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Hannah Montana 2: Meet Miley Cyrus
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Street Release Date: 06/26/2007

Tweens aren't often heralded for their good judgment and excellent taste (Heelys--hello), but if any young starlet can redeem them, it's Hannah Montana. On this, the second soundtrack from the Disney Channel series, Miley Cyrus takes her cues from her TV alter ego, who has an alter ego of her own: Disc 1 features Miley as Hannah, hair-tossing pop princess by weekend, likable schoolgirl by weekday (see "Old Blue Jeans" and "True Friends" to get a sense of each episode's un-cloying sweetness). But disc 2 is the start of something new, as her friends over on the High School Musical set might say: Miley sings strictly as her spunky, truth-telling self. This yields a number of pepped-up pop tracks bound to vibrate through the walls of pink bedrooms everywhere--"See You Again" is a boy-centric song instantly relatable to anyone who's ever been in seventh grade and suffered a bout of bashfulness, "East Northumberland High" puts a punk spin on an I'm-just-not-into-you tale, and "Clear" bounces on a reggae beat while canceling any doubt about our heroine's ability to stand up for herself. Like Hannah before her, Miley makes the best of both worlds--this well-worth-it set, by turns rockin' and reflective, is a masterful example. --Tammy La Gorce

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Customer Reviews:

  • Hannah Rocks
    My daughter loves Hannah Montana. She is about to be 6 and watches her when she can on Disney. This is a good quality entertainer for young girls and my girl was so happy and put it in the cd player right away!...more info
  • Singing along with Hannah
    My 4 and 5 year old love putting the cd in there karaoke machine and singing along! Has great songs to sing along to!...more info
  • boring music.
    it sounds like angry gymnastics music. you can even tell she doesnt sing live, only when she speaks to the crowd is when they turn on her mic....more info
  • It's a YES
    I am a 47 year old with a 11 year old. I bought this for her thinking I would have to 'endure' it in the car. I found I listen to it when I am going to the store by myself! It is a hoot. It is a very upbeat fun album. It's a YES!...more info
  • Hoping she can stay on track.
    Very enjoyable double CD. Strong/clean lyrics, with solid toe-tapping music keeping it going. My daughter LOVES her music (I actually enjoy it, too!), and I only hope Miley Cyrus can keep going as she has so far and stay true to herself....more info
  • Hannah Montana CD
    This CD was a hit at christmas with my daughter. A Hannah Montana fan. She was very pleased. A great addition to a Hannah Montana fan's library of music....more info
  • Miley's CD is WONDERFUL
    I bought this CD for my daughter as a follow-up as we are going to the Hannah Montana Concert in November. She asked if we could listen to the Meet Miley Cyrus CD on the way home and I said sure. I love the CD. Each song has a fresh fun beat. Here voice is beautiful and she co-wrote all the songs. I can't remember the last time I bought a cd and liked EVERY SONG on the album. I am more excited to see the Miley performance than the Hannah one. Oh and My daughter loves it too. Buy this for your daughter you will likely want it for you too!...more info
  • absolutely AMAZING!
    first let me begin that i am WAY over the age of anyone that should be watching hannah montana. i will not display my age but i am old enough to have children,,,,,though i have none. i was curious one day as to what the big deal was with this Hannah Montana. big mistake i became HOOKED!! i discuss and laugh over this show with my nieces and nephews whose ages rage from 5-14. ok ok i know this isnt a dvd, i was just letting you know a little of where i'm coming from.
    ok to the cd.....I LOVE LOVE LOVE this cd!!! it's my new favorite. i listen to it constantly. of course i listen to the Miley cd more but i enjoy both. of course if you watch the show you'll know the Hannah big surprises.....
    now, when i started to listen to the miley cd i do admit i was a little anxious. i was torn because i wanted to like it and i wanted her to do well, on the flip side i was hoping i hadnt wasted my money. the first few lines of "see you again" i was HOOKED!! my absolute FAVORITE i make sure that i listen to this song at least once when i get into my car. the words are great *yes she wrote this song* and the music ~ you just cant sit still...
    East Northumberland high is just about a school crush
    Lets dance is celebrating the cd mostly (at least that's what i got from it) not corny ~ really cute. another song you cant sit still to
    Girl's Night Out is self explanatory....about hanging out with your friends and having fun
    Right Here can be directed to anyone, a friend, boyfriend/girlfriend, family member......being available for them when they need someone there
    As I Am is about just liking someone for who they are
    start all over could possibly be about getting out of a relationship and starting "over" it could even be about having a fight with a friend and realizing they werent truly a friend so you start over
    clear is about opening your eyes to about how a person in your life "really" is and getting them out of your life
    i miss you is her first song ever written it's a song to her grandfather that passed away
    for her first attempt at writing an album...i say BRAVO!!! i love every song, it gets me moving, it's addicting, well worth the matter what you pay.
    i think i enjoyed this album more because it's written by her and perhaps it's more "heartfelt" instead of someone writting it all for her. it's more directed towards her age. she's not singing about being in ALLL these bad relationships and how she felt being in high school "back in the day", there isnt even ONE inappropriate word/saying and I LOVE THAT!!'s REAL and ENERGETIC and it's AGE directed. i am proud of what she has accomplished and am anxious for the next one...
    even though she'll never see this i am truly proud of what she has accomplished and love that kids have her to look up to.....way to go....

    ...more info
  • Miley Cyrus
    OK, im 15 years old && i dont really like Miley Cyrus. As hannah montana she's ok. i know its the same person, but as hannah, she does whats she's supposed to do as a pop star: lip-synch, do concerts, and make cds. Her as Miley Cyrus is unnecessary. We already know your name by the credits on the show. Disney Channel thinks all of their stars should have their own CDs, which is stupid. She is a wannabe rockstar, avril lavigne, everlife copycat. Real singers didn't get their record deals by using the little bit of "connections" their father has, or by singing to the producers of their tv show. I know not all real music has to vulgar and R-rated, but come on, now. Ashley Tisdale makes REAL music. You can hear her personality through her songs and she's a real actress. Miley Cyrus is a manufactured phase that will be out by next year or so I hope.

    P.S. im so mad that she's sold more CDs than alot of other excellent singers....more info
  • My six year loved it
    I bought this CD for my six year old daughter. She plays it all the time. I put it on her MP3 player. ...more info
  • 30 and hooked
    I hate to say it but I am 30 years old and I love the show and this cd is great. It is my secret jam in the car. The cd of just Miley is 8 tracks but fun an upbeat....more info
  • Just another over-rated pop star.
    Note: Earlier I wrote a review that made a lot of people mad. After re-reading it, I agree that some of the things I said we're out of line and I'm sorry. So I (Anne) wrote this review that also includes comments from my good friend Brooke (a.k.a AirGirl21). We realize it's long, but we ask that you don't criticize us any further until you've read it. If you still disagree with us and wish to share your opinion with us, please do so, but don't get mad when we tell you why we think you're wrong. We also ask that your comments be about our review, not us. In other words no "You guys suck! You don't have any talent and you're just jealous". These kinds of comments make you no better than the Miley bashers you complain about. We also ask that you don't post negative comments about us on other people's reviews (this means you, Nap_1972). If you're not going to comment on THIER review, don't post comments on THIER review. If you wish to comment on OUR review, post comments on OUR review, not their's. Thank you, and onto the review.

    Anne says:
    "I really don't see what the big deal is about her. Maybe she does have an o.k voice and a few o.k songs, but that's hardly anything to get obsessed with! And it's not like she tries to offer us anything besides her mediocre-at-best voice and wholesomeness. She doesn't play an instrument, pretty much anyone off the street could do her so-called dance moves, and her songs are as unoriginal as she is. I don't mind if you don't try to offer anything but your voice, as long as you have an AMAZING voice (Celine Dion, Kelly Clarkson, Josh Groban, etc.). As I said earlier, Miley's voice really isn't all that great. I believe that they digitally altered her voice to make it sound better than it is because when she does actually sing (not just lip-sync as she usually does) she doesn't sound near as good as her studio recordings. What you end up hearing on the cd is a voice that I guess is tolerable but nothing that makes me say "Oh, she's special. She has something no one else has." There are probably thousands of people out there who can sing just as well if not better than she can.
    I don't even think she deserves a record deal. She only got one because she has a part on a tv show. Had Disney given the role of Chloe (Miley) Stuart/Hannah Montana to another actress, she'd be the one with the record deal and everyone would be going ga ga over her. Meanwhile, Miley would have absolutely no name recognition besides as the achy breaky heart guy's daughter, if that.
    I also wish she would just pick one identity and stick with it. It's like she's so focused on pleasing everyone that she can't just stand-up and say "This is who I am and I'm not going to try and be something I'm not." The irony is that this is exactly what she preaches to her listeners but yet she's ignoring the message altogether. As role models go, she's definitely a "do as I say and not as I do" kind. I wouldn't even mind if she recorded the Hannah Montana songs as Miley, but to record them under a different name and then dress up like the character to perform them? If you ask me that's just a scheme the greedy Disney Channel is using to make double the money off the same voice."

    Brooke says:
    "When the first Hannah Montana cd came out, I was hoping it would be a one time deal. Unfortunately, I was wrong. No one could prepare me for the horror of bad vocals and poor writing of `Hannah Montana 2: Meet Miley Cyrus'. What does she have that no other pop artist has? Nothing besides some dumb gimmick. People call her `extremely talented' and `gifted' when all of us know she isn't. I'm not saying she's tone deaf and can't make a rhyme, but she's not some groundbreaking phenomenon. For the songs Miley hasn't written, I'm not saying I don't like her for singing them, I'm saying I hate Disney for writing them."

    Disc 1: Hannah Montana 2

    1. We Got the Party---
    Anne says:

    "I never have liked party songs and probably never will. They tend to be pretty shallow and they all sound the same. One of the main lines of this song was `turn this park into a club'. Do the songwriters realize that to Miley's listeners, a `club' is three girls in a tree house with a `no boys allowed' sign on the door? I don't understand how she can go around singing about partying and still be considered a good role model. Don't be surprised if ten years from now, your kid wants to go out partying. They'll think it's o.k because Miley said it was. I found it pretty arrogant how this song makes it sound like she's always the center of attention and that NO ONE could have a party without her. This is also the first of many ten-second-songs on the album. In other words, you can listen to ten seconds of the song and skip the rest. You won't be missing anything. It also sounded like she hiccupped a lot of the words (`we could be all over the pla-a-a-ace'). I realize that this was intentional, but it still got on my nerves, as did the many `oh oh oh's of the song. There were also parts where she sounded more like she was shouting than singing."

    Brooke says:
    "In one part of the song she says `there's no where to be' BAD ENGLISH! There's never a reason for improper grammar. I like the Jonas Brothers version better. I don't know why, I just do. Also, is singing about going out and partying really the best song topic? I'm pretty sure most parents won't want ANY of their children singing about going out and partying at a `club'. I also noticed she says `The sun is shining just the way we like it', then she says `The stars and lights and the moon'. Okay, are we supposed to think this song spans from say 3:00 to 9:00?"

    2. Nobody's Perfect---
    Anne says:
    "Personally, I can't stand this song, but I guess it does have a good message that kids should hear. More of a message than `We Got the Party' that's for sure. Let me ask a question though. Is the beginning supposed to be a rap? If it is we have yet another example of something Miley thinks she's better at than she actually is."

    Brooke says:
    "First off, the beginning is just plain stupid. The writer must have been dared to write it. Nobody is perfect, but singing about it doesn't help. Second, leave the pep talk to Dr. Phil. So if `No problem can't be solved, once I get involved' is true...Then we just need to ship Hannah Montana over to Africa to stop Malaria and childhood hunger right? Or by problems does she just mean trying to find the right shade of lip gloss to go with her outfit? Yeah, that sounds right."

    3. Make Some Noise---
    Anne says:
    "Your typical Disney inspirational song. It reminds me Avril Lavine's `Keep Holding On'. I usually don't care much for ballads but this one is actually not that bad of a song. The only thing I don't like is how she keeps on saying `there's nothing wrong with just being yourself' when she's the one in a wig and going by a fictional character's name as opposed to her own."

    Brooke says:
    "This is supposed to be an empowering song right? To be honest it's kind of cheesy. I stopped listening to it after three minutes. I couldn't take it. I agree with Anne. It does sound like Avril Lavigne's song. I can picture the music video for this one: HM singing it on stage, with thousands of crying fans waving their pink cell phones with JB wallpaper."

    4. Rock Star---
    Anne says:
    "I like the guitar, but it's not like Miley played it. The chorus, while catchy, started to annoy me rather quickly. The verses required, what, a three note range? I also agree with Brooke that it was confusing how in some parts of the song, she sounds like she's over the guy, and in other parts, it sounds like she's still obsessed with him. Which one is it? Oh and I must ask, does Miley actually consider herself a rock star? Pop star I'll give her, but rock star? And yes, there's a difference, a world of difference. Rock stars are people like Mick Jagger, Jon Bon Jovi, Robert Plant, Steve Tyler, etc. Pop stars are people like Britney Spears, Christina Aguilera, the Simpson sisters, Gwen Stefani, etc. Miley identifies much more with the second group then she does the first."

    Brooke says:
    "YAY! It's not even three minutes. That's good. If she's `way to smart to be waiting around', then why is she stalking him in the hallways and singing a song about it? Once again, another song about her living a double life. The `woos!' definitely get annoying in the song. Okay, we get the point, you're having fun. It's time to put the muzzle on. The guitar solo is really the best part of the song. Too bad it's one of the band members and not the girl we paid $15.00 to own her cd. To me, $15.00 is way too much."

    5. Old Blue Jeans---
    Anne says:
    "And so we've come to my least favorite song on either `Hannah Montana 2' or `Meet Miley Cyrus'. Is this supposed to be techno? I ask because, except for some drumbeats in the background, it sounds like it could almost entirely be computer generated. They put some weird effect on her voice that makes her sound more obnoxious than usual. This song is living proof of how technology is corrupting the music industry. I don't mean to offend techno fans; I just don't think people like Miley who claim to be pop recording artists should be digitalizing their music the way they are."

    Brooke says:
    "Worst song on `Hannah Montana 2' right here. Please don't tell me she is singing about being famous AGAIN. I can only handle so much repetitiveness. I say this is a mix between a Keith Urban song and some sort of hip hop/techno. It doesn't work."

    6. Life's What You Make It---
    Anne says:
    " `Life's what you make it so come on come on'? Is that the only rhyme they could come up with? I find it funny how right after she sings this line for the first time she says `We can do better than that!'. And since I know lots of you are yelling `Like YOU could come up with a better rhyme!' at your computer screen right now, I did: `Life's what you make it so get up, keep moving on' or `Life's what you make it, if you fall keep moving on' or `Life's what you make it so make it what you want' or `Life's what you make it, there's nothing that's too hard'. While I'd never actually sing such disgustingly sweet lyrics I think they sound perfect for Hannah Montana, much more meaningful then `come on come on'. Miley's moaning at the beginning and between the chorus and verses didn't help. I know lots of people think she's this fantastic singer, but that's what it sounded like to me."

    Brooke says:
    "You can't really help if something bad happens in life. She makes it sound as if you can control everything and anything in your life. Reality check Miley; you can't. `Life is hard core, it's a party' Uhhh. What? Life is not a party all the time and what does she mean by `hard core'? If you laugh every time you do something wrong, I'm not sure that's going to help. "Oh woops! I just dropped Fluffy into the sewer. Ha ha ha!' See? It doesn't work."

    7. One in a Million---
    Anne says:
    "I personally don't like this song, but that may just be because I don't like sappy ballads that really have no point to them besides `I love you'. Seriously though, there isn't even the slightest bit of originality in this song. So another artist is singing about being in love, what else is new? The vocals didn't quite cut it for me when she goes for those high notes (or most of the song for that matter)."

    Brooke says:
    "Should a 15 year old be singing about being hopelessly in love? He's one in a million until some other guy comes along and she falls all over again. It's like Fergie's `Clumsy'. `I feel drunk but I'm sober' Well, you better be sober. You're 15! Her voice sounds exceptionally raspy in this song. `You come with your velvet touch' Now I know my mom would NOT have wanted me singing that when I was seven!"

    8. Bigger than Us---
    Anne says:
    "Probably the best of the `Hannah' songs on this album. Unlike many of her songs, it wasn't about the same crap that every other pop star is singing about. If all the songs were like this one, it'd be a better album."

    Brooke says:
    "Why is she spelling l.o.v.e. in this song? This was completely ripped out of Ashlee Simpson's book. The verses sound like Boys like Girls' song `Five Minutes to Midnight' Another suspicious similarity in her songs. This is supposed to be a love song right? She's singing `love' so I can only guess that's what it's about."

    9. You & Me Together---
    Anne says:
    "The opening is actually kind of catchy but the chorus doesn't sound like her singing, or even a human singing. Lots of the things I said about `Old Blue Jeans' apply to this one, as does the `ten-second-song' thing I said in my review of `We Got the Party'."

    Brooke says:
    "They will be together until they both like the same guy. Someone said Miley wrote this because she was dating Nick but she liked Joe. After listening to this song, I said: `What!?' Quite frankly, I couldn't care less."

    10. True Friend---
    Anne says:
    "O.k, what's the difference between this one and `You & Me Together'? Not much. I don't get the line `I feel no need to do a rebel yell'. Well I guess I get it, I just don't see why it's in the song, oh wait it rhymes. Putting lines in songs simply because they rhyme despite that fact that no one would actually say them or that they make little sense in the song is a classic example of bad songwriting. And as I did with `Life's What You Make it', I will offer some alternative rhymes. `I know that you could never make me yell' or `You always picked me up when I fell'. I will admit I used a rhyming dictionary for the second one but there was nothing to stop Miley's songwriters from using one. The other thing I didn't like was how the relationship between Miley and her friend was so stereotypical. The song would've been much more interesting if the `true friends' did things that not every other girl did with their B.F.F. For example, my best friend and I enjoy writing one-star reviews for Disney Channel productions and posting them on"

    Brooke says:
    "There are a lot of these `True Friend' songs out there. It's O.K. I guess. To me the whole subject matter is kind of corny. It's great to have a best friend, but do you really have to sing about it? Her and her friend's relationship doesn't really have anything unique about it. They make each other laugh, they sign cards B.F.F., (which most people stop doing at 12) and are there for each other. Not that the latter isn't nice. All good friends do that. Isn't it kind of part of being a `true friend'?"

    Disc 2: Meet Miley Cyrus

    1. See You Again---
    Anne says:
    "This was the first song on the album (including `Hannah Montana 2') where I actually thought the song fit Miley's voice. I didn't mind the vocals as much as I did with the Hannah Montana songs. Other than that though, the song was pretty lame. This one definitely qualifies as a ten-second-song. She likes a guy. She can't wait to see him again. That's pretty much it. There's nothing original about it whatsoever. The verses sound like `Sunglasses at Night' perhaps to the point where they could be considered plagiarism. The chorus was kind of catchy, but it's pretty mono-note most of the time. Save for one high note, Miley doesn't show off much of a range. I also found the song pretty repetitive."

    Brooke says:
    "This song is a little too Fatal Attraction for me. You know, she's obsessed with the guy. There's a better way to get that sort of theme out in a song than stalking. Most people who obsess over someone either get a restraint warrant or go to jail. If you have ever heard Rachel Loy's song `Love me Too Much', it makes the perfect addition to this song. He's obsessive, she's scared. When Miley sings `I'm ready to aim', I'm waiting for some handgun fire."

    2. East Northumberland High---
    Anne says:
    "This song always makes me say `Oh my gosh she thinks she's a rocker'. She says `rock `n roll' at the end for no apparent reason. That really made it look like she's trying way too hard. The song was originally recorded by a girl named Samantha Moore, and I think she has a better voice than Miley, who tended to shout the song. I won't complain about the song writing though since it was a cover."

    Brooke says:
    "I can't stand it when people say `This is pop punk' This is NOT punk music. The Ramones, The Clash, and Green Day. That's punk. But calling this song real punk is laughable. In other news, have you ever heard of Samantha Moore? She's actually the original artist who recorded it. The only difference between the two versions is that Miley can't sing and Samantha can. Her version is more `punk' than Miley's."

    3. Let's Dance---
    Anne says:
    "I call this one her J-Lo wannabe song. It's sort of pop with a Latin vibe. You know how I've been calling her songs `ten-second-songs'? Well this is more of a `Just-hear-the-title' song. It's about dancing, we get it. Definitely a contender for most unoriginal song on the album, but the album definitely gives it a lot of competition. I thought it was kind of arrogant and rude of her to say `As soon as my album goes number one' at the end (and for all you Miley lovers out there, I'm not calling her arrogant and rude, just this one line). I would've liked the song better had they deleted the many instances in the song where she starts rapping."

    Brooke says:
    "Flamenco music is not Miley's strong suit. When the song goes `Too much rock for one girl can make her go crazy, I need someone to dance with me baby!' I started laughing. I picture that being a line from a song in the `Dirty Dancing: Havana Nights' soundtrack. That lyric passed corny four years ago. Let's not forget `As soon as my album goes number one we'll be living like a roller with 40 diamonds'. Is that some attempt to throw some rap in there? It doesn't even freaking rhyme. She has no problem throwing in `oat boat' rhymes, (rhymes that a three year old could put together) so why couldn't she find one here? Pop-rap-flamenco is an interesting mix, but it just doesn't work. Apparently when she feels like going out on Sunday night, she can just do whatever she wants."

    4. G.N.O---
    Anne says:
    "Any parent who considers Miley this sweet and innocent teenager needs to hear this song: "I'll dance with somebody new/won't have to think about you/and who knows what let go will lead to?". I don't have any kids but I'm not sure I'd feel comfortable if I heard my six-year-old daughter singing along to that. I think the song might've been better had Miley been the one that got dumped. Then it would've been an `I don't need you anyway and I'm going to forget about you' song as opposed to a `You're a crappy boyfriend, and I'm going to dump you and then party to rub it in your face' song. The `Hey boy' part at the end never should've made it into the song. The opening riff is kind of catchy, but that's the best I can say about this one."

    Brooke says:
    "I imagine whoever wrote this song had it in mind for middle school girls and down right? Well what 15 year old goes out partying with her friends to forget about her loser boyfriend? This song is better suited for older teen girls. Too bad no one over the age of 14 will be caught listening to this. What about the `hey boy, me boy, good boy' lines? It sounds a little bit like Avril's `Girlfriend'. It's hands down the worst song on `Meet Miley Cyrus'. The whole premise of this song belongs in an episode of `Gossip Girl'. I'm not going to tell you what I though `G.N.O.' meant before I heard the song."

    5. Right Here---
    Anne says:
    "While it has its flaws, this is actually my favorite song on either `Hannah Montana 2' or `Meet Miley Cyrus', except for maybe `I Miss You'. It was kind of cheesy, and probably would qualify as a ten-second-song, but for some reason, I didn't think it was that bad. If Aly & A.j had done this song, I would be in love with it. I think the quiet beginning exposed just how nasally Miley's voice is, and they put some weird effect on the second verse that I thought was unnecessary and probably worsened the song more than it improved it. This song definitely has potential, unlike most of Miley's songs."

    Brooke says:
    "When I heard this I was not in the mood to hear a `Best Friend' song again. The good thing is that it doesn't have a slow chorus. Ahhh. Much better. Not much else to say about it. After G.N.O., even rap would be better. All in all, it's not that bad of a song."

    6. As I Am---
    Anne says:
    "Probably the best word to describe how I felt about this song was `under-whelmed'. This one didn't make me feel anything the way `Right Here' did. It's also a ten-second-song. When she says `hang' in the beginning (`You wanna hang around me') it sounds like the note is out of her range. I also didn't get the part where she says `Seeing me for the first time'. It's far from her worst song, but still wasn't that great."

    Brooke says:
    "I'd like this song better with a different singer. Miley's voice is deep and I think a higher voice would be better. Sometimes it sounds like she's yelling the lyrics. While I'm on the yelling matter, she sounds like this is every song she has to use her so called `vocal range'. In the second line of the song, she says something about not wanting to see the light, for some reason I immediately thought `Vampire!' It just popped in there. During the chorus I thought this was a song that our praise team sang at church. I couldn't find any other versions, so I guess I'm wrong but just for that, I'll like it a little bit more."

    7. Start All Over---
    Anne says:

    "It starts out with a nice guitar riff, but that's not enough to redeem all the negative things about this song. Besides the fact the vocals were weaker than usual, there are numerous thing about this song that I just flat-out don't get. I don't get the part in the beginning that sounds like a fog horn. I don't get the part where she says `It's so easy/you disrupt me/can't complain'. I don't get the line `Here it comes, straight out of my mind or worst'. And I don't even get what the song is about. My best guess is that she just had a really bad break-up and is singing about re-entering a new relationship despite the risk. But like I said, that's only a guess. This song also shows that Miley has been infected with a bad case of `wannabe rocker'. In other words, she thinks she's a rocker but really comes nowhere close. She also kind of works at cross-purposes with herself by performing as Hannah Montana. I really don't think anyone can take her seriously as a `rocker' as long as she is performing bubble gum pop in a blonde wig and a Pepto-Bismol pink outfit. If she really wants to be a rocker, she needs to leave Hannah Montana behind altogether."

    Brooke says:
    "Once again, it sounds like she's yelling. This is supposed to be all teen angst right? That's how I decipher it anyway. Like I said for `As I Am', a different singer would sound better. This is another song that Miley didn't write. FeFe Dobson co-wrote it along with Anne Preven and Scott Cutler. Her voice is definitely straining in this song. At times I'm actually scared her voice is going to crack. Also, this is her big `punk' song...There are so many things I can say so I'll spare you the monologue and just say this: My Little Pony is more `punk' than she is."

    8. Clear---
    Anne says:
    "What made Miley Cyrus think she could sing reggae, I don't know but I do know that this song exposes how Miley really has no versatility. She might do o.k with songs like "See You Again" or country (I realize there's no country on this album but I think it's a genre she'd do well with. See my review of `I Miss You'), but other than that, she pretty much sucks. There's nothing really wrong with not being versatile, just as long as you don't try to prove your versatility by putting reggae, latin, bubble gum pop, rock and techno on the same album. It only proves just the opposite: You're not versatile and you really don't know what you're doing. With that put aside, I'll point out some of the positives. The lyrics were surprisingly good for Miley, except for the part in the chorus where she calls herself a fake (finally, she got something right!) and says the guy was trying to make her blame him. What guy wants to be blamed for anything? Another confusing thing is the part in the beginning that sounds like a retro arcade game."

    Brooke says:
    "What genre is the cd supposed to be!? First pop, then `punk', a little flamenco, a dash of rap and now reggae? Someone needs to make up her mind. Pop or no pop? That is the question. `The paper's not here yet the sun's not up' What does that even mean? Anybody?

    9. Good and Broken---
    Anne says:
    "Definitely one of her better songs. The song fit Miley's voice, which is important. Catchy too, something I could sing along to. The guitar solo's cool, but as I already said, she didn't do any of the guitar on this album. I still find the song annoying, but that's just my own personal opinion. Now for the things I didn't like. First off, the lyrics were confusing. I think she was aiming for something along the lines of Kelly Clarkson's "Breakaway" but there were multiple lyrics in the song that confused me like the line `candy coated' in the beginning, which, once again is probably only in the song because it rhymes. `Candy coated' sounds good, but when you team it with `overloaded' and `life imploding' no one can be sure. I'd offer alternative rhymes again but there are so many other such lines that the only real way to do this would be to re-write the entire first verse. It's hard to re-write a line for a song when what the singer is trying to say is so convoluted. I'm confused about whether or not being a `broken chain' is a good thing. Usually when people sing about being broken, it's bad but Miley makes it sound like being a broken chain means being free. It also seemed like she took lots of breaths when she should've been able to keep singing. A better singer also wouldn't have made their breaths less obvious. The song's pretty corny too."

    Brooke says:
    "I like the chorus. I'm not a fan of `Break out of the mold! Believe in yourself!' songs, which I like to call, `stick it to the man' songs. Disney seems to like these very much. `There's no red light in life' I have a few exceptions to that line: first, when you're driving, and second, if you fall into a coma. Usually being broken isn't a good thing, but in this song I guess it is. By being good and broken she means they're free. That's how I decipher it."

    10. I Miss You---
    Anne says:
    "By far the best of the slow songs. I like the piano and Miley's voice sounds kind of country-ish. She'd probably sound better singing country than she does now singing pop. Kind of corny yes, but it would be pretty much impossible to do a song like this without sounding corny. It's also good because people can identify with it more than say, `Let's Dance' or `G.N.O'. I guess I did like it."

    Brooke says:
    "Not crazy for the `sha la la la las', and the first time she says `I still shed a tear', the tear falls flat. I'm not going to trash it though, since she wrote it for her granddad. Hey! I'm not completely insensitive."

    Anne says:
    "Overall, I'd say that if you're looking for a cute album to watch your kid dance around and sing along to, this is it. But if you're actually looking for meaningful, original, well-written songs sung by an artist that actually deserves a record deal, you can do a lot better than `Hannah Montana 2/Meet Miley Cyrus'. This sounds about as good as it would've had the record label picked a random person off the street and offered them a contract, because Miley's just that average.
    Don't think you should take her seriously simply because she's sold lots of albums and concert tickets. She's no different than any of the other Disney divas that came before her and really doesn't live up to the hype. I'm not going to say she is talentless or anything, but I will say she is not this super talented person everyone says she is, nor is she this super good role model everyone says she is. Maybe she is if you compare her to the Spears sisters, but who isn't? Take a closer look at Miley: She performs in tank tops and mini skirts. She sings songs about going out and partying. Some of her dance moves could be interpreted as sexual. To see what I mean, find a video of Miley performing `See You Again' on Idol Gives Back. She grabs her own butt in one part and at the end she gets down on the floor and spreads her legs apart. She also flirts with the male members of her back-up band at her concerts, despite the fact that they all look to be at least ten years older than her. Does she not realize that there are young children present? She even says `It's fun to mess with the guitar player' in a behind-the-scenes video for her concert movie that once aired regularly on Disney Channel. And then there are the racy pics. Having your picture taken in a bikini is fine if you're on the beach or at the pool, but making a kissy face at the camera when you're not wearing any pants and lifting your shirt up to expose you're abs... Keep in mind I'm not saying she is a bad person, I'm just saying she is not cut out to be a role model. Very few 15-year-olds are. So I guess now I've offered my opinion, you can choose whether or not to buy this for yourself. I'd recommend against it unless you're one of three kinds of people:
    1) A parent who is desperate for pop music their kid can listen to.

    2) A kid (say 10 and under) who is pretty much limited to what their parents say they can listen to. Unfortunately there are so few artists releasing kid friendly music that these children have to pick from a very limited selection. A little tip for them: Switch to good music when you're old enough.

    3) Someone who doesn't care about originality, good songwriting or good singing, but only really wants to listen to what everyone else is listening to so they can be considered cool and convinces themselves that the mere fact Miley is rich and popular is good enough reason to buy her music.

    Other than that, steer clear of Miley Cyrus."

    Brooke says:
    "There you go. My thoughts on every song on the cds. It was pretty difficult and it took three days to complete, but I did it. It's nothing new from all the other Disney pop, though it is squeezing every last drop of its double identity theme. Not that many slow songs, which to me is good. I prefer listening to the songs than watching `Hannah' perform them. It's all those crazy foaming-at-the-mouth teenyboppers that get me. You guys know who you are. After suffering through this all I can say is, I hope there is no Hannah Montana 3. Knowing Disney though, there will be. When that happens, we'll be there."

    ...more info
  • Excellent!
    My daughter loves this CD. A lot of good songs are featured on this CD....more info
  • I was disapointed
    When I listened to the sample of this album I thought it would be great. But it is not. The Miley Cyrus CD has some good songs exept for song 2 and GNO. I am not getting any more Hannah Montana Cds because of this!...more info
  • Two cds
    The first cd of this is a soundtrack to the TV show, the second isn't, so people are saying the first cd is Hannah's and the second is Miley's though we all know that they are one person....more info
  • My Daughter Loves This!
    Got this for my daughter for Christmas, she loves it and we really like the fact that there is a Hannah one and a Miley one. I definately recommend this cd. Also it was cheaper here on Amazon, then anywhere else....more info
  • Great CD
    My 10/11yr old...loves this CD. There are some great tracks on this CD. One of the songs especially, has a very positive message. ...more info
  • Experience Hannah Mania
    I love this CD. I admit it is my guilty pleasure. All the songs are catchy and fun to listen too. Miley Cyrus is very talented, and this CD is indictative of why Hannah Montana is so addictive. The fact it is a double CD, one of Hannah, and the other of Miley, makes it double the pleasure. Even though they are the same person I seem to like the Miley songs better....more info
  • Amazing!!!
    This is ultimately the best CD to own for any Hannah Montana fan. All of the songs on it are quite catchy and so true. Ultimately my favorite is "Start All Over" on the Meet Miley Cyrus CD part, and on the other "Hannah Montana" CD, I love "Nobodys Perfect". Some of the other catchy favorites that most would love, are "We Got the Party", "Make Some Noise," "Life's What You Make It," and "Let's Dance." Essentially these songs always especially "Nobody's Perfect", "We Got the Party," and "Start All Over", always make me dance and put me in a good mood before going to school and starting the day. Unfortunately they dont have the "We Got the Party With US" that featured the Jonas Brothers, but then again I guess that was just a special episode feature.

    Regardless, I am probably the only teen guy that currently likes most of her songs (some of her songs are a bit on the girly side and I usually skip those), but generally the ones listed are the ones that I love to listen to. I hope to see her continue on in the future and become an even better and energetic singer. Her songs and voice really always literally "pumps up the party" for me (lol a reference). Regardless, only things are positives for this CD. For Amazon's prices it is such a great deal. Gotta love it. ...more info
  • An average soundtrack
    I'll start off by saying that I love Disney--the movies, the TV shows, everything. But I find "Hannah Montana" hard to like, for a few reasons.

    This is a fun, lively album, with pop music guaranteed to stay in your head for days. Still, all in all, the quality of the music is very average and does not carry the wowing Disney magic. I'm glad Miley has her feet on the ground, but I know girls younger than she with a more professional singing voice. I don't mean to trash her, but her singing is scratchy and in need of some good lessons. The lyrics of the music can be a little cheesy. "Nobody's perfect...I gotta work it...again and again until I get it right" and so on. Yep, great for the young kids, but certainly not worthy of hitting #1 on the charts. And the Meet Miley Cyrus portion of the CD is not all I'd hoped for either; the lyrics were somewhat cliche. In my opinion, if Miley had not scored a role on the "Hannah" TV show but wanted to still create an album on her own, I find it hard to believe a real record company would actually pick her up. But thanks to her lucky role on "Hannah" and the Disney franchise, she's now a superstar. Without Disney Channel, I believe Miley's singing career would be nonexistant.

    Sorry, Hannah fans, but this music just doesn't cut it for me. Hannah/Miley is a great role model, but the quality of work performed is not all I'd hoped for....more info
  • 5 stars from my daughter
    I purchased this CD as a gift for my 9 year old daughter and she loves the music. I personally do not get the appeal of Hannah-Cyrus but as long as she can be a positive role model I am okay with that....more info
  • Moms like it.
    A great value (amount of songs vs. cost)to keep the kiddos entertained for a while. There aren't any objectionable lyrics and the kids love to sing along. It's nice to hear both "Hannah" and the real Miley in the same package....more info
  • Excelent, Just Perfect. The Best Christmas Purchase.
    This was the best "music" purchase of the Christmas. I have a 15 years old daughter that is "totaly crazy" with this cd. She is a HannaManiac. A good CD for all the family....more info
  • great!
    I bought it for my children and they listen to it all the time. all songs are good and we never get tired of it....more info
  • Meet Miley Cyrus Cd
    I really liked this Cd. It arrived in time for christmas, and my Grand daughter was so pleased to get it.. It was in new condition.. I loved how I got the free shipping by spending so much.. I am real pleased.....more info
  • Must have for the Hannah Fan!
    You're Hannah Fan will love it! My girls dance all over the house! It's nicely done with some catchy tunes. ...more info