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Charmed - The Final Season (Season 8)
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Studio: Paramount Home Video Release Date: 02/05/2008

Season eight of Charmed brings the story of the Halliwell sisters to a satisfying conclusion, but not without a lot of bumps on the road for the witchy trio. The season begins with Paige (Rose McGowan), Piper (Holly Marie Combs), and Phoebe (Alyssa Milano)--exhausted after years of magical responsibility for protecting the mortal world and fighting off demons--pretending to be dead and hiding behind new appearances. (The characters, when seen in mirrored reflections or through the eyes of others, are played by different actresses.) The gambit works smoothly for awhile, until each of the sisters begins missing aspects of her old life and feeling a sense of responsibility for protecting the innocent. Meanwhile, a gaggle of restless, young demons suspect that the Halliwells aren't really dead at all, and are out to prove it. While fending off new demonic plots to take over the sisters' San Francisco home and seize control of a school of magic, Piper and Phoebe's father, Victor (James Read), takes care of Piper and Leo's kids at the near cost of his own life. Also, Phoebe falls for a sculptor (Jason Lewis) early in the season and Cupid (Victor Webster) himself later on; Paige considers a career in law enforcement; and a newcomer arrives on the scene: Billie (Kaley Cuoco), a young witch with a flashy, Buffy-like style as demon-slayer. Billie's story provides a narrative backbone to Charmed: The Final Season. Powerful but untutored, Billie reluctantly becomes a prot¨¦g¨¦ of Paige, learning the ropes of witchcraft just as Paige did a couple of seasons back. The problem is that Billie makes a well-intentioned mess of a number of situations (at one point, she draws the attention of a Homeland Security agent to her powers), and then goes rogue when her long-lost sister shows up and turns Billie against the Halliwells. The latter half of the season slowly draws to a showdown between the two sets of siblings, but as always, there are lot of storylines with plenty of other issues and action to worry about. Longtime Charmed fans will certainly enjoy the series finale, an imaginative, time-travel tale in which some of the main characters meet different versions of themselves, and we all get a peek into what the future holds in store for the Halliwells as individual women. --Tom Keogh

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Customer Reviews:

  • So worth it!
    The final two shows provide so much needed closure and assure the happiness of all of our favorite characters! I am SO glad the show unexpectedly got extended one last season! Even with massive budget cuts, the writers out-did themselves!...more info
  • Charmed
    Since we don't have cable or a dish I was unable to watch the program before it was on DVD, I ordered the first season and liked it so I have been buying each season as they are released. I haven't watched the last season yet but if it's like the rest I'm sure I'll like it too....more info
  • Charmed - Final Season
    I thouroughly enjoyed the entire series of Charmed. This last and final season completes my collection and finalizes the end of this show and series finale. Any Charmed fan would want to add this final season to their collection in order to complete the entire series of eight seasons and watch the series over and over....more info
  • should have left well enough alone
    Frankly they left it nicely closed at the end of season 7 and could've come back to it in a couple of years when the boy's were old enough to be taught. A whole new dinamic for them to explore.
    Instead they threw together and it really looked it a series full of recycled stories, plot holes and a few celebraties. It ignores so many of the rules and cations writen carefully into other seasons until it made an absolute hash of what was a great seris instead dragging it slowly through alot of stupid Sh-t until it was too painful to watch.

    My cat could've done better. The sisters still being by their oringals is the only reason for the one star. It's more like minus 5. ...more info
  • wonderul
    if you are a Charmed fan then you dont need a review but if your not start with season 1 and watch them all through season 8 you will not be disipointed...more info
  • Charmed the Final Show Down in my series collection
    I watch & loved all the seasons of Charmed & when it went off the air I bought all the seasons to be able to enjoy with my family as we did on the Sunday nights together I looked every where but couldn't find the Final Season any where but I finally found it here on & was so excited to be able to have my series complete.We our family was so disappointed when the show went off the air but with having the DVD in our collection we can bring them back anytime we want & we do allot.For any lover of the Charmed Ones the Complete Series is a must have for your DVD collection & lots cheaper here on amazon than any where else I looked.:)...more info
  • Charmed season 8
    The end of the best and most creative series featuring an all female lead...more info
  • Fantastic
    A fantastic end to a fantastic show. Shame it's the last one, but I loved the ending!...more info
  • Awesome
    Perfect show, I miss it but at least I have my favorite witches at a touch of my DVD player!!...more info
  • charmed season 8
    I was order charmed season 8, you send my stuff and came with right date. Thank you very much for your help and your service....more info
  • Charmed Season 8
    This is my fav. season of Charmed it has younger and new faces , It is none stop action.In this season there is a new witch (Billie)the charmed ones help come in to her powers,and of her quist she wants to her sister a demon toke 15 years ago,When she fianlly finds her she finds out the triad has rased her evil....more info
  • Season 7 was the true finale, this is just for the younger fans...
    I was never into this show when it first came on the air back in 1998. I was starting my second year at college and living in the dorms and there were too many distrations to ever find time to sit and watch TV. I got into a bad car accident last year and was hospitalized for a couple months. I had nothing to do except lie in a bed and watch TV all day. Because TNT plays 4 hours of this show during the week and it was the only thing that really caught my fancy during the dull days, I watched it at some point in the cycle when Paige was part of the cast. Well, when I got back home, I went ahead and bought season one and started the long journey throughout the winter of 2007 to today and watched all 8 seasons. Having done that, here is my evaluation of the final season.

    I think that most of the older adult fans of this show that probably got into the characters more than the witchcraft probably will agree with me here by saying that season 7 should have been their last. Although it did have a couple of bland moments, it ended the show on a unique, original, and one-of-a-kind way that did it real justice.

    This season seems more of an after-thought. The review goes in pretty accurate detail about its major plotlines so I'll only mention a couple tidbits for the hardcore, older fans. The biggest problem with this season is that it was still stuck in the old good vs evil storyline that kept Piper busy while she worked as a chef at Quake! I had to say it was quite tedious and boring to watch. The writers of the show were really fresh out of ideas by this point because they had already done everything. They had vanquished the Source of all evil once before and so their boogeyman of the season was vaguely called "The Ultimate Power." At least season 7 offered them the chance to move away from this idea and live in a utopian world. This season, I just wished my DVD player could play audio at 2X speed so I could just watch about 20 minutes of everyone talking in chipmunk voices. The real thing I wanted to see on each episode was what the conclusion was going to be like. At this point in the game, everything was pretty much over anyway and I just kind of wanted to rush to it. Very quickly I'll mention everyone's highlights.

    Pheobe's most intriguing moment came on the episode "The Jung and the Restless" where she's trapped in a dreamstate and made to pursue her true desires. We're flashed back into her office at the Bay Mirror only to see the place crawling with toddlers and little children. It certainly showed that Alyssa Milano was going through some serious baby pangs in her life at that time and kind of gave a glimpse into the darker elements to female sexual desire.

    Piper's best moment was the episode where she was with Leo sitting down at a pre-school drama being performed by her son, Wyatt, with Leo recording the show. It was really a sweet, carefree moment, and I would have liked to see their relationship explored more since it was the centerpiece of the show since way back in the first season. But, I guess the writers felt they could not escape from the forumla this late and everything was vastly overlooked.

    Paige's story reached it's conclusion in another marriage at the Halliwell manor. In this marriage, she weds a parole officer at the same precinct that Prue's old beau, Andy, worked at. Daryl, however, isn't in this season. It was a small treat to see everything kind of wind down full circle this way, and although the marriage was kind of dull and not worth seeing, the hidden references to the faithful were a welcome treat.

    This season ends with an elderly Piper going upstairs with Leo and a young girl, presumably their granddaughter, thumbing through the Book of Shadows on the living room couch. Just then, another group of kids rush inside the manor leaving the door open behind them. The camera closes in on the girl who simply waves her hand and it shows the door shutting outside, magically, as it pans away just like the last episode of the first season. Although it could be a nice moment, the older fans will only like it because of all the great things that happened 8 years before.

    To wrap up, it's more of a Coda than anything else. The symphony is over; this is just exit music and watching it all really becomes a chore. The ending of the 7th season left everything open-ended and that's how I'll remember everything finishing. Whatever happens after that, I can just imagine it in my head better than the crap the writers made the sisters go through here. ...more info
  • Charmed
    It came in pretty good timing. I am really enjoying the video's they came safe and sound....more info
  • Bye bye Charmed :(
    At first, I thought the show had gone down hill when I first watched this season. Then I bought the DVD since I wanted to finish my collection of Charmed, and being faithful to the show, rewatched the episodes. I think the second time viewing was better. I think it was worth buying the DVD once you get used to the additional characters and fast paced rush to the finale. It puts a nice little bow on top of a box filled with nostalgia.You'll be sad it ended, but you won't ever forget the uniqueness of 8 years worth of being CHARMED! :)
    (additional features is a plus but wished there was more interviews with the cast and maybe a gag reel or two???)...more info
  • GREAT GREAT GREAT!!!!!!!!!!!!
  • Charmed The Final Season DVD
    This DVD completes my collection for my wife. The series is great and the actors are good at their craft. I will go back to Amazon and purchase again. Fast delivery of all products I have purchased. The ship and delivery dates given at the begining are standard but those dates are always wrong because I get my purchases faster than expected.
    ...more info
  • great
    Great product. For the fans of Charmed I would recommend watching the final season too bad it is gone. Excellent show and great cast....more info
  • For my Daughter
    My daughters birthday is in February and I ordered her season four. Then at the last minute she mentioned she would like to have the final season. I ordered it and sure enough it came in on time and it put a big smile on her face :)...more info
  • Charmed Final Season
    This is the product I ordered, but I have not yet gotten the "Close encounters of the third kind. The first one did not work and I returned it." Still no word! Thank you, Sharon...more info
  • Finally some extras!!!
    I give this season 4 stars as it finally provided extras. But overall the Charmed DVD collection for the first 7 seasons lacks extras and I don't feel it was worth the nearly $40 pers season price tag. Overall my estimated cost to own the whole series is close to $320, which I have now come to realize is just too much and I will not be purchasing any other TV shows on DVD unless I know it contains extras and that I absolutely love the show enough to watch the episodes more than 2-3 times. I will just have to settle for renting the episodes....more info
  • Very Good Svc
    I rec'd verrrrrrry good service. The merchantdise was excellent and the delivery of the product (Charmed - The Final Season)was more pleasing than I could have hoped for. ...more info
  • Couldn't even get past the 2nd episode
    Gads. We didn't watch Charmed while it was running, but bought all 8 seasons on DVD as they came out. We went through 7 seasons, with lots of ups and downs. We endured lots of howlingly bad acting and serious fashion misstatements - but we stuck with it, figuring that 7 seasons worth of time and $$ shouldn't be wasted. We bought season 8 and anxiously finished up the other series we were watching (season 5 of Stargate). We watched the first episode and my husband, 14-year old daughter and I all just looked at each other and said "Can it really be this bad? Are we missing something here?" The answers were, unfortunately, yes to the first question and no to the second question.

    Okay, we figured, let's try episode 2. Mistake. We couldn't even get through it - cleaning the catbox and taking vitamins were a better use of our time. Okay, okay - there actually was value for our entertainment dollar - we were highly entertained commenting on their atrocious outfits.

    We're considering watching the last episode just to get it over with, then we're going to sell the whole mess, all 8 seasons, on ebay.
    ...more info
  • DVD
    I ordered this DVD because I have been having challenges with the one I alrady had. I took a chance, and glad I did. It was in perfect condition, unopened, and I was able to view the set in full clarity. Not a scratch on it, and the price was right....more info
  • Charmed, gone but not forgotten!
    I have all eight seasons on DVD. I was only a little disappointed with the lack of extras on this last DVD. I was hoping for more. (I also own all of Buffy and Angel and they have a lot of extras). WARNING: DON'T READ ANY FURTHER IF YOU DON'T WANT TO KNOW WHERE THE EASTER EGGS ARE!!! I did find all three eggs. It was fun searching for them. Here they are...On the Season 8; Disc 6 DVD there are three easter eggs. #1: On the Main Menu, from the words 'Bonus Features' hit the down arrow, there should appear a purple triquatra on Phoebe's arm. Press play. #2: In the Episode Selection section, from the words 'Main Menu' hit the left button, there should appear a purple triquatra on Phoebe's arm. Press Play. #3: In the Bonus Features section, from the words 'Main Menu', hit the left button, there should appear a purple triquatra on Billie's wrist. Press Play.

    I did like the way the story wrapped up at the end. I did not get to watch this show when it originally aired on T.V. (long story). So I was only, finally, able to get caught up when I sat down this week and watched the DVDs. By the end, I was bawling like a baby. There are lots of things I hated about season 8, but after listening to the commentaries on the episodes that had them, some of the things I hated made sense.

    I don't ever think we will have more shows like Buffy and Charmed, with strong positive female roles models, that aren't cookie cutter-cheerleader-straightlaced-tight wad robots. And that is what made these shows good. Even though the Sisters wanted a regular life, it was always on their terms, not on the terms or ideals of what someone else thought was right. And they were always willing to fight for who and what they loved. I don't see anything on T.V. currently filling that void, for all the females out there. (and don't say Desperate Housewives, yuck, suburbia). The Sisters were strong in spirit and body. They were also just odd enough, that those of us out here who are just a little odd could relate. That is a big part of what made this show a huge success, (same with Buffy), the oddballs felt like maybe they had someone to relate to finally. And those of us that believe in alternative faiths had a show that had some references to them.

    But the thing that saddens me the most, is that the talks of spin-offs didn't go anywhere. It would have been wonderful to see Drew Fuller and Wes Ramsey do a spin-off that showed the boys taking over the fight. These two finally got to interact in a positive way in that last episode and looked like they would have made a great pair for their own show. That would have at least kept some part of the Charmed Ones around for a while longer.

    Oh Well, maybe some day in the future there will be movies or something to ease the pain of losing friends that feel almost like sisters.

  • Charmed-final season 8
    Finally a dvd of Charmed final season favorite. If you are a Charmed lover, you will love this DVD....more info
  • Farewell
    Nice ending for the long battling Halliwell sisters. Leaves room for further adventures of Piper and Leo's sons: Wyatt and Chris..tho I believe that it would detract from the ending. It is a wonderful Happily Ever After for Charmed fans. :-)...more info