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Heath Zenith SL-5512-BZ-B 300-Watt Quartz Halogen Motion-Sensing Twin Security Light, Bronze
List Price: $39.95

Our Price: $36.98

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Product Description

Twin 150 watt quartz lights, heavy duty die cast metal shell. 2 level lighting, low-level accent light with adjustable timer, settings include off, 3 hour, 6 hour, and dusk to dawn, and full bright when motion is detected, for selected time of 1, 5, or 10 minutes. Automatically returns to dim mode after selected time. Automatic photocell deactivates unit in daylight to save energy. Pulse count technology reduces false sensing from wind and rain. Manual override turns light off or on with existing indoor w all switch. Allows light to stay on continuously all night when needed. Up to 70' range varies with surrounding temperature. Uses two 150 watt quartz bulbs. Includes mounting hardware.

Heath Zenith's SL-5512 bundles a motion sensor and a two-light halogen floodlight in a single package, but with a lot of extra features you don't see in similar setups.

Unlike most motion-activated security lights, this one features "pulse count" technology that reduces the number of times that lamps are triggered due to wind and rain. In addition, the "Dual Brite" feature allows you to use it for low-level accent lighting in addition to the full-light effect you get with motion-activation (an included timer allows you to set low-light mode for three hours, six hours, or dusk to dawn-an automatic photocell deactivates the unit in daylight). The unit also includes a selectable timer that lets you set the amount of time the lights stay on after motion stops. Alternatively, it includes a manual override that lets you turn the light on and off at will via an existing indoor switch.

The sensor has a range of up to 70 feet and detects motion in a wide 240-degree range with a maximum 21,000-square-foot detection zone. The detection range is adjustable, too, so you can make sure the floodlights don't go on every time a car drives by.

For the same floodlight in a white finish, see Heath Zenith product #SL-5512-WH-A. Accepts halogen bulbs of up to 300 watts (included).--Josh Dettweiler

What's in the Box
Lamp holders, light control, two halogen bulbs, hardware kit (plastic hanger, mounting bolt, rubber plug, gasket, mounting strap, three wire connectors, six mounting screws, light shield)

  • 300-watt two-light halogen 240-degree motion-activated security floodlight
  • For motion-activated outdoor illumination
  • Pulse count
  • Two-level lighting: timed, low-level accent light or full-bright security light
  • Heavy-duty die-cast metal; 3.4 pounds

Customer Reviews:

  • Motion garage light
    Very good light. Works exactly as promised. Easy to install. Slightly confusing instructions regarding set-up. ...more info
  • Nice set of lights.............
    I bought this earlier in the yr and although when i got it the item was in good condition i had some problems.
    I thought that it would be slightly larger in size.

    Then one thing that pissed me off was the fact that when i installed the bulbs they wouldn't come on for gold. It wasn't until i checked the bulbs that i realsied that althought they seemed to be never used, both filaments were broken. Not the glass just the filaments. I am not sure if this came from the manufacturers like this or if it wasa result of bad shipping.....

    the end result remains that i have to look for bulbs for these lamps that i never used yet and on a unit that isn't even installed yet.
    I will contact Amazon and the maker to see what can be done about it.

    So i got bought the bulbs at my local hardware store after the suppliers promised that they'd send me bulbs after the fact that the ones i got had the filaments broken..even before use.

    The end result is that i like the lamps.....the 2 way lighting is has a hi-lo feature that works great. In essence the light will come on at about 45-55% on standard all time and when it detects movement come on full power and then once it resets goes back to 55% power...nice.

    The test feature is also good for 10-15 second burts of light.. and you still have thew 5 -10 15 -30 minute feature.

    Along with the sesitivity features it's a good product from Zenith.......more info
  • Great outdoor motion sensor light
    Purchased this item to replace another motion sensor light that had become less effective. Previous light turned on at slightest hint of breeze moving adjacent bushes and no amount of adjusting would correct. Replacing with this light took about 5 minutes and product has worked perfectly. I love the low power setting. I leave that on for a few hours after dusk. Motion sensor can be aimed for close or far. ...more info
  • The Motion Sensing Light that did not work
    Received the Security Light, went through all the installation steps. Found that it did not dim or turn-off at 5,10 or 20 minute settings. Called the Zenith Customer Service and was told it is a defective unit. Returned it for replacement as instructed but I have not received the replacement unit. I am very disappointed.
    Amar Sappal...more info
  • Energy saving lights
    This light is terrific. It uses a separate light switch, not included, to power off and on when you have it set to come on at dark and off at dusk. This is a great feature because it stays on dim and gets bright when it senses motion. This provides constant security through the night, and an added scare tactic when someone decides to get close to the house. I love it and recommend it to all....more info