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Jesse Stone: Night Passage
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Studio: Sony Pictures Home Ent Release Date: 01/22/2008 Run time: 89 minutes

How Tom Selleck's world-weary cop Jesse Stone became the police chief of sleepy Paradise, Mass., is revealed in this engaging prequel to the first made-for-TV Stone feature, Stone Cold (2005). Selleck is once again well cast as the rough-around-the-edges Stone, whose drinking problem gets him ejected from the Los Angeles police force; he soon finds himself the head lawman in a small New England fishing village, where his slow dissolution continues until a routine domestic disturbance case reveals connections to money laundering and murder, with several of the town's most affluent names as possible suspects. Selleck is well-matched by veteran scene stealer Saul Rubinek, and there's good work by Polly Shannon as a city attorney who becomes Stone's romantic interest, and Stephen Baldwin as an ill-tempered local. Fans of author Robert B. Parker (on whose books the Jesse Stone films are based) and Selleck won't be disappointed by this smart thriller. --Paul Gaita

Customer Reviews:

  • Parker Revival
    Selleck does a great rendition of Robert Parker's character Jesse Stone. Better than Mike Hammer ever was....more info
  • Jesse Stone is FANtastic!
    Anyone looking for Magnum P.I. in the Jesse Stone character should look elsewhere. Tom Selleck does a magnificent job in his portrayal of a rough, very flawed, but brilliant sheriff as he cracks the case, but interacts genuinely with his fellow officers and the people he serves. I enjoy this series and have all of the Jesse Stone DVD's. PLEASE GIVE US MORE! Terrific series! Intense, dramatic, wonderful sound track and really care about these people. Don't miss this one!...more info
  • Selleck captures the character of Jesse Stone
    The "Jesse Stone" series of TV movies goes against the recent trend of fewer and low-rated TV movies (mostly because they are uniformly bad). Possibly it's because it's not aimed at the almighty 18-25 demographic, a lot of more mature watchers will tune in for a movie made for adults.

    "Night Passage" is based on the first "Jesse Stone" novel of the same name by Robert B. Parker, best known for his "Spenser" novels and television series. Why this story, which "introduces" the Stone character when he initially moves the ex-cop from LA to Paradise, MA, was not made first (it's the 4th Stone flick) makes one wonder about what the studio suits were thinking.

    What this film lacks in explosions and car chases it more than makes up for in character development, mood and style. Tom Selleck absolutely "nails" the character as the demon-plagued Jesse, trying to make a fresh start as Police Chief in a small New England town, away from the crime and grime of LA, along with his drinking problem and his inability to delete lingering feelings for his unfaithful ex-wife.

    Parker should feel fortunate that the conversion to film didn't transform his literary character --as television and movies usually do-- into just another cliche-ridden, cardboard action figure. I still think people should be shot for what Hollywood did to "Matt Helm" years ago.

    All four films are well-done and well-acted and well worth the time to appreciate the nuances of the characters and the setting.
    ...more info
  • Jesse Stone: Night Passage
    I am a Tom Selleck fan. So whatever he does is great. He is the perfect Jesse Stone. We have all the tapes thus far. What's great is this film is a "man's" film and it's great, but it's TOM SELLECK!...more info
  • Good follow-up to the first "Jesse Stone" television film
    Another engaging, introspective TV movie featuring Robert B. Parker's "Jesse Stone" police chief character. Though the second of the Jesse Stone films, "Jesse Stone: Night Passage" chronologically takes place before "Stone Cold", the first film produced. That's because this is an "origin" story, showing how Chief Stone landed his job in Paradise, Massachusetts.

    The same thoughtful, measured, "artistic" feel of "Stone Cold" permeates this film, as well. Some people find this approach slow and a bit dull, but I like it. My only quibble this time out is a conclusion that wraps every plot point up a bit too quickly and neatly during the course of one scene: some explanation, a shooting, a little more explanation, a little more shooting, all questions answered. The scene also shows us Jesse stupidly putting himself completely at risk as he attempts to spring his trap.

    But, as said, that's just a quibble, and the movie is generally very good. Just the fact that these Jesse Stone movies are clearly aimed at literate adults who enjoy skillful, nuanced dialogue and artful cinematography is enough for me to give these productions a strong recommendation....more info
  • Excellet- Night Passage
    Night Passage is a excellent prequel to Stone Cold.
    Tom Selleck excellent in his role as Police Chief in the small
    Massachusetts town of Paradise.

    Movie draws and keeps the viewer intensely interested,
    Excellent story line. The ending leaves the viewer
    wanting more, and a couple unanswered questions....
    One would look for a sequel to pick up and continue.......more info
  • First in the series - not a bad start
    I hoped the movie would do justice to the story. It almost does. The problem is not with Tom Selleck - he's perfect for the part. The problem lies in the way the story was butchered to make the film. They could have done much better - hell, I probably could have done better and I've never written a script. Still it was good and entertaining....more info

  • Meet Jesse Stone...
    After CBS aired "Stone Cold" in 2005, the ratings response prompted a series of TV movies. So, for the second entry, CBS went back to the beginning and adapted "Night Passage," Robert B. Parker's novel that introduced Paradise, Massachusetts police chief Jesse Stone.

    In "Night Passage," we see a very different Stone from the first movie. In this prequel, he leaves Los Angeles after being fired from the police due to his alcoholism. His wife has left him, and booze seems to be the only thing getting him through his pain. And he arrives in Paradise as the hand-picked replacement for the outgoing police chief by an unscrupulous businessman who doesn't want a strong law presence in town. He's sadly mistaken and misjudges Jesse.

    Like the other films in the series, "Night Passage" surrounds star Tom Selleck with a dynamite supporting cast. Saul Rubinek, Stephanie March, Stephen Baldwin, Mike Starr, Viola Davis and the underappreciated Stephen McHattie all provide support. The acting is not the problem with "Night Passage," but the story is weak.

    Maybe because the paramilitary, white supremacist storyline from Parker's book is ejected in favor of a money laundering scheme, but there's no mystery or suspense to be found here. Jesse suspects Hasty Hathaway from Day One, and he knows Joe Genest is involved with the mob. Besides, Joe doesn't make for a good menace because Jesse kicks his butt within five minutes of meeting him.

    The strength of the piece lies with Selleck, who turns in a tour de force performance as a man who is trying to hold on to the last chance he's got in life. Recently, Selleck was nominated for an Emmy for his performance as Stone in "Sea Change," and it's nice to see these films and Selleck getting their due.

    Is it a bad movie? No, but it is not as good as "Stone Cold" or "Death in Paradise." I would recommend this one for established Jesse Stone fans only. Even though it is technically "Chapter 1" of Jesse's story, it is a bad film to start with....more info
  • A nicely done, engaging film....
    This review is for Night Passage, the prequel to
    Stone Cold. Both of which originally aired on
    television in 2005(Stone Cold) and 2006 (Night

    Another great film to the Jesse Stone series. In
    this impressive prequel we get to see how Stone established
    himself as the sheriff in the small town of Sleepy
    Paradise, Mass. Selleck doesn't dissapoint as the
    rundown, witty detective that has a knack for asking
    all the right questions. And the suspicion arises
    quickly as he's hired on despite his ongoing drinking problem.
    This isn't a "who done it?" mystery, rather a how's-
    the-detective-going-wrap-up-this-case type mystery,
    where you know early on who's guilty. Stone plods
    along methodically putting the pieces together, quickly
    sizing people up and questioning everyone in his path, and
    it's done so convincingly that you can't help but wonder
    what questions will be asked next. The supporting cast is
    perfect, especially Stephen Baldwin as the town's abusive
    bully. The dialougue flows nicely, intelligently and yet
    at a quick pace, even leaving room for sarcasm and banter,
    all delivered naturally by the cast.

    The setting of the small peaceful fishing town is the perfect
    contrast for the big city detective, in creating that fish out
    of water aspect. Though looks can be deceiving, there lurks
    an ominous danger to Paradise, one in which Stone is
    determined to solve....more info
  • solid
    Looking back, it's a lower budget film. But it doesn't feel like one when watching. Done well, acted well, Tom selleck was great. Highly recommended....more info
  • Jesse Stone: Night Passage
    The Jesse Stone Film Collection (Stone Cold / Death in Paradise / Night Passage)If you ever liked Tom Selleck, you'll like this series. My 86-year-old father watches these Jesse Stone DVDs over and over. Don't expect high drama or thrilling suspense, but just a good, solid movie for the entire family....more info
  • Great production values
    I'll skip commentary on the plot or Tom Selleck. Most people have covered these very well. My perspective is production quality. Generally, television movies are merely okay when judged by music and camera work. After all, the little screen is cheaper than the big screen. The stunning production of the Jesse Stone series sets it above anything seen ever.

    I would love to know the location setting. I was born and raised in MA and can't imagine a village like Paradise within commuting distance of Boston. The entire North and South Shore above and below Boston are teeming with residents so tightly packed that merely setting off to pick up milk takes resilience and cunning.I'm thinking that it's really Canada or the state of Maine.

    It's the harsh and compelling scenery of the shoreline wrapping around the tiny town of Paradise that sets the appropriate mood for the brooding and iconoclastic new police chief, LA fugitive Jesse Stone. Gorgeous, sunny fall days full of spectacular, sharply displayed color recede into damp, rainy, foreboding nights full of those quietly desparate people who rarely dare to leave. The camera work is as stunning as I've ever seen out of Hollywood. One could find entertainment playing this DVD over and over even with the sound turned off.

    Crank it up, though. Don't miss the poignant score artfully articulated by Jeff Beal. I hope the soundtrack will be released as well as future movies. I always play the credits that role too briefly at the end. Big screen movie credits go on interminably citing the great contribution of everyone from the executive producers to the gal that keeps the coffee fresh on set. The Jesse Stone series is just a few names at the start and the end. Still, I find it hard to shut the television off until the last note is played.

    The cast is a great blend of old pros and new talent. Selleck's trademark laid back style envelopes the storyline like a perfectly broken in leather chair. Kohl Sudduth as Luther "Suitcase" Simpson, the eager young officer, moves into a favorite son roll that contrasts very well against the paternal Jesse Stone. The dispatcher is commandingly played by the amazing Viola Davis who takes her character from skeptical resentment to protective admiration swiftly and smoothly.

    Saul Rubinek, the crooked but likeable banker squeezes two movies out of what is usually a throwaway roll. Rubinek may be one of those names you can't place because he's pretty much a utility actor rather than a first stringer. But he's never failed in being a notorious scene stealer in the best sense of the term. He has capacity to spare in his acting and prevents any flattening of character. The viewer roots for his comeuppance and then regrets his punishment.

    The Tony D'Angelo character simmers in petty irritaion as the oldest cop at the station who's forced to play bridesmaid to every bride when the job of chief is 'stolen' from him by the incoming LA stranger Stone. Vito Rezza's expressive face and talented posturing creates an enduring tribute to the self-obsessed "little guy" steeming in his own resentments and obsessed with lame efforts to get back at the new chief.

    But the real prize is the main character. There's a great deal of viewer satisfaction in seeing a powerful, confident man who, despite his own personal demons, sees crime and punishment through a complicated but common sense lens. Whether in a big city or a tiny village, he operates on his own keenly tuned intution, dispensing justice with supreme condidence. In this world of man-made conflict it is very rewarding to see a man who can un-make the troublemakers.

    ...more info
  • Tom Selleck the perfect Jesse Stone
    I have all the available DVDs from the series and well worth the purchase for me as I love a good mystery and Tom Selleck as well. He is just so easy on the eyes! I don't believe they could have picked a better actor to play this part--Selleck is a great fit....more info
  • A perfect role for Selleck
    I'm a fan of Robert Parkers "Paradise" series featuring the Jesse Stone character. I like his Spenser books somewhat less because the Spenser character has grown tiresome and repetitive over too many installments (to me at least).

    Tom Selleck is perfect as Jesse Stone, a brooding Police Chief of a small New England township. He's battling alcoholism and a continuing love connection to his ex-wife. This character is pretty much the polar opposite of his Magnum P.I. character but he nails it - just enough brooding with sparks of wry humor. These series of movies (Stone Cold, Death in Paradise, and Night Passage are three of four, I think) are all beautifully shot and feature a great supporting cast.

    ...more info
  • A very good movie......
    Tom Selleck portrays the world-weary Jesse Stone perfectly. The cinematography, the story line - This is a very good movie. Wonderful cast. Would like to have seen it before the others, but they are all great....more info
  • Jesse Stone Night Passage
    Enjoyed this movie as I am a huge Tom Selleck fan and also enjoy mysteries....more info
  • Jesse Stone - Night Passage
    The entire series of Jesse Stone is absolutely fantastic. It keeps you at the end of your seat. Bravo to Tom Selleck!!!!!! Looking forward to "Sea Change", the fourth in the series....more info
  • Selleck is Jesse Stone
    Tom Selleck is absolutely perfect as Jesse Stone, a character created by the great crime author Robert Parker. Selleck plays a burned out, alcoholic cop who takes a job in the small town of Paradise, Massachusetts as sheriff. "Night Passage" is the tale of the quest by the emotionally damaged Stone for the killer of a young girl. William Devane costars as Jesse's shrink and he is excellent. Terrific secondary characters. In my opinion, Parker's Jesse Stone series of novels eclipses his famous Spenser books. This story line is the prequal to CBS's fabulously successful "Stone Cold", Selleck's first outing as Jesse Stone. Grab "Night Passage" . . . the Jesse Stone made-for-TV movies are quality productions with superb acting and beautiful cinematography. Stunning music. Exceptional TV. Highly, highly recommended. You don't ofter see TV this well done these days. You must also pick up Stone Cold one of the best ever made for TV movies and Jesse Stone - Death In Paradise. Can't wait for the latest Jesse Stone TV movie, Sea Change, to be released on DVD!!
    ...more info