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Audio-Technica ATH-ANC7 QuietPoint Active Noise-Cancelling Headphones
List Price: $219.95

Our Price: $179.00

You Save: $40.95 (19%)


Product Description

The Audio Technica ATH-ANC7 headphones are lightweight, compact headphones that effectively reduce distracting background noise by up to 85% while offering the superior audio quality that has made Audio Technica a worldwide leader in electro-acoustic technology. Ideal for use with MP3, CD, DVD & in-flight entertainment systems, ATH-ANC7 QuietPoint closed-back headphones feature large-aperture 40 mm drivers with neodymium magnet systems for deeper bass, extended treble and higher fidelity. Noise-cancelling electronics are fully integrated in each earpiece, with no need for external modules. A single AAA battery powers the active noise-cancelling technology; the audio functions in passive mode even without the battery. ATH-ANC7 QuietPoint headphones fold flat for easy portability. They include a detachable cable (remove for noise-cancelling function without audio) with 3.5 mm mini-plugs, a full-size 1/4 inch adapter, a specialized airline adapter for connecting to in-flight entertainment systems, and a handy carrying case.

  • ATH-ANC7 QuietPoint active noise-cancelling headphones effectively reduces environmental noise by up to 85% with or without audio
  • Ideal for travel and use with MP3, CD, DVD and in-flight entertainment systems
  • Provides superior audio quality with 40mm drivers with neodymium magnet systems in each earpiece for deeper bass, extended treble and higher fidelity
  • Fully integrated active noise-cancelling technology - no external modules needed
  • Includes a detachable cable with 3.5 mm mini-plugs, a full-size adapter, a specialized airline adapter and a handy carrying case

Customer Reviews:

  • almost perfect
    i love these
    only problem is that they leak sound
    but they are also only about 150$, so it's worth it to me...more info
  • comfortable!
    I bought them to help with studying since it can get quite noisy outside my apartment (I live on a busy street) and there's always construction going on.

    They aren't as great as I had expected but they do the job. It blocks most of the construction and traffic outside, with a few exceptions. However, it does nothing for voices - I can hear pretty much a muffled version of it.

    Turning on the noise-cancelling feature actually *enhances* music - it makes it sound richer, more alive. I hear things I hadn't heard before!!

    My only complaints have to do with size. It is a pretty bulky headphone. You definitely cannot wear them to sleep, which I've tried to do many times to drown outside noises. You *can* sleep with them on, as long as you're a back sleeper.

    Some have complained about discomfort - I have a fairly small head and small/average ear size and have never had any problems. I have the band at the shortest setting, and have never had discomfort around the ears. In fact, the material that makes up the cups is uber soft and cushy :) However, if worn for extended periods of time they can get uncomfortably warm...

    Overall, I am very pleased with this product. If only they made this in a bluetooth version then no wires!!!!...more info
  • Strong sound for a low price!!!
    Compares nicely to the Bose headphones, but has a much better price. I bought off Amazon as a refurb at $80 and was very satisfied and looked and worked like brand new!!!...more info
  • Good Noise Cancelling, could use more base
    I bought this becuase it was a third the price of the Bose noise cancelling headphones, and for the price I think it was a pretty good deal.

    The sound quality is good and the noise cancelling is really good but I would have hoped for more base response for an over the ear headphone....more info
  • Bliss... I'm going to marry them
    Just what I had expected..
    Super super headphones they are..

    Noise canceling is too good..

    The only drawback.. is that they are slightly uncomf for my head..
    The band hits the top of my head a little too much..

    But thats the smallest of the issues..

    I bought them for $120.. Excellent at that price...more info
  • What Happened to the $93.00 price? But Still a Great Value
    I bought these in early January '09 using Amazon Prime for $93.00. They were then a great alternative to Bose both is quality and price. Unfortunately I've see the "sale" price crumble. They certainly are worth the current price but geez louise I guess if you see something you like on sale these days you'd better pull the trigger and buy.

    As I sit here in a coffee shop I am certainly enjoying the fact the the piped in music and other patrons noise are brought way down and I can enjoy Hulu or my own music. I'm not a big fan of closed earphones, but under conditions where background noise is an issue it is this or in-ear, ear canal phones. Ear canal headphones of course do better in noise reduction but inserting those in your ear canals are a bit of a pain, and the optional in-line microphone device is pretty geeky.

    So, in the end the ATH-ANC7 are still a sweet deal even at the current pricing when compared with Bose. I think Bose may have better noise reduction but issue a sound that is over-processed to my ear. The bass of the ATH-ANC7's are tighter. I'm not a "bass head" I like my sound balanced, but if the bass is there the ATH-ANC7 has it over the Bose IMHO.

    You can, by the way, use the ATH-ANC7 without battery. But you will prefer the sound reduction on even in quiet places because I think they sound better with the power switch in the "on" position....more info
  • A mixed bag...
    First off, for people who are considering buying this now, be aware that most of the reviews on this product were written back when these were around $125. At $188, they aren't as good of a deal as they used to be.

    First, the good things:
    -Sounds great with noise-cancelling on or off. Better when it's on, but it's just fine off. More detailed than the bose, less bass bloat. For a noise cancelling headphone, the sound quality is definitely above average.
    -Comes with a very nice carrying case and various adapters for different sized plugs.
    -Active noise cancelling works very well. Will not get rid of high sounds, but all low sounds like engine noise on a car or airplane will disappear.
    -Runs on AAA batteries, and it has an on/off switch for the noise cancelling, which is a nice advantage over the Bose.

    Now, the bad:
    -It's pretty heavy and space consuming for a headphone. It's much bigger than the bose, and this can be a real pain if you're trying to fit it into an already full bag, say for traveling.
    -The comfort on these aren't too bad, but after an hour or so of listening I need to take a break. It feels comfortable when you first put them on, but after a while you feel a cramping sensation. Also, the fabric on the underside of the circular padding is rather rough, and it can irritate after a while.
    -There is a buzzing that occurs once in a while if you have the noise cancelling on. Several other reviewers have commented on this. This did not bother me, but my friend who tried it could not stand the noise.
    -This is purely personal, but I think these look AWFUL. Especially compared to the Bose, which is much smaller. Search on youtube for some reviews of these, maybe you will agree, maybe not.

    Overall, if these were priced at 125 again, I would buy again. At 188, it's just not worth it. ...more info
  • Great headphones.
    Did the research and I am glad I bought these, instedad of Bose. More quality for less price, can't beat that....more info
  • Disappointing
    When I put this product on my ears, my ears get stuffed up like I'm on an airplane. Plus, I don't understand the noise canceling function. When I turn it on, I can still hear everything going on around me, except my music turns off. If noise cancelling means turning off my music I could have done that without spending all this money....more info
  • Excellent for Music Mixing
    Note: the only reason I did not give this a five-star rating was that I have not tried these phones while flying, so I cannot judge the noise-cancelling option.
    That said...
    These phones ROCK!
    When mixing music (Pro Tools LE), these are almost as good as some of the best nearfield monitors.
    The frequency range is mind-blowing!
    LOW lows and HIGH highs.
    Aside from mixing, I have also used these phones on my iPod.
    I've heard these songs over and over with other headphones...but when I started using the Audio-Technica ATH-ANC7, I heard instruments and backing vocals I'd NEVER heard before.
    Worth the price...actually, better than some other brands at twice the price (I tried out several other high-end phones that lacked the dynamics these do)....more info
  • Solid hearing protection
    I bought these headphones several months ago and use them primarily while mowing grass. I use the headphones with my MP3 player while sitting atop a 20-HP, zero-turn mower - for hours. They do an excellent job of canceling the constant noise of the mower engine and I am able to hear my music quite clearly with the MP3 player volume set around a quarter to half volume. On the occasion I forget to charge my MP3 player, the headphones still do an excellent job of protecting my ears from the very close and very loud engine. After a few hours, they can get a little warm around the ears but the hearing protection makes it well worth it....more info
  • Excellent Product and Value
    I've had this headset for 3 months now and used it on an airplane this past week. It worked very well at reducing the ambient noise. The sound quality is great and the battery life impressive (at least 30 hours so far on one AAA battery). The fit over my ears is comfortable and (I think) better than other noise canceling headphones that do not fit completely over the ears.

    I highly recommend it based on the quality, performance, and reasonable price. ...more info
  • Great Headphones
    After trying many headphones, including Bose and Sony, the Qudio-Technica ATH-ANC7 were the most comfortable (I have a small head) for me. Have not tried it on long air flights yet, but expect them to be do well. ...more info
  • Terrific for the price
    In looking to replace another set, I drifted towards the Bose, as always. But since I thought it prudent to be able to keep food on the table and a roof over our heads, found this price range, read the reviews, and love them!

    If there is a criticism, as others have stated, it is the length of the cord, not the sound or quality. They do have the ability to knock out all sound, and since I use them primarily on the computer or the Stereo, which shares a room with the TV, they work, and work beautifully! For less than $ 100 you have an excellent set of headphones.

    If and after I win the State Lottery, I might buy a set of Bose to compare, until then, more than happy with this purchase....more info
  • Great headphones
    I purchased these in anticipation of two long business trips and was very satisfied with the performance. These headphones work well; the sound quality is quite good and the noise reduction is very noticeable. During one of the flights, a colleague and I traded headphones (he has the Bose QC2) to compare them. He could not tell the difference between the two; I thought the Audio-Technica headphones were marginally better. I'd definitely recommend them!
    What would I want to know before purchase?
    I had no problem with sound leakage, whether I was wearing them at home while on the computer or on the airplane. The cups on the headphones are smaller than other headphones I've worn; they were not uncomfortable for me but if your ears are big, you might have a comfort problem.
    The reason for 4 stars rather than 5?
    I wish they were even quieter........more info
  • Headphone
    Seems to be a well constructed product. Headphones are comfortable and sound is good. Noise cancelling is excellent....more info
    I wish I were able to post a video review -- that way you could hear the HORRIBLE sound leakage on these things. I'm sure someone will take care of that for me, however. Just watch for it on this site.

    BESIDES that, the bass is non-existent, and the maximum volume is not-so-maximum. It's kind of like something you'd buy at Dollar Tree...truly a joke. Whoever had good things to say about these ATs is either easily impressed (that can't be right -- those odds are too slim) or the Audio Technicas are put together in VERY inconsistent manners (much more like it). Don't take the chance.

    Now off to spend more time and money deciding whether to go with Beats or Bose. Wish me luck....more info
  • Most other reviews have got it right
    Very good bang for you buck. Excellent sound quality and great bass. Very comfortable to wear for extended periods of time. Sturdy construction and very convenient carrying case. The "passive noise cancelling" is expectedly good just by nature of the over ear design. The active noise cancelling does a great job of getting rid of constant background noise but barely has an effect on intermittent noises. A few examples:

    Refrigerator 20 feet away: completely cancels
    Aquarium pumps 10 feet away: completely cancels
    Pellet stove 5 feet away: almost but not quite complete cancellation
    Laptop noise 2 feet away: completely cancels
    Basketball bouncing outside in street: passive cancellation only
    Human voice 5 feet away: passive + small active cancellation
    Dog barking 3 feet away: passive cancellation only

    Conclusion: If you expect absolute silence when wearing a pair of noise cancelling headphones then keep looking. If you'll be happy with a pair of headphones that do a good (but not perfect) job of noise cancelling and have great sound quality at a very reasonable price then look no further....more info
  • Excellent Value for Price
    I am an older man (63) with a slight hearing loss in my right ear, tinnitus, and the general loss of sensitivity to higher frequencies common to the aging body. I did my homework on numerous high end, noise canceling headphones and found that I could not notice any appreciable benefit to me from phones selling for five times the price of this Audio-Technica model. There was one idiosyncrasy with the removable phone cable. It does not work well if one tries to use the right angle connector on the phone's body and should be plugged only into the audio source. The advertising of "up to" 85% noise canceling ability seems true as stated, but I don't believe that mine reaches that level. In the home environment in which I use the product, the exact figure is irrelevant and I feel that I received an excellent product for my money. ...more info
  • excellent Product
    This headset's sound cancellation capability easily beats Bose. The sound quality is at leat comparable to Bose if not better.

    The box is thicker than that of Bose; there can be improvements on the box such as zip openning and detachable strap would be nice.

    It is more flexible than Bose that you can use is with or with cancellation. With Bos eyou cannot....more info
  • intolerable crackling
    I ordered these earphones with high hopes after reading so many positive reviews. The sound quality was great, but soon after putting them on, I started getting a periodic crackling or buzzing sound that was really irritating. It happened at irregular intervals, and at varying volume, setting my nerves on edge. I sent the headphones back to Audio-Technica, asking for a replacement pair. The second pair arrived two days ago, and guess what -- same problem!!! I will be returning this pair also, and requesting a full refund. ...more info
  • Eerie
    eerie quiet - like:

    Dave Bowman: Open the pod bay doors, HAL.
    HAL: I'm sorry Dave, I'm afraid I can't do that.
    Dave Bowman: What's the problem?
    HAL: I think you know what the problem is just as well as I do.
    Dave Bowman: What are you talking about, HAL?
    HAL: This mission is too important for me to allow you to jeopardize it.
    Dave Bowman: I don't know what you're talking about, HAL?
    HAL: I know you and Frank were planning to disconnect me, and I'm afraid that's something I cannot allow to happen.
    Dave Bowman: Where the hell'd you get that idea, HAL?
    HAL: Dave, although you took thorough precautions in the pod against my hearing you, I could see your lips move.
    HAL: Just what do you think you're doing, Dave?

    ya - that kind of eerie quiet. buy these headphones with confidence....more info