Dragon Ball Z - Season Three (Frieza Saga)
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Title: SEASON 3
Street Release Date: 08/28/2007

The third season of the popular shonen (boy's) show Dragon Ball Z continues the adventures of Goku and Gohan on Namek, Piccolo's home planet. Goku, who has been in a regeneration tank since the end of season 2, recovers just in time to challenge the sniggering Frieza, one of the most grating villains in anime history. Having defeated Gohan, Krillin, Vegeta, and Piccolo, Frieza takes on Goku in a protracted duel. When he begins to doubt his ability to overcome Goku, Frieza destroys the core of Namek, ensuring it will explode in a matter of minutes. Enraged by the death of Krillin and so many others, Goku transforms into the one thing Frieza fears: a Super Saiyan, a legendary warrior who appears once every 1,000 years. As the seconds tick away, the two most powerful individuals in the universe duke it out. While they're beating the soba out of each other, King Kai hatches a plan to use the Dragon Balls of Earth and Namek to ensure a happy ending. As the battle between Goku and Frieza intensifies, the kicks and punches fly, producing titanic explosions. But the duel goes on for more than 20 episodes: With only a limited budget and crude special-effects techniques at their disposal, the filmmakers have to recycle footage endlessly. Dragon Ball Z: Season 3 is more entertaining when the viewer allows a few days to elapse between episodes, rather than indulging in a Super Saiyan marathon. (Rated TV PG. suitable for ages 8 and older: violence, brief nudity, tobacco use, ethnic stereotypes) --Charles Solomon

Customer Reviews:

  • this is fillers
    this is the worst season of dbz, and i love dbz but i have to say this one sucks! its just trash talk from freiza and little outbursts of angry fighting. it is boring and was not enjoyable , with one exception, when goku started smacking freiza around like a hoe...more info
  • Nice DVD
    The only issue that I have is that I wish the they used the American music instead of the Japanese music....more info
  • A Great Deal Except I Miss Faulconer's Music
    Now I really enjoy the whole DBZ saga plus the Dragon Ball series and some of the GT saga. The whole series including the Frieza saga is the high mark of Anime.

    However, the reason these sets deserve a four star rating instead of the five star rating that the series deserves is because the music by Bruce Faulconer is not there. Faulconer's work is greatly appreciated by many fans especially the music during Goku's transformation into a Super Saiyan. This will be very disappointing when the Trunks Saga is released (Feb 19) because Faulconer made full use of his music with the arrival of Trunks, the Androids attacking South City and even 17 & 18 fighting Vegeta. This will also be crucial for Faulconer's Theme for Cell and Gohan's full ascension theme.

    I hope that the music will be used in the next release, because I miss the show with the music and I don't want to buy those three-episode sets just to get the music because it's not worth it....more info
  • Great restoration
    The picture is great. While widescreen is great to watch it, it's too bad they had to cut it. They did it because of damage to it. At least now this show will be around forever; or until a DVD disc degrades....more info
  • freakin sweet!!
    these dvds are some of the best fighting in dbz and the battle between freiza and goku is awesome, these dvds look and sound great
    this is a must have if you like the series
    ...more info
    I recommend these (and/or this) collection(s) to any action anime fan. My favorite feature on these sets is the marathon option, it's almost like watching an all day anime movie, which is highly entertaining for an anime addict like myself.
    I own every episode of DBZ and DBGT including all of the movies on VHS. Now that you can buy 830 minutes of non-stop DBZ action on DVD for 30 bucks, you would have to have about 10 lbs. of water on your brain or be a crack head to turn this down. Enjoy....more info
  • The series keeps on getting better!
    All DBZ fans love every single saga, some like a particular saga above another. But definetly every single one packs a lot of action. If you're new to the DBZ universe, Season Three is where the Super Saiyan legend emerges. This saga contains a lot of action, suspense, and both the japanese and english music audio is good. So it gives you a choice of what type of music you like to hear. Each gives its own emphazis on a particular scene.
    Definetly a must season to have, and a perfect addition to any anime fan's collection....more info
  • Quality... Fantastic!
    This product arrived quickly and withoug incident. With regard to the product itself:

    - 10/10 picture quality
    - Comes with a booklet describing the season.
    - Unmistakably authentic

    - none...more info
  • The third DVD box set for Dragon Ball Z
    The Dragon Ball Z Season Three DVD box set includes six DVDs that contain thirty-three episodes. The first three discs contain six episodes, discs four and five contain five episodes, and the sixth disc contains five episodes and the DVD extras. However, there isn't much of anything in the way of special features included with this set. All you get are the textless versions of the opening and ending credits (this feature was already included on the first two DVD box sets), and trailers. Unfortunately, these features aren't very "special."

    One of the best things about this DVD set is the marathon feature. This feature allows you to watch all of the episodes back-to-back, but you only see the opening credits once; the ending credits are not shown when watching with the marathon feature. This feature really helps when you're trying to watch all the episodes on a single disc in one sitting. However, this feature really helps the viewer to realize just how much stretching was going on. In this season, the battle with Freeza seemed to drag on endlessly over a ridiculous amount of episodes.

    Another problem with this set is the audio mastering levels. FUNimation's opening splash screen and the trailer at the beginning of each DVD were mastered at a high audio level, but the menu and the actual episodes were mastered with a rather soft audio level. It's frustrating to have to sharply turn the volume down when you put the DVD into the player, and then having to turn the volume back up considerably in order to hear the audio for the episodes.

    While I was disappointed with the audio levels and the lack of special features, this set is still a "must get" for any Dragon Ball Z fan that wants all the episodes on DVD. This 33-episode set sells for anywhere between $30 and $50. It's not too bad of a price, considering that you get 33 episodes in the set. However, it would be a little more worth the cost if FUNimation had put more effort into the special features....more info
  • it was okay thanks
    It was okay I needed it to help along my collection but when I got it the 5 disc holder was snapped in 2 so I had to used the disc 6 holder to hold disc 5....more info
  • Dragon Ball Z at its best
    I've been a fan of dragonball Z since I was 8. And now 11 years later they finaly bring the series to DVD. They took the orginal japanese film and digitaly remade these episodes. Even with all new voice acting. Any fan of the series would enjoy these DVDs....more info
  • Still great
    I got this package fast, and the thrid season of DBZ was great. I was unaware of how much was cut out of it. It is not Saturdays cartoon. I do recomend this....more info
  • Funimation continues to release sub-par DVDs. Hurray!
    Content: I've read and seen this part in the show too many times. While it was much easier to watch in Japanese and after so long, these episodes felt watered down. They included too much filler (easier to watch when marathoned), and I noticed the series age much more easily with these episodes than in past ones. Over all, these are some really great and fun episodes if you're not aware of what's going to happene. These episodes definitely don't pack that same punch they once did. I still enjoyed them, but I felt like I was watching them to get to the next part in the show. I knew exactly what was going to happen (having seen these episodes before and read the manga several times), and the only thing that I didn't remember with clarity was the filler.

    The DVDs: The packaging is consistent with previoues releases of the "orange boxes". They are a step up from bootleg quality cardboard, and they feel like they'll eventually come apart. This could be nothing more than an unrealistic fear, but I have a bad feeling it will happen. The disc art is O.K. and is consistent with all the other releases. And is the same for all six discs in the set. Joy.

    The "remastering" is nothing more than Funimation's marketing team convincing you to buy there poorly made DVDs in the hopes of making a bit more money off the DBZ franchise. In previous releases, I admittedly didn't find the cropping to be too annoying, but I got increasingly mad at it throuhout this release. Scenes felt odd, there were times where all I could see were Goku's eyes when he went Super Saiyan, etcetera. Also, while clearer, the actual video is not too great. While it appears cleaner, these sacrifice detaul and often times lines become bright white and the shot is entirely messed up. Typical Funimation video issues abound, as well. I personally noticed quite a few rainbows, as well.

    The audio is probably the only plus on this release. While it doesn't have the Mexican dub, it does have three audio tracks.

    Oh yes, can't forget those extras and the menu. The menu is the same uninspired theme we got with the first two "seasons". I'm not really surprised and I guess I would rather have that than a new one for every new season, but I would have liked a nicer menu. And for the extras... what extras? There are previews and trailers for other shows, as well as a few other things that are advertisements for some anime thing (I can't remember for the life of me what it was). Either way, no real extras to mention.

    Overall: You get what you pay for. It's $30 at most retailers (and of course, here on Amazon). You get a really poor (about as bad as the singles from Funimation) release of this really long series. Funimation could have at least releases the show in 4:3 to please the fans, with their automated remastering and all, but no. They're going to keep advertising it as seeing "more" and feeding you, the consumer, the same lies they've done for the last year. When it comes down to it, though, is if you can't afford the Dragon Boxes or the Dragon Box singles, these releases are what you're stuck with. I wont' go on a tangent about Funimation needs to release proper, truly great releases for this show (Dragon Box footage please! And without the Funimation-ed compression please). I would gladly pay for this show all over again if I could get reasonably priced DVDs (or even overpriced ones) like that.

    Should you but this set? Are you a purist? Have lots of extra money to spend on your hobbies? Fluent in Japanese? Have a Region 2 DVD player (or a DVD drive on your computer)? Buy the Dragon Box singles. Totally worth it. No better way to watch the show other than the actual Dragon Box masters. If not, you might want to consider getting the big "orange box" if you'd like to own the show in it's enitrety....more info
  • Help
    Can anyone tell me before i buy this is it like the tv show with the talking stuff plz help...more info
  • It could have been much better...
    This dvd set contains the rest of the Freeza saga and is the third in Funimation's "seasons set" line. This is the first season set that I have bought and here's what's good, alright, and bad.


    -There are many episodes.
    There are 33 Episodes packed over 6 discs. This contains the entire fight with Freeza from the beginning to the very end.

    -The price
    The price is the thing that strikes people. You can easily find this for less than $30.00. Sometimes it costs 30 bucks just to buy two volumes of anime DVDs with only 6 episodes each. This is in fact the cheapest episode to dollar ratio for any TV and anime series on DVD out there now.

    -The Dub/W Original BGM
    Now I can finally listen this show dubbed without crappy music playing in the background. Too bad the dub music is still on this set but it's only an option.

    -100% unedited subtitles for the JP version
    The earlier Freeza saga dvd's were full of mistranslations and censoring and they were fixed here.


    -The Redub
    I don't watch this show dubbed but the redub here is partially redubbed unlike how Season One was, where it was completely redubbed. The only significant redubs here are Vegeta, Tienshinhan, Krillin, and Freeza's first three forms, but his final form has the same voice as the original Funimation dub. And the script is mostly the same for people decided to redub too. So pretty much every terrible line from the original Funimation dubbed Freeza saga still exists in the redub. The redub is alright but it leaves you wanting more, or wishing they could have fixed more things that were wrong with the dub.

    -The Remastering
    Though it has gotten better since Season One and Two it's still spotty here on Season 3. During shaking scenes character lines still get all jumbled and the picture looks like it wants to fall off the screen. I hope that Funimation realizes this and actually tries to fix the next ones.


    -The Dub
    Though it has been somewhat redubbed, the English dub still sucks. I've heard many dubs and like to watch my anime dubbed when I can, but this dub still sucks as much as it did in 1999 when it first premiered. The usual DBZ dub mistakes like bad lines, stupid dialogue, bad voices, and bad acting are still here. The only redeeming value is the use of the original BGM, other than that, this dub is still very poor, even the redubbed parts.

    -The Cropping
    It's been said before and like it or not, this set is cropped and not slightly either. It hasn't even reframed either. Since the DBZ TV series was animated and was meant to be seen in a fullscreen, 1:33:1 ratio, there are times when heads get cut off and scenes feel very claustrophobic. This is the only aspect that makes this set very unenjoyable for me. I would have been much happier if Funimation repackaged the original episodes, or did the remastering sans cropping. There's really no logic behind this either. It's like Funimation thought these weren't going to sell well so they decided to crop them and say they were new and apparently people everywhere think they are getting something new when really they aren't except a tad bit of footage on the sides. All I can say is that sometimes it's a pain to watch this with all of the unreframed cropping going on. There's not much gain to the sides either. The loss does in fact outweigh the gain, which is not the point of widescreen where you are supposed to gain more picture and not lose any.

    -The Video
    Funimation does not have the original Japanese film masters. I saw the trailer for this and it plainly said that, "Original Japanese Film Masters" are used. These are far from the original masters which are in Japan. The colors are not the original and they are very oversaturated. Pretty much, blacks become really black, light blues become blue, dark blue, or black. Namek's sky is changed to puke green rather than light green. And there is still film damage that should not be there if they have the original Japanese masters which have little to no film damage. These prints are nothing more than Funimation's own film prints just touched up. So that's false advertising.

    -No Next Episode Previews and incorrect OP sequences
    If this is Funimation's definitive DBZ DVD sets to end all DBZ DVD sets, and if the original Japanese masters are being used(which they aren't), then the original next episode previews should be on here in some shape or form and the correct OP sequences should be there as well.

    Overall, For my first season set, I feel like this is the only one that I'm going to buy because I was somewhat disappointed. I say that if Funimation can get the actual Japanese original film masters, not lie about it, release those without cropping, have the correct OP sequences, include the original next episode previews, and have a perfect dub then I'd buy this again. But right now I don't want to buy anymore of these season sets. The price is cheap and there are a lot of episodes but the bad outweighs the good....more info
  • If you like DBZ then you'll like this season
    Good season...The end drags out a little bit, but overall its good. Can't wait for the next season to be released....more info
  • The fight of the century how it was meant to be. (Pt. 3 of 9)
    The action continues in the third season of Dragon Ball Z. This time Funimation was proud to bring the complete Frieza Saga together remastere, uncut and presented in widescreen. After Goku arrived on Namek, hanging by a thread from a deadly showdown with Caprain Ginyu things don't seem to get any better. Frieza realizing he was stalled from making his wish returns only to see Krillin, Gohan and Vegeta waiting for him. Vegeta boasting carelessly about how he has achieved legendary greatness of a Super Saiyan only brings on more pain suffering and death. In the blink of an eye Piccolo and Goku arrive in time but only to realize there is no way to stop the omnipitant Frieza. When things are at their blackest in a burst of uncontrolible rage it happens. The legenday golden haired Super Saiyan emerges in the form of the pure and innocent Goku.

    Sit back and get ready to be glued to your chair as the greatest battle in all of the Dragon Ball Series occures. I was very happy with how it was portrayed. There were definitely a few things that I don't remember from the original VHS tapes. I still remembered having to go to the store and spend 20 dollars a month waiting to complete the 10 tape saga. Now for pretty much the same price I get all 33 episodes in all their bloody glory. The only thing that was the sagas downfall is just having to sit through alot of pauses and flashbacks and an extremly long fight that in real time is only suppose to be five minutes. ...more info
  • Frieza saga 33 episodes what's not to like ?I'll tell you
    Frieza saga was virtally the same as the others exept... the super sayian transformation and the lack of revised english dialoge. It was 30.00 when I got it now it's 24.99 now. Also a warning is in order. These discs have a 69% chance of getting damaged when shipped fastly so don't I was lucky So no scratches on the discs. However my season two that i ordered at the same time was not! 2 discs were damaged 1 slightly and 1 majorly. There i'm done YOU MUST GET THIS! Hope this was helpful. If there are mispells sorry I was in a rush....more info
  • Dragon ball 3
    This is the season three of Dragon Ball Z. It has amaizing fights and a break through in sayin power to compete with Freezas power. Great addition to a growing colection or just a great gift to be wateced over and over again....more info
  • DVD Set *excellent condition*
    The product was delivered in excellent condition and in a timely manner. I am more than happy with my purchase!!...more info