Q-See Q4DVR4CM 4 Channel Digital Video Recorder w/160GB Hard Drive & 4 CMOS Camera Kits (Color)
List Price: $449.99

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Product Description

4 Channel DVR + 4 Outdoor CMOS Cameras This is a Digital Video Recorder that will record video input from the Security Camera/CCTV connected to this Unit. It will provide rock-solid, easy-to-use performance, which makes it ideal for multi-camera law enforcement, industrial, commercial and individual applications. With up to 4 cameras connected and connect to TV or LCD flat Screen, you can monitor 4 locations at a time and record them into the HDD.

  • Record at 30 FPS (Total) / Display at 120 FPS
  • 4 Outdoor Color CMOS Cameras with Night Vision
  • 160GB Hard Drive included
  • Motion and Alarm Detection
  • USB 2.0 Connection for Backup
Customer Reviews:
  • worked, after some other parts
    system worked fine after i bought an RF modulator and a few cords and connectors because to my knowledge upon scrambling through the boxes, there was no rca cable from the dvr to the TV, so i had to manage that on my own, otherwise i'd give this system more stars. perhaps just my unit, but i ended up spending more money and an hour or so of my time. and some of u may ask why not just a hvc directly to a coaxial.. i tried, doesnt work, signal not right, only with an RF mod will u get a good signal to a TV set without rca inputs...more info
  • Pretty good for the price.
    The DVR operates well and is straight forward to connect. The remote control on the other hand is a little bizarre when it comes to navigating through the on screen set-up. The instruction book was obviously translated from another language so it can be challenging to understand. The cameras are small and nice looking but have mediocre video quality. You won't be able to read a license plate but you can definitely see what happened to know where to look for finger prints. Not bad for a 4 camera DVR under $500. ...more info
  • Nice little kit
    This kit was very easy to set up once the cables were placed in the house. Just plug everything into the correct ports and turn it on. The cables worked fine but they are light weight so care must be taken. My only complaint was connecting it to the TV. I am using an older set that doesn't have the AV connections that current sets have. I had to use an RF modulator box. It would have been nice if the manual had addressed this. Q-See support was good by e-mail and they talked me through it.

    I am an Arson Investigator and one of the first things that I look for when I have an arson fire are cameras around the site. I have always been surprised at how good these systems are in a investigation. We get video of suspects purchasing gasoline at nearby service stations, how fast a fire develops and in one case the suspect spreading gasoline around the house and setting it on fire. The DVR would not survive a fire itself but if something is going on around my house it will be recorded....more info