Mindy Mylrea: Super Cycle: The Best Ride in Town
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Studio: Bayview/widowmaker Release Date: 06/05/2007 Run time: 70 minutes

Customer Reviews:

  • spinning tape
    Fun, inspiring instructor. Fun scenarios (don't remember if the dog chases you in this one or her other one- but it sure made me increase my pedal speed). Great workout; you can decrease the time you spend or go all out with this one.

    Combine this with the Robert Sherman ones (he gets more into the physiology of the ride)- Mindy's is probably more fun. For the serious spinner, both instructors have lots to offer....more info
  • Nice Burn, well done
    Liked it...well done DVD, got my money's worth....more info
  • I didn't like it
    This product was boring. I did it once and now it is sitting in my video basket collecting dust. The delivery service was good though!...more info
  • great workout
    great workout and can do it for 30 min. or 60min. I would like a bit more up beat music....more info
  • A Fun Ride, Great Workout
    I purchased (1) Cycle Reebok: Foundations and Interval Training with Robert Sherman, (2) Mindy Mylrea's Super Cycle: The Best Ride in Town and (3) Bike-O-Vision Cycling DVD #12 Oregon at the same time. I have been very happy with the first two, and plan on selling the Oregon DVD shortly.

    Robert Sherman's DVD is very focused on building strength and skill while maintaining control. He does have the intense, almost cheesy persona that others wrote about, but I find that I really like that. It helps me stay in his game, like he's always trying to hang on to you mentally. Robert talks a lot about staying internally focused, and makes it all about you and your experience. It's meditative in a way - he asks you to close your eyes, envision your body, stuff like that. My maximum heart rate is around 180, and with his workouts, I generally find myself in the 155-165 range, reaching 175 during the last set. He gives regular opportunities to recover and stretch.

    Mindy Mylrea takes a different approach. Instead of the internal focus, she is very external - you are trying to catch up with a friend, pass a professional cycler and then run from a big dog. She keeps my heart range in the 165-175, with an occasion 180+. She keeps you running for longer intervals, and gives less recovery overall. She is very upbeat and smiley. I find both Mindy and Robert offer a likeable, valuable workout. Neither has great music, but I don't find myself noticing that very much.

    Finally, I don't care much for the Oregon DVD. The music is classic and instrumental, though you could mute that and listen to your own stuff. The ride is pretty, but there's no real sense of hill climbing or speed. You completely have to make it up yourself. Also, sometimes you are sort of going uphill and then you switch to a different part of the road with no clear transition. I would rather spend my time watching DVD's of TV series I like than watch this while cycling....more info
  • Super Sweat Time
    Love, Love, Love this video. What a work out and challenging every time! Convinced my teenage son to try it and boy was he surprised, now he's hooked too. ...more info
  • Its Hard!!!
    This is DVD is as hard as u want to make it!! and it remains difficult to the end. You will reach 80% max heart rate -and be able to sustain it throughout the workout if u choose to.(Which is very hard to achieve at home and indoors). I lost 8lbs in the first week of doing it.
    If youre new to spinning -this is exactly the dvd u need to push you to the next level.
    Mindy is not annoying...actually..she says just the right things when u need it --and u can tell she loves what she is doing. (If you dont want to hear her talk..u do have the option of removing her audio...)

    Im eager to try her other spinning dvds

    ...more info
  • Too bad. I didn't like it.
    After reading the reviews, I purchased this DVD in hopes that I can take it with me on business trips or use at my gym when I miss a spinning class. But no way. This is for beginners. Below beginners. I didn't even sweat and I pushed it. Also the soundtrack/music during the workout is bad. I don't even think it should be called music. I find that music is an important factor in any workout and I just wanted to mute this workout. So basically I get a better workout using the spinning techniques I've learned in classes and using my music. It may be great for those beginners that have a nice staionary bike at home but for us spinning addicts PLEASE don't waste your money....more info
  • I thought it was cheap and lame
    The "best ride in town" consists of an instructor (frequently out of breath) on a stationary bike set on a cliff over the ocean who tells you
    to "imagine" that you are riding around town. There are occasional momentary shots (just a few seconds long) of some scenes. These are low res ... home video quality if that. I have some cycling dvd's that are bike scenery, usually with other riders (what you would see if you were cycling that area). Some have an instructor on an audio track to keep you motivated. I have some "spinning" classes where an instructor guides you through a workout ... he/she is leading a class on spin bikes or trainers, but usually not riding himself.
    I simply could not believe that someone would pass this off....if I can
    "imagine" a ride around town, what do I need a dvd for? ...more info
  • Great Work Out - Even for Advanced Spinners
    I've been spinning in a studio for 10 plus years but recently gave up gym membership and bought a spinning bike for home use. This is the first DVD I purchased as a means of increasing my workout intensity. Boy did it ever. I've been using it at least 2x/week for 6 weeks now and have found myself working much harder (per my heart rate monitor) than before I was using it and much more on par with spinning classes.

    The DVD is well segmented to give you the opportunity to create your own workout every time: a 6 minute warm up, a hill section of 3 hills (6min, 7min, 8min with appropriate recoveries), intervals (about 6 minutes), flat (about 5 min w/ sprints) and a final hill. I've done the full session once and it is intense (60 min)! Even slicing and dicing for my own 40 minute workout leaves me feeling well exercised and 'good' tired.

    Mindy is friendly and instructional - not overly cheerleaderish or too basic in her explanations. Visually, the dvd doesn't get too boring - it's largely Mindy in a park overlooking the California Coast, but there are some nice cut aways to help you visualize the hill scenarios she describes in that part of the video. In general she uses enough but not too many visualization techniques to help you get through some of the longer parts of the video.

    There are a few things I wish were different. In terms of usability, some instruction/guidance on heart rates in conjuction w/ her 4 zone approach (she uses a four zone system based on how you're feeling/level of effort)would be nice. Would also like her to encourage more water breaks - I don't think she drinks water once during the video.

    Overall, a new workout favorite - highly recommend. And while I wrote this from an advanced spinner perspective, my sense is that this is simple enough and motivating enough for newer riders as well....more info
  • Fun and a great calorie burner!
    This workout is a lot of fun, and it's definitely challenging! Mindy has a fun personality, and she keeps you working hard during the workout. Some workouts are boring and make you watch the clock the entire time, but this is not one of them.

    There are three segments in this workout: a hill segment (with three increasingly longer and more challenging hills), an interval segment, and a steady state/flat segment. If you do all three segments and the warm-up and cool down, it comes to about 70 minutes total. The cool down stretching is also excellent; she really takes the time to stretch out your legs and upper body.

    I also liked how the first hill segment cut into clips of a dog chasing you and other cyclists that you are trying to catch up with; it was a fun way to break up the otherwise beautiful scenery.

    This is also a serious calorie-torcher. I'm about 5'4" and weigh 115 pounds, and my HRM said I burned about 570 calories by doing the whole workout. I definitely recommend this DVD!...more info