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Litter Robot LRII Automatic Self-Cleaning Litter Box
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Product Description

The Litter Robot is the automatic, self cleaning litter box for cats 'that really works'. When your cat enters the litter chamber (globe) a weight activated sensor detects the presence of your cat. After 7 minutes a clean cycle starts with the slow rotation of the globe in a counter-clockwise direction. The rotation of the globe sifts and separates clumps from the clean litter (clumping litter) and deposits all waste in the large capacity drawer lined with a standard kitchen garbage bag. The globe then returns to its home position with a clean, level bed of litter ready for the next use. The Litter Robot has no rakes or wires to jam, clog, or break. Its simplicity and durable construction ensure a long life of service. The Litter Robot operates on 12VDC and is easy to set up - just add litter to the globe and plug it in. Backed by an 18 month warranty and 30 day money back guarantee on purchase price.

Customer Reviews:

  • From a 5 year owner
    I have owned one of these (LR-I) for 5 years now.
    Our 2 cats took to it fine. They love having a clean place
    to go every time.
    This is a great invention. I would have given it 5 stars but
    there are a couple things holding it back from perfection.

    Once a week drawer/bag cleaning.
    Once a month full inside cleaning.
    Pays for itself many times over saving on litter.
    Cats love having clean litter every time they go.
    Uses regular clumping litter.
    has lasted for 5 years. (but is starting to show its wear)
    Customer support gets 5 stars.
    Small non-corporate company who cares about their product
    and its customers.

    Smell can get semi bad (but so can all litter boxes)
    Can be hard to clean (interior of globe)
    electronics/sensor system has not been perfected.
    After 5 years, the globe sensor is starting to stop the globe
    at random times even after many cleanings and adjustments.
    I have to kick the thing at times to get it spinning again :)

    Over all, in my opinion this is the best solution out there
    for those searching for an easier way to deal with kitty litter.
    I was sick of dealing with messy standard boxes and this was
    the perfect answer.

    For those of you who are thinking of getting the self flushing/non-
    absorbing litter boxes, your cats will end up with "pee pee paws".
    This means after they pee in the non absorbing beads, they scratch to
    cover it and their fur soaks it up instead. I still think the Litter Robot
    is the best thing going. I am about to buy my second one.

    ...more info
  • Amazing peice of modern craftsmanship!
    Works just as it says it does. I find myself running into the other room just to watch it when it goes off. Invest in a nice litter absorbing rug to go in front of it (Petco sells a nice one also sold here Petmate Litter Catcher Mat Extra Large, Gray), because my cat jumps out fast and makes a mess. This thing saves you so much time it's well worth the price.

    I only had a problem with one of my two cats not taking to it well. She was a bit frightened of it at first so I would advise you to make sure it's not blocking the other litter box. Give them time to adjust and follow the initiation process in the manual and what other people have said online.

    Enjoy!!!...more info
  • Litter Robot
    This product saved our cats life-literally. My husband bought it as a last resort for our cat that peed elsewhere when her litter had one peice of poop in it. The company was great when the computer board on the front got wet. They replaced it with instructions at no charge. Now we just tape a piece of saran wrop over it in case of accidents. The two cats in our house use it with no problems. It is easy to keep clean and now I would not have a cat without one. It was well worth the money....more info
  • Maybe newest version works better... had V1 model.
    Well the inventor was always nice enough when I spoke to him years ago - around 2001 when I ordered one of these (the first run of them)... I spoke to him often unfortunately, because they hadn't planned on the amonia from the "waste" etching the board (brain) of the unit... so it failed often... I mean often... I replaced the main board maybe three times, the unit eventually exhausted my patience... I trashed it... It was mostly well made, customer service was nice (though the poor guy - I believe he was the original designer/inventor - was very very overwhelmed)... It seemed to work pretty well... though cleaning the inside of the tub was a PIA if it got "caked up" and needed a little freshening....

    anyway... hope the newest version has worked out the kinks... sorry that my initial investment funded it this for others (nothing against the "others")... hate wasting money....more info
  • Really Works
    I'am very happy with the Litter Robot.
    Took some time for my cats (3) to get use to it. Tried cat nip and putting a little food toward the back so they would get in. All using is now. So much cleaner and easy to change bag.
    A little expense but hopefully it will last for a very long time.
    Would not want to go back to a regular litter box that you have to scoop

    ...more info
  • Litter Robot is the BOMB! Wife, Cats, and I LOVE it!!!!!
    I was really getting fed up with our cats... I wouldn't even have cats if it wasn't for an ex-girlfriend who left me with one and my wife who brought hers into the family. At any rate, I still love the cats and especially my wife so I was at my wits end about what to do about their filthy litter box in which the smells and the cleanup was driving me absolutely f_ck*n crazy.

    Anyways, this litter box is the B O M B! Since we've had it, I haven't smelled a foul odor in the house once. It really REALLY REALLY works! (unlike those flat rake kind that get crudded up after only a little while)

    It probably saved my cats from having to find new homes (not really, but I was really frustrated with them, you have no idea, or maybe you do, in which case you need this).

    The cats are happy too. They always use the box now - no going outside the box like before. They are nicer and friendlier, even!

    Worth every penny. Don't even waste your time or money on anything else!...more info
  • Long time user - this is the best auto litter box out there
    I got the Litter Robot about 4 years ago for our 2 adult cats (I think ours is even the version before LRII). It was more expensive back then. Before this product we tried 3 other automatic litter boxes with horrible results. It makes me ill to think of all the $ we wasted! Our original black unit still works as good as new as long as I empty it every Saturday and do a bi-annual cleaning with bleach and the garden hose. I would recommend this product to any cat owner ONE THOUSAND PERCENT!

    I've read some other reviews about how it doesn't contain the smell or how they wish there was some safety device to keep cats out during cleaning. My box only smells when it needs to be emptied or if I don't put enough litter in. If you have more than 3 cats I'd consider getting two Litter Robots depending on your vigilance with emptying and adding litter. My cats would never go in it while its moving. And if your cat is not that smart and tries to get into the robot while its cycling...its a really dumb cat, but I cannot see how it could get hurt.

    You won't regret your purchase. This is one of the few purchases in my life that I have truly been pleased with....more info
  • Best Automated Litter Box, Paws Down
    If you have a cat that is not super picky about their litter box, and you hate to waste litter, run, do not walk over to the company's web site to order a unit. Unfortunately, Amazon's return policy doesn't match up with the company's more liberal return policy, and you will need the extra time to try to get your cat to use it if they are somewhat picky.

    There are a lot of complaints in reviews here about cats urinating on the waste drawer lid. You know those really difficult to open plastic packages with very rigid edges that are supposed to make shoplifting difficult but end up pissing off tons of people who bring the package home and find out they need to be a ninja to open up the package without cutting themselves? I'm kidding; I cut some rigid pieces of plastic off of one of those packages to create a stick that would poke my cat unless she went all the way inside the Litter Robot's globe, then duct-taped it to the outside. I had further plans to create another stick that curved inwards into the globe if she defeated my initial plan, but there was no need. It works like a charm with just a straight stick.

    Do not let the waste overflow the waste drawer. It gets very messy when that happens, as any waste that piles up scrapes the bottom of the globe, then smears across the globe when the Litter Robot cycles, making an even uglier cleanup job in its wake. Learn how frequently to empty the waste drawer, then stick to the schedule. For example, I found out that to be on the safe side, I should empty once a week. So I empty the night before garbage pickup on my street, and I check a couple days before that to be super safe. This is a huge improvement over the old litter box, as when it is done properly, I just open the waste drawer, grab the bag, seal it, and toss it.

    The seals tend to peel off on my unit, so I glued them back on, no big deal.

    I've noticed like others have that litter usage has gone way down. They aren't kidding when they say you will save 50-70% of your normal litter costs.

    My cat took to the Litter Robot with absolutely no difficulty, but we ordered from the company after researching the purchase because we were concerned she might choose to get picky about this because of the noise. I do recommend keeping a close eye upon how your cat uses it for the first few weeks, because I learned the hard way about urination into the waste drawer and only found out after a few days that my cat was partially hanging her butt out at first....more info
  • like most reviews
    I have debated and debated if it was worth the $300+ amount. I finally decidied that it was worth the money and decided to order.

    1- The are so FAST! I got it in 2 days. I ordered it, it was shipped the next day, and the following day I received it.

    2-I wasn't sure how much cat litter to put in, I'm guessing I put way too much, b/c when it went to rotate some litter went with it, but it was the 1st time so no big deal.

    3-Right after I set it up, and took the old litter box away, my cat went in and used it. She is very entertained by the rotation, I had to switch it on manual since she kept checking it out, just for fun. I've only had it for 2 days, but I am so grateful already.

    4-I ordered through the actual website ( They had a slip accessory, which I bought, which was already included, so that was frustrating. I recommend the litter extender thing, as for the fence, I decided to not put it on, It seemed like it would be harder for my cat to get in, b/c it blocked the entrance a bit. So that was also frustrating.

    5-Prices are too high, even the accessories. I mean with something that actually works and for it fitting the tool it works, but I still think it's a little steep.

    6-My cat as well jumps out when she is done, leaving litter scattered. My cat is only 10#'s and even tho she fits, it seems a little tight for her so I'm not sure how bigger cats accommodate. So I wish I would've got the bigger one they offer.

    Other than those few things, I think it works great. I got the grey it's a good color. I wish the button think would match a little bit better, but no big deal again.

    Hope this helps all you readers, I know I read enough
    7-...more info
  • Love it! Will never go without one again!
    I love this litter box! I have two older kittens who were deathly aftaid of this litter box at first but within 3 days and some treats were using it without any issues. I would reccommend this litter box to anyone who has multiple cats and/or just hates scooping. I wasn't sure if the sensor was working properly and called the customer service number and they were wonderful and helped with ideas to get the kittens used to the box. As long as I have cats, I will have this litter box!...more info
  • worth every penny
    I was apprehensive at spending over $300 but after doing a lot of research, this self-cleaning cat box appeared to be the best one out there. I have had it for about a month and have loved it since it arrived. I have 5 cats and only need to empty the "poop drawer" every 2 to 3 days, but that beats scooping 2 cat boxes every day like I used to do. I opted for the black litter robot because I thought it looked less industrial. It takes up about the same amount of space as my standard litter box, just a little taller. I was surprised at how quiet it is. The litter robot is in my home office and is more quiet than my fax machine. I would recommend this to anyone who has cats and is tired of scooping!!...more info
  • excellent
    Just recently got this. My new kitty was not big enough at first for the machine to activate and cycle automatically, but he grew fast and now the litter robot takes care of the daily cleaning for me. Before he was large enough to activate the machine, I would just turn off and then turn on and the machine would cycle. Tried fresh step litter at first and it worked ok, but did some reviews for litter and found Dr. Elsys litter which is clumping and very small granules and it works great. This is an expensive unit, but in my opinion it is well worth the money and would highly recommend the unit to others....more info
  • One Of The Best
    I have owned both the original Litter Robot and Litter Robot II. When I bought mine the only place it was available was from the manufacturer. Their business has steadily grown and now you can even get one of these here on Amazon!

    If you've never owned an automatic litter box before know two things. There is no such thing as the perfect litter box and all require some kind of maintenance. I have previously owned Littermaids & a Purrforma. Litter Robot is the most reliable product and the customer service and support is phenomenal! The waste drawer is easy to clean, it's reliable, the noise isn't bad, cleaning the globe is easy and most cats will probably take to it.

    There are some instances where this might not be for you. If you have a cat that doesn't turn around to urinate, urine can get all over the step, front panel and floor. I didn't used to have this problem but my oldest cat is big and almost 15. He doesn't squat like he used to. Your cat must weigh at least 5lbs to active the sensor. If your cat doesn't like hooded litter boxes, well you're probably not going to buy this anyway.

    Some recommendations are NOT to introduce this box and a new litter at the same time. I also would not recommend removing the old litter boxes. I have six cats and initially set this up next to their three existing boxes unplugged. After they explored it and seemed comfortable I turned it on and supervised their reactions. As I verified that more and more of my cats were using it, I gradually removed the other boxes one at a time. It also helped to not clean the regular boxes as often.

    I am glad I've owned three of these and will probably purchase another Litter Robot II later this year. The company offers a money back guarrantee (not sure what applies if ordering from Amazon) and has replacement parts readily available. For more info on this, other automatic litterboxes and litters check out Automatic Litterbox Central....more info
  • good kitty
    I bought the litter robot lr11 to make it easier on my wifes bad back cuz I do not do litter box"s at all!!!After getting it,My wife was thrilled on how great it is.Three happy cats also.I then went and purchase 3 more for family presents.Two daughters each 3 cats and a brother in bad health 1 cat.Everybody LOVES the robot.Little less noise in the middle of night and I would even be in LOVE. I told you I don"t do litter box"s John from Coral Springs ...more info
  • Litter-Robot ROCKS!
    We have 5 adult cats and were getting totally fed up with the mess and the smell using littermaid automatic litterboxes. The thing would jam or overflow and it always smelled. About once a year, we would have to replace it - $100 per year. We also seemed to waste a lot of litter, because the littermaid didn't sift the litter - it sometimes just dumped a whole bunch of clean litter in with the dirty.

    I read all the reviews here and on other sites and bit the bullet and bought a refurbished Litter-Robot on the company web site for $269. 60 day money-back guarantee.

    We've had it for 2 weeks and LOVE it!

    -- NO SMELL -- even standing right next to the unit
    -- USE LESS LITTER -- because of the sifting mechanism, the "hopper" has clumped waste lightly covered in litter - no clean litter clogging up the waste pan or going to waste.

    The thing requires virtually no set up - it comes in one giant box and you put the upper unit on the lower unit and plug it in. Our refurbished one didn't look at all used. Litter Robot LRII Automatic Self-Cleaning Litter Box, Beige

    We had zero problem introducing our 5 cats to it. They range from 1 to 5 years of age and are all former rescue-kittens. 2 of them are a little high-strung, so I thought we'd have to work at getting them comfortable, but no.

    My kitties love catnip, so as soon as I set the thing up, I sprinkled nip on the step and inside the unit. I put one piece of waste from the old box inside. They were definitely weireded out at first - especially the first time it cycled, but now they are pros. One of them likes to hang around while it cycles and tap the step so that it stops moving - just for fun, apparently.

    The price seems ridiculous at first, but I am so happy I took the plunge. No mess, no smell, less litter used. Awesome!...more info
  • Highly recommended! Best pet care investment I've ever made.
    I have owned the Litter Robot for about six months now (Oct. 2008). This is the first automated litterbox I've ever owned. I have two cats, both about 7 years old. One of my cats is very large -- not fat, exactly, but just a very big-boned cat. She had a hard time with our old covered litterbox because she could not sit upright inside it, and so her fur frequently became soiled near her tail.

    One of my concerns about the Litter Robot was whether my large cat would fit comfortably inside the unit, and this has turned out not to be a problem at all. She has plenty of room to maneuver inside the Litter Robot.

    Both of our cats adapted very quickly to the Litter Robot. In fact, there really was no training time at all. I simply added a little "old" litter to the top of the fresh litter in the new unit and then took away the old litterbox. Both cats immediately began using the Litter Robot with no problems. It took several weeks before they noticed the unit turn on and rotate, after which they spent several days "playing" with it, stepping inside and then running away to watch it cycle. During this time, they still used the box normally, also. Finally, they grew bored with the "game" and now ignore the Litter Robot's gyrations altogether.

    I absolutely love being able to empty the box just once per week. Recently, we had to leave town suddenly for eight days, and it was nice not to have to rely on the housesitter to deal with the litterbox. Instead, I was able to put a fresh bag in just before we left and feel confident I could leave it unattended for a week.

    Personally, I have not experienced any of the issues other owners have complained about. My cats never try to enter the box while it's cycling; we don't notice much odor at all from the unit (and, actually, the odor we have noticed is still FAR less than a conventional litterbox); and we don't notice that it's particularly noisy (though, granted, we have a large house and have the box located in a remote corner).

    My lone "complaint," and the reason I give the unit 4 stars instead of 5, is that I notice the waste material mainly falls into the back of the collection drawer and frequently soils the edge of the liner. This makes it all but impossible to remove the bag without getting my hands dirty. And I haven't figured out how to make the bag overlap the edge of the drawer and still be secured by the rubber grommet. However, this is a very minor complaint!

    All in all, I would recommend this product without hesitation to any cat owner who is tired of cleaning the litterbox. The Litter Robot performs flawlessly and has made my life much easier. I couldn't be more pleased with this investment. It's definitely the best pet care product I've ever purchased!...more info
  • the greatest thing since dark chocolate became a health food
    I purchased my litter robot because I am gone 5 days out of seven, and the neighboring teenager takes care of my cat. Sometimes in the past I have come home to hopelessly smelly litter. Now I come home to an odor-free home. And my pregnant daughter-in-law is so happy with hers, because she doesn't have to worry about toxoplamsosis.Litter Robot LRII Automatic Self-Cleaning Litter Box, Black...more info
  • It's Worth it!
    This little gizmo is worth the money. I had a little problem when i first started it up, but that was because i was used to filling the littermaid box and wasn't putting enough litter in it. I wish the instruction sheet had mentioned something about that. I found the reason reading blogs and reviews about it. Cats (I've 2) took to it right away, in a couple days they stopped using the littermaid entirely. One cat refused the littermaid as soon as the litter robot had litter in it. the other helped me assemble the litterRobot but it took her several days to figure out she should put her head out the door not her tail-end. ...more info
  • No more stinkey litter box
    I have just been using the litter robot for the past month but so far couldn't be happier with it. I have two large, middle-aged cats (14 and 16 lbs) and despite having never used a closed litter box before they have adapted fine. I just set up the LR and threw their old box away. They took to it right away. I have mine running 24 hours a day. It is in the next room, and though I wouldn't want to share a room with it, I can no longer hear it run. Only complaint is that my cats do like to dig so there is a signifgant amount of litter spillage though no worse than with my former open top litter box. I use a litter box mat to help with this just as I did before. ...more info
  • GREAT PRODUCT. Simplify your life and save money.
    I've been using the litter robot for several years. It has functioned incredibly well. The robot is easy to set up. Litter box odor is almost unnoticable with this product. I usually only empty the waste once a week or every other week. It is also very economical and probably uses less than 1/3 the amount of litter of a regular box. It also sifts the litter after each use therefore the cat is never exposed to dirty litter. I only add more litter once or twice a month because it is so efficient. The only problem I had was I have one cat who will not use it. She is an older cat and set in her ways so I still keep a regular litter box also. I use the tall kitchen bags to replace the bags when used. I have never had to scrub the interior of the box because it is so efficient. This is a great product....more info
    One problem I have with the litter robot site is, it states the litter robot is less expensive to operate because you need no special litter or special receptacles, Well as anyone who has owned a littermaid knows you can line the recepticles with plastic bags, great use for all those grocery bags laying around, And I use the cheapest available clumping litter in it with no problems whatsoever. So in reality the litter robot costs exactly the same to operate as the littermaid.

    Yeah the littermaid is not perfect you still have to scoop out the small stuff it misses, Same with litter robot just less often,

    I have researched and used both products thoroughly. The litter robot usually lasts around 5 years, The littermaid around 3,If taken good care of. My opinion is that at one third of the price you can buy 3 littermaids for the same amount of money and they will last you about twice as long as 1 litter robot....more info
  • Warning: No 90 day return policy at Amazon
    When you buy this product, you are at the mercy of your cat(s). They may not take to this litterbox, and Amazon may not want your dirty litterbox back. Checkout their return policy.

    If you surf over to and click on the guarantee tab, you might find the text following the review. But it's deceiving at best. It indicates that you get a 90 day guarantee, return it if you don't like it. However if you delve farther into their website and read the fine print, your stuck with your retailers return policy. On top of that they incorrectly quote Amazon's return policy. Amazon doesn't want your dirty litter box back. Also keep in mind the return cost. Your looking at $80 UPS ground. Amazon might pick up the tab, but the policy suggests otherwise.

    If your cats like the litter-robot, the return policy doesn't matter. However, if your cats are like mine, they will take a long time to try it, and they may not use it consistently. Preferring the floor over the litter-robot.

    Beyond the misleading return policy of litter-robot, the product itself is fine. No complaints about it's quality. I really wish my cats had taken to it.

    Amazon has always treated me well, this case is no different. However litter-robot confuses the purchase process with their misleading website content.


    90 day money back guarantee!

    Purchase the Litter-Robot(tm) as a gift with added convenience of a 90 day trial period.
    Try the Litter-Robot in your home and experience the freedom from litter scooping. You are protected by our 90 Day Money-Back Guarantee.
    If you or your cats are not fully satisfied, for any reason, simply return the Litter-Robot within 90 days for a refund....more info
  • An amazing robot!
    I hate to be one of those people that just mimics everyone else, but hell, I love this robot. I've only had it five days, but am completely sold. I've been holding on to the box in case I had to return it, but the box is going into the trash today! I was a little apprehensive about our cats using it, but with two adult cats and a kitten in the house, and me being gone during the day, I had to find an alternative to smelly litter boxes which seemed to require constant, unending cleaning - so I took a risk. I set the robot up, using the same litter which I had been using ("World's Best Cat Litter"), and let the cats watch me hook it up. They were quite curious, as I expected. I put Julius the kitten inside the globe (hey, he's a kitten, and happy with anything I do), and he started scratching at the litter and used it immediately. I left the old litter pan right next to the robot, and the older cats, while curious, weren't going in to the robot, and insisted on using the open pan (of course, this was only in the first two days - I can be a little impatient). After doing a little more reading, I decided to switch the litter to "Dr. Elsey's Cat Attract Litter" - this stuff is apparently used to attract reluctant cats into the box. I was skeptical, but the reviews were good - so I bought some. I had barely opened the package before one of the adults ran over and tried to dig the stuff out of the bag. Wow! Long story short, I put the new litter in the robot, and within a few hours all of the cats were using the robot - I kid you not. I let the open pan sit for one more day (unused) and then took it away. The cats have been using the robot exclusively for two days now, without a problem. I smell nothing, and see nothing - except for an always clean litter box. I've taken the advice of some other reviewers, and put some litter crystals in the bag in the bottom of the tray, to help with potential odor (I hadn't smelled anything anyway, but I figured it couldn't hurt). I also bought a box of "odor blocking" 13 gallon plastic bags for a few bucks. The unit is not very noisy (more of a loud "hum"), but because I am a very light sleeper, I put the robot in an unused guest room, as it would probably wake me. I can't even hear it from a very short distance away. I love this device so much, that I'm thinking of getting a second one for the bedroom (which I may leave off during the night). It is expensive, yes, but put it this way - I haven't held a litter scooper in my hand in five days, there's no more smell and litter kicked all over the place, and I've even reclaimed my own bathroom! For all that, this robot is well worth it. Plus, if you're really bored, you can run in and watch it when it goes off. I'm still finding it entertaining, and it's cheaper than Netflix.

    UPDATE: Ok, had this for a few weeks now, and still love it. I can't believe all these years I've suffered with a litter box when this was out there. God bless the internet. Seriously, folks, this is genius. I don't mean to gush, but I've always hated litter boxes, as they're the worst part of cat ownership - but now it's like I don't even have a litter-box. I may even get another cat. Uh-oh....more info
  • Great Litter Robot
    I was skeptical but it really is a wonderful invention. The old cat started using it when I took the other litter box away. I had spent a week letting her old box get a bit dirty and I kept placing her in the new one. She would just hop out even though I put some of her dirty litter in there. Wasn't sure what she'd do without the old litter box but she took to the new one. So great that there is no more litter scooping and I empty the tray once a week. Very easy. It is big and my place is small but it fits next to the washing machine. Very pleased and it is worth the price. Also, she used to be very fussy and mess alongside the old litter box even when it was clean. I don't have that problem anymore. Actually, I am ecstatic and she seems happy, too.

    March 20 '09 Update: sorry to say that she started urinating everywhere so I had to limit her to one room. Then I went to the mountains where she used a pan litter box and when we came back she would only urinate on the step of the litter robot. It is now in storage and I'm back to using an open pan litter box. When we go back to the mountains I'll bring the litter robot and try it with her in the garage. I've spent a fortune on urine-eater enzymes. ...more info
  • litter robot
    Ok so far this product is working great. There were no problems with the set up. This is a far superiour litter box compared to the Litter Maid's (rake Style). I have two cats and one is 18pounds and yes he does fit. It took him the longest to learn to use it, But both cats seems to use it great. And the great knews is when I went out of town for 10 days the cat sitters didnt screw it up. Even they seem to be able to pull the draw out to dump the litter without screwing anything up. So Far so Good....more info
  • Works well as long as you do your (small) part
    I have only had two problems with mine (I've had it over a year).

    One, sometimes the sensing mechanism doesn't sense the cats. Cause: I've let the litter get low, and the unit doesn't see enough weight to recognize the cat. Solution: Add litter to where it's supposed to be. The problem is either that, or the box has shifted so that a foot slipped off a piece of 1/16" board I put under it (to keep litter out of an air duct), causing pressure (weight sensing) to be uneven. My fault, since it doesn't shift in normal use; I probably slid it some when emptying it.

    Two: Waste getting stuck in the exit hole and then either jamming the mechanism (which has a strain sensor to avoid hurting a cat) or tracking waste around the globe. Cause: The waste container is full. And more than just full - it's heaping up into the globe exit hole. Solution: Empty the box when it needs it. It only needs it once a week with my three cats.

    Some people have commented that the bin is small. It holds a whole lot more than any other self-cleaning box (other than a self-flusher). I have three cats and the box will last a week easily.

    Some people have reported that it stops working with lights flashing. They need to either call customer service or Read The Manual. It explains the codes and how to solve the problem (which is usually simple).

    Some people have commented on the cats needing to step on the step to trigger the mechanism. This person probably didn't have the unit very long, because this is not the case. The mechanism senses weight anywhere. My cats trigger it by jumping on top (and the unit will not run until they get off, for obvious safety reasons). It is more sensitive to the step due to levering action - the sensor is in a foot on that end. My cats usually step in, but they jump out over the step; this scatters a little more litter than usual, but it's no big deal.

    Some people commented on damage to property because their cats didn't use the box. These are probably also the type of people who toss their kids into the deep end of the pool to teach them how to swim. And they are the type of people who do not take suggestions, even from the manufacturer of the product. In short, you just need to give the cats time to adjust. Give the cats both types of boxes until they are using the new one. They will tend to come to like the new one better because it stays clean.

    Some people commented on the high price to return it if you don't like it. (Please don't exaggerate the cost - it's $25-$50, not "more than the unit") Yes, that's a problem. This was the cause of my hesitance. It's a large item. It costs a lot to ship. Guess what - all the other litter boxes on Amazon are the same way, and some are worse because you also have to ship supplies. If you don't like the unit, sell it on Craigslist to somebody local (so the buyer doesn't have to pay shipping either). I'd buy it from you as a second one. But if you give it a fair try, you, and your cats, will probably like it. Warranty support includes shipping.

    Compared to others:
    Pro: It does not use special disposal containers. You can use whatever bags you want. Even used grocery bags. The storage container is reasonably odor-tight, so keeping used litter in it for a week isn't a problem.
    Pro: It has a built-in cover. Yes, it's part of the way the Litter Robot works, but many boxes charge extra for the cover. This reduces the amount of litter that gets scattered around.
    Pro: It uses a jam-free problem-free technique exactly the same as some manual-rotation boxes. And it's also essentially the same as a box that has a strainer layer - it drops all the litter through a strainer grid then returns the litter to the basin. Almost EVERY other box uses tines in some way. Tines tend not to catch small pieces. Tines tend to get stuff stuck between them. Tines tend jam. Tines can bend and become dangerous. Worse, tines can stick briefly and fling waste products around the room at high speeds. The Litter Robot doesn't use tines. (As a note, the most popular tine-based box design, the one that has to rake through the box, needs a very strong motor; those boxes tend to burn out motors but they have a relatively short warranty.)

    Con: It can't work with small kittens or very light cats. They need to be at least five pounds to weigh enough to be sensed. Or you can leave it turned off and treat it as a manually-switched powered litter box until they get bigger; it's a decent-size box on its own.
    Con: It can't be used with very large cats. Cats over 15-20 pounds may have trouble turning around, though naturally-large cats tend to do better than overweight ones.
    Con: It uses electricity. A small power transformer that plugs in nearby that doesn't pose any risk to the cats, but it means you need to have power available. I put the unit right next to the outlet with the extra cord tied up, so the cats aren't likely to unplug it. In the past 14 months, they have only unplugged it a couple of times. Though nothing is hurt by that - it just falls to being a regular covered litter box until it's plugged back in.

    Neutral: It uses litter. Generic clumping litter, but it uses it. That's a cost. So? It's less cost than getting some special cleaning solution like the self-flushers use. In addition, they usually need replacement pellets anyway, and they're expensive. It also means litter may get scattered on the floor. Again, the others usually do the same, only with more expensive replacements.

    (Note to those who think they have a short warranty - it's 18 months. A year and a half. Amazon just has a 30-day satisfaction warranty, but the full warranty is longer than anything comparable.)...more info
  • Best Litter Box Ever
    This is the best litter box we've ever owned. It basically does all the work for you. I have two cats who took to it right away. I empty the drawer about every 6-7 days and don't have any problems with litter odor like the old box which I had to scoop twice a day just to keep the laundry room odor-free. I think the litter stays cleaner too than it did in the old scooped out box. The screen seems to really sift out the smaller particles very well and dump then into the drawer so only the clean litter is left. The only thing I would put on my wish list for this litter box would be a flap for the opening. My bigger cat is a very aggressive digger and he kicks the litter right out of the opening so I have to sweep up in front of the box almost every day (at least it's clean litter though). You won't regret purchasing this box - it will definately make having indoor cats much more pleasant....more info