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Skullcandy SC-BHESH07 Hesh Headphone, Black
List Price: $49.95

Our Price: $31.95

You Save: $18.00 (36%)


Product Description

With 50mm high explosive power drivers, the Skullcandy Hesh will pump sound into your skull with an intensity found in no other headphone. The Hesh features the biggest power driver you can get coupled with sound-boosting parabolic ear-cups to produce studio quality sound in an affordable package. In-line volume control Travel bag

  • frequency range: 100 ? 18,000 Hz
  • Impedance: 32 ohms Max input power: 100mW
  • 50mm speaker
  • 3.5mm stereo plug
  • In-line volume control

Customer Reviews:

  • Love these headphones
    Santa gave these headphones to my 11 year old. He loves them! The sound quality is excellent, and they are so comfortable. My 16 year old is now wanting a set. Great gift for teens....more info
  • all right by me !!!
    Skullcandy makes these headphones; and they are far and away the best set of headphones I've ever had! Just one listen to my portable CD player through these and I was hooked for life. They are remarkably comfortable and they do an excellent job of blocking out all the noise from the room or wherever you may be.

    The headphones have ear "cups" that at first may seem less than completely flexible. Don't worry--within one or two more listens and the ear cups conform perfectly to your ears. They fit relatively snugly without ever being uncomfortable. The headband is adjustable, too, so you can expand or contract the size of the headset.

    Although these don't come with a warranty (at least where I bought them), you might not need one. They're very reliable and sturdy. Obviously, don't play football with these things; they can break and that somewhat short cord between the earphones and the plug into your equipment is perhaps a bit too short. As one reviewer suggests, you may want some sort of extension cord to rectify this minor inconvenience but that's probably all you're going to need.

    In addition, these headphones have a small but easy to use feature: a small knob you can move back and forth with your fingertip to adjust the level of the sound independent of the portable CD player or whatever you're listening to. This impresses me as it makes the volume louder than the CD player might be able to go. Great!

    Overall, I highly recommend these headphones. You can't go wrong.
    ...more info
  • Piece Of S#@* !!!!!!
    Although I would give the sound of these headphones 5 out of 5 but the overall quality of the materials of it are CHEAP!!!!!!!!!! The plastic that lets you level the headphones broke on both sides within 2 months which is infuriating because i paid $50 for these suckers and they didn't even go through allot of mistreatment. If you wan't good sound go rite ahead and by them but make sure you baby them or they will break pretty soon....more info
  • Energy
    Skullcandy Hesh

    Had these for a few months now. Since then, I have purchased a couple of other makes, both of whice were a bit more expensive.

    So now I have been able to compare, not just the recent purchases, but also three other sets of headphones,which I own.

    They play loud. It's not just about how loud you turn the volume up, on the radio, IPod, MP3 player. It's how the sound is delivered.

    I use them especially for playing early sixties rock n roll music. The Hesh do not destroy the energy created, in these early (old) recordings. Which is why I favour the Hesh. My other headphones do.

    I think the pre-dominant feature, of the HESH sound, is the portrayal of the vocal. It is right up front, and loud. Not a warm, laid back sound. I like the base. It's deep (dependant on the recording) but does not swamp the rest of the sound.

    Maybe, there are many aspects of these phones, which could be improved. Sure. Like, there could be more detail mid range. A bit more zing up top. But my final say is, that if I had to replace any of my headphones I have, I would make the HESH my first consideration.

    Other music, I listen; Pop, some metal. Quite a lot of DAB radio .


    ...more info
  • great product!
    I bought these as my first non-earbud headphones since 2000 or so upon the recommendation of some friends and they are great. My roommate who has skullcandy headphones in plain black is always stealing mine saying how much cooler they are (plus she loves that they are fuzzy inside). Great buy!...more info
  • Great headphones, crappy cord.
    The headphones themselves are great, but the cord is thin and weak. My cord developed a short only a couple of months of use due to bending near the jack. Luckily, the cord is replaceable. So while I recommend buying them, be aware that you might have to pick up a new headphone extension cord if they get any more than light use....more info
  • Skullcandy Headphones
    I purchased this product for a christmas gift. Shipping was fast. Would highly recommend. Was exactly what my son wanted....more info
  • Amazing!!
    I got these for 35$. That is amazing, the same headphone price at 70-80$ at a dealer. I was nervous that they would be cheap and nasty, but I was wrong. These headphones are amazing. The bass and everything. If you are even considering these headphones then I guarantee you will love these. Amazon is the place to get them as well, free shipping, and I got them 4 days later. I love these....more info
  • Great phones!
    For the price, these phones are fantastic. I'm a younger person who just wanted some good phones to cancel out the noise of my office while I listened to my iPod. I'm using them right now, my volume is hardly turned up, and I can't even hear myself typing this review. The phones have very good sound even right out of the box. A very good buy!...more info
  • Quality Headphones for a Good Price
    I purchased these headphones for home use, since my fantastically comfortable earbuds, while great for on-the-go use, are lacking for at home use. These headphones sound great, the sound is full, not at all tinny, the bass is good, not quite Skullcrushing-ly good, but well enough for me. The inline volume adapter seems to alter the quality of the audio as much as the volume so I usually leave it at max & adjust it on the device. I do like the fact that the cable is only on one side. These are used primarily for listening to music or spoken word audio and also audio editing.

    This product is not without it's flaws. Firstly I would like a larger or more adjustable headband; it is quite snug. Secondly, the ear cups couple be larger as something my ears hurt from being pressed upon by the padding after longer periods (90+ minutes) of use (I feel I have normal sized ears)....more info
  • There pretty good......i guess
    okay, i have the all black hesh headphones and they look preety dope on and off....
    DESPITE what people say they dont go all that loud....the bass is okay too but its nothing out of this world.
    are they worth 50 dollars? HELL NO!
    35? i guess if u have the money.
    i spent 35 on em kuz i needed some "stereo" headphones just to keep at home.
    BTW i also have the skullcandy chops, smokin buds, titans, inkd, and skullcrushers.....and the best out of all of them are the inkd, buy both and see if im lying.....
    hope this reveiw helped....more info
  • Great headphones Great price
    I bought these headphones a while back and i am very pleased. The sound quality is great and the fuzzy zebra print is quite amusing. The only down side that i have noticed is that some of the plastic seems rather cheap and fragile.

    good sound

    good looks

    good price...more info
  • Great Sound
    These are a bargin for the price. They get loud enough for my ears and do not distort. The is a good punchy bass. I adjust the eq settings to spoken word on my Iphone and it makes the headphones really stand out. ...more info
  • Got what I paid for.
    I bought this for college, since I needed something cheap to block out the noise. This came pretty quickly and I was initially surprised. The sound quality is actually lower than that of Skullcandy's Ink'd earbuds. I have that too, but found that it was tedious to have to jut it back into my ear every time someone tried to talk to me. The sound quality is not that great, but still tolerable. I guess my ears are a bit bigger than normal people, so my earlobe is kind of trapped in between the cups of it. It has it's own volume control and a separate cord in case you want it to be longer. Sometimes the sound leaks outside and other people can hear what it is if it's loud, but since this isn't noise canceling headphones, you can still hear people quite clearly if they are close to you.

    Other than that, you get what you paid for. If you want noise cancelers then you have to pay more....more info
  • stylish headphones
    I bought these for my brother, they are great. Headphones are popular and needed in our home, we have many people and in this day in age, we all have technology and want to be close, but still not bother each other so we use headphones for watching tv, ipod, gaming, etc. My brother plays and records his own music so this works great for him too. It comes with multi level sizez plugs. Plus it looks and feels fun!!! ...more info
  • let's see how it goes this time
    this is my 3rd pair in 3 years. let's hope this pair doesn't snap in half after like the other 2 skullcandy headphones. other than that, i like the design and they have decent enough sounds quality for the price. one draw back with this series is that the ear covers don't swivel. but otherwise what i expected from skullcandy....more info
  • Giving the benefit of the doubt
    I recently received my very first MP3 player as a gift, a Sandisk Sansa View. I don't like the type of earbuds they supply with it, so I started my quest for a good set of headphones. I tried a different type of earbuds first; the sound quality was great, but I was getting feedback when the cord hit my chest or if I tapped it with my finger. That and I could hear my breathing. It was like having my fingers in my ears. I want a pair of headphones that covers the whole ear to help muffle the ambient outside noise.

    So, I went out and got a pair of these. I loved the way they looked and they were very comfortable, though I seem to have a smaller head than most people (ballcaps are generally big on me).

    Most reviews I read on here emphasized how big the sound was and how loud they are. The sound was incredibly muffled for me, even after fiddling with equalizer settings, and I had to turn the volume up at least halfway for half-decent sound. Considering how much they muffle the outside noise, plus the fact I was in a quiet bedroom, that is unacceptable.

    It was so disappointing, in fact, that I even think I might have just picked up a bad pair. I returned to the store to exchange them for a new pair, but ended up getting a pair of Sony MDR-V150 Monitor Series Headphones with Reversible Earcups instead. Half the price and better sound, but so uncomfortable that these will be going back to the store as well.

    I may try another pair of the HESH headphones just to give Skullcandy the benefit of the doubt. Especially since a pair of earbuds I have by them have excellent sound. But for right now, my review stands at two stars....more info
  • flimsy
    i bought two one for my friend one for me.they both broke at the slider/extender.only had them since mid aug.all we used em for is listening to music at a desk top. the slider is so thin and the audio wire is right next to it.the sounds was good but you know sumtim is wrong if both broke in the same place.hers broke taking them off and mine broke picking them up. now i got a RMA# to send em back. what a effin pain.shoulda got ones with a metal get what you pay for....more info
  • It's like Candy... for your Skull!
    I am a huge music junkie on a budget, so I'm always on a search for the best headphones 50 dollars can buy. I ditched my iPod for a Zune after a conflict with the iPod headphone jack and my last few pairs of headphones. Since then, I had to get another pair of sweet cans, and these things BUMP!!!
    I listen to all sorts of music, some rap, hard rock, metal, industrial, and techno... and all these types of music sound amazing through this pair. The Zune doesn't have an equalizer, but these make up for it by catering to pretty much what I want to hear as far as highs, mids, and the ever-important bass tones. They're not tinny, seldom are muddy, and almost never distort.
    Two extra features I didn't know came with these headphones left me pleasantly surprised... First of all, the ever-so-useful volume control keeps my hand out of my pocket when I want to turn the volume down. Another cool thing is the semi-detachable headphone cord. I know this might sound trivial, but when i keep my player in my pocket, wear and tear can grow on the headphone cable. Even if it was a problem, the cord is detachable (just below the volume control), so i could probably find an extender to replace the one that came with it if the cord wore somewhere along the line.
    All in all i made a perfect investment with these headphones, and they're stylish to boot! List price is 50, but i got these for 35 and they do not disappoint. ...more info
  • A solid pair of headphones for the money
    I purchased these headphones for my teenage son. He is delighted with them, as they provide strong bass response, clean sound at high volume levels, and very good isolation of ambient noise. For the price I believe they represent a good value in this style of headphone....more info
  • What else can I say?
    What you see is what you get. It's worth every penny you're paying for. If you're expecting a heavy duty, noise canceling mega headphone, don't buy it. This is a casual headphone designed for casual music lovers. ...more info
  • Great quality
    Product is outstanding in construction quality and audio quality plus blocks out virtually all noise. I use it during workouts at the YMCA and it keeps the ambient noise to a minimum....more info