Bound and Determined
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To prove her brother's innocence in an embezzlement charge Kerry Sullivan resorts to kidnapping electronic security expert Rafe Dawson. But she may have to let Rafe have his way first-with her.

Customer Reviews:

  • terrific romantic suspense
    Kerry Sullivan needs a computer security expert to prove her ailing brother Mark did not embezzle three million dollars from his employer the Tampa Standard National Bank. The FBI believes they have a perfect case as the web forensic evidence points in every way towards Mark. A desperate Kerry tries to plead her case with techno-guru Rafael Dawson, but he hangs up on her.

    When Rafael arrives at the Tampa Airport Kerry and her sibling's best friend Jason trick him into thinking she is his hostess and he his chauffeur. Kerry takes the drugged Rafael to the love shack of Justin's womanizing uncle. Tied up and naked Rafael looks perfect to Kerry, but first she wants her sibling's freedom. Rafael frees himself and ties up his hostess. However, he soon finds he needs to help her; willingly he does an illegal transaction in order to prove to the Feds that they have the wrong man locked up. However, commitment to Kerry is asking too much of a person who does not believe in relationships after observing his acrimonious father destroy his mother.

    Though the lead couple breaks the law, fans of romantic suspense will appreciate this fine thriller starring likable protagonists, whose motivations in their lifestyles are further described by a strong support cast. A final confrontation seems over the top for the clever culprit even though the audience like the hero will consider the individual one of the prime suspects. Still Shelley Bradley writes a fine contemporary that besides trying to nail the felon will leave the audience wondering can Rafael overcome his deep rooted belief no one can love him to make it with the woman who does.

    Harriet Klausner
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  • Devoted Brother and Sister
    Kerry Sullivan needs a computer expert to prove her brother Mark did not embezzle money from his bank employer. They have taken care of each other since tragedy took their parents too early and would do anything to help one another. Kerry tries to obtain help from security specialist Rafael Dawson, but he won't talk to her. When Rafe arrives in Tampa to work for the bank Mark is accused of stealing from, Kerry greets him at the airport and kidnaps him.

    Together they work to prove Mark's innocence.

    This is a exciting book with very likeable characters. Not just Kerry and Rafe, but the supporting characters are important and well written. A very hot read with a little light bondage!!

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  • Juvenile with a J! worst ever!
    I cannot even finish this book. It is so unbelievable that it makes my back teeth ache. If Rafe is suppose to be this smart computer geek from a rich family how does he get caught in a trap with a 23 year old virgin? oh come on! Why did she have to be a 23 year old virgin anyway? Why couldn't Kelly, with a K, come into the story with a more intriguing back round. There was to many lame references, and the sex scenes was to much talking, and to much thinking, and not enough of an intensity. I thought this was going to be a hang on your seat type of story as to which Wicked Ties was, I was so wrong. I do not think I will buy another book form this author. I cannot believe I was duped in buying this trash....more info
  • Laugh out loud funny
    So the premise of this book seems serious, but the book is just plain fun. I chuckled a lot while reading. I enjoyed the book. While the scenes were good, I do have complaints... They were all vanilla in my opinion. And the locations varied and all but one followed the same exact steps. A little boring after about 8 of them. Also, I tired of the focus on her size 12 figure while he was a god. I guess I just expect the main characters in most of my books to be perfect oustide of maybe battle wounds or something. I mean I am reading a sort of fantasy, right? Or just don't mention a pant size... let me believe "plump" means hourglass or something. It really turned me off, especially when the guy WAS perfectly ripped. ...more info
  • intense
    I found this book very intense and it made me want to buy more of her work. ...more info
  • Bound and Determined
    To save her brother from being unjustly convicted of embezzlement, Kerry Sullivan will go to any lengths and sacrifice anything at all, even her honor. The first phase of her plan is to kidnap computer whiz Rafe Dawson and force him to trace the evidence, but things go awry when he turns the table son her. Rafe will do as she asks, but only after she gives him forty eight hours of total submission. Unfortunately for both of them, not only is the case rather impossible, but they find themselves addicted to each other by the time the encounter ends. However, that is good for Kerry's brother, as Rafe is determined to fulfill his part of the deal and with a killer out to make sure the wrong man takes the fall for their misdeeds, that could prove lucky for Kerry as well.

    ** What would be an interesting, albeit lightweight suspense novel with a sweet ending is ruined by entirely too much and too graphic sex. If you skip all the padding, it boils down to a rather short book with an easy to solve mystery. **

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  • Terrific book by a very talented author
    Kerry is desperate. Her brother Mark is in prison, but he is innocent. She knows that someone tried to frame him. The big problem is that no one wants to believe her. She tried to hire the top electronic security expert in the country, Rafe Dawson, but he didn't listen to her pleas, when she had called him. So she has to use more drastic measures. When Rafe arrives in Tampa to work for the bank, where Mark had worked and where the embellishment too place, she greets him at the airport and tell him that she works for the bank and that she is his hostess. Rafe is immediately attracted to her and follows her to the limo that waits for them. Kerry's plan is set into motion, she drugs and kidnapps him. It was a well thought plan, but there is one think that she didn't include in this plan, her own attraction toward Rafe. Soon she is more Rafe's prisoner than he hers. Together they work on clearing Mark's name and fighting some demons from Rafe's past.

    This book is a wonderful story. It's a fun read. Kerry and Rafe are perfect team and the interaction between those two is described in great way. The sparks are flying between those two and the pages are sometimes burning. The suspense part of the story is also very well written. I love it when you not immeadiately know who the real criminal is.

    All together the book is a real page turner and you won't be able to put it down. I can hardly wait for the sequel "Strip Search". ...more info
  • Wow!
    When Kerry Sullivan's adored brother, Mark, is wrongly accused of embezzling, Kerry will do whatever it takes to get Rafe Dawson's help. Rafe, the country's foremost electronic security expert, is Kerry's last hope in proving her brother's innocence. But Rafe won't even let Kerry explain Mark's problem. Rafe hangs up on her! With her brother's future on the line and Rafe's terrible phone manners keeping her from getting the help she needs, Kerry is at her wits ends! Desperation may push Kerry into doing something crazy. Something like kidnapping Rafe...

    When Rafe Dawson finds himself tethered to a strange bed in a strange house, he is a little panicked. He immediately starts planning how to get free. When faced with the opportunity to turn the tables on his kidnapper, Rafe is reluctant to escape. Kerry Sullivan is sexy and hot and exactly his type! Maybe he can make a bargain with his enticingly innocent-looking abductor. Will Rafe and Kerry's mutual attraction become more than unfulfilled lust? Will Rafe help Kerry free her brother by finding the real embezzler? The hunt is on for justice and romance!

    Shelley Bradley has made the transition from Historical Romance to Erotic Contemporary Romance with a real show stopper! Bound and Determined has all the right ingredients for a great read. Well developed characters, an engaging plot and a meltingly yummy love story, make Bound and Determined a book for the keeper shelf!

    Rafe is a handsome, smart and huggably flawed hero. Beautiful, earnest Kerry is attracted to him despite his imperfections. Their love story is arousing, delightful and oh, so appealing. The bondage scenes are light, so don't let that deter you. But, they are very seductive and exciting to the senses!

    With lots of twists and turns, this plot is fast-paced. Ms. Bradley kept me guessing which character might be the embezzler. The suspense is well constructed. The timing impeccable. I found the mystery aspect of this story very satisfying and a great setting for it's delicious love story. I simply adore the direction Shelley Bradley has taken in her writing and I hope everyone rushes to buy their own copy of Bound and Determined!

    Reviewed for Joyfully Reviewed...more info
  • Not Worth The Price
    Ignore the title if you're expecting D/s. In the beginning there is handcuff's in an unbelievable slapstick kind of opening with her kidnapping him and then, of course, him tricking and turning the tables on her, and she ends up naked and handcuffed. Like we didn't see that coming. I found myself holding my breath praying the cliche wasn't going to happen. No such luck. If you can get by the unbelievable parts- see "Juvenile with a J" review- this is a sickening sweet, romantic suspense. Yes at times she was "sunny/silly" but I didn't find it LOL funny. Just the opposite. I thought it was kind of sad. Sad because of her background and the hits that just kept on coming. And sad that with all his money and drive, he couldn't seem to get past his background.

    The first time they set eyes on each other, of course, they're immediately "in lust". Of course then there's the cliched "he gets away from her only to not run away screaming and reporting her, but decides to help her". HUH?!!! From there it's cliche after cliche. She's a naive dope who's worn "rose colored glasses" about the people in her life, and after saving her virginity for 23 yrs gives it to a total stranger after 2 days. And he's an arrogant but supposed up and coming NY mover & shaker jerk who contradicts himself and does good deeds. HUH?!!!

    The action-packed suspenseful "Who Done It" ending was the best part of this story. But it was a BIG waste of time and money just to get there and find out who really stole the money. It was just too unbelievable that the police would stay outside when they heard the fight in the garage, just to get evidence. I found it extremely hard to believe that Rafe and Jake weren't physically restrained from going in to help Kerry. I also found it hard to believe that earlier when Rafe tried to tell the FBI agent what he discovered about the theft- he wasn't taken seriously and something was done then to re-investigate the situation. And I have to say, that when Rafe left Kerry after everything she'd been through personally, and they'd been through together, and went back to NY, I really lost what little respect I had for him. I don't think his whole "life changing- seeing the light" episode was very real. He still never tried to get to really know his assistant. He just cried on her shoulder- and she let him!!! I'm very glad the author made him work to get Kerry back at the end. I just wish he'd had to work a little harder, because he was right- she deserved someone better than him. Even though the author doesn't tell us- with all her cliche's- I bet we're expected to believe that Kerry ends up having to uproot herself and follow Rafe back to NY. No-o-o-o-o-o...please no. And Vegas??? Please.

    If you buy all these typical romantic cliche's- I guess you could say this did have an A-h-h-h ending but definitely not a "keeper" for me. ...more info
  • Not for the Faint of Heart - VERY SENSUAL
    As Kerry Sullivan watched Rafael Dawson prowl with a panther like grace towards the baggage claim area at Tampa's International Airport - her heart was about to stop and she knew she was in deep trouble. He was drop dead gorgeous and looked nothing like the inconsiderate and rude sounding `computer nerd' she'd talked to on the phone - and this was the man she was planning to abduct! God, give her strength! Oh well, in for a penny.... dressed in her microscopic mini skirt, indecently tight red leather halter top, and looking rather slutty, Kerry raised the sign with Rafe Dawson's name on it.

    Rafe took one look, and couldn't quite believe the bank he'd been hired to provide security for was offering this - Kerry, with a K, `guide' for his stay. Weren't banks supposed to be ultra conservative? Though, why look a gift horse in the mouth - and what a mouth attached to a body luscious enough to stop traffic. Yes, this was starting to look like a very memorable job. Before he knew it, Rafe was in a long black limousine about to ravish his guide when the next thing he knew was waking up stark naked and chained to a bed with Miss Kerry - with a K - holding the key and asking him to help her prove her beloved brother innocent of embezzlement! Except for the fact that Kerry now looked even more delectable than in the `street-walker' costume, Rafe was in no mood to be doing favors until Kerry made him an offer he couldn't refuse!

    *** My, my, my - whew ! Well, judging by the cover, I figured just another sweet little boy meets girl romance - was I ever wrong! A warning must be mentioned here - this is NOT for the faint of heart! This was HOT - SIZZLING HOT - and I might have even blushed myself but was too busy fanning myself from the burning pages! While I could almost classify this as erotica, the story had plot, and a very good one at that, as Rafe later plunged into discovering the culprit behind the embezzlement. The lead duo definitely had chemistry - rather explosive - like an Atom bomb - and this was delivered in spades! All in all, definitely not for the faint of heart - but extremely gratifying and yes, confessions from a dirty old lady - I loved it!

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