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Built NY Laptop Sleeve 15"
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Product Description

The idea for this product was born when a Built customer-desperate to create a laptop sleeve of his own-ripped out the middle seam of the Built two bottle tote. Composed of extra-thick durable neoprene, it cushions and protects your laptop for maximum protection and safely slides in and out of your briefcase or luggage with ease. Perfect for business travelers and urban nomads alike. Best of all, slide it in and as it conforms to the size of your computer, its unique bone shape creates an instant built-in bumper system for extra protection. Its Shark Gill Grips on the sides makes gripping and handling slip-free.

  • Product dimensions listed are exterior dimensions at widest point (without packaging
  • Extra thickoversized laptops may not fit well
  • Patent pending Hourglass Shape and stretchy material allows the sleeve to fit a range of models and shapes
  • Proprietary hourglass design stretches for custom fit
  • Made from 5 mm wetsuit grade Neoprene

Customer Reviews:

  • Great product.
    I would hands down recommend this item. I bought it for my Macbook with a 13.1 inch screen. Although I was hesitant about it fitting, it fits wonderfully. There is enough room to stick in the charger, the computer and some pens and stuff. Despite the fact that it smells a bit funny (it's the same material that wet suits are made from) it's a great quality. I go to college in New Orleans, so my backpack gets wet. A lot. And I'm never worried about my computer when it's in the laptop sleeve. It's thin enough to slip in a backpack, but strong enough that I can use the sleeve as the only protection. Not sure about how it fits other computers, but for a Macbook, I don't think I could ask for anything else. And as an added plus, the design rocks. ...more info
  • geat item, but didn't fit.
    I had to buy the bigger version to fit my tablet PC, Toshiba Satellite A15 (13"x12"x1-1/2"). However, it's a great product, just trouble to send back and get the larger size....more info
  • A bit misleading in size
    I have a BenQ joybook with a 15.4" screen and have had to push pull and squeeze to get into into this sleeve, but i can zip it up (just). The redeming features are the colour, seemingly heavy duty zipper and the neoprene (wetsuit) fabric. Next time would think twice and probably buy the 17" Sleeve (even if it is to big)....more info
  • sleek and stylish
    i love the pattern. The first time I brought it to school, I got lots of compliments. It's easy to carry and doesn't want to slip out of my hand, and it's also really easy to slip in a bag and carry around. Accessibility is nice; could have a side zip but the top zipper opens wide, so it's easy to slip my laptop in and out. Overall a great buy!...more info
  • I love it!
    I love this laptop sleeve. It provides a nice cushion but isn't bulky. The colors are slightly different then they appeared, but that was to be expected as it would depend on your monitor settings. It fits my macbook pro perfectly and I have gotten a lot of compliments on it. ...more info
  • Durable and practical
    Great product. Durable and practical. The one thing I would've liked it to have is a small handle that I can pick it up with when taking it out of my bag, I tend to grab onto the corners and pull, no fun.

    I'm glad I got a size slightly bigger than my laptop, that way there's a bit more space inside and that protects the laptop even more (impact space). Also if you have a small mouse or other small accessories (battery, charger, etc) you can throw them in there. Chances are you're getting this because you want to throw it in any bag and go, so might as well have a little space in it where you can stuff the laptop charger or whatever.

    Overall, very satisfied....more info
  • Love this
    I like the looks, I like the way it hugs my laptop and is stretchy enough to hold the power cord and I also like the added bonus of protecting my lap when I put it under my laptop while I'm using it....more info
  • Just as pictured
    I am very pleased with my Built NY Laptop Sleeve. I own a 13.3'' Mac and the sleeve fits nicely. Snug but not too snug, and there's a little room left in the case for my small remote and headphones. The power cord would not fit, however.
    Colors are vibrant and are true to the image above....more info
  • very protective, cool-looking, too
    Overall I love my built ny neoprene sleeve for my 13 inch macbook. it's fun and protective. my only grievance is the oddly shaped corners. i thought that the whole thing would stretch out with my macbook in it and conform to the shape of my macbook. this might be the case for a 15 inch, but not 13. i don't mind the corners most of the time, but i've found that they make it tricky to slip the macbook into an over-the-shoulder book bag that i have. i could see how a sleeker designed case would make it easier to fit in smaller places. otherwise, i love the case, and i've found it fits into my backpack easily and is not too heavy....more info
  • Very solid, cool case!
    You can tell by feeling the case that is solidly made. It has thick enough neoprene to really protect it, but is light enough to carry on a regular basis. The zipper on the top is great and will keep it nice and safe while closed. Highly recommended! ...more info
  • Excellent Laptop Sleeve
    I had been looking for a nice sleeve for a while. This one is great. Bright, fun, versatile with extra padding at the zipper. The side grips work really well too. I was pleasantly surprised by how much I like using this sleeve. Now I just cover my laptop and throw it into any bag I have. I don't need a special case. The case that came with my Dell was just too heavy. The price is great too....more info
  • Excellent Laptop Sleeve
    Love it - it looks great. It works. It's lightweight. So happy I found it.
    Well priced. Fast delivery. What else is there to say?...more info
  • nicely Built
    fits my Lenovo R-60 perfectly. Provides a bit of padding so it can be carried in a regular backpack or briefcase, yet isn't bulky. ...more info
  • Fine laptop sleeve, does the trick.
    This case was fine, darker colors than I expected though. I'm sure it will protect a laptop but because I am looking for something a little cuter I sent it back....more info
  • awful color
    The real color doesn't look like this picture.
    I was so disappointed with bleched color when I got this....more info
  • Purpose Served
    It's really cute and totally feel comfortable slipping my laptop in a regular bag rather than paying billions for a stylish computer bag.

    I love it!...more info
  • Nice Material but
    its just a tad too small. I got this for my T61p but it was just a bit too tight, even though my screen size is 14.1. It took me too much effort to pull my laptop out of the sleeve, and I wouldn't want to be doing that while sitting in class....more info
  • Perfect fit
    Fits my 13" widescreen Macbook perfectly. I can even squeeze in my power adaptor....more info
  • The 13"-15" size Fits Dell Latitude D610 Perfectly
    Hip & Handy. Now I can toss my laptop in any tote bag. Love it. Make sure to read sizing chart....more info
  • Great product
    Purchased one for my 14.1" Latitude D610 and another for my 14.1" ThinkPad T60. Fits the Latitude great. The fit for the ThinkPad is pretty tight, but that's with the battery pack, and I expect the sleeve will stretch over time. Had hoped there'd be a little extra room for a mouse, maybe even the AC Plug, but there's not....more info
  • Tight Squeeze
    I have a Thinkpad X61, it fits into the 13 inch sleeve, but is REALLY tight. Offers great protection, but I am worried about the little switches on the outside part of the laptop. Anything that isn't completely smooth, no matter how flush seems to get caught on the inside of the sleeve. I actually may return this item if it doesn't stretch a little and get easier to get the laptop in and out. ...more info
  • nice and snug
    I wanted a Sleeve for replacing my laptop carry case which was pretty bulky and heavy so that I can put it to my backpack. My laptop is Dell Inspiron 600m (14inch - not widescreen)and this fits nice and snug, which means there is no more extra width space and 1-2inch length space. If you need quick taking it out/ putting it back like at airport security, you might want to start doing so before your turn. ...more info
  • Just What I was looking for
    This is a well built product and fit my Dell Latitude X1 perfectly. It has a double zipper that I was not expecting. Glad I bought this....more info
  • Awesome laptop sleeve!
    Bought this for my daughter's new laptop. This computer sleeve is absolutely gorgeous and her laptop slips in and out easily. She was thrilled with the vivid colors. Great product. Would definately recommend to others looking for an inexpensive way to store their laptop when not in use....more info
  • Great case, fit perfectly
    Bought this for my boyfriend's 14.1 inch HP laptop and its great. Fits like it was made for it. Good quality product to protect the laptop while in a larger bag. Overall, happy so far with the product though he's only been using it for a couple weeks....more info
  • Awesome
    I bought my sleeve in order to turn my favorite "messenger bag" into an optional computer carrier (for bike commuting). It works great for that, as would wadded-up newspaper, a towel, or a large serving of popcorn, as padding is the key. This provides that. What I discovered is that a padded sleeve this one provides the best way to transport your machine when a full blown laptop bag is too much. Relying on a fully charged battery, I have used my excellent Built NY sleeve to take my laptop along on flights, and I do so with confidence in the security of the machine (and going through security is a BREEZE without having to dig the computer out of a bag). One warning: make sure the computer is completely off and not just snoozing, because this is essentially an artic sleeping bag and you'll probably overheat the computer quickly if it is stored with the power on.
    Built NY makes these in a range of sizes - find the right one for you and enjoy....more info
  • It protects!
    This is a simple product with a simple review. I use the Built NY sleeve to protect my laptop when I bike to work. I keep it in my backpack during the ride. The laptop fits snugly, and the padding is ample to keep my laptop intact. This is a perfect solution for people who are not using a bag or carrying case designed to protect a laptop....more info
  • Too big for 13 " laptops
    Nice product , but suggetsing that this is a fit for anything less than a 14" laptop is misleading the laptop fits too loosely. I returned mine as my Sony 13.2" floated in the sleeve,the 12-13" model is a snug fit....more info
  • Doesn't fit
    Even though by dimensions this ought to fit, because of the way the sides are pulled in, it just didn't fit my 12 1/2" x 11 1/2" x 1 3/4" Toshiba laptop...more info
  • Too small
    The design is pretty.
    But it is too small. My 14.1" laptop could barely fit.
    And a thread started unraveling immediately.

    My wife didn't want to bother with sending it back and waiting for a new one, because we had to use it for our trip....more info
    Would buy from this selller again. Product matched description and it's the best price I found on one of these....more info
  • Tight fit in the width - ThinkPad T42
    This sleeve is plenty long for my T42, but it's very snug in the width. If you travel a lot and need to take it in and out of the sleeve quickly for airport security, pick a different sleeve. Otherwise it's a very cool sleeve....more info
  • got it!
    Item came quickly. The sleeve fits a little snug on my 15.4" Sony. But that is what it is supposed to do I guess. Very satisfied....more info
  • not great for the 13" macbook
    i purchased a macbook and wanted to get a semi-protective sleeve for it. the product itself is well-made. however, it does not fit the 13" macbook very well which causes the laptop to shift around inside the case.

    with that said, i would not recommend this product for the 13" macbook as it is a better fit for owners of 14" and 15" laptops....more info
  • Great laptop bag
    This laptop bag is great. It is durable and cute. I am using it for my Dell Mini. It is a 10 inch, so it fits my laptop and charger. The laptop bag is very thick and protective....more info
  • And it's not boring black
    It was so nice to find a laptop sleeve that wasn't just black. I got the red multi color striped one. My 15" fits in it perfectly and it adds a little color to my room....more info
  • Great!
    It's great -- and perfect for a college student who wants to protect a laptop without a big, corporate laptop case!...more info