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Kryptonite New York Fahgettaboutit Mini Bicycle U-Lock (3.25 x 6-Inch)
List Price: $109.00

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Product Description

Kryptonite New York Fahgettaboudit U-Locks.

  • 3.25 x 6-Inch

Customer Reviews:

  • Good but rusted
    A friend of mine and I bought our own versions of this lock at about the same time, and within a week of locking them outside every night both locks have rusted to the point where you have to expend a good deal of force just to get them out.

    On the other hand no one has stolen my bike since I got this whereas that just simply isn't the case for some people I know who bought cheaper locks...more info
  • Well done
    Haven't worked with the lock yet--too cold and wet in Chicago. It seems like a tough massive lock. Right now, it's locked in the automobile parking area of my condo building. The pre-purchase review was excellent in details and comparison with other brands. ...more info
  • kryptonite fahgettaboudit Lock anti theft protection
    purchased this lock after my bike was stolen, primarily due to $4500 antitheft protection that comes with lock. worth noting that my old bike was stolen while locked up with a heavy duty Krytonite chain lock.

    Anyway, received the lock, seems solid enough, but was a disappointed after reading all of the various conditions and qualifications related to the anti theft protection, which basically renders the protection worthless. First of all, they only pay for the deductible for your insurance not for the replacement of your bike, so you need to have insurance in the first place for this to have any value. Secondly, you need to provide so much back up information: bike registration, bike receipt, lock receipt, etc where it makes it very cumbersome process to even apply for the protection in the first place. Then there is the rigourous post theft requirements: report teft to police within 72 hours, mail notice to Kryptonite within 7 days, report to insurance company. most of these aren't too bad, but the one thing that you need to do which is likely not possible is that you have to send them the broken lock. so if the thief just takes the lock, which they did in both instances where I had bikes stolen, you are out of luck. So basically colecting on the anti-theft protection requires that the thief is nice enough to leave the lock behind.

    The moral of this story is that Krytonite's anti-theft protection offer is worthless and should not be a consideration in purchasing one of thier locks. as far as their locks being the best and most theft resistant available, not sure this is true given my past experience. ...more info
  • Hardcore, but finicky and not rustproof
    I love the lock and it IS the most hardcore one on the market. Two things to be aware of though:
    1 - the disc style mechanism can be a little touchy and my friend's kryptonite stopped accepting its key. I'm sure it's a key issue and not a lock issue though and if he had registered his keys there would have been no problem. (so register).
    2 - Another friend left his nice road bike locked with a NY lock over a long time while he was travelling. He came back and the bike was still there but the lock was so rusted that it was impossible for the key to unlock it from the frame/post. Bolt cutters, saws, prybars, etc couldn't either. Suffice it to say the frame remains there to this day. (So keep it dry if storing for a long time).
    Good luck! ...more info
  • Tired of getting your bike stolen?
    I'm tired of getting my bike stolen! Thats why I chose this lock. I also purchased a thick and long cable to secure my rims and seat.

    Pros- Toughest lock on the market.

    Cons- Size and weight. Plastic keyhole cover wont last long....more info
  • Ridiculously Heavy
    I bought this online, not taking weight into consideration. I got the larger one because I wanted it to be easy to lock up. It is heavy duty, so if it keeps my bike from being stolen, I'm thrilled. I have 1 big qualm with this product, and two small ones. The biggest is the weight factor, it's so heavy, I don't ever want to bring it with me. My more minor grievances with this lock are that within the first month, the lock cover unscrewed on one side, and then fell off. Not a big deal, it's just there to keep dirt out of the keyhole. The other one is the mount. It is extremely difficult to mount and unmount the lock due to the fact that the hard plastic and metal do not easily slide across each other. I finally made this task easier by greasing the area where the two parts mount together.
    So, if you want an awesome lock, go for the smallest one that will do the trick. I might possibly buy the smaller version of this lock, for portability and to cut excessive weight. It weights about half as much as my bike. There's some perspective....more info
  • Lock beyonf lock
    This is a real piece of protection. Heavy and strong. It is not to carry with you. You will have to leave it where you want to lock your precious bike. You will have peace of mind but not completely, because you can only lock the the bike's frame and one wheel. You will need a cable to lock the other wheel and or the saddle. And most of the cable do not offer very good protection, it is light protection at the most....more info
  • Preferable to the fahgettaboutit chain
    At first, I got a chain, thinking that it could lock the front wheel and the frame, unlike a U-lock. A better solution turned out to be to get a U-lock, and use locking security pins to keep your components from walking away. I got a 4-pack of security skewers from Pinhead Components. These are like hex screws, except they can only be removed with a custom key that comes with the pin set. They replace the hex screws and quick-release pins that keep your front fork, wheels, and seat post attached to your bike. A chain by contrast won't protect your front fork and seatpost, and you'd have to get a rather long one if you wanted to protect both wheels. The U-lock + pin solution turned out to less heavy, and much simpler to lock/unlock to external objects. ...more info
  • Awesome strength "outweighs" it's negatives.
    This lock feels incredible. Just it's appearance would be certain to scare off most would-be thieves. I appreciate it's slightly smaller size as a deterrant against leverage attacks. Having to look a little harder for a place to lock it is an acceptable tradeoff. It is definitely heavy, but worth the weight in my opinion. You are not going to carry this thing in a race anyway, right? I had to send my first one back as it arrived with the key dust/dirt guard broken off during shipment. It must have been slammed pretty hard as the replacement seems tough enough. It is locked up right now outside and I have no worries at all that my bike will be there when I return....more info
  • Heavy lock is heavy.
    Had this sucker for about a month now, and the first thing I noticed is that it's pretty big for the mini u-lock family. Big and heavy. Being Kryptonite's highest security lock, this is expected. For my needs in Safe-Towne Suburbia, this lock is a little too much. I really don't need something this hardcore. But for it's intended purpose, it's excellent.

    It's secure and I don't feel bad locking it outside for extended periods of time.

    It's incredibly solid and for every-day use, entirely indestructible.

    Rubber coating prevents it from scratching and denting things.

    It's heavy. If you're one of those who stick their u-locks in their belt or back pocket, don't be surprised when it pulls your pants off. Just make sure your pants are well secured.

    The keys, like many of the Kryptonites I've used, sometimes won't go in all the way or get stuck. A little wiggling goes a long way.

    As robust as the lock is, after dropping it a few times, the black plastic cover that surrounds the key-hole cracked where the screws hold it in place. This is a pretty minor flaw, and doesn't affect the performance, but it would be nice if it was a bit more robust....more info
  • Great Lock
    The sense of security accompanying this five pound lock is probably the best thing about it. It's built solidly and has a reputation for being one of the best. Comes with three keys, one of which has a useful blue LED built in for unlocking at night. Kryptonite will also replace your keys if lost after registering them online. Great lock, would've rated it five stars if it weren't so expensive!...more info
  • Still have my bike
    The key is sometimes difficult to use, but I like the safety because it is so heavy duty. ...more info