. I wear reading glasses or bifocals at 2.0x power. I can still read the time (the instructions were a different story) without my glasses. In the chronometer function the HR range is displayed above your elapsed time. Your current HR is a little black cursor above the HR range. You can see this in the product picture. This is cool because (even without my glasses) I can see if I am starting to get out of range as the cursor approaches either the high or low end of the range (while still being able to see the chronometer). If you would rather just watch your HR you can switch to make that the dominant display with the chronometer in a small font above it.

    You can set an alarm tone to sound when you get out of your HR zone, too.

    It will calculate your HR recovery over a 1 min or 2 min period. And, when the recovery period ends the watch is smart enough to stop sounding the HR TOO LOW alarm. However, if your HR goes out of range during recovery the alarm tone keeps sounding. The watch also starts the recovery period as soon as you press stop on the chronometer.

    There is a review function so that you can see AVG HR, peak HR, min HR, etc. If you enter your weight in the setup then it will estimate calories burned, too. It just keeps the stats on one session.

    After you put in your values for low and high HR for your HR range, you also select your fitness "zone" by selecting if you want to loose weight or work on aerobic fitness, etc. The watch then uses a different percent of max HR to calculate your target HR range depending on the zone you have selected. This "zone" is in the setup so if you want to switch your workout goals everyday then it might be a pain to switch that every day... but at least you wouldn't need to enter values for HR or figure the percent of max that you want to use for that day.
    ...more info
  • Light weight, Easy to read
    I have been using my monitor three or four days a week for three weeks now. I do not notice the chest strap, so no complaints there. The display is easy to read without my glasses. I can also see the bar that shows when your heart rate is in your zone. This is a big plus. All and all, a fine product at a great price....more info
  • be careful
    It is not large enough for me. it looks like a toy in my wrist.

    I hate the chest strap too....more info
  • Monitor Watch
    I had problems with the shipping, it got lost and I had to wait more than a month to get my product.
    But the whatch was good....more info
  • It worked right out of the box
    The goods arrived on time and were as described. All the expected components were present and they all worked first time. Very easy to use. I have not used all the intricate functions yet and suspect I will never get round to it but of the basic functions I have used they all work well and easily. the dispaly is easy to read and switching between functions is very intuitive. All the componets feel well make and sturdy. I am happy with my purchase....more info
  • This is perfect!!!
    This is my second Timex heart rate monitor and I would never buy anything else. I've experimented with Polars and was highly disappointed. This watch fits nicely and I recommend the black color so that dirt doesn't change the color. I wear it all day and then throw on the chest strap when exercising. I love checking how many calories I have burned and its easy to use. I highly recommend this heart rate monitor!! ...more info
  • Great way to get in shape, lacking one essential feature
    This watch makes it easy to do zone training - exercising so that your heart is in one particular "zone" (a percentage of your maximum heart rate). For example - if you are exercising in Zone 3 (70-80% of maximum heart rate) you will get 3 points for every minute exercised and the idea is to accumulate a certain number of points per week. The watch tells you how much total time you exercised, and how much time you spent in your target zone. It doesn't tell you how much time you spent in any other zone or for that matter, points accumulated per exercise - two data points that would have made it much easier to follow the zone training suggested in the manual provided with the watch. Given all the data the watch provides, it would have been trivial to provide these data points as well and it's really beyond me why Timex didn't bother. Seriously guys - time to hire product managers with a functional brain. The heart sensor is, as far as I can tell, pretty accurate and the watch is easy to read. The heart monitor strap can be uncomfortable - being a guy I have all of a sudden, newfound sympathy to women who decide to burn their bras....more info
  • It works!!
    If you're like me and have to arise much earlier than your spouse and need a gentle awakening, this is it. My wife is a light sleeper, so I can't use an alarm clock. The vibrating alarm works great. The band is comfortable to sleep with. Highly recommended....more info
  • Timex System Works Well
    I bought one for my wife for Christmas and it was so easy to use I bought one for myself. I wet the back side of the sensor with tap water, put it on and it works just like it is supposed to with the Timex monitor. The Timex sensor signal is not read by the machines at the gym so you must wear the monitor (watch)....more info