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Special Edition Using Microsoft Office Word 2007
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Product Description

This book will help you build solid skills to create the documents you need right now, and expert-level guidance for leveraging Word's most advanced features whenever you need them. If you buy only one book on Word 2007, Special Edition Using Microsoft Office Word 2007 is the book you need.


- Come up to speed quickly with the new Word 2007 Ribbon interface

- Streamline document formatting with styles, templates, and themes

- Collaborate with others using comments and tracked changes

- Master mail merges, master documents, and other advanced features

- Manage large documents with indexes, TOCs, and automatically numbered references

- Use fields and forms to collect and manage information

- Illustrate key concepts with SmartArt diagrams

- Create and apply custom themes that control fonts, color schemes, and effects

- Manage academic research citations and generate bibliographies in any popular documentation format


On the Web

Includes complete instructions and a command reference you can use to customize the Ribbon with RibbonX, even if you have little or no previous XML experience. You can also download additional RibbonX examples and an easy-to-use RibbonCustomizer utility from this book's companion web site,


Customer Reviews:

  • A must have book for Word 2007 Users
    An outstanding book that delves deeply into the most advanced features of Microsoft Word 2007, including topics that lesser books often shy away from like fields, forms, OLE, master documents, XML, and security. If you want a book that will deliver serious in-depth technical content without insulting your intelligence, then this is the one.
    Since Word 2007 is such a departure from earlier versions, there's plenty of learning to be done even for us old-timers who have been using word processors since the dawn of computers. In a lot of cases, Word 2007 offers an entirely new feature for the 2007 file format, but also supports the earlier methods for backward compatibility. This book describes both the 2007 and the older features where applicable, so you don't have to keep a book for an earlier version handy to look things up. Case in point: fields. Word 2007 has a whole new set of fields, called content controls, that have some benefits over earlier field types, but they also have some drawbacks, so you would not want to use them all the time necessarily. This book contains complete coverage of the 2007 fields, but it also has complete coverage of all the legacy form field types as well.
    This book has an attractive, easy-to-read two-color interior design, and strikes a nice balance between text and illustration. The graphics are plentiful, but never seem gratuitous. Graphics are tightly cropped to show only the important parts of the screen, callouts are plentiful, and the figure captions are clear and concise, so you don't have to wonder why you're looking at that particular image.
    Each chapter concludes with a Troubleshooting section, in which half a dozen or so common problems are discussed and resolved. These are helpful not only when you are actively troubleshooting, but just to file away in your head for future reference. For example, if your Normal.dotm file gets all fouled up, you can just delete it (if you know where to look for it) and Word will create a fresh copy the next time it starts. If you don't need that information now, I guarantee you will eventually need it at some point.
    Copious cross-referencing is employed to reference related topics in different chapters, which makes the book almost seductive to skim; by reading one topic, I inevitably run into a cross-reference that takes me to something interesting I didn't even realize existed in some other section.
    The book covers every aspect of word, from cradle to grave, and I can't imagine needing or wanting to do anything with the program that it doesn't explain in detail. Word 2007 is a complex topic, but Using Word 2007 has it well-covered....more info
  • Good Job
    Well written, has step by step training and I would recommend it for all beg & intermedate users.
    It does not cover things like how to put a file path in the footer by using quick parts (a tab on the footer screen), if you like short cuts or know how to do a task other than a menu, this book is weak. I like to customize things and like to ALWAYS have a backup way of doing things, which is the way of Microsoft Products.
    Do your research, but when in doubt, this book is a safe bet....more info
  • Lives Up to the Hype...
    On the cover of this book that is as thick as the Yellow Pages of a fair-sized city it says: THE ONLY WORD 2007 BOOK YOU NEED. I believe it. I am a beginner with Microsoft Word and needed something that was comprehensive but didn't pass over the basics and assume that I was born already working in Word.

    My experience with Word started with the 2007 Beta version. Microsoft Office had tutorials online which got me started, but they were pretty rudimentary. They explained about the new Ribbon and its usefulness and how to do basic commands using the Ribbon interface. The one strength of their tutorials for a beginner was that you actually downloaded a pre-formatted template and then they took you through the steps about how to change things and build in the basic format they provided. If you need something like that then this book is not for you. In other words, there is no hand holding here.

    To me this is a good thing. Sure it's harder when it's not spoon-fed to you and you have to do your own thinking, but with something as complicated and multi-faceted as Word 2007 you better be able to fend for yourself. Not that the book leaves stuff out -- not by any means. It just explains all the functions as best as they can be explained and it is up to you to work with the features after they are shown to you. If it shows you how to make a table for example, it shows you what to do but leaves the doing and creating totally up to you. It's for grown-ups. LOL

    Microsoft's Office Word 2007 is a powerful tool and has gazillions of features. It took a book this size to cover and explain them all, and it looks like the author succeeded....more info
  • Essential for learning and using Word 2007
    With the radical changes in Word 2007, even long time users might find themselves a little confused. It just takes a little getting used to and some help from this "Special Edition Using MS Office 2007." It can be used as a learning guide for new users or as a reference for long time users. I have found it well written, easy to understand and well organized. Save some time and get this book....more info
  • Upgrading
    I am familiar with the microsoft Word and will be upgrading to the Word 2007. This book has helped with the new look and feel, as well as the upgrades to Word. ...more info
  • Just what I needed
    As a long-time Word user, I was looking for a book that covered the advanced aspects of Word 2007 and didn't assume I was a dummy or an idiot. (You know the titles I mean.)

    I've been delighted by "Using Microsoft Office Word 2007". It has covered all the things I needed. Also, it has introduced me to new features in Word 2007 that I wouldn't have discovered on my own.

    If you're already comfortable with earlier versions of Word and want to be quickly up to speed with the new features of 2007, this is just the book for you....more info
  • expert
    This text is excellent if you already know something about using Word 2007. Has many details especially about technical actions needed when you are composing book files. ...more info
  • Good price! Fast delivery!
    Dear sir:

    I don't give long reviews but to let you know I was satisfied with this purchase....more info
  • Using Microsoft Office Word 2007
    I was reared on a N0 2 pencil and a fountain pen, at 83 years, I know next to nothing about computers, and word processing. Without Faithe Wempen's book "Using ord 2007" I would be totally lost, and would be unable to use Word 2007 effectively. With the clear step by step instructions and tips in this volume, I find not only can I use Word 2007, but I actually enjoy doing things which I never dreamed possible. I highly recommend "Using Microsoft Office ord 2007" to WWII survivors, and other elderly people who wish to communicate by Word 2007. It's amazing what one can do with this book as a guide. ...more info
  • Advanced Word Processing
    After twenty-seven years of machine processing of words -- I certainly don't need a book to regurgitate the basics. This one does just that -- of course -- but it also has the best coverage of all the advanced feastures -- such as references, indexing, collaboration, etc. No computer reference book survives for more than a year or two -- a book needs to be outstanding to be worth the investment. This one is worth it....more info
  • Complete and Well Organized
    If you look at the page count on this book you'll see that it's one of these big all inclusive computer books. It's intended to tell you everything there is to know about Microsoft Word. And so far as I can tell, it's all there.

    But if you're already familiar with Word do you really want to plow through 1100+ pages of stuff, even if it's good stuff. If you're like me, you want to see what's different, what's new that looks like it will be helpful to me.

    The authors have arranged this book so that the experienced user need read only the first part to quickly get up to speed and start being productive. At the same time, all the rest of the information is there for when you need to find out about something you haven't done before.

    What's New in Word is a bunch. The biggest change is the user interface. Word (and the rest of the Office programs) now have what they call the Ribbon. This replaces the set of toolbars that used to be across the top of the screen. So this book starts off with a description of the Ribbon. The next chapter goes into the changes in the way you start a new document and how you save it. -- Pretty mundane stuff, but things you'd better know.

    If you're familiar with Word, finishing part I of this book will probably be enough to get you well started. On the other hand as you go along, there are enough changes in every area -- tables for instance -- that you may want to refer to that section when you are doing one. The screen will certainly look different than it did in earlier versions....more info
  • A well-categorized collection of tips and tricks
    I bought this book when I started working on my master's thesis, suspecting
    (correctly) that I would need to take advantage of some of the "advanced"
    features of Word to keep track of such a long document. Since section 5 is
    dedicated to long documents, I hoped this book would help make the experience
    a less frustrating one.

    Unfortunately, I can't say that it did - although this may not be the book's
    fault; it may just be that Word is a frustrating program to use, no matter
    how well you understand it. The book itself reads more like a mixture of
    standard documentation (about 75% of it is the same stuff you can read in the
    online help, albeit far more well-organized) and the other 25% are admittedly
    useful "tips and tricks". For example, I never would have figured out that you
    can link text boxes to one another, or hold down the "Ctrl" key when launching
    word to open it in "safe" mode, or print out a list of current key assignments,
    had I not read them here.

    Overall, though, I still find Word a frustrating program to use. It still has
    a "mind of its own", but at least now I know _why_ it's doing what it's doing
    (even if I still can't make it stop). The audience for this book, for the most
    part, is non-programmers or even people who aren't that comfortable with
    computers in general (of course, this is a book about Microsoft Word, so you'd
    have to sort of expect that).

    That's not to say it doesn't have its interesting points. There's a whole chapter
    on Word's XML editing and validating capabilities - I was surprised to find out
    how advanced they were (you can load an XML schema and generate a validated document
    against it; the functionality is similar to XMLSpy, for example). The last chapter
    is a reference on "RibbonX", which requires a degree of what some people might
    consider programming to modify the internals of the document to change the UI around.
    The internals of the new .docx are even touched on (but not in any great depth).

    Some features were almost ignored completely. There's a section in the book on
    the new equation editor, for example - you might as well skip it, because it doesn't
    have anything to say. Even the chapters on long documents, including the section
    on table of contents, bibliographies, tables of figures, etc., for which I bought
    the book, didn't contain any information that you wouldn't be able to figure out
    on your own.

    Most of the value in the book is in pointing out obscure features buried under
    multiple layers of option menus that you might never notice while actually using the
    program (I've been using it for over 15 years and there were lots of time-savers
    in here that I had never run across accidentally). This book won't, however, turn
    you into a Word "power user" - it's just a very long introduction to each and every
    feature of the program. I would have preferred a shorter book that didn't go over
    the obvious (if you don't have anything to add about SmartArt other than, "it exists",
    there's no reason to dedicate nineteen pages to screen shots describing how to change
    the font, color, and size of the "SmartArt" - especially when these procedures are
    the same as those for AutoShapes, to which you dedicated 20 pages and for Charts, to
    which you dedicated yet another fifteen pages), or even better, a long book that
    left out the obvious, but did a better job of "bringing everything together" so that
    I felt like I was in control of my documents.

    Still, I'd recommend this book in general, because it calls out quite a few things
    you'd probably never find out on your own, regardless of your level of technical
    expertise... just be prepared to lose hours reading through pages of (repetitively)
    obvious features to find that one nugget of useful information....more info
  • Simplifies Word 2007
    This book should be close to anybody new to Word 2007. It takes you through the mysteries of the new program. You must begin somewhere or you'll be lost. This book is a good place to start....more info
  • Using Microsoft Word
    As usual, your products are quite simply WONDERFUL! I've been buying Using ... products for 10+ years. Your is the only computer books I buy! Highly recommend them to others! Good job!...more info
  • Quick and Abundant Reference Guide
    I find this book to be easy to read and quick to find answers to my questions. I am a very busy person and this book certainly fits my needs....more info
  • I was mislead by good reviews.
    I am a book guy when it come to learning/solving problems on the computer. I have some great books that help me out every time I have a question. This book is sooo not one of them. I always go to this book first when I have a question about Word 2007, and it always disappoints. What the heck book were all these reviewers using? Awful.
    ...more info
  • Can I give it six stars?
    I'm in love! I bought digital access to this book as well as ordering a copy. The day after ordering it, I was able to clean up some serious formatting messes after reading the chapter about styles online. "Using Word 2007" gives clear descriptions of how to use the basic and advanced features, including things like the Style Inspector that Microsoft seems to avoid telling you about in the Help files. It also explains the good and bad points of different options - for example, warning you that if you set a style to Automatically Update and then make a minor formatting change to the text in one location (e.g. applying italics), ALL examples of the style will change to italics whether you want that or not.

    If you are forced to work with Word 2007, or support people who have to work with it, you need this book....more info
  • A must have
    If you have Word 2007 or plan to get it, this book is a must have. Word 2007 is DIFFERENT and then some, but all the answers are here. The large heavy tome is indexed and divided so that the answer to almost any question can be found. It may even tell you more than you care to know. Not a beach read, but a very helpful desk reference....more info
  • Satisfied Customer!
    I needed a quick reference guide to get a crash course using Word 2007. As a graduate student, I have weekly deadlines for papers. I got a new computer with the Windows upgrade. The learning curve was high, and I did not have a lot of time to learn how to use Word. This reference guide was exactly what I needed. The reference is a valuable tool, and worth the money! ...more info
  • A classic
    THE BOOK ON POTTERY. What a classic, too bad it is out of print.

    The Leach family is going strong and it is a delight to learn the history of these remarkable potters....more info