Dark Watch
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The author of the bestselling NUMA and Dirk Pitt series returns with an all-new novel of adventure and intrigue featuring his unbeatable hero of the high seas-Juan Cabrillo. Cabrillo and his motley crew aboard the clandestine spy ship Oregon have made a very comfortable and very dangerous living working for high-powered Western interests. But their newest clients have come from the Far East to ask for Cabrillo's special brand of assistance: a consortium of Japanese shipping magnates whose fortunes are being threatened by brutal pirates trolling the waters of Southeast Asia. Normally, such attacks on the high seas are limited to smaller ships and foreign-owned yachts-easy targets on the open ocean. Now, however, giant commercial freighters are disappearing. But when Cabrillo confronts the enemy, he learns that the pirates' predations hide a deadly international conspiracy-a scheme of death and slavery that Juan Cabrillo is going to blow out of the water.

Customer Reviews:

  • dark watch by clive cussler
    i had already read the book but misplaced it. i really like the books by clive cussler and associates. this book is a further adventure of juan cabrillo and the crew of the oregon. it is fast paced, keeps you always ready to come back quickly to the story after putting it down and when done, looking forward to the next segment in the sequence. i would recommend this book and all the others in the collections to anyone who enjoys action, technical hi-jinks and just a lot of fun....more info
  • another typical Clive Cussler book
    for all of you fans and soon to be fans this is typical of all of his works brings you a little history and geology lesson while keeping you in the "on the edge of your seat" suspense. it touches on the problems that most of us do not even think about he make you think while also entertaining. hope you enjoy...more info
  • Another Great Hi-Seas Modern-day Swashbuckling Adventure - Move Over Dirk Pitt, the world has a new Hero and his name is Juan!
    Dark Watch represents Clive Cussler's 27th work of fiction, either as a sole author or in conjunction with a colleague, as is the case here with Jack Du Brul. I have been reading Cussler's work almost from the beginning and wait anxiously for each new novel. I have noted in some of his latest novels in the past few years that his well-oiled approach and characters have seemed to grow a bit tired. However, in this novel of the so-called "Oregon Files," he takes it up a notch; and by adding the illustrious author Du Brul to his realm of the modern-day swashbuckling adventure series, I think he has vastly improved the genre. Du Brul's addition I think improves the book immensely, although I have no idea what parts he contributed versus the Master of the series.

    In this book, Cussler has crafted a new hero to rival and compete with Dirk Pitt (the hero of the many other Cussler novels) for the role of the modern-day adventurist - Juan Cabrillo! And this new character, actually the 3rd book with Juan as the protagonist, is his best yet, perhaps more so than the latest Dirk Pitt Novels. However, I will not turn down one Pitt novel in the future.

    The Oregon Files, and this book in particular, follow the adventures of a private group of mercenaries who live and work from a highly-modified ocean-going trawler, which is suppose to look like a rust-bucket on the outside but is one of the most modern and state-of-the-art inside; allowing Juan and his band of heroes to sail the seas in search of adventures to save humanity from the bad guys. And we know the bad guys are plentiful out there.

    Dark Watch succeeded for me in keeping me interested from the first chapter to the last, with constant unbelievable action and adventure. The heroes are all portrayed as loyalists to all things good, but the authors have meshed the characters with not so much the perfection of hi-morality but with more true-life feelings. Revenge is not admonished by Juan and his crew when the bad guys have killed or maimed scores of innocent humans; but is agreed to be a good thing, if not for their own souls. I like that style.

    So if you want real adventure and not just the same old James Bond stuff - pick up a copy of this book and sit back and enjoy the ride!...more info
  • Excellent book
    Thoroughly enjoyed by my family and me. Great pace, plausible plots, superbly written action sequences, enthusiastic '2 thumbs up'!...more info
  • Cussler does it right
    Cussler made a good decision to hook up with Jack Du Brul, and should have done so a long time ago. If you don't believe me, read The Goldern Buddha and see the difference. This story flows smoothly and is classic Cussler. Having read this one, I went back and re-read some of his prior books. Big disappointment!...more info
  • adequate
    Typical Cusseler...more info
  • Can't Put it Down!
    I am 30 pages away from the end, and I can't put this book down. This is my first Oregon Files book, and it is just as good as the Dirk Pitt Series. Love the action! Great entertainment!...more info
  • excellent!!!
    very good writing done by both authors. i've always loved C.C. now with Du Brul, the story gets even more suspenseful. a really awsome page turner. get this one!...more info
  • Thanks Jack DuBrul
    I read the first Oregon book "Golden Buddha" and hated it. I never thought I would say that about a Clive Cussler novel. I didn't even bother to read the second book. But then a coworker brought this one in and I was so happy to see Jack DuBrul's name on the cover. It made me immediately want to read it. And within the first 15 pages I was hooked. This pairing of authors worked and the story line was interesting and classic Cussler and DuBrul. I will read future books paired by these authors....more info
  • Dark Watch
    This is why I purchase audio books. I can't stop. Great adventure is still alive and well. ...more info
  • Thanks Jack
    I hated the last Oregon Files book even though I am a great Clive Cussler fan. I have also enjoyed Jack Du Brul's Mercer books. Obviously it is Jack Du Brul's writing that has made all the difference; let's have some more and more importantly another Philip Mercer book....more info
  • Dark Watch:A Dud
    As I read this book it was easy to tell that it was not written by Mr. Cussler, the story was slow and the plot was transparent.

    This book just didn't have the "zing" of the older Cussler stories.

    If you are just laying around with nothing else to do it will give you something to read....more info
  • Unbelievable, But We Care
    Dark Watch contains two unbelievable, or at least unnecessary scenes. One occurs when hero Juan Cabrillo rescues the fair damsel from a not-quite-sunken ship. Who ever heard of a ship that sank part way, even with the help of mysterious ocean currents? And the method he uses to release her from her potential tomb is simply silly. The other unbelievable/unnecessary scene occurs in order to set up the main conflict and action sequences. A rich-beyond-belief financier gives the green light to a plot to replenish the world's gold supplies through kidnapping and slavery. Cussler/DuBrul don't need to set up such a catastrophic scenario to explain the use of slave labor to mine gold. It's been done for far less ultimate reasons. What probably isn't unbelievable is that the world's bankers would sell gold entrusted to them for safekeeping. Unfortunately. Other than this, the book rocks with a tight plot, a spare cast list, and outstanding action sequences. Let's have more from DuBrul. ...more info
  • New Writer, Same Great Adventure
    The Oregon Files have undergone a few changes, but remain basically the same. The storyline of the Corporation, a group of highly specialized individuals who roam the world righting wrongs for fun and profit, has not changed, but there was a lot more character depth here than there was to be found in Sacred Stone, the second Oregon Files adventure. Whereas the previous books had their focus mostly on the doings of the Corporation, this one also delved more deeply into the mind of their leader, Juan Cabrillo.

    In this adventure, the Corporation accepts a contract to help stop piracy in Asian waters. They set themselves up for an attack, hoping to get a lead on the heads of the pirate organization, but find themselves in the middle of a mystery instead when they find a container full of bodies and a lone survivor on a submerged ship. It seems that the pirates are also involved in human trafficking and worse, and it takes all the brains and resources the Corporation has to get to the bottom of it and put a stop to the pirates' nefarious activities.

    As usual, the Corporation goes about unraveling the mystery from many different angles, played out all over the globe. They pull of a major heist, one of their favorite tricks, and also engage in a number of violent battles with the bad guys before it's all said and done.

    For anyone wondering why Craig Dirgo is no longer penning these adventures, an explanation exists in the form of a metaphor: a senior corporation officer has retired, leaving the chairman somewhat at loose ends, though it is underscored that the end of their association was not a bitter one. It was a nice touch.

    Though I never had a single complaint about Dirgo's writing, I am a big fan of Jack duBrul, and this series will not suffer at his hands. I merely hope and pray that Mr. duBrul has not retired his excellent Phillip Mercer series, because absolutely nothing would be worth that.
    ...more info
  • Finally a female heroine that can hang with the boys
    I along with others here tolerated the first two Oregon File books, because they were by Clive Cussler. But without a doubt this is the best one yet. The large cast of characters has been cut and I hope the new character of Tory(Victoria) ends up joining The Corporation. She is smart, sexy and can shoot-them-up just as good as the guys. It was great to finally see the human side of Juan and the chemistry between him and Tory was great. I hope future ones are just as good!...more info
  • Du Brul is better than the other coauthors
    but not classic Cussler. Oh well.

    The captain and his toolbox/gunsafe of the prosthetic leg were overdone. He carries an arsenal there. And the leg saves his life on multiple occasions. Bizarre.

    I think Brady's Handgun Control Inc did the research for the pistols. The FN Herstal Five-seveN fires an underpowered round, much smaller than a 9mm. The armor piercing cartridges can penetrate body armor but not the standard round.

    Adding a drop of mercury to a 9mm hollowpoint won't make it anymore of a mankiller. It certainly won't tear somebody's arm off as mentioned in the book. Nobody does that, at least not seriously.

    The Keltec is a small weapon & can fire a relatively powerful .380 +p round. Not as powerful as a 9mm+p+.

    The captain claims to shoot shortloaded bullets on the ship to prevent shooting through walls. The pirates using AK-47 didn't care about that.

    Cussler stuck with the basics, Dirk had a .45 M1911, can't go wrong.

    And I never want to hear depleted uranium again. ...more info
  • Dark Watch Review
    I have read all of the Oregon Files offerings and this is by far the best. The others were top notch, but this was the most exciting adventure yet. Thanks to Mr. Cussler for another great read...keep up the good work....more info
  • Cussler and Dudrul, a winning team
    DuBrul and Cussler Together! What a great read! A great thriller/adventure and what else could you expect when you team up two of the best living thriller writers? Ok its not perfect. It is a bit comic book, but that's to be expected, and a lot of the dialog is cheesy, but over all its an exciting read-much better than other Cussler collaborations.
    (...)...more info
  • Not classic Cussler
    Clive Cussler's name is in large print on this book, but his classic fast paced, "can't put this book down" writing style is absent. It reads more like a Tom Clancy novel, at times very slow and methodical, going into details that I don't need to know. This is a short story that was turned into a novel. Now there isn't anything wrong with that and it isn't a bad read, but I did only give it 3 stars because it is not the classic Cussler novel that I have come to expect and devour. It is entertaining, but it is not a Clive Cussler novel....more info
  • fascinating reading
    I enjoy the stories of Juan Cabrillo and his crew which are a mix of fiction and non fiction which is the ingredient tha Clive Cussler is now introducing in his fiction books. I encourage reading this book as well as all Dirk Pitt and Juan Cabrillo adventures....more info