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Genre: Feature Film-Action/Adventure
Rating: PG13
Release Date: 12-JUN-2007
Media Type: High Definition DVD

This enjoyable thriller, written and directed by Phil Alden Robinson (the screenwriter of Field of Dreams), follows a raggedy group of corporate security experts who get in over their heads when they accept an assignment poaching some hot hardware for the National Security Agency. Robert Redford plays the group's guru, an aging techno-anarchist who has been hiding from the feds since the early 1970s; his companionable gang of freaks includes Dan Aykroyd, David Strathairn, Mary McDonnell, the late River Phoenix, and Sidney Poitier, as a veteran CIA operative turned "sneaker." The technological black box that everybody is after, an array of computer chips that can decode any encrypted message, isn't a very plausible invention, but it's a serviceable McGuffin, and the megalomania of the master plotter played by Ben Kingsley has more resonance than most. Modest inferences can be drawn about the very latest high-tech threats to civil liberties. --David Chute

Customer Reviews:

  • Fun movie
    Fun movie to watch even after all these years. Nice to have it in HD quality....more info
  • This one deserve more playing time....
    This is such an entertaining film, but how often do you stumble across it on one of the movie channels, or any channel for that matter? Great ensemble cast, lots of humor, but still enough plot and drama to satisfy a wide range of movie watchers. Each of the characters (the "good guys") has his or her quirks that makes each one memorable, and also invaluable in some way to getting the job done. One premise, that decisions that we make can stay with us for the rest of our lives and influence so many other decisions that we make, is well illustrated by Redford's character. Great interactions and witty banter among the lead actors. Enjoy! ...more info
  • A Fun, Interesting Comedy-Thriller
    There are movies that give you the impression the actors/actresses were having the time of their lives making it. Sneakers is a prime example of this.

    I am used to seeing Ben Kingsley (my favorite actor) portraying a historical protagonist (in the movies "Ghandi", "Schindler's List", "Joseph", and "Moses". This is the first time I've seen him as a bad guy, and he does an excellent job at this.

    I do have some objections to this movie. There is some sexual humor that was not necessary. Also, I could tell that the makers of this film would love to see a one party system in politics, with the party I identify with no longer existing (this is a Hollywood movie: of course you can guess which party is picked on here!)

    But these are minor points. This is a creatively written movie. The acting, as stated, is enjoyable to watch. I would definitely recommend it....more info
    What a cast - Robert Redford, Sidney Poitier, Dan Aykroyd, River Phoenix, David Strathairn, Mary McDonnell and Ben Kingsley!! This tale of intrigue and high-tech suspense is fun to watch over and over. The acting is THE BEST, direction is amazing, and the whole damn story is WONDERFUL!!! Buy this DVD!...more info
  • Sneakers on DVD
    My husband and I are always on the lookout for movies that we both like, as well as our adult children, who like to have occasional movie nights at our house--movies that are not full of profanity or lewdness or terrible violence and are immensely enjoyable. This is a tricky combination to satisfy. We saw "Sneakers" recently on TV and realized how really clever and fun a movie it is--definitely one that filled the above criteria. When we decided to try to purchase the DVD for our collection, we went straight to Amazon. How quickly we had this entertaining movie in our home! It is in great condition. We immediately planned a movie night and watched it (again). Thank you for being there and doing such a great job of providing good stuff!...more info
  • Looks great on HD, though the movie dates itself in spots...
    I saw this movie when it was originally released and was enthralled by it. The technology, at that time, was somewhat cutting edge, gee whiz type stuff. It's been many years since that original viewing, but seeing the movie in HD brought back memories.

    Some of the equipment (acoustic coupler anyone?) is so dated now, but some of it still would be considered hi-tech even today. Perhaps the biggest thing 'dating' the movie is the amount of money tossed around as the dollar amounts would be laughable by today's standards, and should be laughable by even the standards from when the movie was made (1991), but that was quite some time ago.

    There were also many different stars crammed into this movie, including the President from the reimagined BSG (Battlestar Galactica) showing up in a supporting role.

    My only real complaint about the film now is the inherent political message that comes through. Not just anti-establishment......more info
  • Excellent Escapist Entertainment!
    While Sneakers boasts an incrediblely talented ensemble cast, the focus in this fun movie is never on just one character for too long of a period, and the result is a great escapist tale, and truly entertaining as well. There are so many great moments contained in Sneakers that it takes several viewings to really understand just how fine those moments are!

    David Strathairn's "Mother" character really stands out, and the scenes where he slowly begins putting together a simulation soundtrack as to what Redford's character "Marty" heard while kidnapped and in the trunk of a car, are spellbinding!

    Spellbinding as well is the performance of Ben Kingsley, who takes his time getting to the screen, but it's worth the wait as he ever so slowly steals the movie away from the rest of the cast. His "chat" with Marty, where he, "Cosmo," finally reveals himself to Marty, and then launches into a discourse of what the real world, in his eyes, is really like and all about, is stunning! This is one of his best performances, and while certainly not his longest, it's incredible to watch him more than hold his own with Redford in their scenes together!

    Timothy Busfield's turn as a bad guy is great fun, similar to but much more sinister than his brother-in-law role in Field Of's hoping he gets the opportunity to take on some more of these types of roles in the future. And what a treat to see an actor the calibur of Sidney Poitier in this one......he certainly has his fine moments here as well, and the scenes that showcase his ability to be greatly agitated yet under complete control all at the same time are pure acting lessons!

    Great fun, great story, excellent's all here for the viewing....more info

  • Funny and Interesting
    This movie is one of my favorites. It is funny and interesting to watch the cloak and dagger suspense. Funny to see the "old technology"...more info
  • One of River Phoenix's best
    This movie was brilliantly cast, and everyone in it is great. It is a really fun movie, even if all the computer stuff is outdated now. It's funny, it's intense, and it's one of River Phoenix's best performances, I thought....more info
  • a classic.
    A truly great older film. This stars Robert Redford and introduces River Phoenix. RP was a young actor with unlimited potential who died at a very young age. Watch this movie. Also stars Sidney Poitier....more info
  • One of the greatest caper movies ever looks the best it ever has!
    I really enjoy this movie, and was very happy to see it released by Universal on HD-DVD. This movie has a lot of big names in it, and they really deliver. It has great suspenseful moments, international intrigue, a believable plot, and a lot of humorous moments that are actually funny! There are plenty of other places to look if you are looking for a synopsis of the movie, including the standard DVD page, so I'll leave it to them to tell you about the movie if you don't already know it.

    My review here will be about the HD transfer itself. Overall, I was really impressed! It's a definite jump from the standard DVD, even upconverted. I might even go so far as to say that some selected scenes look incredible. Most of the scenes in Sneakers are dialogue, and a lot of people in them, and I noticed that the clarity of people's faces and eyes was great. The shots of the buildings, and the Scrabble tiles being rearranged I thought were great. For the most part though, the PQ is good, but certainly not demo material.

    There is definitely some grain noticable, but I was happy to find it wasn't distracting. Even in some of the darker scenes where I expected some heavy grain, the grain was only noticable, not obtrusive. The sound is also excellent. I don't know if it is better than the S-DVD, but I had no complaints with the 5.1 soundtrack. Sure I would have loved me some lossless audio, but I didn't expect it and it isn't really a big deal to me that it isn't there.

    I have only 2 complaints about this disc. First, I wish Universal had cleaned it up a bit better. There were a fair amount of "flecks" floating through the picture throughout. Of course, once I stopped focusing on the picture and enjoyed my movie, I didn't notice them except for a few brief moments, but they are definitely there. Is it hard to clean the master? I was a bit disappointed in that area, as most films in HD are extremely clean, with flecks only occasionally. These were fairly constant. My second complaint is extremely minor and more personal, but I wish there were some Spanish subtitles.

    Overall, I am very happy with this disc, and would definitely recommend the purchase to anyone who enjoyed the movie. It's a definite improvement from the S-DVD. It's certainly not a movie I'd pop in to show off my TV for friends, but then I never expected that. The only thing that I wish had been done differently would have been for a cleaner transfer, removing some of the larger and more noticable flecks.

    Bottom line? If you like this movie, this is a must have. It is an excellent step up from the standard DVD. ...more info
  • This is a classic!
    For those who love spy/hacker movies, this is one to collect. I've watched this movie about 30 times and never got tired of it. It has intrigue, comedy, romance (well sort of anyways) and a great cast. Played this on my home theatre entertainment and it sound great! I also liked that the movie was situated in the beautiful Bay Area (which is where I live)....more info
  • Sleeper Thriller, Fun,Good wins over Evil on Widescreen DVD!
    Sneakers is a great sleeper techno gadget thriller. Robert Redford leads a fantastic, charismatic ensemble team (Sidney Poitier, Dan Akroyd, River Pheonix, Mary McDonnell & David Strathairn)in this outstanding movie! The villian is perfect too. (Ben Kingsley)

    Summary: The Redford Security Expert Team is hired by the NSA (National Security Agency) to recover the ultimate BLACK BOX from a powerful corporate magnate villian (Kingsley), who happens to be Redfords old college friend. This Black Box can decode any program!! All turns out not so friendly and the techno cat & mouse game thriller begins.

    Outstanding value and the Widescreen DVD is an excellent transfer. This is a fun movie & Redford is at his best. Enjoy....more info

  • An engaging romp
    Both my 12-year-old son and I enjoyed this movie. Great actors/actresses who looked like they were having fun filming it. The movie looks a bit dated vis a vis technology, but it's still fun.

    If you're looking for enjoyable entertainment with a bit of suspense, I would recommend Sneakers! :-)

    Tim Warneka

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    Mission Impossible? Ugh! If you want a real hi-tech movie, check this one out. There's a great cast: Sidney Poitier, Robert Redford, River Phoenix and James Earl Jones just to name a few. The plot: Redford is in charge of a company where they intentionally break into banks and stuff to see how tight their security is. There's some really funny parts, but also some really serious, witty parts. The story soon starts to get more complicated as they go after this "black box" that can decrypt computer codes or something. In short, they can have access to the FBI, CIA, airports, whatever. Very easy to follow movie. I'm not usually a Robert Redford fan, but this movie is the one exception....more info
  • Both suspenseful and funny
    "Sneakers" is one of my favorite watch-again movies, and I think it has the elements needed to become a classic: numerous stars; a tight, suspenseful plot; enough laugh-out-loud humor to make it lots of fun to watch; and plenty of action and intrigue. The star-studded cast includs Robert Redford, Dan Aykroyd, Ben Kingsley, Mary McDonnell, the late River Phoenix, Sidney Poitier, James Earl Jones, and David Strathairn, and each of them brings an excellent performance. This quirky combination of stars plays well in the movie, with Aykroyd channeling his brother, who believes every conspiracy theory ever devised and Redford as the guy who gets all the dangerous tasks, or--as Poitier puts it--"all the fun stuff." Ben Kingsley as the maniacal Cosmo with his two cold-blooded operatives, Timothy Busfield and Eddie Jones, is just scary enough to keep you on the edge of your seat, while the other performers all add humor to the suspense. Stephen Tobolowsky as Dr. Werner Brandes is comical as Mary McDonnell's computer date, yet menacing when he finds out her true identity. This is an engaging and entertaining movie that lets the viewer into the inner sanctum of a group of exceptionally talented computer gurus with the boyish charm of high school geeks. It has a warmth and vibrancy that are a bit unexpected for a movie of its genre, and there are few "slow" moments in the film; the action keeps moving. The scene where Robert Redford unexpectedly encounters the mathematician's paramour is hilarious, and the one where Whistler drives the van is hair-raising and funny at the same time. It's fun to watch for details such as Redford's using a Popeil Pocket Fisherman to retrieve something, right in the midst of a suspenseful moment. "Sneakers" is still appealing after all these years, and someday when all the impressive technology in it starts to look dated, the movie will still be a good time. ...more info
  • Pleasant, but not that exciting
    Sneakers is the simple story of a man whose past catches up to him. This could be high-drama, and yet that isn't the overall mood of this film -- instead, it seems like the movie is going for a sort of Butch and Sundance in high-tech-land, without Butch. In place of a second lead, Martin Bishop (Robert Redford) gets four friends who just happen to also be his employees in a firm that essentially investigates businesses security systems. These friends are played by really fine actors, including the superb Sidney Poitier. Unfortunately, some of the characterizations are stereotypes, and most of these excellent actors are not given enough screen exposure. The story centers around Bishop/Redford, and at times it seems like there are almost too many additional characters, good guys and bad guys. This takes focus away from the plot, which is a cute story of high-tech intrigue that is more entertaining than exciting. To draw in a female crowd, Bishop/Redford has an ex-girlfriend that, in the midst of some dangerous times, he decides to woo into returning to his embrace. Maybe he should have handled his dangerous problems first? Oh, but he is Robert Redford so he does get the girl, wins at the intrigue, turns into the hero and gets some pro-liberal Democratic political messages into the script as well. I found that this film was actually lots of fun, despite its drawbacks, until a scene came up that threw me. Bishop is kidnapped and locked into the trunk of a car. Transported, he only knows his location by the sounds he has heard along the way. Once safely returned, his friends pick his brain to determine what the sounds were, including a cocktail party he said he heard which turns out to be a geese farm with lots of clucking. This is nearly a word-for-word rip off of an old Rock Hudson film, Blindfold (which by the way was a lot more exciting and a lot more entertaining). Sneakers ends, too, with a rather ridiculous segment where everyone is negotiating with the NSA (played too briefly by James Earl Jones) for their fantasy toys like a Winnebago in exchange for turning over the stolen super-duper mystery decoder that was at the heart of the plot. I suppose it was all played for laughs, and some of it was amusing. On the whole, the technological antics are quite dated, looking rather feeble in comparison, say, with the Lone Gunmen of the X-Files. Mary McConnell does an admirable job as Bishop/Redford's girlfriend, and refreshingly, she is mature enough to come off as being close to his age (films pairing older men with much younger women are getting pretty boring by now). Ben Kingsley plays the bad guy, although he is never all that menacing. I was sorry to see him in a film like this after he did such a fine job with the far more meaningful Ghandi. You will enjoy this film if you like light-weight mystery and intrigue or if you are a fan of one of the stars....more info
  • PC Users Beware
    Sneakers is, without a doubt, one of my all time favorite movies. However, this DVD has some serious problems if you intend to view it on a PC DVD-ROM drive. A file allocation error renders the first half of the movie unreadable to most PC DVD drives (precise technical details are widely availible on the internet). This is not a problem for most standalone players. So if you're like me and use your PC as your DVD player, I'd suggest looking into the VHS edition....more info
  • Sneakers
    A compelling thriller that combines humour and intrigue with perfection, the stellar cast gives performances of a life time and the story keeps you guessing right to the end....more info
  • A Must See!!
    If you have not seen Sneakers, where have you been hiding?

    Robert Redford leads this all star cast, an emsemble that blends effortlessly for so much talent in one room.

    Sneakers combines good character with interesting plot, suspense, humor, and romance.

    I never get tired of watching this movie again and again, it's just a great movie!...more info
  • good movie
    Delightful caper flick enhanced by its deft handling of a rather preposterous plot. Great characters and terrific casting (Dan Aykroyd's conspiracy theorist perpetually sparring with ex-CIA agent Sidney Poitier, Ben Kingsley brilliant as usual, etc.) plus a really good score. The technology in the movie is completely dated but it holds up anyway. One of my favorites.

    This DVD comes with a clever and insightful though not earthshattering director's commentary....more info
  • a the time
    ...well...back in the early 90's, this movie was one of my favorite. Time passed and since all dvd were low quality, I didn't get a chance to see this movie since then.
    As for the hd dvd , let me say that from today's point of view, the movie has lost a bit of interest since the edge technologie used in sneakers looks a bit outdated today. This point apart, the movie is still fun and the quality is excellent. The image is extremely clear even in the dark scenes. Sound is good average. If, like me, this movie sounds a ring, it's certainly worth the buy...otherwise, it's for redford's fan only....more info
  • Awful Picture Quality
    Though I enjoy this movie, I found the DVD version to be awful. It looks like they cranked up the compression, as there is a ton of compression artifacting. I could barely stand to watch the DVD in some places due to the little dancing color squares. If you are a fan of Sneakers, get the VHS version and avoid the DVD....more info
  • ON the money today.
    I saw this movie in the theaters back in 1992 and it was great. It is timeless in that everything about the security and technical issues outlined in the movie are relevent today if not more. When Cosmo states" it's all about the information, what we hear, see, etc.." is so right on in our over connected world of the internet, cable news, podcasts, cell phones, camera phones, intrusive web cam/phone technologies, blogs, wirless, blackberries, rfid, youtupe, myspace, online ecommerce, protocols, protocols and more protocols.

    It is all about the network today and the information that flows through it. Do you remember how your life was pre 1995 internet and cell phones?
    Can you imagine your life without your various access points to the internet, its content and your cell phone?

    Cosmo was wrong when he said it is no longer about energy, it is still today for without the energy you have no means to propogate the information.

    They nailed it then and it is relevent today. Scary.

    Great movie and got me excited to try my hand at a little black/white hacking....more info
  • I dont think so
    I took a look at how they "Profile" some of us. None of it is a true statement, except "Social Engineering" That was it. It is very funny to watch what they do, and how they portray H@ck3rZ. Not even close. People that believe that any of it is true or even close to being true, you better take a look at what H@ck3rZ really are in this day and age....more info
  • Sneakers
    I love this movie. I am beginning a collection of older movies to good not to have. Love Robert Redford....more info
  • One of my ALL TIME favs
    I've enjoyed this movie for many years on video tape, loaned it to someone and now caouldn't find it. My daughter found the me in DVD on It's about 'hackers', people paid to try to break into banks, break codes, etc. I LOVE this movie! It has an all-star cast....more info
    One of my top 20 movies of all time.
    A must see!!! Two big toes up!!!...more info
  • setec astronomy
    if you are as big a fan of Sneakers as I am, you will know what i am talkiing about when I say "hell yeah!"

    Honestly I haves een this movie more than 20 times and it keeps getting better.

    Redford! Poitier! Ackroyd! Phoenix! McDonnell! Strathairn! Kingsley! Tobolowsky! Busfield! Do these names mean anything to you? they mean the world to me!

    Now I'm not some saleman or some guy who worked on the movie and is trying to get you to run out and buy it... nor do i work at, but I URGE to to see this movie.

    Comedy, suspense, touching love story, good buddy flick and a slammin' soundtrack!

    Top Notch. That's a fact....more info

  • excellent techno-caper until...
    you get to the end and they make it into a kind of joke. This is unfortunate: you get a very scary plot, of this chip that is so valuable in what it can do that holders of it are automatically offed, but then they decide to, well, you have to see it to lose your faith in the film's plausible impossibility. (OK, I don't want to be the spolier, but criticism is due).

    Before that silly ending, the suspence is wonderful and believable. Redford is totally convncing, as is his old friend (Kingsley), who went to prison insead of him by chance. They have this wonderful duality that you find n fiction, good and bad from experience and luck of the draw, and are now deadly enemies. You get these wonderfully unorthodox solutions, such as the blind man helping Redford to find where he had been taken by the sound he remembers while blindfolded in a car trunk. There are many touches like that, splendid details. Then there is the caper, which is complex and frightening, with bad guys you could believe you would want to avoid. It is great - 5 stars - right up until the ridicoulous finale, which ruins the whole thng.

    Recommended, but skip the last 2 minutes....more info
  • Classic Caper Movie
    I can't be entirely objective in as much as I played a small role in the making of this motion picture. Sneakers is one of the best caper movies made in decades. Each year, it runs 24/7 on in-house channels at Defcon conferences in Las Vegas. Part of the fun is to try to find the subtle, deliberate technical errors designed into the movie so it wouldn't become a training film for criminals. Sneakers is highly recommended. ...more info
  • Great fun - great actors!
    This movie is one of my favorites. In fact, my daughter borrowed it, lent it to someone else and it was never returned, so this is my second copy! i don't think a movie with a cast like this can miss - Sidney Poitier, Robert Redford, Ben Kingsley, Mary McDonnell (amazing scene where she tricks some guy into saying all the words necessary to gain access to his office) , Dan Ackroyd (in a brilliantly understated role!), the late River Phoenix and David Strathairn (wait till he drives!)! Even though the computer technology is ancient by today's standards, it is still a fast moving adventure. Plus it's fun to tell the kids - yeah, that's what a computer used to look like......more info
  • A galaxy of talents
    Stephen Tobolowski gives a fabulously over-the-top performance as Dr. Werner Brandes, defining a new phase in his career as an unparalleled supporting actor. He gives the role unprecedented depth and importance; let's not forget, Sneakers was made just a year before Groundhog Day. We all remember Tobolowski's astounding portrayal of insurance salesman Ned Ryerson! Do you really believe that that performance would have been possible without his appearance in Sneakers? I believe that the excellence with which Tobolowski created his role helped drive others in the cast to give equally stellar performances; not to be outdone, David Strathairn gives a particularly compelling performance as "Whistler" that is both dirty and idealistic. He and Dan Akroyd's "Mother" pair to make an incorrigible but loveable duo with a one-two punch!

    Conclusion: Sneakers is a brilliant constellation of stars, big and small!...more info

  • Awesome!!
    Just Awsome! Love Robert Redford. Don't want to miss any of his movies. He is a legend....more info