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Master Lock 1534D Password Plus Combo Lock in Blue, Yellow, Orange, Red or Silver (Colors Vary), 1-Pack
List Price: $11.40

Our Price: $6.00

You Save: $5.40 (47%)


  • 4 extra wheels for more password options
  • Soft-touch dials
  • No-slip grip
  • Easy to read black on white letters/numbers
  • Set-your-own 3-letter/1-digit combination for thousands of combination options

Customer Reviews:

  • Not the quality or convenience I was expecting!
    I agree with the last review. I bought it to keep the kids out of the chicken house. This lock falls apart easily and can change to a combination you don't know. This happened twice in the first few times. The idea that you can set your own word combination is appealing but the pitfalls far outweigh this one benefit. ...more info
  • letter/number combo lock
    I wish that additional letter wheels had been included with the lock instead of additional number wheels. You are limited in the words that you can use by the fact that certain letters are on the same wheel and can't be used. Otherwise the lock works fine....more info
  • It needs more letters
    This is a fantastic product. It's very robust and well made. I could use another set of letter wheels, but if you can't find a combination with a reasonable four letter word, you're not trying hard enough. Not that I should complain - mine's currently using all numbers....more info
  • Junk
    Bought 2 of these, set the combinations and tested them, and two weeks later neither will open. They will have to be cut off and replaced with something that works....more info
  • Easy to use & secure.
    The lock is super easy to set up and easy to remember your combination. OK it won't be a long word but at least YOU set it up and change the combination anytime you need to. it is NOT a SUPER high security lock (not recommended for locking your store front gate or your bike but the lock can't be slim jim open. You need the combination to open AND CLOSE the lock (not a snap lock) The to set the combination, remove the cap where the shackle goes into the lock, the wheels will come out and place in the new combination with the assorted wheels. can be combine with other Master Lock 1534D Wheels of different colors if you choose to do so (assuming that you have purchase other color locks)...more info