Microsoft 15.4" Neoprene Laptop Sleeve
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Product Description

Neoprene sleeve designed to protect a 15.4" laptop when carried alone or in your backpack, messenger or bag. Thick neoprene material is lined with molded EVA material. This lightweight bag is water-resistant with double zippers and carrying handles.

  • Protective, padded sleeve holds most laptops up to 15.4".
  • Machine washable, durable weather resistant neoprene.
  • Dimpled foam interior provides superior shock absorption without additional weight.
  • Ultra-lightweight and compact.
  • Fits like a glove to protect against bumps, dust and scratches.

Customer Reviews:

  • Laptop case
    Not bad for the price. Holds my laptop, mini mouse and power supply but just barely. ...more info
  • Snug Fit for HP dv5000
    This item says it is for a 15" screen, but I am using it on a Hp dv5000 with a 17 inch diagonal screen. It is a very snug fit, which is exactly what I was looking for. The only down side is that the fit is so snug that the power cord does not fit inside with my computer being bigger that the reccomended size. The way I am using it though, I just carry the computer and sleeve inside another bag anyway, so I have no problem keeping the cord outside the sleeve. The sleeve is very low profile and adds very little bulk while providing a good amount of cushioning. This is a very good value for what it is.
    ***Upsides: A good way to protect your laptop or notebook while carrying it inside another bag. Low profile, reasonable cost, good durability, good cushioning. Allows for you to safely carry your computer inside virtually any other bag.
    ***Downsides: This only a sleeve. There is no shoulder strap, no extra pockets or compartments. If you are looking for a full-on laptop carrying case or shoulder bag then this won't work....more info
  • Exactly what I needed!
    I was at Best Buy and happened to see comparable products, but with no handle selling for $30 bucks. I decided to check out Amazon and order this one with handles. I wanted the ability to put it in my backpack or carry my laptop on its own. It's perfect! The handles are flexible, so I fold them to the side before slipping it into my backpack....more info
  • Replaces my homemade sleeve...
    This case replaces my homemade case that I used for well over a year. I've shied away from most cases since I'm uncertain they really offer the amount of padding I want, and although this one still doesn't offer a lot of padding along the edges and corners it will work for me. This case is also large enough to fit accessories -- charger, laptop mouse, plus some other small items -- in addition to offering a comfortable fit for my over-sized battery (I think it is a 9-cell).

    * Simple case.
    * Well priced.
    * Fits accessories.
    * Insufficient padding on edges/corners.

    Overall happy with the product but I will eventually add some additional padding in on my own....more info
  • Fits HP dv6500 15.4" laptops
    Like the other reviews here, my experience with this sleeve is very positive. It fits my HP Pavillion dv6500t 15.4" laptop perfectly. The build quality is good. In fact, it effectively qualifies as a basic laptop carrying case as well.

    Combined with the price you can't lose....more info
  • Laptop sleeve
    I like this sleeve very much. It was purchased for my grandson, who received a new laptop....more info
  • Nice bag .... but...
    This is a nice bag overall, except... the edges are the weak point. There is no protection around the edges, where the laptop will take the most abuse. Also I bought this for a 15.6" laptop, and its too snug so I have to return it. I thought, what can .2 mean? Apparently it means a lot, at least in this case. Also IMO, buy a bag with a shoulder strap, or at least one that can accomodate a shoulder strap. decent bag though....more info
  • Fits like a glove and a great price.
    First, I ordered a week before Christmas and it still arrived on time, even with standard shipping. The item was nicer than I expected, it fit my Compaq 3000 perfectly and it weighs next to nothing. All fit inside a messenger bag like it was meant to. I would recommend this product to anyone....more info
  • microsoft laptop carrier and neoprene protector
    very nice item not only protects your lab top but also has egg shell inside , waterproof outside, and handles too boot . Not bulky either ...more info
  • Perfect for Dell Studio 15
    Not very stylish, but a perfect fit for the Dell Studio 15 laptop. Adequate padding and good protection, but not bulky. The handles are cheap, but they work. Slides into larger backpacks or messenger bags easily....more info
  • Works for me
    I like it - It fits my 15.4" HP dv6000 perfectly. It's strong and sturdy and I don't see this thing falling apart anytime soon. No frills, good carrying case....more info
  • Microsoft Laptop Sleeve
    Although I own several bags to carry laptops, I bought the Microsoft Laptop sleeve for it compactness and protection, as I needed to carry my 15.3" laptop inside a larger bag along other articles and still be considered a hand luggage traveling by plane. The sleeve did protect my laptop and thus I recommended very highly....more info
  • excellent !
    this sleeve is like a wetsuit. it feels good. fits close. padded. snug and perfect fit. the hp /hp compaq, the ibm, and toshiba all fit great. no need to say anything more. perfect !! ...more info
  • Nice Sleeve for laptop
    Fits and protects my Dell 1525 very well. Slides right into a small messenger bag easily....more info
  • I love it!!!!!!!
    I got it fast and it was everything it promised. I just love it. Sturdy, attractive, protective. It has it all!...more info
  • Great Product
    Fits my Dell Inspiron 1520 perfectly. even with the extended battery. Really does fit like a glove. I feel like my laptop is protected but the sleeve isn't really bulky. If you have a 15.4" widescreen, I'd buy this sleeve....more info
  • Great product
    I spent quite some time looking for a laptop sleeve that was sturdy enough to use alone and had handles. This is by far the best product I've seen.

    It is super lightweight and feels more sturdy than other products (thanks to the "dimples"). It even holds a book with my 15.4" laptop. The orange trim adds a stylish touch.

    I highly recommend this product....more info
  • Laptop Bag
    This is an excellent product to protect your laptop. The only drawback is that it does not have a shoulder strap. Other than that, it is great!...more info
  • Even Fits Dell XPS M1710 17" Laptop!
    When I bought my 17" Dell XPS notebook, I had no idea how I was going to travel around with the thing. Extensive searches all over the internet found me nothing except huge bulky bookbags, all of which I can do without. This sleek sleeve fits my monster of a laptop perfectly and without much effort. Of course, I would have liked a strap to carry it over my shoulder, but then again why would you want to do that with a 17" anyway? It's way too heavy. The handles are a plus if you need to carry it short distances. Highly recommended for 17" laptops....more info
  • Great for a Toshiba Satellite
    I got this sleeve for occasional travel with my Toshiba laptop. I passed through security in several airports without having to remove the laptop from the sleeve (which is a real bonus). There is not a lot of padding, so you definitely need to have it in another bag for full protection. It is a snug fit for my Toshiba Satellite 15.4" laptop. Definitely no extra room for anything besides the laptop....more info
  • Work in Progress
    Fits my Mac PowerBook great and it fits easily inside my newly purchased Targus laptop case or I can easily use it alone. Just what I wanted! ...more info
  • Fits perfectly!
    I purchased this sleeve to use with my Targus Shoulder laptop bag. This sleeve fits perfectly and it's very stylish. Its also machine washable which comes in handy when you travel alot. Great at airport security. You can just pull your laptop from the sleeve and easily slip it back it in when you clear security. Great buy. ...more info
  • computer case
    this is a great for traveling, you do not have to remove your computer from this case to go through airport security...more info
  • Great Product
    Great Design. I bought this laptop sleeve for a 14.1" HP Laptop and it fit perfectly. I definitely recommend it....more info
  • Great overall, handles are useful, great price
    I bought this for my Gateway laptop with 15.4" screen and it fit perfectly. I put my laptop into this and then put it into my backpack. I really like the handles, because I can easily take around my laptop with it. The padding seems very sufficient and I haven't dropped it yet.

    You will not be able to stick your power cord or even a mouse into this comfortably together with your laptop. You can stick some earphones and some papers or documents into it with your laptop. This has been particularly useful for me on air flights, since I can put all I need into this one sleeve. Most of the time, airport security doesn't even require me to take my laptop out of this sleeve.

    The one very minor note is that I don't really like the orange outlining design. It's somewhat tacky for a business traveler and I would have preferred a straight black or grey outlining that doesn't draw attention to it. But this is very minor point and doesn't stop me from giving it 5 stars. ...more info
  • Great carrying case
    This slim computer sleeve is great for when you don't need a full laptop carrying case. It fits my HP laptop just fine, and can easily be placed inside a larger tote bag....more info
  • Excellent product!
    This is a great product, the only drawback I could say is it lacks of any compartment for the power adaptor. All the rest is great. I have a 15.4 MacBook Pro, it fits inside perfectly, so if you have one also and wanna protect it, you can surely count in this one....more info
  • So far, so good
    I've been using this sleeve for a few weeks for my Dell D630. The fit is great. It's a nice, low profile sleeve with handles. If needed, I probably could fit my power supply in there, but haven't tried yet....more info
  • Portable, functional, sturdy sleeve.
    I bought this laptop sleeve for my Dell Inspiron E1505 (15.4" widescreen). I had to travel for work and didn't have room to lug around my trusty laptop bag that I normally carry with me. This sleeve from Microsoft provided good protection in a duffle bag as well as my regular backpack. I also liked the handles because it made it easier to carry around before and during the security screening. You can't really fit much more than the laptop in it, but for a trip to the coffee shop or the library it will fit the bill....more info
  • Fits Dell Inspiron 15.4" Laptop
    I was having a hard time finding a neoprene sleeve that could fit my new Dell Inspiron 1520 15.4" laptop. I tried the Fellowes Body Glove 17" neoprene sleeve, but it wasn't tall enough. (The laptop comes with a thick, black plastic piece that protrudes from the top.) This Microsoft sleeve is a very snug yet perfect fit. It also has very good padding and helpful carrying handles. I'm glad that I finally found a sleeve that fits the laptop, protrusion and all!...more info