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Panasonic RP-HC500 Noise-Canceling Headphones
List Price: $199.99

Our Price: $118.00

You Save: $81.99 (41%)


Product Description

Whether used to block out sound while on an aircraft or to create a tranquil environment so you can enjoy your favorite CD track, these new headphones are up to the challenge. The new RP-HC500 noise canceling headphones are designed to reduce background noise by creating out-of-phase sounds that equal the background noise to effectively cancel it. Additionally, the headphones reduce low frequencies such as the drone of a plane's engine or a loud air conditioning unit. The noise-canceling feature can also be switched off to allow the user to converse or to reduce background noise by virtue of the headphone's comfortable insulated housing. Includes carrying pouch and plug adapter for airplane Suitable for MP3 and iPod players

  • 92% noise reduction - 22dB at 200Hz
  • Plug adaptor for aircraft
  • Battery life: approx. 40H with AAA alkaline battery
  • When noise-canceling effect is off, can be used as normal headphones
  • Comes with hard case

Customer Reviews:

  • Dead on arrival
    Like several other reviewers, my earphones arrived with the left side dead. It seems like Panasonic should be able to fix that. I returned it to Amazon and will purchase a different brand.

    ...more info
  • Great Headset
    Recently received this headset after comparing to Bose and reviews of Audio Technica's ATH ANC7. I agree with other viewers that the Bose sound great. The Panasonic's noise reduction capability is equal to or better than the Bose. I did not choose the AT's due to the reviews on their sound performance and reproduction. Bottom line for me was price. For the same or better noise canceling capability and great sound (as opposed to excellent) I chose the Panasonic--all for $100 with 1 day shipping. I am not disappointed with my purchase, in fact, I'm extremely satisfied.

    Thanks to all that left informative reviews to help me decide....more info
  • Panasonic RP-HC500 Noise-Cancelling Headphones
    I used this product to block out loud, confrontational noises from a video exhibition while working in the exhibition gallery. For a product that is considerably cheaper than Bose, I found the unit comfortable to wear (it has enclosing earcups rather than earbuds) and its sound-cancelling technology quite effective. When noise cancellation was turned on, the external sounds' lower registers disappeared and only the high registers remained, somewhat deadened by the earcups; and using the Panasonic in combination with an audio input (e.g., mp3 player or laptop) mitigated the higher registers almost completely. (A coworker using Bose noise-cancelling headphones compared the two and felt that the Panasonic worked as well as the Bose.) I gave the product only four stars because the cable for connecting to an audio input doesn't have an inline volume control. This is a significant inconvenience for my particular use, but might be less of an issue in more typical uses (i.e., air travel)....more info
  • bberesford122
    Great headphones for the money. If you can't afford a Bose, then this is the one you should buy....more info
  • Well worth the money
    Outstanding noise cancellation and pure sound. Bought a pair for each of my teenage children and they love them for the car, gym and whenever they want to tune out their dad. Oh well....more info
  • Pressure
    Apparently it is just me since I haven't heard anyone complain about this but I put on the NC and I get pressure in my head (slight headache and stuffy head feeling--I never get headaches normally). I turn off the NC and the pressure goes away. I have a week to decide if I should return these. I am bummed....more info
  • Nice for the price
    These headphones are very nice. We used them on a recent flight and the noise cancelling worked well. The comfort is not as good as my husband's Bose headphones, but with the price we paid on Amazon we feel like we got a great value. ...more info
  • Pretty good but minor issues
    I heard slight backround noise from the headset. Cancels outside backround noise pretty good but not people speaking. My ears started to sweat after a while, while wearing them. Over all I liked them....more info
    I already had a pair but wanted an additional pair to travel w/so we can use on the plane and watch movies on the Archos together. These headphones are the best and this seller had super fast shipping. Got them in time for our Europe trip. Thx AMAZON too!...more info
  • Excellent sound and noise cancelling with cheaper price
    This is my third Noise canceling headphone. I tried four Noise cancelling headphones Panasonic RP-HC500, QC2, Sennheiser PXC 350 and Audio technica until now and did the side by side comparison.
    My first Noise cancelling headphone I bought was QC2 and Panasonic RP-HC500 by reading the reviews on Here are feature wise findings
    Noise Cancelling - Toss for HC500 to win
    Sound Quality - QC2 wins slightly in high end
    Build Quality - HC500 wins
    Sound out without NC - HC500 wins, Bose doesn't run without battery
    Price - HC-500, only $ 100
    I also bought Sennheiser PXC 350 considering that, I will be able to compare with QC2. Unfortunately, that comparison was out of scope as PXC's output was not comparable with my creative $ 30 normal headphone. I return it immediately after just 10 minutes of use.
    Finally, I opted for Panasonic RP-HC500 and very happy with it.
    My Recommendations
    If you really looking for a good NC headphone with money concern, I would recommend HC500 over QC2 because it saved me $250 with almost same sound quality as QC2...more info
  • Best Over-the-ear Noise Cancelling for the Money
    Well worth the price; works great on an airplane.

    Major function for me is its ability to drown out background sound, which this does as good as any others I have ever tried.

    I cannot seem to get on-ear or in-ear (buds) to work so need over-the-ear, so these are a great alternative to the higher-priced Bose or Sennheiser.

    I like the removable cord as it can allow longer distances (at least until I leave it behind on the airplane :-)

    Case is perfect for including an iPod.

    Others have mentioned the "sound bleed". I asked others around me when I had it really loud, they could not hear; but really not an issue for me as 99% of my use of it is airplane trips.

    Top cushion and expanding portion are very nice as others I tried have pinched the hair.

    Blue light going to blink to show battery life is a nice feature.

    A volume control would be nice to accommodate the airlines inability to find the perfect sound level; but not a major show stopper.

    After a couple hours (2 airplane movies) my left ear gets uncomfortable, and I don't think it is my irregular shaped head :-). But I live with taking it off for 10-15 minutes every 5-6 hours for the comfort.

    Your mileage may vary, but this product works for me.

    ...more info
  • Like having ear plugs in.
    This is my first pair of noise canceling headphones so I don't have much to compare them to.

    What I do know is that I wore these for two 14-hour flights on a C-17 cargo plane, and two 2-hour flights on a C-130 cargo plane. For those of you who don't normally fly on military aircraft I will tell you that if you don't have a set of ear plugs in while you're in the air, then you're not going be having a good time on those planes.

    With the noise cancelation off I could barely hear my music/movie playing because it was drowned out by engine noise. With the noise cancelation on it was almost like the plane wasn't there.

    I was completely amazed.
    ...more info
  • Excellent product for moderately high noise environments
    I got these to allow me to listen to podcasts and music at the gym without having to crank the volume to hear programming over the background clatter, coaches whistles, etc. They are excellent for that purpose. The Active Noise Reduction (ANR) circuitry does create a quite noticeable amount of hiss, which is audible in low-noise environments and is probably the reason for some reviewers' complaints about quality of playback. Hiss is normal and unavoidable for this kind of system. If the room is very quiet, I use them without ANR to avoid the hiss. Playback sound quality is really good with the ANR off. But the phones provide little passive attenuation (from the ear cup and foam -- direct blockage of sound), and thus even a little background noise such as a dishwasher running requires ANR to block out. And then you have the hiss. In a high noise environment, I don't notice the hiss, because the phones are blocking out so many other sounds that the ANR is obviously advantageous. This seems like a reasonable compromise: better passive attenuation would have required a much heavier headphone, to those used in aviation and high-noise factory work, and that would defeat the purpose of a headset that is light enough to wear while working out. These phones are extremely comfortable, adjustable, and amazingly light. Overall a great product. I hope Panasonic brings them back -- they seem to have been discontinued. ...more info
  • Very good for the money, no real complaints.
    Like many of you I research purchases until I am blue in the face. Dozens of different sites, literally hundreds of different opinions and reviews. I narrowed my choices down to these Panasonic headphones, the Audio Technica ATH-ANC7 and the over the ear Bose Triports. The Bose sound nice, but the build on them is cheap and flimsy. In the end it came down to the Panasonics and the Audio Technica units. The Panasonics seemed to collectively get more positive reviews with a general "best value for the money" theme through the reviews so I took a leap of faith on them.

    I've only had them for a week, but so far I am very impressed. I use them primarily on my 16GB Creative Zen and listening to music on my PC at work and they sound very good. The bass is nice and deep, not punchy and over-driven like some headphones. High notes sound sharp and clear and voice clarity is amazing. I think they sound just as good as the Bose QuietComfort 2 and 3's, for waaaay cheaper.

    The noise canceling works better than the Bose QC2 and 3. There, I said it. Ive been to our neighborhood Bose store multiple times during my researches and became familiar enough with the Bose noise canceling enough to make that claim. The Panasonics are just better. Period. When you turn them on, almost all sounds just shut up. It's amazing. Even with the noise canceling turned off the sound still sounds nice. Not amazing, but certainly well enough to listen to mp3s or listen to music/watch a DVD on your computer with. Noise canceling just makes it *that* much more exciting.

    The only minor squabbles worth mentioning, is at mid-high volumes the headphones DO leak sound. Not terribly, but it is dependent on your volume obviously. Also, I consider myself of average sige and build, and I think the headphones are not big enough at maximum extension. Maybe I just have a large head(?) They also flare out quite a bit on the sided, the "band" part of the headset does not touch the side of your head at all....more info
  • Poor Customer Service
    I recently purchased 2 sets of these headphones (one set for my wife) after listening to a friends. Great sound, but the cable was bad on my set. Customer service is horrible and none of the CSR's speak good English. After an hour and half on the phone I gave up.

    I'm very disappointed in Panasonic and doubt I ever buy from them again....more info
  • My ears say, just as good as Bose but much less expensive...
    These headphones were a great choice! From my perspective, all positives and no negatives. I almost purchased the Bose headphones at more than three times the price I paid for the Panasonic product but I'm sure glad I didn't! I had listened to the Bose and these headphones sounded just as good to me. A professional musician might have a different opinion but frankly, I couldn't tell the difference. In addition, they are sturdy and well made as is the zippered case they come in. I find these headphones extremely comfortable and can wear them for hours on end. I don't know why Bose charges so much more for their product. I hope Panasonic doesn't see this review as they might raise their price....more info
  • Great Buy!
    These are great headphones! I bought them for my noisy commute through Harlem and they work great....more info
  • Looking for Silence
    I work and ride in loud areas. I would like a head set to remove the steady noise like jet engines and machinery running but enhance the spoken word.
    Bose limited the back ground hiss, the kind like a sea shell makes. Panasonic is better, 90% noise gone but voice, you still have to have someone talking loud right at you, to understand.

    Consumer Reports recommend a ear bud model, real cheap! I've read a few bad reviews. Haven't tried it.

    With digital inputs, all music sound great.

    There is still one model to check but I can't give my self to OK to spend $400....more info
  • Awesome!
    I did a lot of research before I bought these. Turns out that they are awesome! You turn on the switch and you're sitting in virtual silence (for the most part). They kill the low rumble, but they won't cancel things like people's voices. I took them on an airplane for the first time this year, hit the switch and fell right to sleep. This was sitting in the exit row, close to the engine. Audio quality is perfectly fine, I guess that also depends on what type of device you're using (ipod or whatever). The cable detaches from the headphones so you can use these alone too, just to reduce noise. Highly recommended....more info
  • Very Good Headphones
    I have had these headphones since Feb. 10th. I love them. I would have to say they are one of the most comfortable sets of headphones. I have a pretty big head (7 1/2) and I don't have them extended all the way out. The only issue that I have is that the bass is not as good as I had hoped. This is why I gave it 4, not 5 stars. This is my first noise canceling headphones so I cannot really say how great they are compared to any other set, but they do a great job of blocking out noise. I usually use them at work. I work in a pretty noisy office and they are great because I can put them on and never hear any conversation and rarely hear coughs or sneezes. Overall I would highly recommend these....more info
  • Definitely Worth It!
    I FINALLY went on an airplane to test these out from L.A. to NYC, and they worked exactly the way I expected. I was sitting toward the front of the plane, against the window and forward from the engine, and all I could hear was a low frequency rumble, and that's without any music. With music and the onboard movie I couldn't hear any noise. I kept turning the head phones on and off and taking them off my ear to compare the reduction. Amazing!!! The headphones work as advertised, about 75% of ambient noise. I actually missed the stewardess twice and almost missed meal service because these headphones were so good. The best investment for a plane ever!

    The sound is top notch. I own a pair of Sony MDR-7508 Studio Monitors which i consider "perfect" sound for all types of music, and the Panasonic's were practically identical. I really couldn't tell the difference. They handle bass very well, like any studio monitor. The case helps A LOT to keep me from damaging them. And the case has a pouch for an extra battery.

    Totally worth it!!!...more info
  • Unreliable Product
    I used to work next to a rack of servers. I got these headphones, and for the first week they worked very nicely. Then the right earphone started to do weird things. I got a refund and tried again.

    The next pair worked fine for longer time (months). But now when you turn the noise cancelling function on, they make significantly more noise than before, to the point that if you are in a not very noise place you have to turn it off. Still helps in flights, but that's not aceptable for a $100 headphones....more info