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Case Logic 17" Slimline Laptop Case
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Product Description

Slimline 17 laptop case , Adjustable internal compartment with moveable padded divider accommodates a variety of laptop sizes, always ensuring a perfect fit (see recommended laptop dimensions below) , Speed PocketTM - A quick access, secure place to put valuables (watch, keys, coins, etc.) prior to passing through airport security , Interior sleeve is perfect for files, documents, magazines and newspapers , Organizer panel provides extra storage for files, discs and other computer accessories

  • Slimline 17 laptop case
  • Adjustable internal compartment with moveable padded divider accommodates a variety of laptop sizes, always ensuring a perfect fit (see recommended laptop dimensions below
  • Speed Pockettrade; - A quick access, secure place to put valuables (watch, keys, coins, etc. prior to passing through airport security
  • Interior sleeve is perfect for files, documents, magazines and newspapers
  • Organizer panel provides extra storage for files, discs and other computer accessories

Customer Reviews:

  • It fits my 17" wide screen laptop!
    I'm happy with this bag, it fits my laptop perfectly, not too tight, not too loose, and has room for just enough stuff I need to bring along with it without being a big huge bulky bag I can't carry....more info
  • Laptop caseI
    I am giving this case a great review.
    I am not however, a working person, but a retiree.
    I looked at the "big box" stores and found the prices to be prohibative. When I couldn't find one in my price range, I started looking online.
    I just wanted a bag to be able to store it in and, when needed, to carry it. It has plenty of room for papers and other items.
    It is well made.
    A great value for my purposes.
    I am very happy!...more info
  • case logic vnc-17
    I have a heavy 17 inch HP laptop that I needed a bag for. This case logic bag has been great. it has enough pockets for me to keep a folder/binder in side it as well along with the charger, pens, wallet, phone etc. I only had one problem with the bag since I received it. the clasp on the the end of the strap broke the 3rd day I had it. I was no big deal, i just swapped out straps from a duffel bag. Other than that I think the bag is excellent and I am glad i purchased this bag....more info
  • Good fit...Well made
    I purchased this for my husband's laptop a couple of months ago and he is, over all, pleased with it.

    It fits his 17" Toshiba nicely and there is some additional room for accessories and a couple of files. When he travels, however, he often has to take quite a few files with him and he is not able to fit them all in the bag. I don't think that is a major problem with the bag itself but I believe it it noteworthy.

    I really like Case Logic products and that is one of the main reasons I chose this bag. I have several of their products for other uses and they last forever for me. This is an attractive, no frills but very nicely made, bag....more info
  • laptop case....
    this was an awesome buy, plenty of room for all my needs laptop, accessories and all... love it i even fell on the ice when i was carring my laptop in its case- not a scratch or anything- it was kept perfectly safe, honestly i was surprized, but very very thankful. :)...more info
  • very nice
    This case easily accomodates our 17 inch laptop with room to spare. It is easy to get the laptop out at the airport to pass through security. A mouse and powercord easily fit inside along with a couple of magazines. It is a basic but adequate case....more info
  • Great Case
    This laptop case is perfect. It has room for files, cords, pens, etc. without being either too bulky or heavy. Slimlined. I am very pleased with this purchase....more info
  • muy bueno
    para un laptop grande de 17" o mas es perfecto. Tiene mucho espacio y queda bien protegido. Puedes llevar los cables, cd's, papeles... espacio suficiente para todo. No le pongo las 5 estrellas porque quizas me parece que es demasiado cl®Ęsico el dise?o y creo que se hubiese podido hacer un poco mas compacto, ajustado al tama?o del laptop, eso no es malo, solo que lo hace quizas mas grande de lo que me hubiese gustado. Pero si necesitas llevar muchas cosas, es perfecto ;-)...more info
  • A case that fit my needs.
    This Logic case fits my 17 inch laptop with room to spare. Very well constructed with heavy fabric and a big outside pocket. The sturdy carrying strap can be adjusted for length which is what was needed since I carry this laptop on a bike.

    This was an excellent choice for my needs. I can depend on this heavy duty case to protect my laptop from harm....more info
  • perfect!
    Very happy with this purchase. Not too big, not to small for a great price....more info
  • This is an EXCELLENT Case!
    I recently purchased my first laptop, which has a 16 inch screen. I looked in a few stores for a case for it, but most of their cases were for laptops with a 15.4 inch screen. I did not want to spend a whole lot of money for the case since I will mostly need the case for storage at home, but I did not want to just buy a "sleeve" since I know I will be traveling with the laptop occasionally. I wanted to make sure my laptop is well protected but not spend a huge amount of money. I decided to purchase the Case Logic VNC-17 17-inch Value Slimline Laptop Case (Black) and I am thrilled with my purchase!

    My laptop easily fits into the case. There is one strap that goes over the one end of the laptop. My husband felt that there should have been two straps, but I pointed out that there is a divider that can be adjusted in the case so that it fits snug against the other end of the laptop to ensure that the laptop doesn't slide around in the case. On the other side of the divider, I was able to easily fit the cords and charger.

    There is a pocket on the lid inside the case where I put the mousepad, but you could easily store papers or other flat objects. On the outside of the case, there is a large zippered compartment on the front with places where you can store disks, 2 loops for storing pens, a pouch net where I stored the mouse, as well as another pocket for small papers or any other accessory you may have for your laptop. On the outside of this large zippered compartment, there is a smaller zippered pocket where you could store papers. On the back of the case, there is another pocket where you could store papers. There is PLENTY of room for storing everything you need for your laptop!

    There are 2 ways in which to carry this case. You can either use the handle or the shoulder strap. The shoulder strap has a pad that can easily be adjusted so that it fits right on top of your shoulder, which helps alleviate pressure from the weight of the case when your computer and all the accessories are stored in it.

    Just one added plus: the company was EXTREMELY prompt with shipping this product! I chose to go with the free shipping, so I expected it to take about a week to receive my case (it said 5-9 days). I ordered the case on a Wednesday evening and was shocked when I received it on Friday morning...less than 48 hours after I ordered it! I don't think you'll be disappointed at all if you purchase this case!...more info
  • Case is cool, strap stinks
    This well-padded case is more than big enough for my 17" HP laptop. Be careful with the included strap though. The clip where the strap attaches to the case broke on me as I was getting out of a taxi and the whole thing fell to the sidewalk. My laptop did not suffer any damage though. I replaced the strap and still use the case regularly....more info
  • great
    We bought this as a birthday gift for our oldest niece for her laptop so that she could stop trying to carry it under her arm to school and back. She loves it....more info
  • I love this Case
    Very nice for my huge HP NW9440 laptop, 15.5" wide. Fits perfectly, included Velcro size-adapter makes it easy to fit laptops smaller than 17" snuggly. It could be a little harder on the top right side, but that's ok ... just don't use it to open doors with the laptop inside ;)...more info
  • Just what the wife wanted
    My wife needed a case to carry papers & notebooks to a convention. This case worked super. Best of all did not cost a arm & leg ! We also waited too long to order but Amazon came thru with good shipping, just what they had promised....more info
  • solid bag
    A well-manufactured bag with a lot of gadgets pocket. It's light and solid. If they can make more space for some thick files/books, that will be perfect....more info
  • as advertised
    This is a great price when you compare prices of similar items. It's good for those who like the briefcase style opening. If you prefer the women' handbag style opening, then you should purchase something else. I selected this one because I have a fairly large laptop (17" screen), and most other cases couldn't hold it. This one holds it with room to spare....more info
  • laptop case
    very nice for the money...I have a 16 inch laptop and this works great, nice padding and strap, plenty of storage...more info
  • Good value laptop case
    Ample room for my 17" Toshiba laptop and power cord. Very durable outer material with soft cushioned interior to protect the laptop. Case zips open to 90 degrees so the computer can be used while still inside. All in all a very good value from a reputable manufacturer. ...more info
  • So Easy and spacious
    I have a 17" laptop display and found it nearly impossible to find a case that was attractive and had many compartments to keep all of my goodies organized. Alot of the laptop bags only go up to around 13-15 inches, but this one is the best!...more info
  • Clean and Simple
    The pooter fits in it and it is a handsome bag. I have not had it long enough to comment on durability but it looks very well made....more info
  • Good value
    I gave my husband a new laptop computer for Christmas. He needed a carrying case for it so I ordered this one from Amazon. He likes it a lot.It holds everything he needs and seems sturdy enough. The only reason I gave it just four stars is, it's tight squeeze to get the mouse in the side pockets. Yes, he has a touchpad on the laptop, but he likes to use a wireless mouse instead.
    Otherwise, it's a nice case....more info
  • Nice Case
    Nice Case, multiple storage pockets without being too bulky or heavy. The power cord storage inside could use improvement....more info
  • Great case
    I've had the Case Logic case for more than a month. This case is large enough to fit my 17-inch laptop with a little room on the side to spare. There's plenty of space in the two front pockets for the cords, CDs, notebooks, pens, small book, point-and-shoot camera, even a little sleeve for the flashdrive or a key, and more. Inside is another sleeve to slip paperwork or newspaper (maybe not the New York Times, but that might fit on the back outside sleeve that has Velcro. I like being able to keep the laptop in the bag to work on it, too. Zips are great; there's a handle and comfortable shoulder strap.This is my first computer and I had no idea which case I'd like. I read through many customer reviews on many products before deciding on this one. I picked a winner, and I love it. ...more info
  • Great Purchase
    For the Price this is a great Deal. My 17 inch laptop fits great, it even has room on the side for the power cord. The padding is enough, and has room for DVDs or Cd's. The case is not heavy by it self...more info