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Sony SA-W2500 Performance Line 100 Watt Subwoofer
List Price: $140.00

Our Price: $79.00

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Product Description

bass-reflex (ported) enclosure * video-shielded * 10" woofer * amplifier power: * 60 watts (rated at 28-200 Hz, 1% THD) *

Feel the power of 100 amplified watts of pure bass. The Sony SA-W2500 Performance Line Subwoofer makes music come alive and elevates the movie-watching experience to theater-like levels. For cinematic effects, crank up the bass and let the 10" mica-reinforced cellular woofer and advanced bass reflex design do the rest.

  • 100 Watt Amplified Subwoofer
  • 10 Mica Reinforced Cellular Woofer
  • Motion Feed Back Technology
  • Speaker and Line Level Inputs
  • Frequency Response 28-200Hz

Customer Reviews:

  • Wow, it's amazing !
    What a difference a subwoofer can make.
    I rate 4 star because the refurbished one
    is not as new as described. But it works really great when I hooked
    it with my YAMAHA HTR-6030SL!
    ...more info
  • Looks solidly built but I have it turned to MAX
    I bought this to give my system a little bit more punch and it seems to be just that a "little". I may be doing something wrong but I think its set right. I would appreciate any help. I have a TX-304 reciever and set Speaker config to include sub woofer and I set crossover to 200HZ in reciever. I turned the sub woofer level to MAX and crossover to MAX 200hz too. I put phase switch to normal (reverse seems to be same)the reciever has the bass tone level set to max +10db and double bass feature turned on but woofer does not seem to rumble like I expected. I used subwoofer pre out line in. Thank you NOTE: its 100W not 150W like item title states
    ...more info
  • Simply Incredible
    I just got this subwoofer and wow! The bass is deep and clear, it makes a nice rumble. For the cost of the item, you get double if not triple that back in sound quality. It is not too big and bulky like some woofers tend to be.

    If you want a great subwoofer for your home theater system, this is the one to buy. Amazing bass for music and movies. This is a must have subwoofer for home audio.

    Also recommended: Sony SS CR-3000 surround system....more info
  • Great Christmas Present!

    I got this as a christmas present and hooked up to my cheap RCA home theater system...and it sounds great! I love turning the bass level all the way up. When i do this the whole house vibrates. Overall, it is a very good subwoofer especially for the price!...more info
  • GREAT buy, w/ some work...
    I bought this sub from best buy. Let me first say, this was already a good buy. The product for the money is outstanding considering the price of most standalone subs. The output is more than capable of really ticking off all the neighbors and works fine with my Yamaha RX-V363 receiver and hodge podge of other satellite speakers (old JBL G200 fronts, JBL S36AWII rears, and Infinity P162 center).

    For movies, this sub does just what it's supposed to, rocks the room with action. For music, though, the sub INITIALLY lacked. The response wasn't quite as tight as I would have liked, BUT this was easily fixed by noting that the sub was sitting on carpet.

    This means that the sub was sliding around on the carpet and rebounding into it. This can create a damped signal at such low frequencies due to the slow vibration interacting with the soft carpet. Therefore, I went down to home depot and got a plank of poplar, some long screws for spikes, and some rubber feet. I affixed the rubber feet to the top of the board, and drove the screws through from the top to make sturdy spikes on the bottom. And voila, you have a homemade speaker stand to set your sub on without spending more than ten bucks and without so much as scuffing your new sub. This isolated the sub from the carpet perfectly, and eliminated the muddiness when listening to music.

    Then I noted that the sub was making this awful rattle at one particular frequency. Again, this was easily fixed by noting that if you place the sub too close to the wall, the air coming out of the port rattles the plastic on the back of the speaker against the control panel (also on the back, but a separate plastic panel). Sony guarded against this by placing pads between the two, but mine still rattled.

    So I put my sub in the middle of the room, played a song that made it rattle continuously on every bass beat when it was in the corner, and slowly backed it closer to the wall. When it started to rattle at moderate to high volume, I knew that was too close. My solution was to have the sub back up to a corner rather than flush to a wall, this worked fine.

    Finally, those of you who have had problems with the sub shutting off at low volumes, just turn off the power save feature in the back, and it will stay on continuously.

    If you follow these steps, you can get a sub that easily matches a [...] product [...]....more info
  • Great Bass Great Price
    This is my secondary surround system in my family room and it's more than enough to fill an 18x22 room using a low end Sony receiver....more info
  • Great sound and value
    For my setup I have two SSF-5000s for the fronts, two SS-MB100Hs on stands for the rears, a Sony SA-W2500 for the woofer, a Sony SS-CN5000 for the center, and a 525 watt Yamaha RX-V463 to power them all.

    These SA-W2500 is exactly what I was looking for in a subwoofer. It has thumping bass and lots of low end frequencies. There are controls for Cutoff Frequency, Level, Phase, and Power Save. The Power Save feature turns off the subwoofer when the input drops below a certain volume for a specific amount of time (I don't know what volume or how long). I find this feature annoying because in low-volume situations, it flicks on and off pretty frequently. This is the only issue I have with this sub woofer.

    The SA-W2500 is a great buy for the price....more info
  • Small Super Sub
    I read a lot of reviews before I settled on this Sony Sub. I have it hooked up to a Denon 600 W receiver as part of a 7 speaker surround sound system. It is in a 24X14 room with 15 foot wood ceilings and medium carpet. All of that makes a difference to sound quality. Given these specs, the Sony performs really well. I like the adjustable sound controls in the back and the auto power off is a great feature. It has performed perfectly so far in regards to live concerts, movies, and plain HDTV viewing. It could be pushed a little harder but the vibration is a little much to take. ...more info
  • great but .
    its a great subwoofer;
    but how do you install it with two rear speakers?...more info
  • Forget the Cheap Price - Good Subwoofer
    I purchased the Sony Sub specifically b/c it was cheap and had good reviews. I must say I was not disappointed. I purposly waited a little while after I received it so that I wouldn't still be in the "honeymoon phase" of the purchase.

    I am using this sub as a compliment to my outdoor system. It is not specifically rated for outdoors, but I've got it in a protected environment under a porch and sitting under a bench I built around it. You can't even see it. People are amazed at the sound of my tiny little outdoor speakers until I tell them about the sub. It's very nice and adds a great punch.

    Good things: nice level and frequency cut-off adjustments. Really allowed some fine tuning. GREAT bass. I am purposly trying to omit "for the price" from this review b/c it is not great bass for the price, it's just great bass! I have a POLK Audio home theater system with a nice sub. As soon as I got this one I put it in the POLK's place and put on some music. Very nice, comparable sound to the much more expensive POLK. I'll admit, once you got way up on sound the little Sony just couldn't hang with my POLK, but you had to get way up there! And it wasn't even broke in yet. Plus, you could buy four Sony's for the price of that other sub and you'd have WAY MORE! Unless you are planning on knocking pictures off the wall or this is the anchor for some high quality home theater room, this one will put out the bass. It filled my 2500 sq ft. home, no problem. It fills the back yard too.

    Bad things: I had to piddle a little with it regarding the auto-on. It seemed to want a little much to get it going, but once it gets turned on, it stays there. Kinda weird, but definately okay. It's just at really low volumes(light background music for dinner parties), it doesn't kick on. But once you get it on by turning up the volume a little, it will continue to play back at those low volumes. If I'd known this before, I'd purchased it anyway.

    Thats it. Only one small bad thing for this whole purchase. Very nice job, Sony. ...more info
  • Surprised with the value!
    Whenever I first went out to buy a subwoofer, I wasn't looking for anything too expensive. I'm in college and don't have the money to pay for a $500+ subwoofer, so I decided to try out the Sony SA-W2500 based on reviews on here and on the Best Buy website. After hooking up the subwoofer, I was immediately surprised with the amount of bass this little guy can pump out. While it does not give you the "chest vibration" feeling you feel sometimes at concerts or movie theaters, you can still feel the whole room shake.

    This is a great subwoofer for the price. I definitely recommend it to anyone that isn't willing to throw down tons of money for a subwoofer, but still wants some great bass!...more info
  • Nice sound from a funky looking box
    I added this SW to our 4 speaker home theater system, and it filled out the lower ranges nicely. The gain is adjustable, but not not really so you'd notice. The enclosure is a kind of cheesy, black plasticky sort of finish, and the back cover protrudes an inch or two from the case, but it sits behind a cabinet in our video room, so who's to notice? For the price, a great deal....more info
  • Great product
    This is a great sub for just a little money. I recently upgraded my system by buying a Sony Blu Ray player and a Sony receiver. My existing surround speakers were fine but I needed a new sub. I have a relatively small room so couldn't justify the big bucks for one of the more expensive subs. This sub has proven once again, as in other reviews, that it is well worth the money. Top of the line? Maybe not, but it sure can keep up with subs that cost 4 - 5 times as much. No regrets whatsoever....more info
  • Great sub. Rating is because of shipment.
    First, the subwoofer.

    I have one of the Sony STG amplifiers which I purchased recently from CCity. This sub seems custom made for that amp, as it works flawlessly. To those that say the bass is "tinny", you're not configuring right or your source is off. If your source doesn't have much bass you're not going to get much thump. Also, it's a subwoofer; it's not supposed to be "clear sound". It's just the bass. Your other 5-7 speakers should be giving you the clear sound you desire. In other words don't expect this to be your only speaker. That's not how it works.

    The best way to use this is to turn the dials on the sub to the max, then adjust your amplifier's sub volume to a comfortable level. Mine is at halfway and I get sufficient thump (I'm in an upstairs unit so I can't put it too deep). If you have HD service, it's the best way to test your new sub. Now, it's important to note that this sub supports both line-level (RCA plug) and speaker-level (speaker wire) inputs, however the line-level really is the better choice.

    Lastly, the auto-power option is pointless; I recommend just disabling it, and plugging your subwoofer's power cable into the back of your amplifier. If you want security, your amplifier should then be plugged into a UPS surge protector with battery backup; that should ensure sufficient power to both. Plus it will make sure your sub is only on when you actually need it. The auto-power option will just get annoying, because it turns the sub off when it doesn't detect a certain level of bass; well obviously most broadcasts don't have eternal bass,, so it will "click" on whenever the bass kicks in, and it's just a bother.

    So why is my rating so low? The way Amazon shipped it. They used FedEx Overnight...well, FedEx is a VERY poor shipper. They don't follow the rules. FedEx is supposed to require signatures for 2-Day or Next Day Air shipments, for security reasons. This box (which was just a regular box indicating a very expensive piece of equipment was inside) was just left at my front door, no signature. I didn't even know it was there until I got home from work and saw it there. It could have been stolen and I couldn't prove otherwise since there was no signature requirement. This complex has a policy for overnight couriers where they leave it at the front office and one of the staff signs for the package, that way I know it got received by an authorized person. Didn't happen. This same deal happens every single time Amazon uses FedEx. It bothers me they that they choose to use them. I'd rather have a one day delay with UPS....more info
  • awsome
    This thing kicks. Transformers was unbelievable. I have to turn the levels all the way up on the sub to get the base response I want. It vibrates my whole living room. As far as what I paid for it. I feel that I stole it. ...more info
  • Excellent sub-woofewr for the price
    Sub-woofer delivers a deep room shaking bass to a 24' by 18' room. Easy to hook up and I would recommend plug into a switched outlet on your receiver/ amplifier if available. Much more convenient. The price for this sub is the best you can find anywhere for the quality. Shipping of $6.99 across country is great too. Also looks great and blends well in the room. I highly recommend the Sony product and especially this store....more info
  • Low Cost but Excellent performance
    This proves that you dont need to spend much to get a really good sounding sub-woofer. The wood case is not that pleasing but if you are just concerned about the sound and the features , go and get it ....more info
  • Sounds like magic
    This shakes the heck out of my room, I love it!! Very well built! Has a digital coaxial input, left and right speaker wire inputs, and left and right outputs also! Amazon is a little deceiving, it is actually a 100 watt subwoofer...
    but still sounds great!...more info
  • Incredible for the price
    for such a low price, I was very surprised by the performance. The sound is loud and clear, with no hissing or static at all. Very easy to use, you just need an spare power outlet....more info
  • Good product for the price
    I bought this subwoofer at a local store where I could not hear the difference between the $100 Sony and the $300 subwoofers. This Sony does not produce the subtle low tones of high-end subwoofers, but I did not want to spend $600 or more.

    I have neighbors above, below and next to me in my apartment building, and they have not complained about a rumble. They did complain about the subwoofer I just replaced, which had been part of a home theater system package. If the neighbors ever complain, the subwoofer is easy to adjust....more info
  • A Genuine Audio Bargain
    Why use a $100 mass market subwoofer in an audiophile-quality system? Because the Sony SA-W2500...when positioned and adjusted correctly...sounds far, far better than its modest price would suggest. The 100 watt amplifier is adequate for reasonable listening levels and the 10" woofer is light enough to respond instantly and accurately to transients. The trick to realizing audiophile sound from this cheap black box is simple: discretion. For precise bass reinforcement with exemplary recordings (e.g. Vanska/Minnesota Orchestra's Beethoven 9th on BIS SACD), the subwoofer needs to stand away from the wall and be positioned at a slight angle...the frequency response needs to be limited to about 50 Hz...and the output level of the sub needs to be matched to the output of the mains. I recommend Chesky's Gold Stereo & Surround Sound Setup CD for this purpose (either with one's "golden ears" or a SPL meter). What one gets...assuming that the mains are doing their share of the "you are there" string bass and kettle drum dynamics that are quite breathtaking. It's possible to spend very much more on a subwoofer...but the difference in cost between a big ticket box and the Sony SA-W2500 might be better applied toward the cost of a state-of-the-art preamplifier....more info
  • Nice Addition!
    This sub was a very nice addition to my system. I am very happy with the purchase I made. The only concern I have is that the sub cable it came with was pretty junky and flimsy. I didn't think it let the sub reach its full potential so I purchased a Belkin PureAV AV20500-15 15-Foot Subwoofer Audio Cable and now it sounds fantastic! ...more info
  • Surprising!
    I bought this sub as just a filler for my home stereo system. I was thinking it would just add a little kick. Boy was I wrong. This sub was extremely loud (if you want it to be) and rather accurate. Obviously compared to $400+ subs this sub isn't quite as tight and accurate. But when compared to similarly priced items and even some that are $100-200 more, the SA-W2500 really glows. Long story short... Great sub for the money. Not at all cheap sounding and can really kick!...more info
  • Suits me enough
    I bought this unit from a big box store, only because it was the same price as it was here, and I didn't have to wait for it then ;). First of all, it is only 100W, so if you're looking for massive booms, this isn't what you're looking for. On my budget, it does justice. The sound quality is amazing for the price, and if I were to blind test it against a more expensive model both running 100W, I don't think I could tell the difference. Once set up correctly (Room placement is key!), the soud is great, and not murky or rattling. I recommend stuffing a rag in the port, as this makes the lower frequncies much smoother. At 100W, this fills in with the rest of my system just enough, and if it isn't enough for you, it has the option of piggy-backing another sub to it, which isn't an option normally found on cheaper units. Overall, this model works great! I did turn off the auto-on on back, as it was annoying, but no big deal....more info
  • BOOM!!!
    I needed a powered subwoofer as I just got a new Pioneer VSX-917V receiver and my old passive sub wouldn't work with it. Bothered about that, I went out to find the cheapest powered sub I could find to do the job. It was between this and a no-name one @ radio shack. I went with the Sony for the name and just got it today. Let's just say I'm not bothered about having to buy it anymore.

    I put on Star Wars Episode 3 to see what it's made of. Like I said in the title, "BOOM". I'm very impressed by the power of this sub. It blows away my old sub and fills a full size living room nicely. It was actually almost too much when turned all the way up but you can easily adjust it to your comfort level.

    One quirk about it is an auto feature that turns on and off depending on if the receiver is asking to use it or not. Well it can shut off during a long, quiet, talking part during a movie and then come on again later when the action picks up. I wasn't bothered by it but noticed it by the click sound it makes when it went off then on again. But you can just switch it to on if it bothers you and it'll just stay on till you turn it off.

    I still give this 5 stars for the price and excellent performance. BOOM, I love it!!!...more info
  • Adds depth to movie soundtracks
    Nice rumble! If you have a good pair of floorstanding speakers with decent bass you probably don't need a sub, or you'll need one more powerful than this, but it worked out perfectly for me paired with the SSF-5000s....more info
  • Pleased with the price performance
    Met my expectations. It worked and sounded great. It's not a thundering unit but it acheived everything I wanted from it. I really like the auto shut off / turn on feature where it goes into standby if the sterio is off or the sub woofer is not called upon from the sterio system...more info