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HP W1907 19-inch Widescreen Flat Panel LCD Monitor
List Price: $275.00

Our Price: $149.99

You Save: $125.01 (45%)


Product Description

With a resolution of 1440 x 900 and wide workspace, you can watch videos, edit photos, surf the net or play games with the HP W1907. Its wide aspect ratio and fast response time bring work and play brilliantly alive when you plug it into your PC. Video input connector - Digital (DVI-D) and Analog (15-pin D-sub VGA) Speakers and microphone - Integrated Rear Facing Display viewing angle - 160 degrees horizontal and up to 160 degrees vertical viewing angles Display moving angle - Vertical tilt range -5 degrees to 25 degrees Display resolution - Up to 1440x900 at 60Hz recommended Scan rates - 55-75Hz vertical, 30-83kHz horizontal Plug and play Kensington Lock Ready Security User controls - Switch Video Input, Brightness, Contrast, Image Control, Color, Quick View, Language, Management, Information, Factory Reset, Exit Power supply type - Internal AC Adapter Power consumption - 49 watts maximum on operating mode, 2 watts max in power saving mode Dimensions - 380 x 184 x 462 mm with stand Weight - 5 kg

  • 19 in Widescreen Thin Film Transistor LCD Active Matrix TV
  • 1000:1 Contrast Ratio and Resolution at 1440 x 900
  • High Bandwidth Digital Content Protection
  • Standard 15 Pin D Sub Analog and Advanced DVI D Digital Interfaces
  • 15.0 Lbs (WxLxH) 14.9" x 6.4" x 18.2"

Customer Reviews:

  • Great monitor at a good price
    This is actually our second HP W1907. After using one on my wife's new system, I just had to replace my 15-inch HP LCD. It is a nice solid monitor with excellent resolution in either VGA or DVI mode. This was my first purchase thru and I am very pleased. It came on time and in perfect condition...more info
  • Justin has it
    This is my first widescreen. I've thought about tweaking settings because I'm a tweaker at heart, but why mess with something that seems perfectly fine? Longevity is a factor to be determined by use.

    The 19" screen fits my furniture situation -- I bought the slimline HP computer to save space. I'm really glad I went for the widescreen. Not having to use the scroll bar at the bottom of the screen on sites like Amazon is a great improvement. If you have trouble reading the screen, zooming features are available which work just fine -- I'm am a Firefox user who has had cataract surgery, so this is no small issue. ...more info
  • Great Deal
    Monitor shows very clear. No complaints thus far.I would recommend this monitor to anyone who is looking for great value at a reasonable price....more info
  • HP w1907 monitor
    Well packaged and delivered on time . PNP unit , connected , adjusted resolution and hit auto set , works like a charm . Does need a speaker upgrade and just throw out the install c.d. It causes error codes which nobody can figure out what they are. Comes with all necessary cables. Looks good and works good....more info
  • Review of HPw1907
    Really like the product, however the internal speaker is very tinny. I attached external speakers and with the help of HP support obtained much better quality....more info
    Great Picture, but the "speakers" were not strong - even at the highest level. However, the quality was great....more info
  • HP w1907
    Takes up less space, easy to look at. Sharp clear picture.
    Very happy !...more info
  • HP W1907 19" Widescreen Flat Panel LCD Monitor
    I am very pleased with this monitor. After receiving it I first thought I should have gone bigger, but for my situation with duel monitors it is perfect. If you use it as a single monitor you might want to go to the next size up. Otherwise the product is awesome, picture crisp, and installation easy....more info
  • picture perfect!!
    I recently purchased this HP Monitor and am really very happy with it as with all HP's products. The color is just fantastic, so realistic!

    In my opinion its the perfect size. Not to large Not to wide.
    I would highly recommend this product!...more info
  • Great screen
    This is a real nice monitor. It is big enough to see everything is big size. It had good enough instructions that I hooked it up by myself. ...more info
  • Best Cost to Preformance Ratio in a 19inch Widescreen
    I experimented with a 24 inch. I have floaters in my vision and that was so bright I thought I was looking at the sky and the floaters annoyed me (and reminded me I was getting older);). Then I tried various 20-19 inch monitors. This was the best for the buck. The colors are almost exactly perfect and the controls are well thought out. Very nice and makes viewing a pleasure. DVD performance is outstanding. Get it....more info
  • Excellent product
    I found this product to be of excellent quality. Wide screen, crystal clear and digital picture quality. Would purcahse again....more info
  • w1907 monitor
    I upgraded from a 15" display and really like the 19" widescreen. My old monitor also had integrated speakers and I wanted a larger monitor with speakers and was suprised how small a selection there was especially at stores. Box included both VGA and DVI cables which was a plus since my new computer only accepted DVI input. I found the display very bright out of the box and needed some adjustment. Sound quality from speakers is very low. If you are looking for a nice size monitor under 20" and with integrated speakers, I'd recommend this model....more info
  • HP 1907 Widescreen Monitor
    Setup was easy except for the base. The instructions showed where it hooked on and said how to put it on. This reminds me of a recipe for rabbit that begins, "First, catch a rabbit." I was worried about breaking a part so I didn't want to really force it. It took quite a bit of force to get things together and some experimentation to figure out a technique. I'll probably leave the base on whenever I move.
    Otherwise, setup was a piece of cake. Hook up the cables and run the computer. My power supply has an outlet for the monitor and the 1907 goes on and off with the computer.
    Picture quality seems great! I have an ATI Radeon X1600 PCI-X graphics card running under Vista 64 Home Premium. I had to use the install CD from the monitor before I could set the resolution to the native 1440x900 pixels. There is a bit of stretching of icons and graphics in programs not designed for the widescreen. I almost didn't notice this.
    The only problem I've had is (was) an occasional blink of the screen. The screen goes black for a second or two then is back to normal. The program is unaffected. This would happen once in a few hours of time on the computer. It was more common under Win 2k but has happened once or twice with Vista. I'm connected with a DVI cable.
    This works great for me and it's so much easier to move than my 88 pound CRT!...more info
  • Dead on arrival
    The screen goes dark after one second of displaying the screen content. If I cycle power, then the screen turns on for one second, then goes dark. This is a piece of junk. The back light is going kaput on the first day of operation!
    ...more info
  • works very well / does what it should / 2notes*
    the monitor came quickly from amazon and was well packaged. it was easy to install (one a pretty strong guy but the base took some force to open up...i was afraid to break it! but its very sturdy and the fear was unwarranted) once clipped onto the monitor the base is swung outwards and thats about it for the install. software works well with no issues. (note 2...the software comes with some kind of registry eraser to remove the old monitor software...skip this process...its unnecessary and invites problems when messing with any system registry.)the viewing angle doesnt seem as good as in the store where i first viewed quickly loses color from the sides and top, but is crystal clear an bright straight on..or minor angles. The best ive found in the stores, i highly recommend it! i cannot imagine any reason to buy anything more than the 19 inch! 1440 x 900 native resolution is very nice....more info
  • Good monitor for a good price
    My old 17" LCD monitor kicked the bucket recently so I had to replace it with a new one on the spur of the moment. Intially, this wasn't my first choice but a Samsung model which was out of stock. Having had problems with HP computers in the past, I was wary of how this monitor would perform.

    I gave in though and don't regret it at all now. It's a much brighter and nicer screen than the old CTX I had and despite some reflective light glare (unlike many LCD's, this is a glossy as opposed to matte finish) I haven't had any problems with it. The brightness of the screen and the DVI connection took a few days to adjust to but now older monitors just look dull and faded by comparsion to me. The picture quality is great and I have more visible space to work with....more info