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The Matrix
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Set in the 22nd century The Matrix tells of a computer hacker (Reeves) who joins a group of underground insurgents fighting the vast and powerful computers who now rule the earth. The computers are powered by human beings...Format: DVD MOVIE Genre: ACTION/ADVENTURE UPC: 085391163176 Manufacturer No: 116317

By following up their debut thriller Bound with the 1999 box-office smash The Matrix, the codirecting Wachowski brothers--Andy and Larry--annihilated any suggestion of a sophomore jinx, crafting one of the most exhilarating sci-fi/action movies of the 1990s. Set in the not too distant future in an insipid, characterless city, we find a young man named Neo (Keanu Reeves). A software techie by day and a computer hacker by night, he sits alone at home by his monitor, waiting for a sign, a signal--from what or whom he doesn't know--until one night, a mysterious woman named Trinity (Carrie-Anne Moss) seeks him out and introduces him to that faceless character he has been waiting for: Morpheus (Laurence Fishburne). A messiah of sorts, Morpheus presents Neo with the truth about his world by shedding light on the dark secrets that have troubled him for so long: "You've felt it your entire life, that there's something wrong with the world. You don't know what it is, but it's there, like a splinter in your mind, driving you mad." Ultimately, Morpheus illustrates to Neo what the Matrix is--a reality beyond reality that controls all of their lives, in a way that Neo can barely comprehend.

Neo thus embarks on an adventure that is both terrifying and enthralling. Pitted against an enemy that transcends human concepts of evil, Morpheus and his team must train Neo to believe that he is the chosen champion of their fight. With mind-boggling, technically innovative special effects and a thought-provoking script that owes a debt of inspiration to the legacy of cyberpunk fiction, this is much more than an out-and-out action yarn; it's a thinking man's journey into the realm of futuristic fantasy, a dreamscape full of eye candy that will satisfy sci-fi, kung fu, action, and adventure fans alike. Although the film is headlined by Reeves and Fishburne--who both turn in fine performances--much of the fun and excitement should be attributed to Moss, who flawlessly mixes vulnerability with immense strength, making other contemporary female heroines look timid by comparison. And if we were going to cast a vote for most dastardly movie villain of 1999, it would have to go to Hugo Weaving, who plays the feckless, semipsychotic Agent Smith with panache and edginess. As the film's box-office profits soared, the Wachowski brothers announced that The Matrix is merely the first chapter in a cinematically dazzling franchise--a chapter that is arguably superior to the other sci-fi smash of 1999 (you know... the one starring Jar Jar Binks). --Jeremy Storey

Customer Reviews:

  • Great Movie- A must see
    Well the movie describes very well how the thing are working in our world. If you are not awaken, you are not able to see the way the matrix works. You are in a dream. It is the time to wake up and the movie can just give you the little hint you need to see the world as it is....more info
  • What a price!!
    Excellent price on this DVD. Exactly what I was looking for. Thanks Amazon....more info
  • Blu-Ray Version of matrix :-)
    Just purchased this blu-Ray today and I am happy with it. 1080p Picture, DDTrueHD (I only have a 5.1 system) sound a bonus Digital Copy of the Matrix for you home PC. only paid 24.99 at Fry's Electronics for it. Good deal.

    This is the fourth film I've purchase this year (one each month) and I am slowly growing my collection, this is definitely a movie that should be in most peoples movie collections.

    I'm using my PC to play these blu-rays and they look and sound great :-)...more info
  • Action movie disguised as science-fiction delivers the goods
    Beginning this review I was writing the film's title and ended up with "The Mainstream" (100% accident) which pretty much sums up the premise of The Matrix franchise. The Matrix is good in the fact that it takes complex science-fiction from previous 1990s films that didn't quite meet mainstream audiences (Dark City, 12 Monkeys) and merges it with the spectacular CGI effects of an action film. As an action film The Matrix is incredibly successful and deserves great recognition as one of the best films of the 1990s, or the past two decades for that matter. However I do feel let down by the fact that I felt cheated by the story when they didn't try to further flesh out the world it took place in.

    My main problem with the film falls on the fact that, as an avid sci-fi fan, I had already seen most of the concepts The Matrix presented in previous films (go back to the two I listed above). The religious spin on things however does really make it interesting, kind of like a science-fiction version of some religious document, but a human being having special abilities and saving a captive human population from a controlling force which had everyone living in a false reality had already been used in Dark City back in 1996. This, among other things, is one of the reasons I don't give The Matrix a perfect score of 10/10.

    As a sci-fi film it was very good, regardless of how many of the elements that it was reusing from other films, but I often felt like the production team couldn't decide on whether or not they wanted an action picture, or a thought stimulating sci-fi epic. By the end however The Matrix does succeed in balancing these two things very nicely. The CGI deserved its Academy Award, because it really is amazing some of the things they were able to pull off.

    The acting in this film was grade-A, and one of the strongest aspects of the film's production, and there was only ONE performance that failed to catch my attention...sadly this performance (my opinion) came from the star of the film: Keanu Reeves. Reeves has had his moments throughout his career, don't get me wrong, back in the late 1980s (most will remember the Bill & Ted films) he was a rather likable young actor, even in his lesser known performances; he seemed very honest and sincere in his performances. A change came about when he announced he was going to "take acting more seriously". The result, in my mind, was horrific! He comes across now as someone with very little emotion, and just doesn't seem really human.

    I had the same problem with Keanu in the action movie, Speed, which followed the Die Hard franchise, but unlike Bruce Willis, I couldn't connect, or really care about Reeves in this film (similar feeling in Bram Stoker's Dracula, but he wasn't TOO bad in that film), which was certainly on par with the Die Hard films in production and story. Same problem is present in The Matrix. Reeves is trying way too hard to seem serious, and dramatic, and in the end comes across as being artificial, and dull. If that was the director's intention, I don't really care, because I felt this was a character the audience should have been able to relate to and care about, but that's just my opinion and you don't have to agree with me (just giving an honest view from my perspective).

    Okay, I've given my criticisms, but now I have to say what was really good about The Matrix, and there are a lot of good aspects of this film which is why it deserves my high rating (and a spot in my DVD collection). The action is well-done, and truly is an eye opener, and as I previously stated the performances are mostly strong. Laurence Fishburne (Morpheus) and Hugo Weaving (Agent Smith) are very good in their respective roles, and both (as most people will say) are embraced as engaging characters in the mind of the audience, while Reeves was more of a vehicle to channel elaborate action sequences (the highlight, in most people's opinion, of the film). Also the Wachowski Brother's film is simply beautiful to look at, from the all CGI sequences to the live sets. The sequels, which go purely into action, prove that this film could have been a much worse (I don't hate the sequels, they just are not really sci-fi; just action films).

    This film really does have all it needs to work as a successful film, especially in the mainstream Hollywood of this day and age. It would have been braver for the filmmakers to try and expand, and concentrate on the complex science-fiction aspects, instead of the action, but then it wouldn't have been the box-office success it was. I would defend them no matter what, but when you go against the powers if mainstream and the production companies and end up with a good film you'll always have me backing up your film...of course I will be critical if the plot and direction is bad, but at least I'll give you a positive word for daring to be different.

    I can only hope that The Matrix can help get moviegoers into the lesser known art-house science-fiction stories that inspired it, because it's a shame that our modern audiences can't seem to appreciate things that don't fuse with action or comedy, because I don't feel science-fiction was ever really intended to be a genre simply designed to create exciting action sequences.

    The Matrix was a great film, deserving its mainstream applause: Solid 9/10 stars
    ...more info
  • Great movie. Too bad they couldn't sustain it...
    This was a great movie. Yeah, it has plot holes, but as you can see from the legions of fans, almost nobody noticed them. (In case you're one of those and your head just blew up: we blocked out the sun and the robots never thought of the vast energy resources of nuclear power? Instead, they used humans for power, even though it was obviously inconvenient to them, and even though the heat we give off as waste consumes more energy than it provides... obviously. We're energy CONSUMING creatures). The action is top notch and very innovative. The special effects was one of the most copied in decades. Too bad the W-brothers didn't have anything left. The sequels were pretty embarrassing, each worse than the last. I've seen several people comparing Star Wars unfavorably to the Matrix. Really, though, if you think about the Matrix, it ought to give you MORE respect for Lucas. It's not easy to sustain a storyline. The W-brothers couldn't do it past #1. Lucas has done six plus cartoons. He no longer adheres to the "immaculate reality" so stringently as he did in the beginning, but they're still good films (none of the six being worse than M3 Revolutions). It does bother me that so few people credit William Gibson with having been the father of the genre. If you'd ever read his cyberpunk works, you'd understand that Matrix isn't quite as innovative as you think (but then, he wasn't able to translate his edgy writing style into film, so oh well). As anyone who has seen Matrix knows, though, these are minor criticisms. Matrix was a great film. Watch it....more info
  • Reeves killed it for me
    I believe that if someone like Tom Cruise or Denzel Washington was the star then this would have been more compelling but Keanu Reeves is such a horrible actor and so painful to watch that it killed this movie for me.

    Following it was difficult. The concept was good and Laurence Fishburne was fantastic but Reeves was as bad as he always is. Why does this man continue to get work...??? ...more info
  • The movie was still great but...
    Blu-Ray was supposed to mean more... More extras, more clarity. I keep finding, not only with rereleases of older movies, but also with new movies, that a lot of the special features not only fail to fill the screen, but they look like crap. Seriously, if you're going to put the time in to bring a movie to Blu-Ray, you need to get your act together and make the entire disk BLU-RAY!

    Tired of this......more info
  • I am outraged...1999 disc in 2008 box-when a 2003 remaster exists!
    I just purchased the newly-in-a- keepcase (not a snapper)edition which has ?2008 on the back cover fine print (Amazon says 2007)
    I had held out because I had heard rave reviews of the remaster for the box set back in 2003-which you could only buy in the set at the time . I already had the 1999 disc-so I could wait
    So, 5 years later a new package, with new package design work, current year copyright,-and WHV sitting on a nice RM for a few years I thought "Aha! Now is the time to get it it!"=thinking that after all the years they would ditch the 1999 transfer.
    I watched the movie and thought, hmmmmmmmm nothing here that outstanding-almost looks like the old disc.
    So I put my disc into my iMac, opened it on the desktop-nothing!
    I use this trick to determine when a discs is remastered.
    They can press the disc for 5 years but the transfer date is the constant on file creation.

    WTF? I open to a blank page! no TS_AUDIO, no TS_VIDEO no .VOB files nothing-these would show dates of creation on them, so one can tell the last time a disc was remastered.
    My long used trick didnt work.
    Then I get the idea to do a 'right click' to 'get info' from the menu

    Lets party like it was 1999! August 2-to be exact. Seems like they were hiding something?
    an 8 year old transfer in a 2008 box......"File creation date-Aug 2, 1999" hmmmmmm is it just me?
    I also notice on the inner ring, a different catalog number-and MADE IN CANADA printed on the plastic)
    Curiously, nowhere on the label is a visible date or place of manufacture-which I thought to be law.
    And the box has the ?2008 date only

    Misspackaging? They should destroy back stock, or stop printinng them-not reship it at this late date as if 'new'
    I dont think the marketseller will refund me-"Whaaaa! I got the 1999 pressing I want my money back"-he couldnt know

    This has me pi**ed because they have been sitting on a remaster for several years-and it should have been made available as a single disc by now- I didnt want the whole box-back then, or now
    After all, it would not be two far out of reason to expect it with new box/design change, that they would use the new transfer,no?
    With an economic meltdown happening right before our eyes-$175 Trillion in bailouts (total so far), consumer spending dropping like a stone,- and the deficits-we sit in a trance and allow this

    I would not offend the still very large S-DVD market which is still 90% of your revenue-BR can never quite keep a continual average of 10% in monthly sales (source: videoscan/endgadget-industry gerbils- for past 6 months ZD Net-a popular widely read IT i-zine' -say 5% 0f the market)-and now you can bet that will drop with the economy.
    a 10% sales drop in DVD sales could be absorbed-a 10% in BR would finish it off
    Sales of players are slow now and will be dead in Jan-you can see the writing on the wall-"BUY ANY 1 BR title AND GET 3 FREE!! Not exactly confidence building- which i s why Ive held off- and who knows how long I will have my job?
    And YOU?
    So Warner-dont pull tricks like you did to 'force' us from LD to DVD-namely-by either giving the BR the special features ONLY, and for SDVD, sloppy pressing and packaging-or not even manufacturing the disc at all.
    BOTH SONY and WHV were guilty of this when DVD started. Some will chime in "Nobodies forcing you to go to BR..." Well, if I like watching moves or getting SEs-and they no longer press them on DVD-I AM forced-into BR-not a very good marketing idea when we may soon see 25% unemployment*-and people will only buy NECESSITIES (nobody in finance the fairy tale calculation models that BLS use seriuosly-which curiuosly make things look 'rosier' than they really are-they ONLY count you as UE if you are COLLECTING UC..the rest of you can get lost for all they care) They say 6.5%! ha!...more info
  • Enter The Matrix
    This is another movie that INSTANTLY went on my top 10 favorite movies list. I still remember when this movie first came out. All my friends and i went to see it the day it came out, and we were not disappointed.

    This movie has been out for quite a while now. If you STILL have not seen this movie, you are defiantly behind times.

    This movie is a must see....more info
  • The Unofficial Sequel to "The Truman Show"?
    I first saw this movie in the theater back in 1999. It had its moments, but not many. To start, the acting is terrible. Keanu Reeves has the emotive ability of a toaster, and Carrie Ann Moss is about as sympathetic as the ubiquitous sexy sidekick babe in a generic video game. Lawrence Fishburne comes off a bit better, but his dialogue is the most pretentious, ridiculous garbage I've ever heard. I imagine the characters in this film spend about six hours out of every day designing the leather bondage costumes they'll wear next time they're in the Matrix.

    For the first half of the movie, it seems to be interested in questioning reality, which, as the title to my review suggests, was already done more topically in previous films. "The Matrix" is astounded by what it perceives as its own brilliance, but for those of us who have thought of its ideas before, there are few surprises. Some people I know were blown away when Neo discovers the truth behind his reality, but I was waiting for something interesting to happen.

    "The Matrix" has been praised for its originality, but it suffers from two traditional and clich¨¦d movie formulas. First, Neo is the Chosen One (notice that "neo" is an anagram of "one." Was this supposed to be suspenseful?) who is destined to save the human race, bring balance to the Force, etc. He dies and comes back to life, like Jesus. Of course, to begin with he was just a pasty hacker in a crummy apartment and an anonymous office job, giving hope to all the spotty teenage geeks in the audience that they too might become the Messiah one day.

    The second fault is the movie's reliance on action. Instead of coming up with interesting and exciting ways for two people to fight each other in virtual reality, Neo and Co. whip out their guns and start shooting. The techno music begins, and the audience is treated to several slow-motion kicks and scenes of people dodging bullets. I'm not sure how they manage all this, because nobody ever takes off their sunglasses to see properly. If the villains of the movie really were programs in the Matrix, shouldn't they be able to manipulate it without having to resort to kung fu?

    Anyway, I didn't like this movie. "Dark City" is a better, more original version of the same premise, without the Chosen One nonsense or the martial arts....more info
    It's a rare thing to see a film with as much originality as the Matrix and its uniqueness is matched only by its over the top action and superb cast.The story follows a computer hacker known as NEO played by Keanu Reeves as he is shown the "real world" and discovers what the Matrix is.To truly understand what this film is about you must experience it for yourself, ironically like the Matrix itself.Along with a unique sci-fi story, the Matrix features some of the most talented actors of today giving what could be the strongest performances of their careers.With martial arts action that far surpasses anything seen before,a rich story with tons of character depth and a technology pioneering title that includes 360 photography and bullet time, to miss this film would be a tragedy.So jack in and see for yourself what the Matrix truly is....more info
  • TOP movie on many levels!
    This is still my favourite movie and one that I have seen more than 10 times, as I went out and got the VHS edition back then before DVD's were in. It is a movie that can be seen on many levels. Some will see it just as a great action movie which it is, but there is so much more to this film. It is a fantastic depiction of the journey of the spiritual seeker and the difficulties that he encounters within himself as he starts pushing against the prisons of his own mind and the multitude of programs that operates and which keep us small.

    It also neatly depicts the way humans are kept as 'food for the moon' in Gurdjieff's words or simply food for ultra terrestrials. In the film this is depicted as humans, being little less than cultivated biological batteries for the machines.

    The story is part of a trilogy and all three parts are worth watching more than once, as you will undoubtedly see new things each time. Things that start making sense only after some time of reflection and reading. In this regard I can recommend reading the book by Ouspensky called "In Search of the Miraculous", and the book by Laura Knight-Jadczyk called "The Secret History of the World".
    ...more info
  • Open your eyes
    After the death of good science fiction movies in 1994, the genre made a strong comeback with the release of the highly publicized "The Matrix". Since then, the film has become a common cultural reference, and copied in the stylization and use of slow motion.

    It was only recently, on a boring friday, alone in my room with my Xbox, that I finally decided to view "The Matrix". I rented it off of Xbox Live, and immediately became sucked in by action sequences I recognized from more recent films, films which no doubt had used the Matrix as a large source of inspiration.

    The films main strength lies in it's visual appeal. consistently switching between the gritty harshness of the real, machine-ruled world, and the slick, sterilized feel inside the Matrix and other computer programs. The film impliments visual styles never before seen in any film, and created a world, streching the limits of the human imagination.

    The films second strength, is in it's mind-bending philosophies. What is the true state of existance? Is what you know reality, or simply a veil to a bigger picture. Questions such as these that go wild within the human mind but are never able to be truly communicated with others. The film draws heavily on Christian and Bhuddist philosophies and concepts.

    Very few times has such a mix of both action and philosophy been but together in film form. Thus creating such an automatic appeal to the viewers.

    But as with most films, "The Matrix" does come with its own flaws. As with many science fiction and action films. These biggest flaws lie in the ending. As with films such as "Terminator 2" or "Iron Man" the film succumbs to typical "Spiderman-ish" cornyness toward its ending, that does not seem fitting with the mature vision the rest of the film contained.

    Although sequels offer logical reasoning for the over-played sequences toward the end, it still feels as if to little explaination is left to be fully satisfying.

    One thing that has to be fully understood with the Matrix, is that it is almost completely dependant on its sequels to be complete. Not all is resolved in the end (in fact, not even the main conflict is resolved). It is truly a three-part saga, and is what it should really be viewed as.

    Science fiction lovers will (and have) found this film to put a fresh perspective on the genre and will love this movie for years to come. Non-geek people will probably enjoy most of it, particularly the concepts which are introduced in the movie.

    8/10 stars ...more info
  • essential viewing, this is our reality folks!
    There is no excuse for anyone to have not watched this movie. But how many people who watch it really nderstand that it is gives a superb analogy to understanding our current reality.

    We live in a world of illusion, distraction, economic slavedom and material indulgence. Breaking free from these culturally programmed distractions will enable you to break free from the real Matrix that we inhabit.

    Still think the Matrix is fantasy??? To really explore the reality of our 'matrix' try reading the book by Ouspensky called "In Search of the Miraculous", and the book by Laura Knight-Jadczyk called "The Secret History of the World".

    It's your choice, get swallowed up in the illusion of job titles, pensions and consumption or start living your own truly free life!!!!
    ...more info
  • katangahan
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    As we reached the tarmac of the airport, a shuttle bus is waiting on the side of the runway. As we walk down the stairs of the plane, I felt the excitement with the air passing through my skin. Gasping some breath, "this is it!" I told myself. And the shuttle bus made its way to Veniz Hotel, my temporary home away from home. I took a room at the 10th floor, hoping to have a bird's eyeview of the whole city. As I unpack my things from my luggage, I felt hungry from a two (2) hour plane ride. I left my room and decided to have a walk, to look for some place to eat in. As I was standing at the hotel's lobby, a bellboy asked me if I wanted a taxi ride. And I said "no, thank you. I'll just walk to have the feel of being in a strange city" and I left.

    From the hotel, I walked to my right as I read the street sign that says, TO TARGET MALL===>. After ten (10) mins. of walking, at last, I got a glimpse of the mall. And there, I had my late lunch in an italian diner. The food was great, ambience is good and the best thing, all in a reasonable price. After an hour, I went out to have my cigar break, and I saw this park across Target Mall. I was astounded to see these stalls selling different items. I wasn't able to refuse the urge of buying somethings for myself. With all those plastic bags of goods I bought, I took a taxi ride back to the hotel. As I was having coffee at the hotel's cafe, I asked the waiter if he knows a bar that I could visit after dinner. And he said, "I know a place sir, it's the Suth bar, located at Appetite St. cor. Wellness St. just after you pass the Amazon Hospital. Wellness St. is at the northside of the hospital (hospital's main entrance is at EDR St.)".

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    ...more info
  • The only one worth watching.
    It's true. The series steadily goes downhill with each additional release.

    When The Matrix made its debut, it was all the rage. And rightfully so!

    It was revolutionary, it was fresh and most importantly, it was cool!

    The special effects were usually top-notch and the characters were good, displaying decent acting. My favorite character was played by Laurence Fishburne, aka Morpheus (sp?). He was strong, and strongly desired by the opposing forces.

    The action was good, but the effects, especially the slow-motion, dodging ones, were off the hook.

    It was good, but the steam simmered as the series went on.

    4 stars....more info
  • great movie that started a great trilogy
    I loved this movie and I can't recomend this enough to any fan of the actors or actresses in the movie....more info
  • Pure Genius
    This is the only movie I can watch repeatedly and not get sick of being the entire series, not just part 1. So much symbolism for those that see it.
    What other movie (other than maybe star wars) boasts action, love stories, and a philosophical backdrop so interwoven it could catch water? From Greek mythology to Baudrillard, from Ayn Rand to Nihilism, from Christianity to Taoism, this movie is one giant philosophical discussion.
    The human spirit shines in its varieties in The Matrix, from non-conformism to systems of control (such as religion), lust/love, to loyalty of kindred spirit.
    Shakespeare himself would be intrigued....more info
  • Greate Thriller
    This is a great thriller which made me to see multiple times. This is not about future and this is about the past and present of human slavery to few who at the top, who magically induce crappy values for our suffering.
    ...more info
  • Great Blu-Ray, Great Movie!
    I won't go into detail in regards to the movie plot, as we all know just what the Matrix is all about. I will say this, though, The Matrix is an instant classic, which will be looked upon for many years to come. It brought not only a sense of "cool" and "style" to the action genre, but it bended the very though of cinema with "bullet time." Great movie.
    Now, unto the Blu-Ray.
    The video is wonderful. Though you will mainly be seeing many shades of green and earthy colors on your display, the BD still strikes as demo-worthy. Color representation is great, with those greens looking very vivid, the blacks are just wonderful, very bold and inky. Detail is also top-notch, making sure you get ingest every single pixel in the Matrix. Great transfer, WB.
    The audio is another great TrueHD track by WB. Bass is wonderfully strong, dynamics are strong throughout, and the clarity of the dialogue is on target. Pans are seamless, and even though the mix is 10 years old, it will still impress. Jump to the chapter where Morpheus is being held by the agents, and you will hear some great HD sound.
    Overall, a package that is worth the money, specially if one disliked the other two dissapointing sequels. Take the red pill, and see the Matrix in HD.
    5 out of 5....more info
  • Good Product
    This awesome movie with the slow motion fight scenes started a new fight phase of this century. Product is an awesome item. Great movie. Think beyond what you see. ...more info
  • I would recomend this blu
    Cool book cover case. The picture quality is not the greatest of blu's, but it's not to bad either. I would give picture quality a 3/5 and sound 4/5...more info
  • Digital Copy Authorization Code "Invalid"
    This is my first movie with digital copy. When I attempted to download the digital copy, I was told that my authorization code is invalid. Then Warner Bros. customer support form won't let me fill-in one of the "required" fields because the drop-down menu is blank. Just another reason to hate Hollywood and their love of DRM....more info
  • This is what Hi-Def systems were made for...
    If you've seen The Matrix you know why the film community heralds it as a benchmark achievement in filmmaking. Just as 2001: A Space Odyssey and Star Wars set the bar for film special effects, The Matrix came along and made us re-examine everything we thought a movie could do. Revolutionary, groundbreaking, mindblowing - these are all terms people use to describe The Matrix. It's certainly all true, but up until now, what I'd appreciated most about The Matrix was this: it packaged a Philosophy 101 course into a digestible Sci-Fi flick with a raging techno/rock/orchestral score and jaw-dropping action sequences. The Blu-ray release of The Matrix turns this scale on its head bringing the action scenes to the level they were always meant to reach - now the film is superb all the way around.

    Andy and Larry Wachowski invited us to follow the white rabbit down the hole into an exploration of perception versus reality. If the entire world we live in - the air, the terrain and the other people - is nothing but a computer program, what is our reality? Do we consider the magenta-hued egg which sustains us while sapping our bioelectricity to be our reality? Or is the manufactured existence within a computer the truest one? Neo chooses the red pill and plunges into the terrifying truth of what reality has become. Amidst a group of ragtag survivors in c. 2199, Neo (Keanu Reeves) discovers the truth behind the Matrix under the guidance of Morpheus (Laurence Fishburne) and Trinity (Carrie-Anne Moss).

    Despite The Matrix being stuffed with heaping spoonfuls of rudimentary philosophical musings, the plot is remarkably simple in structure. The entire second and third acts stem from Neo's attempting to verify his place in his new reality. He does so by diving back into the fictional world of the Matrix to confront the Oracle and in the process Morpheus is taken captive and the remaining members of the team mount a plan to rescue him. That's The Matrix at its most barebones level. What that description fails to impart are all the aspects that make The Matrix so memorable. Attached to that frame is a traitorous monad who longs to once again lose himself in the Matrix (Joe Pantoliano), a tireless Agent Smith (Hugo Weaving) seeking to end Neo and the omnipresent question of whether a true reality or an altered perception thereof is preferable. The latter might make you comfortable, but are you really living?

    But I already own The Matrix on DVD, should I double dip? Is it worth the second purchase? There are two types of movies where high-definition makes a difference. The first is animation: the colors are crisper, the edges smoother and everything has vibrancy unparalleled in the DVD format. The second is balls to the wall action films with special effects that break all the rules: like The Matrix. Watching a helicopter spiral out of control and plummet into the side of a skyscraper which then ripples like a puddle is cool. Watching it in high-definition - it's like seeing the face of a special effects god for the first time. Yes, it's worth the second purchase. Buy it on Blu-ray, give your DVD copy to a friend...and just laugh at what they're missing.

    Blu-Ray Extra Features:

    Normally, I just plow through the trailers and audio commentary section, but in the case of The Matrix on Blu-ray special consideration is deserved. Your first audio commentary choice is a virtual Philosophy 101 lecture about the ideas presented in The Matrix taught by Dr. Cornel West and Ken Wilber - it's really interesting for newcomers but not quite meaty enough for anyone more versed in deep thinking. The second commentary comes from film critics Todd McCarthy, John Powers and David Thomson - this is somewhat obnoxious. It's an audio track of them praising The Matrix with a few snippets of legitimate criticism thrown in as if to validate their presence in commentary form. Thirdly, a cast and crew commentary features Carrie-Anne Moss, Zach Staenberg (editor) and John Gaeta (visual effects supervisor) discussing all the usual facets: working with the big names in the cast, the stunt work, the direction, etc. Finally, not so much a commentary but audio track, there's the option to play the film with no sound (diagetic or non) besides the score. It's a surreal experience and one of my favorite ways to watch the action sequences.

    Finally, there's another commentary of sorts which is the "In-Movie Experience" which is really the icing on the commentary cake. Featuring a picture-in-picture box in the lower corners, virtually everyone involved in the film gets their moment in the sun talking about every conceivable part of the film from auditions, to stunt work, to personal relationships and what they took away from the film. Brilliantly laid in, it's worth your time.

    As was offered previously, "The Matrix Revisited", a feature-length documentary on the making of the original film, comes with the main feature. Definitely interesting for fans and film geeks who want to understand every technological wonder that made this landmark film possible; but for non-Matrix enthusiasts you'll probably find yourself distracted after 20 to 30 minutes. It's interesting as all get out, but you do need to have the initial level of interest to commit to the two hour duration.

    We have a healthy smattering of production diary featurettes chronicling things like the injuries suffered by Hugo Weaving while filming and Keanu's obsession over physical motion in specific scenes. Fun to watch and these are essentially the more palatable versions of "The Matrix Revisited" for the less devoted among us.

    The last batch of features is a virtual jukebox of the music from The Matrix and includes a music video of Marilyn Manson's "Rock is Dead". The Music Revisited is a terrific addition and helps track down some of the great tracks from the film that you might not have known the names of....more info
  • Good movie
    I love keanu Reeves as an actor. The matrix movies are just another great acting of Mr. Reeves.
    Full of excitment.I have all three movies. Like them all.They won't lst you down....more info
  • I love the Matrix movie!
    I really love this movie. Great concept and great innovation in the process of shooting the film from a technical perspective.

    I do have to wonder WHY "The Ultimate Matrix Collection" is NOW available but "The Matrix" individual film is not out currently. I wonder if it has something to do with the fact that the second and third movies were crap! I was really disappointed with the sequels.

    I believe the only reason that "The Ultimate Matrix Collection" is out first is that is the only way they would sell the second and third movie.

    I just want the original......more info
  • Matrix 10th anniversary Blu-Ray
    Obviously, this is a great movie for special effects. The biggest upset was seeing a noticeable difference between the basic DVD and the Blu-Ray version. Neither the sound or video made me go "Wow, what a difference". I would recommend this movie to any who don't already own a's a must own in that respect!...more info
  • One of the great acton movies
    This movie set the trend for all action movies after it.

    The story and direction worked on a more sophisticated level.

    All of the actors came across great.

    Great VFX...more info
  • Classic
    The Matrix
    This movie should be in everyone's collection. The Matrix one of those movies that just has something special about it. I personally don't think it's perfect, but I agree that you need this in your collection. This is probably one of my favorite series of movies.

    You follow a character named Neo. Neo has lived a fairly normal life as a hacker. He has been tracking down a man named Morpheous, and the strange aura that attracts Neo to Morpheous. Neo eventually meets Morpheous and a group of people. Morpheous asks Neo is he wants to know what The Matrix is. The story is kind of weird because Neo seems to know everything without being told about it. He knows about the Matrix already, but has no idea what it is. I don't know if that makes sense, but I'm just trying to say he's heard of everything already. Anyway, Neo says yes. He is than asks to take a pill if he wants to know the truth. Neo takes the pill and appears in world he's never seen before.

    He turns out to be in the Real World, and the world he used to be in was the computer program called The Matrix. Neo learns that machines rule humans. The machines now grow humans to produce electricity for themselves. The survivors are now struggling to fight off these machines. Morpheous believes that Neo is what a prophecy called The One. The One was supposed to end the war bring peace to everyone.

    The movie has a real Alice in Wonderland feel to it. He is sucked out of his world and put in a mysterious new world. The story takes awhile to get going, but once it gets going it is great. You will see heart-pounding action, great story telling, and insane camera work.

    Extras include your basic behind the scenes and commentary along with a few other things. These are all good to watch. I don't think they are enough to up this movie to a 5 star though.

    Like I said at the beginning of the review, you need this in your collection. If your collection consists of only a few movies, this should be one of them....more info
  • The One with The Gun
    One of my favorite sci-fi movies ever. The Matrix puts the 'I' in sci-fi, in my opinion, that is. Keanu Reeves is one awesome actor. The thing I like the most about this movie is the adventure. Even though they don't really go anywhere, I like how they've been through like a lot of stuff, and the music keeps the intensity and suspense in the movie, and is able to show you exactly what's going on. I also love how smoothly they take one half of the movie and make it a scientific explanation for what's going on and all that, and the other half with action. They are able to fit it all in and make it one awesome movie....more info
  • The Matrix
    The Matrix is a great movie. I ordered it and it arrived in good time and in good condition. I am happy with the service....more info
  • TOP movie on many levels!
    This is still my favourite movie and one that I have seen more than 10 times. It is a movie that can be seen on many levels. Some will see it just as a great action movie which it is, but there is so much more to this film. It is a fantastic depiction of the journey of the spiritual seeker and the difficulties that he encounters within himself as he starts pushing against the prisons of his own mind and the multitude of programs that operates and which keep us small.

    It also neatly depicts the way humans are kept as 'food for the moon' in Gurdjieff's words or simply food for ultra terrestrials. In the film this is depicted as humans, being little less than cultivated biological batteries for the machines.

    The story is part of a trilogy and all three parts are worth watching more than once, as you will undoubtedly see new things each time. Things that start making sense only after some time of reflection and reading. In this regard I can recommend reading the book by Ouspensky called "In Search of the Miraculous", and the book by Laura Knight-Jadczyk called "The Secret History of the World".
    ...more info