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Samsung SyncMaster 920NW 19-inch LCD Monitor
List Price: $289.44

Our Price: $244.99

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Product Description

300 Brightness / 700:1 Contrast Ratio / 160 Degrees Viewing Angle / 5ms Response Time / 1440x900 Resolution / MagicTune - MagicBright2 - Narrow Bezel Frequency Horizontal Frequency - 30 - 81 kHz Vertical Frequency - 56 - 75HZ Input Video - Signal Analog RGB Sync Type - Separate H/V,Composite, SOG 15-pin D-sub Input Connectors Wall-Mount VESA 75mm Dimension - 439x289x65.5mm / 439x360.7x200mm with stand Weight - 4.7 kg

Brightly colorful with easy adjustment controls for just the right viewing for your environment, the 19-inch Samsung SyncMaster 920NW LCD monitor is a great choice for adding more screen real estate to your computer's desktop. In addition to its widescreen resolution of 1440 x 900 pixels--offering native 720p high definition clarity--the 920NW has a blazing fast 5ms (millisecond) response time, perfect for playing immersive 3D games and watching action-packed movies without ghosting or pixelation. It connects to desktop and laptop PCs using a VGA/D-Sub port.

The 920NW provides native 720p high-definition resolution (1440 x 900) and a fast 5ms response rate.
This monitor's specs also include a 160-degree viewing angle (both horizontal and vertical), a high level of brightness with a 300 cd/m2 (candela per square meter) rating and a 700:1 contrast ratio. (The higher the contrast ratio, the greater a monitor's ability to display subtle color details and not get washed out by ambient room light.)

The 920NW's 19-inch screen (measured diagonally) is framed by a narrow bezel, ensuring that this monitor won't overpower your desk with its size. The monitor sits atop a rounded base that can tilt forward and backward for just the right view. The back includes a power connector, VGA (15-pin D-Sub) connector, and lock connector (for optional Kensington locks to secure the monitor to your desk). This monitor is Energy Star qualified, with a 42 watt power consumption rating and less than 1 watt of consumption in stand-by mode.

This monitor includes several Samsung technologies that enhance your viewing, including MagicColor, which improves and adjusts mid-level colors to shades the eye accepts as natural, and MagicBright, which creates an optimal viewing environment, based on the the image you're watching. It also includes the MagicTune monitor config application, which makes it simple and convenient to tweak your screen's settings.

By now, you've probably experienced the frustration of pushing buttons on the front of your monitor to access the variety of onscreen menus to adjust its settings. Samsung has now created a software application that's designed to optimize all monitor settings, and is equipped with an intuitive GUI (Graphic User Interface) which includes many more features. MagicTune employs an advanced display technology, called the DDC/CI (Display Data Channel Command Interface) protocol, to control all monitor settings.

Colors on an LCD will adjust and will appear different to the average user when the system is changed, depending on the characteristics and performance settings of the system. MagicTune provides a Color Calibration feature that helps set the LCD monitor color to a default color standard. This feature simplifies the complex gamma correction process into a few simple steps, enabling you to enjoy the same optimized high quality color standard on every system.

What's in the Box
LCD monitor, power cable, VGA/D-Sub cable, software CD, printed user guide

Tech Talk

  • Response Time -- The amount of time it takes for a liquid crystal cell to from active (black) to inactive (white) and back against to active (black). It's measured in milliseconds (ms), and the lower the number the faster the response time--translating to a smoother picture with fewer pixilated or ghosted artifacts.
  • 19-inch LCD monitor ideal for gaming, multimedia and video applications
  • 5ms response time perfect for immersive 3D gaming and action-packed movies
  • 1440 x 900-pixel resolution, 300 cd/m2 brightness rating, and 700:1 contrast ratio
  • Inputs: 1 VGA
  • Tilting base; VESA compatibility for wall mounting

Customer Reviews:

  • Samsung Rocks!
    Bought two of these to complete my three monitor view. Both of the monitors arrived with no dead pixels and very clear. Of course, what would you expect from Samsung? These guys are good!...more info
  • Waw
    The quality exceeded our expectation. But the price was even better. *****
    Dale (Trinidad and Tobago)....more info
  • Awesome monitor
    The Samsung 920 NW is an amazing monitor. It looks great- black casing, sleek style- and the picture is very sharp. The colors are bright and vibrant, and it is very easy to use (pretty much plug and play- you can install the software if you want, but it was not necessary on my Vista computer). For the price (I paid around $160) you won't find anything better ANYWHERE....more info
  • Gift for father
    My father got this monitor as a gift. He told me he like it and he hasn't had any problems with it....more info
  • This Monitor Rocks!
    I recently purchased my Samsung SyncMaster 920nw and as of yet I am very pleased with it. My reason for purchasing this brand was the price, and I purchased another product manufactured by Samsung years ago for my mom and it lasted for years! Then to top things off Amazon shipped it to me really fast without me paying shipping. Great monitor, great price and I absoluted love the free shipping....more info
  • Very Poor Quality
    When I got this model, I thought there was something seriously wrong with it -- lack of clarity in the images, brightness and contrast poor even after much adjustment, etc. After several talks with Samsung support, I got a replacement. Same model and same problems. I believe that this is a low-end monitor, and it shows. No, it's not a problem with my video card, etc. I tried the monitors on another machine with excellent display on its own monitor. Same result -- very poor image and after awhile tired eyes and a headache. I'm sure -- or at least hope -- other Samsung models are better, but avoid this one. Hear good things about the ultra-sharp lcd Dell line....more info
  • Samsung 19 inch LCD monitor
    Great purchase. Compared all the other models, and Samsung's contrast is by far the best. Bright clear distinct picture at all times. Easy to use (user friendly) push buttons to change picture billiance at any time. Amazon's price was by far the best. ...more info
  • An amazing deal
    Samsung SyncMaster 920NW 19-inch LCD Monitor is amazing.
    I am a computer programmer and a developer. I constantly need to have two screens. My laptop screen is great for writing code and debugging but not that great for displaying content.
    The Samsung Syncmaster 920NW 19-inch LCD Monitor has amazing colors, LCD makes it so the picture is crystal clear.
    The price is relatively cheap and shipping comes in a nice packaging and is extremely fast.
    Besides the fact that the color on this thing are amazing, it can also tilt back and forth allowing you to sit closely when you are programming and relaxed far when you are watching a movie.
    It is worth every penny. Highly recommend!...more info
  • nice widescreen display
    Great product. I love the fact that it's widescreen so that I can watch a DVD through Windows Media Player on it and do my work on my laptop.

    Only thing I dislike about it (and this may be a DVI-to-VGA thing anyway) is that on my Mac, the pixel resolution quality is not as great as on the PC....more info
  • Great price, great moniter.
    For the price you can't beat this monitor. It was easy to install and the picture quality looks great. ...more info
  • Good, but not great
    I bought this monitor because I wanted a black 19 inch widescreen and this was one of only two I could find anywhere that didn't have one of those tacky glossy black bezels. I don't know what this trend is with making every single tech product as shiny as possible but to me the glossy black look is awful and I wish manufacturers would stop beating it to death and at least offer a normal matte black option for people who feel the same. That said, this monitor has a regular matte black bezel which looks great. Performance-wise it does the job very well. The picture is clear and looks sharp from a wide range of viewing angles. I only have two gripes with this monitor. One is just a matter of personal preference and the other is an unavoidable side-effect of using higher resolutions. First, the native resolution for this machine is 1440 x 900. This makes the image sharp, but on the tiny side. It's not so tiny that it's a huge issue, but it is smaller than I would prefer. None of the other resolutions are usable unfortunately, as they all result in image stretching or skewing. So while the 1440 x 900 res works fine, it will more or less be your only option and you will have to be comfortable with the smaller image and text size. What's interesting is that the instructions that come with it suggest setting the monitor to 1152 x 864, even though this is NOT the native resolution as advertised. While this resolution ALMOST works, it is not really a fit. You end up with larger, more appropriately-sized text and icons but the text appears slightly blocky and stretched, which I couldn't get used to. In the end I settled for the native res and dealt with things being slightly smaller. My other mini-gripe is that some lower quality images and videos that looked fine on my previous monitor now look pixelated and blocky. This is apparently because when lower resolution images are viewed on high resolution screens, it actually brings out the pixelation which may not have previously been visible. It's hard to hold this against the monitor though, since the same problem would have occured on any higher-res screen.

    All in all, it is a very nice monitor with an excellent picture, but does have a few flaws/minor annoyances which prevent me from giving it a higher rating....more info
  • Stay away from the Samsung...
    I purchased this item elsewhere. I was very dissapointed when I got it home though. I could only find one screen resolution which gave decent results, and even then the text was blurry on anything but a white background, and it had pink and green ghost images. All of the other screen resolutions gave blurry results. I tried installing the CD which did not make a difference. I've seen a handful of other bad reviews which state similar problems so it looks like i'm not alone. My computer is a custom built CAD station with an Nvidia Quadro video card. I also tried it on an older computer which gave much worse results....more info