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Sony SS-B1000 5 1/8-Inch Bookshelf Speakers (Pair)
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Product Description

Create a soothing atmosphere with rich, room-filling sound from the SS-B1000 performance bookshelf speakers.Enjoy your favorite music in any room of the house with quality sound from the SS-B1000 performance bookshelf speakers. With 120 watts of power and an advanced woofer and tweeter design, they deliver high-resolution audio, so you hear the music just as it was recorded.

Enjoy your favorite music in any room of the house with quality sound from Sony SS-B1000 Performance Bookshelf Speakers. With 120 watts of power and an advanced woofer and tweeter design, they deliver high resolution audio up to 50kHz. You will experience the music just as it was recorded.

  • Newly developed 5.25" H.O.P. cone woofer
  • 1" nano-fine balanced dome tweeter
  • 120-Watt maximum input power
  • 80-50,000Hz frequency response
  • Impedance: 8 Ohms
  • 1-year limited warranty

Customer Reviews:

  • great value
    I wasn't looking for earth shattering bass(have a sub for that), what i got was a good speaker that handled mids and high perfectly.I plan on getting the sony center channel to replace my aging sony center next. For the money, i don't see how anyone could possibly have a legitimate complaint unless the speaker are just plain broke out of the box....more info
  • Speakers
    I think these are great speakers for the price. The speakers are optimal for a smaller amp....more info
  • love it!
    The sounds are incredible, very pleased with this purchase, completed my 7.1 channel system...couldn't be happier....more info
  • Too Expensive
    These are good for their size as a mini-stereo system. They can't really handle bass at higher volumes(it vibrates and crackles), except for maybe a very small room. I was replacing some older Sony speakers, but the old ones are way better (of course the older ones are 6.25, not 5.25, and they had bass, medium range, and tweeter cones on each speaker). I will probably get the old speakers repaired. I don't know why Amazon bumped up the price to $100. I bought it here for about $40 about 3 weeks ago. These are definitely not $100 speakers....more info
  • good range and good price
    Theses use all of the power I can give with my receiver. They sound great. They complement my center and sub well....more info
  • Not enough sound for rear speakers
    Sony SS-B1000 5.25" Bookshelf Speakers (Pair) Bought a pair of these speakers for rear surround sound. I have the Sony SS-B3000 speakers for the main speakers which are excellent. And a Velodyne sub which is nice. At times these little speakers work pretty good after adjusting the receiver. Other time's, depending on what I'm listening to, you can't really hear them. For the price, they are an excellent value. Just need to do alot of adjustments to get much out of them....more info
    I bought these speakers and one broke in 2 months time, after using them very little. Sony has given me the run around on fixing it. I don't care if they were cheap speakers, I'm just mad at the whole ordeal they've put me through. I've spent too much time boxing their broken speakers up, driving them to UPS, and calling them when there is an inevitable problem cuz they can't do their job (or won't do their job, as they get trained to blow off customers).

    Here's my letter to them:

    "To whom it may concern:

    I am writing about my work order # ---. I sent a speaker in ( Model: SSB1000, Serial: ---) to be fixed, as it had lost all sound and I had recently purchased it. I bought these speakers from Amazon on February -, 2008 and they were still under warranty when I sent one to be fixed and when I made the work order on April -, 2008.

    On 4/-/08, I received that speaker back, with no cover and nothing inside it, just a wood box basically. There was no explanation given, and it obviously it had not been fixed or exchanged, but rather returned in worse condition. I also had sent the speaker cord, and that was not returned to me nor made mention of.

    I contacted your service center on 4/-/08 and was told that a new speaker would be sent to me, and I wouldn't have to do anything else since I had already been so inconvenienced. I was told it would arrive in 5 business days. I waited nearly two weeks and nothing came.

    I called the service center again today, 5/-/08, and was told a different story. The woman said I would be sent a shipping label through email and would have to ship the broken speaker back AGAIN. I have already put way too much time & effort into getting this speaker fixed. It is RIDICULOUS that I should have to ship the speaker YOU sent to me BROKEN and in WORSE CONDITION than what I had sent it in. At this point, I should be sent a new speaker with no further effort on my part. Nothing else was done to try and make up for this bad experience.

    Your customer service is TERRIBLE and I will never buy anther Sony product again. Not only are your products poorly made, but you do your best to weasel out of fixing them when they break under warranty. I've already posted several bad reviews on the internet and will continue to post more.

    If I don't receive the speaker I was promised, in working condition, then this will not be the last you hear from me. I am not the kind of customer who just disappears because you make it so hard for them to get any service.

    ---"...more info
  • Super speakers for the price
    First, this item came QUICK. Free shipping and it was here in two days. The box and shipping materials seemed good quality and did the task and the speakers plugged in to my old 80's stereo component set within a minute. Turned it on and the sound was very pleasing. I haven't set it up real loud because I'll never listen to it that way, don't want to disturb the neighbors. So I can't tell you how loud you can play these but I'm very happy with the size, sound and price of these speakers. They're exactly what I wanted. I got rid of the old speakers because they were enormous. Then I was surprised at how long it took me to find something small and inexpensive that got good reviews. Thumbs up!...more info
  • Sony Bookshelf Speakers
    Great quality for the price. I needed to expand my present system. These speakers did the trick. Solid sound and a welcome addition!...more info
  • Just the right speakers!
    These were just the right speakers for what I had in mind. The sound quality they produce is excellent, and being 8 ohms, they are efficient as well. I use them to overcome a poor set of integrated speakers on our bedroom LCD TV. Combine them with a ASIN: B0012KZNP4 Pyle Mini 2X15 W Stereo Power Amplifier, and you have a dandy sound system for small room applications....more info
  • As good as they should be
    I purchased these speakers to replace a set that were 30 years old and had worn out. These are good speakers, I wouldn't put them at audiophile, however, neither am I, I like good sound, and these supply it....more info
  • Great Speakers and Great Price
    I agree with other reviews that these inexpensive Sony speakers do a great job. The sound is true in the bass range and in treble for CDs and I am enjoying them immensely. ...more info
  • speakers
    These are speakesr used for reproducing sound. You could connect thiese to a "receiver" and then connect your "receiver" to a cd player. then you would put a cd in the cd player and press "play" and if you did everything right (make sure it's turned on!) you'd be able to hear the sounds from the cd without having to wear headphones. you could listen to any kind of cd, like one with rock/rap fusion music on it. ...more info
  • TV Sound
    Purchased these speakers with a Sony STRDE197 Stereo Receiver to enhance the sound of an older TV. Works great and low cost, plus getting a good sounding FM radio. I just got an HDTV and hook them up to it. Much better sound then the TV....more info
  • Great Front Speakers
    The price can't be beat. The size is perfect (for me). The sound is perfectly acceptable. One can really thump out the bass if one wishes. These are not 15" woofers. For their size, they put out LOTS of good sound when I watch a Dolby encoded movie. I have paired them with a pair of older Bose tabletop speakers for the rear, and my own makeshift build of a center channel speaker. They sound great.
    These are good anywhere at any time. Just remember that if you want booming bass.....look elsewhere....more info
  • Good Speakers
    I really like these small speakers - at least smaller than the old ones I was using. They fit in the speaker stands I had, but take up so much less space than those monsters! And the sound is excellent. ...more info
  • speakers
    These are speakesr used for reproducing sound. You could connect thiese to a "receiver" and then connect your "receiver" to a cd player. then you would put a cd in the cd player and press "play" and if you did everything right (make sure it's turned on!) you'd be able to hear the sounds from the cd without having to wear headphones. you could listen to any kind of cd, like one with rock/rap fusion music on it. ...more info
  • They Are What They Say They Are....
    ... and that has been confirmed by all of the good reviews on here. These are simply a brilliant pair of basic Bookshelf Speakers that can even be said to overachieve to a measurable degree, all things considered. Remember what you are paying for them, and examine and understand their dimensions and specifications once more before purchasing them - and you will not be disappointed by their quality or by their performance. Suffice it to say that SONY have not exactly damaged their stature with this product. ...more info
  • great speakers
    I have a lot of Sony products and prefer to buy Sony quality. These speakers are a bargain for the price. Great range and performace for there size and price....more info
  • Great speakers
    Great sound. Has a wonderful deep rich bass for a speaker so small. I was very surprised. Would recommend to anyone ...more info
  • Sony SS-B1000 5.25" speakers
    Great sound good price we're very happy to replace our old big speakers with smaller ones with as much or better sound!
    ...more info
  • Works for me
    I don't have much cash to spend and decided on these speakers about 6 months ago. There are great.Totally worth it. I have to be careful not to blast the neighbors. They far surpass the sound quality of the speakers I previously had....more info
  • Sony SS-B1000
    I bought these speakers to attach to a new JVC receiver. I think that they are great. They don't sound like my Sansui SPX-6700 speakers that I have in my living room; but, I didn't expect them to.

    Sony always makes good products. These speakers lived up to my expectations. I would buy another set and recommend them to my family and friends....more info
  • awesome sound quality
    I have always been a fan of RCA products. My first small boombox/stereo back when I was around 12-14 was an RCA and I always had one since then. Now I have a mini shelf system that just sits there and collects dust. I was going to see about finding a new RCA to replace it. However, since RCA hardy does anything with boombox's or Mini shelf system anymore I just gave up until one day my dad brought home a Sony FM Receivers/Amplifier. So I went out and found these speakers one day at Circuit City on sale and thought it worked out great. So I went out on Black Friday and picked up the last pair in my town. I have to say these speakers blows my RCA stereo out of the water. Not only am I able to hook up my Samsung TV and DVD/VCR combo as well as my XBox 360, I can use them with surround sound with the dependability of these wonderful speakers from Sony. I'm glad I found these....more info
  • Very satisfied
    I replaced my old KLH 3 1/2 inch 2 way speakers with these sony 5 1/2 inch and they are great! I read about every review before I bought them and I must agree with the rest that gave a good review, you clearly hear the bass and crisp highs jumping out at you. I have a 5 inch KLH powered subwolfer for bass that I used before, now I don't need to use it unless I just want extra bass. For the price and the sound these speakers give, you "CAN'T" go wrong with these speakers. ...more info
  • Can't believe the sound!!
    I bought these based on the other reviews and also needing a budget priced speaker. I got these, hooked them up and was totally amazed by the sound. Great sound from such a small speaker. Great sounding bass and crisp highs. Seem to sound good at higher volumes. Definitely well worth the money. If you want a low priced good sounding speaker, these are the ones to get....more info
  • Spend a little more, get a little better
    These have no bottom in comparison. The Insignia is larger but still smaller than old school book shelf speakers.

    The sound of the Sony's was clear but I preferred the fuller bass response of the Insignia 6-1/2. However, the Polk bookshelf loudspeaker at BBY was clearly better sounding of the three ... at 4X the price of the Sony.
    ...more info
  • Great set of speakers
    These are a great set of speakers; I have 2 sets. They have just the right amount of peak watts at 120. Very nice sound from my vintage Kenwood KR 7600 receivers. The only thing lacking are some mounting brackets on the back. They are made well and the small size is a plus. Highly recommend buying them.Sony SS-B1000 5.25" Bookshelf Speakers (Pair)...more info
  • great speakers
    I'm using these for my surrounds and they are great.speakers are well built and sound really great ..great price for these speakers...more info
  • Doesn't attach to a computer
    Unfortunately the product description didn't mention they won't attach to a computer, and this was my mistake in assuming they would. So I got them, saw the cables enclosed, called Sony, was told there isn't a way to attach them to a computer and had to return them. My mistake, but I'm writing the review so no one else makes the same mistake....more info
  • Great little speaker with a big sound!
    This speaker is a great size, a good price and most of all a great sound. I replaced my older big-bulky speaker with this one and could not believe the extra space I had. This sound was actually good as well....more info
  • Best bang for buck out there hands down
    Has to be the best bang for buck out there....not huge but sleek stylish and packs a beautiful punch for 50 dollars u cannot go wrong...i love electronics and i do know much about them if u buy these u will not be let down i'm sure u will be very suprised....started wit a regular sony home theater in a box and slowly upgraded the speakers thanks to amazon the best by the way... bought these for rears sound great for music and excellent for movies and games (i own xbox 360...they are very clear and crisp no distortion at all and they are getting 100 watts of power each....i have them matched wit a polk audio cs1 center channel excellent by the way and my fronts are channels are polk monitor 30's its sounds great i know its entry level but sounds beautiful and cant complain about what i paid so far....just need a sub if u wanna go cheap and bang for buck here you go cant do any better!!!!!! ...more info
  • Why speand more???? these are great!
    I have had a pare of these speakers now for about 1.5 years and couldn't be happier. I have a Sony receiver (STR-DG800) and the matching speakers to these bookshelf speakers (front = SSF6000)(center = SSCN5000) for a reciever of this calibar (middle of the road, retail was bout $500) these speakers are fantastic. You could hook up much more expensive speakers, but if your primary purpose is movies, you won't gain much. Now sure, if you listen to a tone of music, then by all means spend twice the money (or probably more) and step it up to some Klipsch or a high end Infinity, but if your primary reason for speakers is your theater (I listen to about 80% movies/TV and 20% music with my theater) than these are the way to go. They have a great range of sound, rich bass, the highes are clear, voices are great. No complaints here....more info
  • Fair Value, But...
    I have three pairs of Sony speakers, the SSB-1000, SSB-3000 and SS-F5000. Until recently, I was satisfied with the SS-B1000 as front channel speakers in our bedroom. This month I added a pair of Sony SS-F5000 floor standing speakers for the family room and moved the SSB-3000 speakers from that room to replace the SSB-1000's. The difference in sound quality was quite noticeable. I recommend spending an extra $50 or so for the SSB-3000 for its superior treble and bass. (All three pairs were purchased from Amazon, all arrived in perfect condition and I rate the SSB-3000 and SS-F5000 as virtually equal at 5 stars.) ...more info
  • Ideal for Small Space
    Bought these for my bedroom. Great for small space. Can keep stereo on low volume and still hear nuances (primarily a classical music listener). Price was right also....more info
  • small and fantatic
    We moved to a smaller house. The sony speakers I had were HUGE in the smaller room. They were wearing out as they were 20 years old. I always shop AMAZON first because you cannot beat the selection and in MT there isn't always a choice for some items. These are great speakers. My SONY stereo sounds as good as it did when it was new. I trust SONY for quality Audio equipment. These are small speakers with FANTASTIC Stereo sound. I HIGHLY Recommend these speakers!...more info
  • exellent value
    I am using the ssB1000 as surround speakers. Exellent, clear, they could be used as front speakers with no problems. Highly recommend....more info
  • Great sound for the price and size
    Bought these for the family room, and was looking for inexpensive speakers, so I was delighted to find that the sound of these speakers is so good. I could tell that the dimensions given must be for the pair of speakers, but even that is not quite right. Each speaker is approx. 10" high, 6 3/4" wide, and 7 1/4" deep....more info
  • Not bad for the price
    These are OK spearkers if you are on a budget. I also have a pair of older JBL speakers the same size and they are much better sounding, and require less power. If you just want these for rear suround sound speakers I recommend them, but don't buy them for main speakers....more info
  • best bang for the buck
  • So pleased
    I wanted to breathe new life into a Sharp cd/tape/radio player that we bought our son about 5 years ago. One of the sepakers was broken and the other not so great. The sound from these new speakers really surprised me. They are powerful and full sounding and it seems as if I have an entirely new system....more info
  • Clear sound for a very low price!
    I recently upgraded my sound system to 7.1 and purchased 2 pair of these speakers for about $50.00 a pair. They sound very clear as they are being used for side and rear surround. I had to attach some mounting hardware on the back because they are made for bookshelves but are not that heavy so mounting wasn't a problem. They complement Sony SS-B3000 speakers and a Yamaha downfiring subwoofer very well. I had originaly wanted infinity book shelf speakers but these are 1/3rd the cost and sound just as good. Well worth buying!
    ...more info