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HP W2007 20-inch Widescreen Flat Panel LCD Monitor
List Price: $327.00

Our Price: $205.80

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Product Description

With a resolution of 1680x1050 and wide workspace, you can watch videos, edit photos, surf the net or play games with the HP W2007. Its wide aspect ratio and fast response time bring work and play brilliantly alive when you plug it into your PC. Video input connector - Digital (DVI-D) and Analog (15-pin D-sub VGA) Speakers and microphone - Integrated Rear Facing Display viewing angle - 160 degrees horizontal and up to 160 degrees vertical viewing angles Display moving angle - Vertical tilt range -5 degrees to 25 degrees Display resolution - Up to 1680x1050 at 60Hz recommended Scan rates - 55-75Hz vertical, 30-83kHz horizontal Plug and play Kensington Lock Ready Security User controls - Switch Video Input, Brightness, Contrast, Image Control, Color, Quick View, Language, Management, Information, Factory Reset, Exit Power supply type - Internal AC Adapter Power consumption - 49 watts maximum on operating mode, 2 watts max in power saving mode

  • 20 in Widescreen Thin Film Transistor LCD Active Matrix TV
  • 1000:1 Contrast Ratio and Resolution at 1680 x 1050
  • High Bandwidth Digital Content Protection
  • Standard 15 Pin D Sub Analog and Advanced DVI D Digital Interfaces
  • 16.72 Lbs (WxLxH) 19.29" x 15.63" x 6.88"

Customer Reviews:

  • What?
    DVI cable is included. I just got mine last week and inside was a DVI cable. Now I got to return the cable I bought at best buy. Don't listen to these HP fanboys (unfortunately I did before buying) who have nothing to do and write a review on a product they didn't buy. Color is good, not the best, but good. I also bought a Bose speakers for my computer, and funny thing is some reviewers complain Bose has no midrange. (FYI, among audiophiles, Bose lacks highs and lows, not midrange) Probably the same type of people who dont own the product but write a bogus review becuz they are a fanboy...more info
  • Eye Candy....
    I was looking for a 22" monitor..A couple of my friends had A samsung and a dell..Another friend had an HP laptop with a 17" screen and it always looked more colorful than any regular pc monitor I had ever seen.I said,why don't they make a bigger screen for pc's..Well I was out at office depot looking at monitors..I was there for an ink cartrige and I saw this one.I was in complete awe..It made the other 22" screens look terrible..It was so bright and vibrant..It does also look incredible turned off,It looks like a plasma.The gloss black frame even matches my 56" samsung tv.Never thought I would own anything HP..I give them alot of credit..The nicest monitor I have ever seen,hands down..My friends are jealous..My brother saw it and bought one..My games or anything else look fabulous..I would recommend it to anyone!...more info
  • Love it except one thing
    The resolution is fantastic. At first, I didn't like the design when I saw it in the store (I thought it was kinda 80s looking). But I now see it as sleek. I was afraid the size was too big but I'm happy with the ability to see across my spreadsheets and it doesn't feel "in my face" big. My one complaint is regarding the built-in speakers. They are not loud enough - I have to keep it at the highest setting and I often can't hear - it's very faint sound. If you want to watch movies or if you often click on Internet video clips, you will need additional speakers (hopefully, this was not a purposeful design to get you to buy HP speakers - BTW, the basic ones are quite good - but it's unfortunately, highly possible). Overall - thumbs up!...more info
  • Great LCD monitor, as good as a Sony Trinitron
    I have been searching for a while for an inexpensive LCD alternate, with as good a resolution and clarity as that would match my aging Sony Trinitron CRT monitor. I think I found that in this HP w2007. Great resolution, color rendition, and clarity. Has a 0.25 mm "dot pitch" similar to that of a Trinitron as well. Also has a glossy screen similar to that of a typical Sony Trinitron CRT. On screen monitor adjustments are a snap (also as user friendly are the menu buttons on the monitor itself). For the price, it is an excellent buy. ...more info
  • Great Monitor
    I have had this monitor for almost a month. This is my first flat panel LCD monitor. I think this monitor is wonderful. The only complaints I have are that the base is a little hard to install and the monitor shakes easily as other reviews have mentioned. But the clarity and cost of the monitor outweighs the minor design issues....more info
  • A must buy!!!!!
    This monitor is crystal clear and very sharp. Make sure you have an adequate video card that supports 1680X1050 resolution. Computer games, Internet, and application use are improved immensely when using this monitor. The font will be smaller, but you can adjust it. Otherwise your desktop space is increased and you're immersed in computer games. Before purchasing this monitor I did a lot of research. [...] rated it as one of the best monitors for 2007. They were right. My only qualm is that movies are a little dark. Of course, adjusting the contrast can fix this. Otherwise this monitor is easily worth the $[...] I paid. Granted, I've had it for about a month so the issue of its longevity is inconclusive. I've encountered no problems since purchasing it in middle of Jan.'08. If a problem arises, I will post it here. Easily, this is a must buy monitor if you're looking for something around 20 inches. ...more info
  • Best monitor I have ever bought
    To start off I would like to say that my monitor did NOT come with a dvi cable. I just got mine and it only came with a vga and sound cable. Although I read that on some website if you call HP and ask for one they will send you one for free. I tested this out by calling HP and after about an half hour on the phone they overnighted me a free dvi-d cable! They are NOW sending dvi cables with the monitors, but if you happened to get one without a cable, call HP and they will mail one overnight at no charge.

    The monitor looks great but I do have 2 pixles out on it. Not enough to return the monitor due to HP's pixle return policy but o well. Still love this monitor and would get another if I had the cash....more info
  • Love it
    Large bright screen with a convenient nesting area for the keyboard. Installation went smoothly. I have used the monitor for one month and I highly recommend it. ...more info
  • Glad I bought it!
    I've had the w2007 for about a month, and it's performed flawlessly. It's not an inexpensive monitor, so I'm a bit irked that HP didn't include a DVI cable. If your considering this monitor, remember to buy a DVI cable.

    Out of the box, with the included VGA cable, the monitor looked great. With a DVI cable, it's noise or artifacts, brilliant color, and crisp text. Vista looks great, even with my $99.00 video card, and it's especially well-suited for photos and DVDs. It even looks great when it's off!

    I'm not a huge HP fan, but I'm very glad I purchased this monitor....more info
  • HP w2007 20"WS Monitor
    Fast shipping, perfect condition, no dead or stuck pixels, small amount of backlight bleed at the bottom, there is a panel lottery, revision under service menu and on box label are ATGM24, ATG001. Don't know which panel, but it isn't the Samsung. Came with DVI connector. Didn't even check the speakers. I'm very pleased. Pics posted on [Hardforums]under same screenname as here. info
  • Terrific Contrast; Very Clear Picture
    I love the HP monitors that have the Brite Vu technology as this one does. It far exceeds other manufacturers' monitors in terms of clarity of what you are viewing with both words and photos. As far as the picture and clarity on the screen - it is fantastic. My only concern is in the design in that due to the size and the type of base I find that when I type the monitor jiggles a little as it's not really suspended to the base in such a way to prevent that. The monitor juts out from the base about 4 inches, so it's suspended in the air by this curved 4 inch base. It's just not as stable a base as some of the others. I'll be exchanging this for a different HP monitor. It could just be my desk (I have a glasstop desk so maybe it's not as stable as a wood desk) but the jiggling is annoying just the same and there is no way to correct the problem. Outside of that I'd give it five stars as far as the functions and crispness of screen image. The jiggling is the only thing I would caution someone in reference to this monitor. Outside of that - it's terrific....more info
  • Nice unit. Nice Price
    I bought two of these units several months ago for my video editing suite. My computer's graphics card was a little out dated so I needed an upgrade to have both of them hooked up. Now that they are up and working I'm very happy. Beats my old CRT monitors. The price and performance for the W2007 is unbeatable and unbelievable....more info
  • Whites and Warranty Are Disappointing
    Update 12/30/2008:
    I have since upgraded my video card which solved the problem with the DVI connection. Still love my monitor, would probably go for a 24" next time.

    Update 1/19/2008:
    I hold new appreciation for my HP. I recently purchased a glossy screen Dell S1999WFP 19" monitor to use with a TV tuner and an old computer. The HP is superior in every respect. The Dell has stuck pixels, poor color representation, the text at the top level menus has shadowing/doubling, and it just doesn't seem bright enough. The corners of the monitor were dark, but the end of the menu bar was washed out. I didn't see any improvement with DVI over VGA. It is the worst monitor I've ever owned, and a waste of money.

    Original Review:

    I originally bought a 19" Samsung 906BW because I didn't think my video card could handle the resolution of a 20" widescreen. After plugging in the Samsung, a slew of new resolutions appeared in my display adapter (ATI Radeon x300 with WinXP) so I decided to eat the $55 in restocking and return shipping fees and get myself a 20".

    I narrowed my choices down to the HP w2007, the Samsung 206BW (because I was pleased with the performance of the 906BW) and the Optiquest Q20WB because it was cheap and had the same specs as the HP. This time I paid a visit to a retail store to see the monitors in action. Immediately I was smitten with the glossy BrightView screen of the HP. (The Samsung wasn't hooked up in the store so I couldn't compare the two, but the HP had me at hello.) I was also concerned with the buzzing that some people reported after lowering the brightness on their Samsung 206BW.

    When I plugged in the HP next to the 906BW I was delighted with the crispness of the text thanks to the smaller dot pitch of the HP, and the extra real estate offered by the increase in resolution. 20" was definitely the right size for me, and I do not regret losing the money on the exchange. No dead pixels, some backlight bleeding. (The Samsung had neither dead pixels nor bleeding.) Reflections have not been an issue for me, unless I'm looking at an all black screen. My major gripe is that whites on the HP aren't truly white, and there is a noticeable color shift from white to yellowish-white as your eyes travel closer to the edge of the screen. It's almost as if the display isn't bright enough to keep the whites uniform. I tried making adjustments and color calibrating using the HP My Display software, to no effect. It is what it is. The Samsung had a much brighter screen, and whites were better. That surprised me because I read many reviews about how bright the HP was. I understand that color shifts and viewing angles are a concern with most, if not all LCDs at this point so it's something I will have to live with. These monitors are worlds better than my 10 yr-old CRT anyway.

    Just to make sure I didn't have a defective unit, I replaced it with another w2007 but there was no improvement. (By the way, the second HP, manufactured 5/07, came with a DVI cable.) I also have trouble with the monitor losing the input signal when using the DVI connection. Either there is a problem at boot up or I can't get it to wake after going to sleep. I don't have any difficulties when using the VGA cable by itself. A visit to the ATI website showed me the fault rests with my video card, and so far there is no solution. (Quite a few of their cards can't handle DVI, so be warned).

    Although I don't think it's fair comparing a 19" to a 20", the HP looks better on VGA than the Samsung did. The text on the Samsung with the VGA connection appeared smudged, but it cleaned up with the DVI connection. The HP has clean text on either connection, although it looks better with DVI.

    The 22" version of this monitor, the HP w2207, comes with a height adjustable stand and USB ports, but the resolution is the same and the dot pitch is larger. I had also read a number of reviews where people who had originally purchased the Samsung 226BW had returned it for the HP w2207. I think it comes down to personal preference, if you want a glossy screen and are willing to pay a premium for it. I imagine I would have been happy with either of the two monitors mentioned above had I not been seduced by the BrightView display. The other thing is the Samsung comes with a three year warranty, the HP and Optiquest, only one year.

    If I had to do it again, I might purchase the Optiquest instead as it was half of what I ended up spending on the HP. ...more info
  • Excellent display for the price
    I received this display as part of a bundle with an HP desktop. The desktop is fine but I'd say the display is the best part of the package. It's very bright and the colors are quite nice. As is the fashion these days the screen has a glossy coating. Some people don't care for this as it does pick up more reflections. This screen is no exception but I have not found it to be a problem.

    I have used the display under Windows Vista, Windows XP and Ubuntu Linux. In all cases it works flawlessly at it's native resolution of 1680 x 1050. At first I didn't have a video card with a DVI connector so I used the analog. The display looked great and I never noticed any ghosting. I eventually replaced the video card and am now using the DVI connection. Either option looks great. The monitor has built in speakers but I've never used them.

    The base can be rotated but not raised or lowered. Also the monitor does not support rotating vertically 90 degrees like some other models but that's not a feature everyone will miss. A good stable and bright image is what you get. Recommended. ...more info
  • HP Did This One Right.
    I own three of these monitors. That tells you just how much I like this product. The monitors are very bright, the colors are very vivid. They were very easy to assemble (basically this is attaching the base). All three of mine came with both DVI, VGA & sound cables. The built in speakers are clear, but not very loud even at full volume. I do wish that you could adjust the height of the monitor, not just the viewing angle. Other reviews have mentioned the base. I haven't had any real problems with stability, but I do wish that that the base was more substantial.

    One is attached to a Mac Mini. I did have some problems getting the Mac to work with this monitor. I ended up having to use the VGA connection along with the Apple supplied VGA to DVI adaptor. I also had to download a piece of shareware software in order to get the Mac to run at 1680 x 1050. This is one of the reasons I gave the device four stars instead of five.

    The other two monitors are attached to a KVM switch that supports dual monitors. Thru the switch the monitors are connected to a HP laptop that runs Windows Vista and a HP desktop that runs Windows XP. I haven't had any problems toggling between the two devices.

    I've had two of these monitors for about 1 year, the other for only about two months. The price has dropped about 20% during that period. If it would get to about $175 I'd add another star to my review.

    In summary, I think this is a good product and good value....more info
  • wide screen crystal clear
    My early Christmas gift was an HP 20" monitor. Easy installation, beautiful clear picture, and it enables me to see all of some screens I was having to move back and forth to read--I love it!...more info
  • Love this monitor!
    I am so happy I bought this monitor. It is clear and crisp and the width makes working with multiple screen and windows a breeze....more info
  • HP W2007 20" Widescreen Flat Panel LCD Monitor
    I have had this monitor for about 5 months now and i can honestly say that this monitor has great color and clearity. I really don't think i could go back to a crt monitar after having this monitor for so long. HP Has really turn around there overall program and are startig to compete with other well known brand company's. I highly recommend this monitor if you have the space for it, it is wide and does take up some room but not as much as you would think. ...more info
  • Good value
    Best monitor out there for under $235, in my opinion. This is a very clear and vivid monitor, and I could have paid the same for a 17 or 19 inch monitor. Easy to set up - no lengthy manual to read. Plugged it into a Toshiba laptop to get a nice big screen. Very user friendly controls. I use it for work - word processing, calendar, e-mail, videos, internet searches. It looks very sleek and professional. I highly recommend it. The seller shipped on time and I received it without any problems....more info
  • Very Satisfied
    I was not in the market for a computer monitor until my Dell monitor just one day quit working. I spent considerable time researching for a good replacement monitor and after reading many reviews from different stores, including several retail electronic stores, I purchased the HP w2007 LCD monitor. It's features and quality of design for the price made this the best choice for my needs. People who own this model seemed to be the most satisfied with its design and performance and also had the least trouble with it. After using mine extensively for over the past month now, I have also joined the ranks of happy and satisfied customers of this product. It is everything I have read about and is well worth the price...especially at Amazon. If you are looking for a quality performer at a good price, I highly recommend this product....more info
  • Good monitor, but color calibrate
    I'm one of the ones that also did not receive a DVI capable in the box, but I did pick up a capable at Best Buy for like $20.

    For my budget, I like this screen. It's much better than my old Apple Display. However, I'm very concerned about the color resolution. While the colors are good, I highly suggest that if you doing lots graphic/photography work, that you color calibrate this screen. I used Apple's internal process (found in System Preferences) for color calibration, but I plan to get a special color calibration tool to see if I can get even more accuracy.

    Overall this a good screen, especially if you're looking for a less costly second monitor....more info