The Collectors
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Oliver Stone and his Camel Club are in a race to stop a man who is determined to auction off America to the highest bidder: Roger Seagraves is selling America to her enemies, one devastating secret at a time. On a local level, Annabelle Conroy, the most gifted con artist of her generation, is becoming a bit of a Robin Hood as she plots a monumental scam against one of the most ruthless businessmen on earth. As the killings on both fronts mount, the Camel Club fights the most deadly foes they've ever faced.

Customer Reviews:

  • Not worth the time invested reading it!
    I can't believe this book has received so many 5 star reviews! To me it was like Baldacci got to a point where he thought "nup, can't be bothered with it anymore, I'll just wrap it up" - either that or he was past deadline. The `con/casino' story, which I thought was a more interesting plot than the main story, disappeared somewhere half way through the book only to be given a brief paragraph at the very end. Not to mention the "Scooby Do" ending that was the old cranky guy fooled them all with a wig and fake beard - laughable!...more info
  • My Dad loves David Baldacci!
    I saw the David Baldacci books online and thought they were right up my dad's alley - he's a John Grisham/Tom Clancy kind of guy. Boy was I ever right. He thoroughly enjoyed this book and I got him another one to keep reading. Thank you David Baldacci for such a great series!...more info
  • The Collectors Collects Flies?...
    "The Collectors" is a page-turning thriller with a great deal of authenticity. However, the believability of the story is about eight on a scale of one to ten. The major plot revolves around corruption in the State Department in Washington D.C. Some bad guy named Roger Seagraves, former assassin for the CIA, leads of group of conspirators that sells the country's secrets to the highest bidder. Of course, Seagraves murders anybody who gets in his way. His victims begin dropping like clay pigeons when people begin getting wise to the cabal's treasonous acts. A group of concerned folks, including a retired FBI agent, a clerk at the Library of Congress and one Annabelle Conroy, a slick-talking con artist, begin their pursuit of this evil clique. As a subplot, Annabelle Conroy - apparently a continuing character in Baldacci's books - has revenge on her mind when she conspires to cheat casino owner Jerry Bagger out of millions of dollars. (Bagger had murdered Conroy's mother, trying to recover $10,000 that had been stolen from him.) Bagger, single-minded and ruthless, is about as stereotypical as any character I've encountered since the days of Godfather clones. Unfortunately, the big showdown between Conroy and Bagger never happens at the end of the book. It seems one has to buy another of Baldacci's books to find out what transpires. Oh, screw you very much, sir! Altogether, though, the book is exciting and amusing, when banter takes place between characters. Maybe one of these days I'll find out what happens to Annabelle - without forking over the price of a book? Who knows?... ...more info
  • fun fast pace read
    I enjoy the book and really enjoy the crazy characters. It wasn't as good as "Simple Truth" or "The Winner", but still a fun read. ...more info
  • A novel that keeps you turning the pages
    I found The Collectors to be a very good novel.

    This being my first Baldacci book, I was impressed with his characters and plot development.

    I found myself looking forward to turning the page to find the next plot twist.

    The final paragraph was a bit of a letdown, as I was hoping for all the loose ends to be tied up, but it does leave an open path for a follow-up book.

    I will be reading more of Baldacci's work....more info
  • Return of the Camel Club
    David Baldacci has become one of the big names in the suspense genre in the past decade or so. He may not be the greatest of the suspense writers, but he is good and he knows how to tell a good story. The Collectors is another example of both Baldacci's strengths and occasional weaknesses.

    The Collectors is a sequel to Baldacci's recent novel, The Camel Club and once again is centered on the four members of the Club: ex-soldier-turned-dock worker, Reuben Rhodes; librarian (at the Library of Congress) Caleb Shaw; obsessive genius Milton Farb; and the group's leader, a former government assassin who now goes by the name of Oliver Stone. When one of his co-workers is killed, Shaw becomes the man's literary executor, overseeing the sale of the dead man's high-end book collection. Stone, always one to suspect a conspiracy, thinks there is a link between the dead man and the murder of the Speaker of the House. Suspicion falls on a wealthy defense contractor with ties to them both.

    The actual killer, however, is Roger Seagraves, another ex-assassin who worked in the same secret agency as Stone. (This is no spoiler as Seagraves is revealed as the bad guy in the opening chapter.) Seagraves has grown fond of killing over the years as well as money; his recent killings are part of his plot to sell key American secrets to the highest bidder. While the Camel Club pursues the wrong lead, Seagraves quietly works to derail them.

    Meanwhile, top-notch con artist Annabelle Conroy is working a "long con" on an Atlantic City casino owner named Jerry Bagger. Bagger is a nasty man and Annabelle has a grudge against him which makes her success all the sweeter. Bagger is a vengeful sort, however, so Annabelle knows she needs to go far away; her plans go awry, however when she becomes entangled with the Camel Club.

    If the plot seems overly complicated, it is, and not all will be resolved by the end of the book (the sequel, Stone Cold, wraps up these issues). Therein lies one of the weaknesses of The Collectors: it doesn't end cleanly. Normally, in this genre, all should be more-or-less wrapped up within the book; unlike fantasy or science fiction, thrillers do not lend themselves to trilogies and the like. After all, if these are supposed to be page turners, you shouldn't have to pause (possibly for months or years) to get to the conclusion.

    That gripe aside, however, this is another good Baldacci book. The main characters may be a little too eccentric at times, but they are always likeable and interesting. If you have enjoyed previous works by Baldacci, this one will also be enjoyable. People new to Baldacci should not read this book without reading The Camel Club first.
    ...more info
  • Excellent read - couldn't put it down!
    I bought this book for my husband many months ago, and just picked it up from his shelf to look at as a summer read. After two chapters, I couldn't put it down! Very well written, interesting, entertaining, and I love the cliff-hanger end. My next read will be The Camel Club.
    ...more info
    I loved this book. I hated when it ended. It is a 511 pages of colorful characters, nail biting suspense with non-stop action. I hate slow moving books, and this is not one. The characters to me were very real. For people who like violence, there's some of that too, but it isn't a super gory book at all. One highlight of the book is a major casino scam, and I do mean major, made possible only by a major scam artist and computer technology. I do hope the author will write a sequel to this book outlining the fates of Annabelle Conroy and "big, bad Jerry Bagger." What a book that would be to see if the great scammer can scam her way out of certain death. I believe Baldacci is a genius story-teller, and all his books I've read have been great. I do appreciate that he limits the raunchy scenes and raunchy language to a minimum and writes a super story without all the expletives. He has class as did Michael Crichton. ...more info
  • not bad
    This book was ok. The plot was decent and the characters well developed enough to enjoy. However, I really had a problem with the was rushed and not very satisfying. I can understand the author wanting to leave some of the plot on a cliffhanger so as to make his audience interested in the next novel, but I think it could have been ended better than it does. Other than that, I would characterize this book as a decent summer read....more info
  • Not Again?
    Once upon a time David Baldacci spent the time to write a couple of pretty entertaing novels. His most recent work, however, has become progressively worse with "The Collectors" really starting to hit the bottom. On the positive side, the story is interesting and we have some good characters. The problem is the quality of the writing. I have to believe he doesn't believe in editors or if he does, he doesn't allow them to do their jobs. "The Collectors" reads much more like a weak first of second novel than it does a veteran author who has proven to have a talent to entertain. Disappointing....more info
  • Entertaining
    Baldacci certainly knows how to write a highly entertaining story, but falls short on ending. After spending half the book on Conroy-Bagger story, I would have expected a better staging for next book. Nevertheless, its a good read. For Clancy fans out there, I would categorize this as a "light read"....more info
  • Enjoyable...Not his best, but still worth your time.
    I enjoyed, once again, reading about the Camel Club and the predicaments that they quite often find themselves. I thought that the book started slowly; however, it redeemed itself as the story shifted into high gear in the second half. Some of the details about the cons that were perpetrated against the unsuspecting victims were, I found to be very interesting. Overall, it is definitely worth your time. Enjoy!!...more info
  • Con artists mixed with murder
    The author brings back The Camel Club, a group of four men who together fight corruption within our government. Each member has or has had a connection with the government through one job or another and becomes very irritated when things go wrong that shouldn't. The club's unofficial leader is called by the name Oliver Stone. Caleb Shaw, Milton Farb, and Rueben Rhodes join Oliver in this secretive group that live and meet in the strangest places.

    When several important government officials were found murdered, The Camel Club jumped into action, if you want to call their movement "jumping" since some are up in years but mostly in good physical shape. The club had a great liaison in the FBI who would help them when called, but the club stayed out of the way and didn't want to be known by others because of the secretive work they do.

    Roger Seagraves is a go-between between some government officials and those that would hurt our nation by selling secrets to other foreign powers. Seagraves was a powerful man who thought he could do anything he wished from hurting someone's chance at a job to killing without conscience.

    Add to this mix a super-con artist, Annabelle Conroy, with the looks and brains to pull off almost any con even to the best con men and to those that considered themselves con-proof! Oh but she was good. She worked with three others, one of whom was new and not quite up to par with Annabelle and Leo, her key co-conspirator. But he had to learn--and FAST before Annabelle pulled off any more big jobs. While the four of them were learning to pull off cons together, they did rip off a few that felt they couldn't be conned. All this while practicing for the big one with the notorious Jerry Bagger, the owner of a huge organization and one of the best con men around. Annabelle had some big ideas to really get Jerry where it hurt the worst, his wallet, and his pride.

    When one con after another was successful, Annabelle felt they were ready for Bagger. Annabelle got very chummy with him and gained his confidence, as no one had ever been able to do. Meanwhile, Annabelle's ex-husband was killed in Washington and was a murder that The Camel Club was investigating. Annabelle was hiding from Bagger knowing if he ever caught her she would be good fertilizer when he was finished with her. But when she heard of her ex's demise she had to try to find out the how's and why's since she still had deep feelings for him. She eventually got to Washington and discovered The Camel Club quite by accident. They made a formidable team as they joined all their talent to delve into the killing of the ex and the other key murders.

    I enjoyed the book but felt it bogged down a bit in places. I have always enjoyed Baldacci's books and while I would recommend The Collectors to you, I felt it was stretched out a bit but still contained a lot of action. It just was not the non-stop action I expect from David Baldacci.
    ...more info
  • Mystery, Murder, Romance and political intrigue
    I very much enjoyed this one with Oliver Stone and the quick witted, fast thinking Annabelle Conroy. There isn't much suspense but the plot continues to twist and turn with characters that are quirky, intelligent and real. I cannot wait for the follow up book and kept looking for the next CD as I could not believe this one had ended. A true read for all who wish to enjoy their read while living a bit through the characters...more info
  • Eccentric, Ecclectic FriendsTaking Care of Business
    This is a group of old friends with very different interests and abilities that come together to solve the mysterious death of one of their own. Seemingly different stories in the beginning, come together to make for some great reading that you will leave you with the, can't put it down till I finish, feeling. ...more info
  • Go Along For the Ride....
    I didn't realize this was a sequel when I picked it up, but it didn't matter. "The Collectors" was supurbly written, the characters fully developed and the plot twists and turns kept me on the edge of my seat until the very last sentence...what a great book! Baldacci takes the reader on a wild ride, from a fascinating intricately-concocted long con in Atlantic City to a murder/espionage plot in DC, with never a dull moment. (I almost missed my subway stop on more than one occasion, because I was so curious what would happen next and literally could not put the book down).

    Thankfully, the next installment -"Stone Cold" - will be available in November, '07!

    I HIGHLY recommend this book not only for Baldacci fans, and fans of this genre, but for all readers interested in a great, quick/easy read that is chock full of excitement, intrigue and adventure! ...more info
  • Dan Baldacci a great storyteller!!
    The "Collectors" is the follow up to Baldacci's "The Camel Club" which was the first book that I had ever read by Dan Baldacci and only ordered it because of the strange title.However "The Camel Club" opened a door to a return for me to real reading like I had not done in years."The Collectors" delves even deeper into the main characters of the "The Camel Club" and incorporates an excellent plot with plenty of twists and turns.I was able to plow thru this book in only a few days which is very fast for a slow reader like me.Baldacci's research of his background material is excellent.Books like these need to be made into movies. ...more info
  • Another good one by Baldacci....
    The Camel Club sequel does not disappoint.....Fun, fast paced, a little predictable.....but a good read.......more info
  • The Collectors
    I don't watch soap operas,I don't watch episodes marked "first of two parts", and I hate end-of-season cliff-hangers. I want to see, or read, or listen to a complete story and then move on to something else. I don't like to have an ending held hostage.

    I was enjoying this book on CD as a way to be entertained while driving, but was really annoyed to find it a cliff-hanger. I'll just assume that things turn out alright, but will avoid this author in the future. Books that play this trick on a reader at the end need to have a disclaimer on the cover....more info
  • Even better!

    Badacci writes the perfect thriller mystery, whatever you call it.
    Idon't know if this called pop culture novels or what, but i insist of that this is the kind of book that is an anjoyable ride. Well plotted, quality chatachters and way of writing.
    It'a even better than The Camel Club

    Two Thumbs UP!

    ...more info
  • Great Reading
    Wonderful reading. I couldn't put it down. Baldacci does it again. first with the Camel Club, now with The Collectors. Can't wait to read
    Stone Cold. Love David Baldacci's work. Have read other books by this author and will continue to read his works....more info
  • Incomplete
    "The Collectors" has two story lines - spies and con artists. The action is fast and gripping, but Baldacci only wraps up the spy story. The con artist story, which takes up half the book, is just a setup for some future book. Whatever that book is, I'm off Baldacci; I refuse to take out a Baldacci subscription to see how his plots end....more info
  • Super Camel Club novel
    One of the best Camel Club novels. Do, however, try to read them in order. Baldacci, tells a great tale and keeps the action coming at you....more info
  • Comeback Kid
    This is the best Baldacci book probably since The Winner. Much better than its predecessor "The Camel Club" which in my opinion was far too political. Baldacci has returned to pure storytelling and has spun a very entertaining yarn.
    ...more info
  • Well-Rounded Fun
    When librarian Caleb Shaw's boss drops dead in the Library of Congress' Rare Books Reading Room one morning, right after the assassination of an important politician, only the four members of Camel Club seem to think there's a connection. They start checking into the one link between the two men, an arms dealer who lived next door to the librarian, but little do they know that there are even more dangerous forces at work. Someone in the intelligence community is selling secrets to America's enemies, and they will kill anyone who gets in their way, so when the Camel Club starts digging into the deaths, they find themselves in the sights of some very ruthless men. Meanwhile, Annabelle Conroy is setting up the con of a lifetime...against the casino boss responsible for her mother's murder. She manages to scheme Jerry Bagger out of $40 million, but Bagger is hot on her tail.

    The second Camel Club outing was just as much fun as the first, if not more so. Baldacci gave the characters a nice introduction in the first book and this one served to flesh out their characters even more, focusing much this time on fussy librarian Caleb with all his little quirks. The addition of Annabelle to their group livened things up quite a bit, as well, and she and lead Camel Club member Oliver Stone hit it off and develop a nice friendship.

    I generally do not enjoy reading thrillers about Washington politics, but Baldacci manages to set stories about everyday people in the heart of Washington without devolving into a bunch of boring fake political machinations. These stories are more about the characters and their lives than political intrigue, even when they involve political intrigue, which gives them a depth and warmth often missing from political thrillers. This book clipped along at a good, page-turning pace while making me care about what happened to the characters within. My second visit with the Camel Club just made me want to read more.
    ...more info
  • The Collectors
    I'm sorry about this book. So many holes in the plot. People associated with the main character seem to make the most unbelievable mistakes, getting hit in the head when they should be paranoid enough to be a little more aware of their surroundings, etc. The character Leo stupidly disclosing Annabelles identity after he professes to have an almost disabling paranoia of 'the mark'. The Camel Club was a superior novel, and even that book needed an upgrade to some of the common sensical details. Sadly, many of the holes in the plot of 'The Collectors' could have been fixed with minimal time involved. Its almost like he wrote it as fast as he could, then went on vacation. I will read his earlier books however. Let's hope Mr. Baldacci gets back on track. He's got some great ideas. I also hope that the sequel will be a little more sensible as far as common sense mistakes go. Wear gloves to avoid leaving fingerprints? Look behind you when standing in a dark room while a killer is on the loose? Let Oliver out of his cage a little more?

    In all fairness I'd have to give him high marks for character development. I'll continue to read his offerings and I hope that the 'Camel Club' get's a better world to exist in. It's a great premise, but too quickly written....more info
  • It Was Just So Entertaining!
    So many authors feel the need to bounce from one story line to another and create a confusing web to keep you on edge. I don't find that kind of storytelling as engaging as a well written straight forward story. This novel does have two storylines which eventually converge and Baldacci does a great job writing a very interesting story.

    Now I want to go read the "Camel Club" which came before this story. It was just so good, a rare treat! The group of characters drove the story and keep me enjoying the novel from the first page to the last....more info
  • Good series
    I didn't really care for the story about the lottery winner, but I enjoy the camel club series. ...more info
  • Camel Club... it is not
    Listened to the Camel Club, which was excellent... This sounded like it was written by another writer that was not up to the quality of Baldacci....more info
  • The Collectors Entertaining Read
    In The Collectors, David Baldacci brings back his odd, quirky characters from his best seller, The Camel Club. Caleb Shaw, book worm, Milton Farb, obsessive compulsive with a photographic memory, Reuben Rhodes, Vietnam vet hippy, and secretive ring leader "Oliver Stone" take on another mission for truth in a city where truth is hard to find, Washington D.C.
    Caleb finds a co-worker dead in a secluded area of the National Library of Congress. He is immersed further when he takes on the role of executor of the co-worker's collection of rare books. When he discovers a hidden copy of one of the rarest books in the country--a Bay Psalm Book--the Camel Club can't resist a mystery.
    The four unlikely sleuths try to determine the authenticity of the book and find themselves up to their necks in danger--Oliver is nearly kidnapped, Caleb disappears--and no one knows who is behind it all.
    A sub-plot twists throughout the book. Con-woman Annabelle Conroy schemes to pull off a heist of revenge against shady Atlanta City casino owner Jerry Bagger. In the midst of fleeing the country, her past brings a change in plans. She joins forces with the Camel Club boys to solve a murder of someone once close to her heart.
    Baldacci creates lovable, laughable characters even though sometimes stretching their believability. Hardly a work of literary excellence, The Collectors is a fun, easy read with characters you'd like to get to know better over lunch. The Collectors kept me turning the pages till the very end when Baldacci sets up the plot for his next book. I only hope he writes quickly.
    ...more info