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Dymo DiscPainter CD/DVD Color Printer (1738260)
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Product Description

Until now, getting great graphics on CDs and DVDs was about compromise. With the DYMO DiscPainter CD/DVD printer you don't have to give up a thing. One look at DiscPainter in action and you'll see magic at work. That magic is in fact patented RadialPrint Technology that prints directly on the disc as it spins. What makes the DiscPainter CD/DVD printer deliver great quality in a few minutes is all in the spin. RadialPrint Technology lays down ink directly on your disc as it spins. Unlike any other disc printing, you don't have to compromise. You get quality and speed with dedicated disc printing and patented technology. The DiscPainter printer lets you print the entire printable area of your discs. From the inner printable hub to the outer edge, DiscPainter can fill your disc with vivid color. All this in a few minutes using Discus for DYMO, the included design software. The DiscPainter CD/DVD printer features patented technology - the disc is printed as it spins - now that's a revolution with great results! Full color graphics and images are printed with superior quality at industry-leading speed. You don't need much space for the DiscPainter printer's compact footprint. And you won't have to fuss with hard-to-use trays. Simply put your disc inside, close the lid and print. Say goodbye to laborious labels and messy markers. Say hello to professional-looking DVDs and CDs for all your projects. What makes the DiscPainter CD/DVD printer deliver great quality in a few minutes is all in the spin. RadialPrint Technology lays down ink directly on your disc as it spins. Unlike any other disc printing, you don't have to compromise. You get quality and speed with dedicated disc printing and patented technology. Simple and quick 3-step process: Choose included and full featured Discus for DYMO software or your favorite program including Adobe Photoshop, Illustrator, QuarkXPress, InDesign or SureThing.

The Dymo DiscPainter CD/DVD Color Printer allows you to label your CDs and DVDs professionally, quickly, and easily without the hassle of adhesive labels or markers. Ideal for home or office use, this organizational tool makes it a snap to keep track of your favorite music and stored data, or to group several CDs and DVDs by project, theme, or category. With this compact unit, you can also avoid dealing with hard-to-use trays and machines that take up a lot of space at your desk.

The Dymo DiscPainter CD/DVD Color Printer:
  • Offers print resolution up to 1200 dpi.
  • Can print a disk in as little as 30 seconds
  • Is compatible with printable CDs, full-sized DVDs, and mini discs

The DiscPainter is compact and easy to use. View larger.

Create professional, custom disks. View larger.
Impressive Results, Fast
The DiscPainter lets you print directly onto discs without worry. Whether you are giving a presentation to a client, pitching your design portfolio, or sharing your music and photos, this handy unit makes it possible to create and print impressive and original discs fast. You can also use the included software to develop your own designs or print from your favorite design application, like Adobe Photoshop or Illustrator.

Customize For Vibrant Results
The DiscPainter is easy to use and offers helpful features that let you customize your results. Choose from three settings to regulate the resolution quality and printing speed of your labels-- from the "Fast" setting with 600 dpi (dots per inch) and two nozzle passes, to "Normal" with 600 dpi and eight nozzle passes, and "Best" with 1200 dpi and eight nozzle passes.

RadialPrint Technology lays down ink directly on your disc as it spins, with the printing speed, ink density, and image complexity increasing with each setting. In as little as 30 seconds, you'll have vibrant, crisp, beautifully labeled CDs and DVDs.

Compact and Easy-to-Use
The DiscPainter measures a compact 4.33 x 10.62 x 5.71-inches, and is compatible with all Inkjet printable CDs, full-sized DVDs, and mini discs. It prints with nine ink density settings, allowing you to precisely control the ink quality and optimize images on matte, colored, and glossy discs, as well as printing from the inner hub to the outer edge. Simply slide your disk inside, close the lid, and start to print. In addition, this 2.65 pound color printer works with both Windows XP and Mac OS 10.3 and later, and is backed by a one-year limited manufacturer's warranty.

What's in the Box
1738260 DiscPainter, AC power adapter, USB cable, color ink cartridge, and three inkjet printable discs.

  • Professionally label CDs and DVDs quickly and without hassle of adhesive labels or markers
  • Three settings for regulated resolution quality and print speed
  • Lays down ink directly on the disc as it spins
  • Label discs in as little as 30 seconds
  • 1-year limited manufacturer's warranty

Customer Reviews:

  • Best Printer for the Price
    After quite a bit of looking for a reasonably priced disc printer for mass production, I settled on the Dymo DiscPainter. (I print about 200 discs a month with it). What makes this product great is it's pretty fast at printing large quantities considering it's manually loaded. I wasn't willing to spend over a thousand bucks on a printer, but i wanted something that looks professional. I use it alongside a 5 disc duplicator, and it zips along at a good speed. It will do a full color CD in about a minute and a half. Just don't waste too much time watching it print. (It's cool to watch.)

    Ink can be the real cost here, but I've made designs that don't require ink on the whole CD, and it is a real money saver. I highly recommend using white hub-printables. They look great, even if you just print a title on it, or you do full color. (Ridata white hub-printable here on amazon is a great value and prints very well with virtually no coasters.) I have been going back and forth using little to full color on my current ink cartridge, and have probably printed close to 200 CD's on it. If you print full color (especially dark colors), you'll probably get close to 35 discs worth.

    I love the easy to use software (although I would expect a 2nd edition to have a lot of good enhancements/ better templates, but it's a new area for Dymo. ...more info
  • Just Don't Do It
    I bought this to try send out professional looking CD's as a Songwriter/Producer, but this thing really lacks quality. Even on the best settings, the text looks horrible. I just got a new cartridge (which costs $45 after shipping) and the reds are printing pink and black is purple. It looks just horrible and I'm mad I paid what I did for this product. If this thing can't even print text well, how do you expect it to print crazy graphics... It Can't!
    This thing looks about the quality of an early 90's printer that is almost out of ink (all the time).

    I also heard they discontinued it recently, which is obvious why to me now (because it sucks).

    Do Not Buy! Don't be fooled by the positive ratings!...more info
  • Bad Design!
    I would have loved this product and been able to overlook the high price. I bought it to save space, and because I don't need a document printer. However, after trying two of these printers, I can confirm that a design flaw, or at least a bad batch from Dymo manufacturing kept it from delivering results as promised. I returned the first just thinking it was defective, but the second one had the same issue. The printer prints with banding gaps, just like you could see on any inkjet printer where there are horizontal bands across the page. Because the disc spins, the banding is circular, but still horrible to look at. With the Dymo, just as any other inkjet, the nozzles can be cleaned through software. With every professional-grade photo printer I have owned, a nozzle cleaning, and sometimes a power cleaning will remedy this issue. Not so with the Dymo. This product could be awesome, but issues with the internal design or manufacturing keep it far from being usable. I would never deliver a disc printed with this printer to a client. Avoid at all costs. Especially for over $200....more info
    I recieved the printer with NO Power Cable and NO USB cable! Way to go Dymo! I'm real excited to use your product! yea thanks...more info
  • After many tries, finally a CD/DVD printer that gets it right!
    I have tried many different CD/DVD printers in the past and none of them were completely satisfactory and two were completely unacceptable.

    I had given up on CD/DVD printers because they seemed to be either of very poor quality both in the printer itself or their output or incredibly expensive.

    Finally someone gets it right! I don't recall where I first heard of the DYMO DiskPainter but as soon as I saw the video demo on DYMO's web site I ordered one and haven't regretted it one bit.

    Yeah, it's a four color system as opposed to a six color system that some photo printers use, but this is a CD/DVD printer, not a photo printer. I find its output very satisfactory. Besides I can imagine that a six color cartridge would not only not print as many discs but also cost more.

    My only complaint, and its a minor one, is that the printer monitoring application takes forever to shutdown. I hope they'll fix that in an update, but as I said its minor and I can live with it if they don't....more info
  • This is it.
    This is the device that unsigned bands have been looking for for years.

    I thought it was too good to be true, but figured I'd order one anyway given the number of positive reviews it got here. I'm glad I did because this thing rocks!

    Granted, I've only printed a handful of discs with it so far, but I have been more than pleased with the quality of the images it prints and the speed in which it does it.

    I did notice a BIG difference in quality between images printed on the glossy discs that came with the system compared to the printable matte Memorex discs I already had. A circular pattern was evident on the matte discs, but the same image printed on the supplied glossy discs was FLAWLESS. My advice, use glossy waterproof discs and keep your designs relatively simple.

    The included software is pretty cool as well. It took me a while to get used to the ins and outs and limitations of the program, but have thus far been able to pull off everything I've needed to in my designs with few issues.

    I've been in bands my entire adult life and have always searched for DIY ways to put together pro-looking independent CDs. Printing on the disc itself was always the weak link in the process. The Dymo Dispainter solves this problem at a reasonable price.

    I highly recomend this printer to other independent musicians and bands who are looking to take their DIY projects to the next level. ...more info
  • It's a Lemon!
    We've been working with DYMO to get a working unit for 2 months. We're on our 4th unit. None of them have worked. It's going back if Amazon will take it....more info
  • Only had it an hour, but wonderful so far
    In an hour I got it unpacked, setup with the ink cartridge and installed the software and printer, designed a disk with full color image in the background and a photo of my grandson, outlined text and it printed in about a minute of less; on a standard ink jet printable DVD I bought at Costco.
    I read that it makes white spaces between the circular ink layers, but I couldn't see any even with a magnifying glass. I read that it took so long to print, and I thought it was really fast and easy. I spent hours printing disks on my Epson Stylus R300 and was so frustrated I gave the printer away. I almost didn't buy this because of the negative reviews, but I couldn't find anything more reasonably priced (and I paid the full $250) so I took a chance. Boy am I glad I did.
    The printer is very small and light weight; feels like it's made of plastic. But it seems well made and is VERY quite and prints really well, every bit as good as my Epson did on the same type of media.
    I am so glad to have a media printer that actually PRINTS on my disc the first try. What a pleasure this machine is, and I couldn't ask for better quality; not for this price. I love it! Now it's selling for $199 with free shipping; you can't bet that!!!...more info
  • Terrible product
    I purchased this to replace my current printer and it was a terrible mistake. I printed ten disks before deciding to return it - 7 were for the same cd. It kept printing rings of white and the whole thing was printed like an S. What were supposed to be straight lines ended up wavy. There was no amount of cleaning or improving the quality of the print that could help it....more info
  • Works great
    I just finished printing 200 CDs without a hitch. Printing was fast (about 1 min each) and there was no wait for the discs to dry. I accidentally purchased matte CDs instead of glossy and was afraid the print quality would be bad, but they still turned out quite well. I used a background that is supposed to look like parchment paper, so it was fairly light but needed color over the entire disc, and I had logos/images and text. I got more than 100 CDs from the first ink cartridge. Still have ink left in the 2nd. When the ink started running low, I noticed the rings some other reviewers have mentioned, but once I changed the ink cartridge, those went away. I also compared "normal" print quality to "best" and the difference for this job was slight, so I printed them all in "normal". I imagine using "best" would have used ink faster, but it wasn't necessary. Overall, a great little dedicated CD printer, and one I'll get a LOT of use from!...more info
  • Great labeler
    This makes good labels and is really easy to use. Some people have said that it leave circle lines on the disc (due to a clogged cartridge), but if you go to print setup and clean the cartridge it will not....more info
  • Streaks
    As a professional in the media/print industry, this is not a great product.

    Easy to install and does the job. But not a very good job.

    New product, with new ink. The colors are washed out and there are streaks even on a one color job, a client's logo.

    I can't imagine printing a whole photograph on a DVD.

    I know there's settings for Matte or Glossy and Print Quality (Draft / Normal / Best) And I've tried those.

    But still shoots out garbage.

    I would not recommend this....more info
  • Quiet and Does a Nice Job (first one broke)
    This printer does a nice job of printing directly to disc. The included software is very intuitive and provides plenty of editing options. I already had a nice paper printer so all i wanted was to add a disc printing capability and this DiscPainter fits right in. There is no off switch, so if the green power light bothers you, tough.

    After about 2-3wks the DiscPainter did stop working completely and Dymo tech support was helpful in troubleshooting the issue down to the printer's USB port therefore a return was needed. Dymo was not as helpful in getting me a replacement as they didn't have any in stock and the process dragged out for over two weeks. Dymo then recommended I return it to so I did and Amazon was terrific in picking up the old unit and getting a new one in my hands within two days of my phone call. The second Dymo DiscPainter has been working great without issue.

    ...more info
  • Works as advertised!
    I liked this product for it is fast, very fast compared to LightScrapping thing, and it works really as advertised.
    I only hoped the quality of the print is a little higher, but it is very good though, shouldn't ask for more actually....more info
  • Happy Internet Shopper
    The Dymo DiscPainter is everything it claims to be. We have used it in a mat finish, and the graphics are very impressive. For the small investment, we are well satisfied with the results. Amazon shipped it in a satisfactory lenth of time, and the package was delivered intact.

    We would recommend the label printer to anyone.

    Grace Preacher, TN...more info
  • Exactly what I was looking for!
    I just got done transferring all my old tapes and VHS tapes to DVD's. I needed something to label them and this is perfect. I have a Mac and it works wonderfully with it and the quality is awesome. It was easy to figure out, hook up and use! I am very happy with it and it completed my project!...more info
  • Awful.
    The printing is not clean, the lettering and images are skewed and the process is extremely slow. Plus it takes forever to dry. I called tech services to see if I was doing something incorrectly. We tried many settings. The product sucks. Don't buy it....more info
  • Love this Printer, I have windows XP
    I really like this printer, just tried a glossy setting on one of the CD's provided.
    I used a JPG for the back ground. Looking at options to add print like in Memorex or Avery. They don't save in any of the insertions supported on the program.
    Quick, Quite. oh and doesn't take up a lot of room A+.

    I was informed this doesn't work on Vista 64., One reason I'm keeping my Windows XP for programs that will only run on it. I have a Vista 64. Its okay, ...more info
  • Don't Waste Your Money If Your Looking For Quality!
    Let me start by saying the only reason I give the DiscPainter a one is because I can't give it less and still write the review. I purchased a DiscPainter in October 2008. It's easy to use but totally lacking in output quality. Photo's on a disk are all washed out. I tried printing just text and it was so wavy and blurred that it was unreadable. If you just want to splash some colors on a disk it may work fine - I haven't tried that yet. I have to say if you buy one you are throwing your money away. I don't see how a company can actually sell these with a clear conscience. UPDATE: Dymo wants me to send mine back for calibration. Granted I've had it for six months, but I've only used it six times so it is still new. Mine had the aforementioned problem right out of the box. I hope it doesn't have to calibrated every few uses. Actually, I would rather have my money back and give DYMO their junk back....more info
  • It Works!
    OK, so every time I purchase anything of consequence I search review after review, but I almost never write one(tsk!) Had to write one for my new friend and colleague, the Dymo DiscPainter. Takes just minutes to set up, software is intuitive and simple to master. Easily add your own pic's to the disc or use one of the many templates with infinite possibilites to customize. The print quality is very good, even on middle of the road settings. IT IS NOT going to mimic a Warner Bros. mass produced DVD or CD, but it is going to look darn nice and very professional compared to any sticker or sharpie. It leaves Light Scribe in the dust as far as speed. Just printed off five copies of a DVD slide show for my daughters baseball team, sixty seconds per print - and no hardware conflicts, no "you need to update this or that!" Nothing but a piece of equipment that actually works as advertised. (Can I get a good Amen)?! Yes, it is pricey and probably not for the budget conscious five discs every six months crowd. But if you are going to burn and print on a regular basis as a photographer, small business owner, musician, etc., it is a worthy friend to have on your side. Has a 2,000 print life cycle - meaning it costs about thirteen cents for the printer itself for each disc, forty cents in ink per disk (cartridges run $40 and yield one hundred prints) and say, eighty cents for the disc themselves - $1.33 to produce each disc. Not bad at all. Thanks Dymo and may other businesses emulate your philosophy of actually selling products that do what they advertise. What's that feeling? Oh yeah - no headache!

    Gotta love it....more info
  • Great Product
    The Dymo Disc Painter is a great Disc Painter for non-professional use. It is easy to set up: this includes installing and using the software for creating designs on your discs, changing the ink cartridge, and hooking up the disc painter to your computer. I had no trouble with any of these tasks. The software includes a lot of design templates. You can also add your own photos, change positioning of photos, add text, and there are many other options.

    The only thing about the disc painter is that it does not produce the most vibrant or accurate colors that you might see on a CD that is professionally done, for instance. But besides this it is an excellent product. ...more info
  • Very good, lots of benefits.
    This disk printer does very well. It is noise free, lets you use your printer for printing is fast and quality is very good. Not great but VERY good. If you like to work and print at the same time this is your goodie. It can sit right next to you and requires NO work to load a new disk....more info
  • Works Well But No Vista 64-bit
    Worked right out of the box when I installed on my XP machine. I was told it would not work with Vista 64-bit.

    Simple to set up. Easy to use. Good Crisp Copies even on the lower ink settings.

    So far, worth the money for me....more info
  • VERY poor quality print, do not buy for
    The prints this thing creates would only suffice for home CDs. My Epson inkjet printed photo quality on a glossy watershield CD, but wore out after 2 years of moderate use, printing maybe 10 to 20 CDs a month is all I do. The Epson CD tray started sticking and gets rejected alot. SO I bought this DYMO thinking it is made for printing PROFESIONAL CD labels more often and would last longer. It prints pretty fast and if you do not care if it is photo quality resolution you would be happy.
    But the print quality of this device is TERRIBLE.
    It is nothing near professional due to rings and the pixelation of the print it creates. I am using 300 dpi images for my layout but the printed CD looks like I am printing a 72 dpi image. I am a Graphic Artist by career ( for many yrs) so I know what I am doing when it comes to printing. For the high price, the resolution is horrible. The photos uploaded by another user show the exact same concentric ring pattern in the print as all my CDs have- no matter which print quality setting I choose.

    buyer beware, you will not get high quality resolution from this product....more info
  • garbage garbage garbage
    No matter what I do, I can't get rid of the circular lines that are produced. The first few I did looked ok, despite the circles...but now, it's completely blown out, even with a new ink cartridge, different disks. It absolutely does not do photo quality.

    Piece of junk, I'm going to throw it away because I can't find my original box to send back to Amazon.

    I'm begging you, do not buy this!...more info
  • Rip Off
    I bought this to replace an Epson printer that printed CD/DVD's and started leaking ink. I had concerns because of the manner in which this product prints. I was right! Watching the disc being printed, I could see the disc wobbling. Since I was using the sample CD that came with the Discpainter, I was concerned about other media that I already use. Everything that I tried produced that same results. The unbalanced tracking produced poorly dimensioned backgrounds and text anywhere on the disc was illegible. I tried contacting Dymo's technical support, only to receive the cursory standard greeting and no help. I could call their technical support center but since it would be on my dime, I think that I have thrown enough money at a dead horse. The product needs a lot more development before being released for consumption and customer support SHOULD!...more info
  • Not Worth It
    Unfortunately, this item is not worth purchasing. I thought it would be great to leave sticky labels behind and print right on the disk. However, the print quality is really poor on this printer. The text is not even clear. There is no true black ink, so anything black becomes a composite color. So I switched all of my text to blue. Every part of every image comes out with rings running through it. The Dymo's claim to fame is that it prints as the disk spins. Well, you can tell, because there are missing ink lines running all around the CDs, from day 1 with a full ink cartridge. I used to print a blue background with white text, now I have had to change it to minimal blue text with just my logo (which is just 3 block letters) in blue. Not nearly as sharp as it used to be. It's still better than having a sticker get stuck inside your disk drive, but it's not pretty. I print on matte white disks with Best print quality and the highest ink level for the disk type (Matte 5), though the sample glossy disks they sent with it also printed the same way.

    So, overall, it looks like you used a 10-year old inkjet printer with a nearly dried-out ink cartridge to print your disk, then dragged a comb around the image.

    I also get frustrated with the software. It's pretty simple, but I guess I'm just naive when I expect to be able to place my cursor in the middle of text, hit enter, and have the text after the cursor go down to the next line. I guess I'm just used to more complicated programs like MS Publisher, or the Paint program that comes with Windows. The software does not add value to the product.

    It's too bad, I really wanted to like this product. I read all the reviews, and thought that it can't be that bad. Unfortunately, it is that bad. I would have been better off with just a title printer. ...more info