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MODEL- KX-HCM250 VENDOR- PANASONIC CONSUMER ELECTRONICS FEATURES- Network Camera The KX-HCM250 Network Camera with 802.11b wireless, has a web server, control software and email software all built right into this small, lightweight camera. The camera features 60 degree left and right pan and 0~45 degree downward tilt movement. * View and Control from a Standard Web Browser Panasonic Network Cameras give you the ability to see there when you can't be there. Place cameras in your home, office, vacation home or almost anywhere else that you'd like to keep an eye on things, with no PC required on location!. They are easy to install, easy to operate and require no additional software for your viewing PC. All you need is a regular Web browser, as all of the other required software, including control software (TCP/UDP) and e-mail software (SMTP) is already inside of each camera. Each camera offers different features to suit your needs, but all offer potential peace of mind. (Connecting the camera to the Internet requires an Internet Account, and may require that you obtain additional hardware such as a cable or DSL modem, or a hub or router with a 10Base-T Ethernet connection. You may also need to subscribe to an Internet name service. The camera will not be accessible from across the Internet unless the Internet connection is active. The frame rate of the motion image viewed across the Internet is dependent upon the uplink speed of the Internet connection and other factors). * No PC Required. Simple Ethernet Connection. Cameras are attached through an Ethernet connection (or router) and power source, so you don't need a computer at each location you want monitored. Each camera has a built-in web server with IP address. To view the images on a