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Jesse Stone: Death In Paradise
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Studio: Sony Pictures Home Ent Release Date: 01/22/2008 Run time: 87 minutes

The always dependable Tom Selleck returns as Robert B. Parker's small town police chief Jesse Stone in Death in Paradise, the made-for-TV sequel to Stone Cold, his 2005 debut as the character. Stone is a grittier, more human (and vulnerable) role than the one that made Selleck famous (playboy detective Thomas Magnum of Magnum, P.I.), but his tenacity and character flaws (a drinking problem and latent feelings for his ex-wife) seem a comfortable fit for the older Selleck. And the mystery itself--which surrounds the death of a young student whose connections to big-city crime--is crisp and convoluted (if not particularly novel), which provides Selleck with enough action and drama to please his longtime fans. William Devane and Gary Basaraba (Boomtown) are among the guest stars, while Viola Davis, Vito Rezza, and Kohl Sudduth return from Stone Cold as Selleck's police officers. Selleck also contributed to the script and co-produced along with director Robert Harmon, who helmed the other Stone films. --Paul Gaita

Customer Reviews:

  • Jesse Stone is a winner!!
    I have thoroughly enjoyed the Jesse Stone DVDs I purchased from you. Tom Selleck is perfect for this role. The stories are interesting, and the scenery is beautiful, and I believe Tom has this character right down to a T. I intend to buy each one, as they become available, and I hope Tom does them all....more info
  • Great Flick
    I've read all of Robert B. Parker's Spenser books, and then my ladyfriend picked me up one of his Sunny Randall books - mistakenly thinking that's what I liked. I'd actually been getting a little tired of the Spenser books as I think the basic concept's starting to become a little dated - really, who would actually answer to the name "Hawk?" I didn't much care for Sunny Randal either - but Jesse Stone made an appearance in the book. Here, I thought, was a character with some depth. Moving through his life trying to adhere to a set of principles values while, at the same time, also struggling with his inner demons - now that's a flawed hero I can identify with. I found this movie at my local Blockbuster, loved it, and have since bought it and the two other Jesse Stone movies that are currently available. I think Tom Selleck did a much better job in these movies than he ever did in his 'Magnum PI' series. I'm also anxiously awaiting the DVD release of the fourth. The only reason I rated it four stars instead of five was because of some continuity flaws from movie to movie. ...more info
  • DVD Death in Paridise
    I read the book and the movie was great. Tom Selleck does a great job as Chief Stone. Robert Parker writes a good book....more info
  • jas
    I love the Jesse Stone books and movies. Also, I love Tom Selleck movies....more info
  • Tom gets better and better!
    I have always loved Tom Selleck but, truly, his acting has vastly improved with age. I loved Stone Cold so thought I would purchase the following two DVDs. He has certainly not let me down. I am not sure whether there will be any more, but I absolutely hope so. You will not regret getting this DVD....more info
  • Jesse Stone: Death in Paradise
    Tom Selleck is one of our Family's favorite actor. We find he is fabulous as Jesse Stone and look forward to these TV Movies. We really wish that this would become a TV weekly series, scheduled like USA TV Network schedules Monk, Burn Notice, In Plain Sight,etc. ...more info
  • Third Jesse Stone movie makes it three for three
    Both sensitively acted and directed, "Jesse Stone: Death in Paradise" is another winner in the "Jesse Stone" series of television films. Star Tom Selleck and director Robert Harmon must really be committed to this series, as every aspect of these productions are top notch.

    Of course, one can air a minor complaint here and there. For example, like the previous entry, "Jesse Stone: Night Passage", this one ends a little too neatly and abruptly (just like in "Passage", everything is explained and resolved during a closing shoot-out), but that's only a small negative in an overall very good adaptation. I'm certainly onboard for "Jesse Stone: Sea Change", the fourth movie in the series (I always wait for the DVD releases of these films because I hate all the television commercials).

    By the way, as these reviews are supposed to be "helpful", here's the order that I recommend that these stories should be watched:

    1) Jesse Stone: Night Passage... This was the second film to be produced, but chronologically (as it recounts Chief Stone's earliest days as Paradise's police chief) it takes place first. For example, a character who is killed in "Stone Cold" (the first film produced) is seen good as new here, because of this story's earlier time frame. Trust me, watch this one first.

    2) Stone Cold... The first film produced, but if you watch it second, you'll enjoy the seamless transition from "Jesse Stone: Night Passage" into "Stone Cold". This also gives the aforementioned death in this movie more dramatic heft, because we've already seen Jesse spend a lot of time with the character in question in "Passage".

    3) Jesse Stone: Death in Paradise... This one picks up directly after the events in "Stone Cold", even though it was produced right after the origin story that was "Jesse Stone: Night Passage".

    4) Jesse Stone: Sea Change... Fourth film to be produced, fourth film you should watch. This one's easy enough, at least, right?

    One final thought, if you enjoy these TV films, you should try the Robert B. Parker novels in which they're based. The films are very close to the novels, but the novels give you more details, a less compressed pace, and more vivid characterizations. But make no mistake, the movies are definitely worth seeking out, too....more info
  • Jersse Stone
    This is very well written and Tom Selleck fits the role perfectly. I have bought the entire series, so far as i know. The music really fits the scheme of the story. Well done!

    Chas ...more info
  • Selleck is Perfect
    I have to agree with practically everyone else in applauding Tom Selleck in this role. I have never disliked Selleck, but he has never been one of my favorite actors, probably because I didn't see him in much. Nevertheless, that he fits this role like a glove, or vice versa, is undeniable.

    Although I really enjoyed this move, and highly recommend it, I cannot honestly say it was as good as the first one - "Stone Cold". Primarily because the conclusion comes rather abruptly and unexpectedly. (I have not seen Night Passage as I write this.)

    Don't get me wrong, it is a very good movie, the plot is good, the movie is very smart, suspenseful, and well-written, overall, however, it just wasn't as good as Stone Cold. The scenes with William Devane are very good and I wish there was more of him (Devane) in the movie.

    Many movies may have a big star or 2 in them, but the movie itself is driven by the plot. The 2 Jesse Stone movies I have seen, are driven by the character, i.e. Jesse Stone. The plots are still excellent in both movies, but they never surpass Jesse Stone as the focus of the movie. And in this instance, that is perfectly fine because the character and Selleck's portrayal are fascinating.

    Highly Recommended....more info
  • Jesse Stone - Death in Paradise
    Tom Selleck captues this character, the passion, the remorse, the responsibility grips the viewer. The movie itself has you wondering who really is the bad guy, there appear to be at least three. When you think you know who the bad guy really is, a twist is presented that leads you down another avenue. Right up until the end one is never really sure who did the deed. Another remarkable job for Tom Selleck. ...more info
  • Yet Another Jesse Stone Winner
    Tom Selleck stars again as Robert B. Parker's flawed police chief Jesse Stone, balancing professional challenges, a drinking problem and lingering repressed feelings for his ex-wife. The fact that Stone is flawed and yet the compassionate "hero" of the film(s) brings a grim authenticity to the table, enabling the viewer to journey more deeply into the story. Robert Harmon (director)and his production team yet again acheive an atmosphere of almost film noir edginess. The dialogue rings true and demonstrates much respect for Parker's original dialogue in the books. Stone (beautifully realized by Selleck)is efficient and dry in his language ... "I'm the police chief, I know everything", not unlike Parker's other literary sleuth, Spenser. In fact, now that Robert Urich is no longer with us, Selleck would make an ideal Spenser. Although a small town, Paradise, MA is not exempt from the crime, scandal and corruption imbedded in any other town, big or small. Stone's experience and quiet tenacity ultimately find the truth, and thus the criminal(s).
    Now that "Sea Change" has been released (the fourth and most recent of the Jesse Stone films),I have seen all four, and can attest to their high quality on every level. ...more info
  • tom selleck, need I say more
    I need not say more than Tom Selleck, but I will, Yummy! I saw this movie on CBS but had to own it and the others in the series. Well acted and wonderful!...more info
  • Entertaining
    This series of specials have been intinse and suspensfull. I have enjoyed all of them and am looking forward to the next one....more info
  • Pleasing Movie
    Another in the series of Jesse Stone DVDs. Same actor, same crew, same music, different plot. The whole series is quite delightful in a slightly sad, downbeat sort of way. These aren't happy movies, but they certainly are good. If you liked any of the others, buy this one. If you've never seen one, try this one, it's very good and may draw you in to the series....more info
  • Amazing, must watch series!
    This is a great series. One of the best, period. Read the reviews and you will see the great acting/writing/etc. I hope they keep coming!!!...more info
  • Jesse Stone - Death In Paradise
    I have always found Tom Selleck to be an excellent artist at any part he plays. He seems to have a conviction of what parts he chooses. I have a number of his movies. He is my favorite artist. If I see his name on a new movie, I check it out and usually buy them. He is good at comedy, westerns or mysteries....more info
  • Disappointed - Death In Paradise
    Having enjoyed both the orginal Stone Cold movie, and also Night Passage,
    I anxiously waited the continuation. However, Death in Paradise, dosnt pick up right after and in following the prequel Night Passage.
    This to me was really disappointing. Instead of picking up right from the
    ending of Night Passage, it takes off what appears as probably several months or longer after Night Passage, and leaves the viewer with the sense of missing time, from where Night Passage ended and Death in Paradise picks up....

    Tom Selleck was excellent once again, but with the apparent gap in time,
    and some unanswered question, in disppointment, I could only give a
    3 star ratiing for this sequel.......more info