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Sony SSF-7000 Floor-Standing 4-way Speaker with 8" Woofer (Pair)
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Product Description

8" Newly Developed Mica Reinforced Woofer. 8" Enhanced H.O.P. Cone - Mid Woofer. 3 " Enhanced H.O.P. Cone - Mid Driver. 1" Nano Fine Balanced Dome Tweeter. Sound Reproduction to 50kHz (for High Resolution Audio). 200W Maximum Input Power.

The ultra-powerful Sony SS-F7000 4-Way Floor-Standing Speakers will refresh your appreciation for music. With pristine sound reproduction and high-quality drivers, these speakers bring new life to your music collection. Just as the original composer intended, the sound quality is so rich you feel like you're at a private concert. Lows, mid-ranges and high tones are recreated in high resolution audio, making even the most subtle sounds music to your ears.

  • Newly developed 8" mica reinforced woofer
  • 8" enhanced H.O.P. cone mid-driver
  • 3.25" mid-driver
  • 1" nano-fine balanced dome tweeter
  • 200-Watt maximum input power

Customer Reviews:

  • a better deal would be 3 Sony SS-B3000
    A better deal would be 3 Sony SS-B3000. For 3 times $86 ( $258 ) you would get a total of 6 8 inch woofers, 6 3.25" mids and 6 1" tweeters.
    If you get the Sony SSF-7000 for $250 you only get 4 8 inch woofers, 2 3.25" mids and 2 tweeters. So you get 50% more woofers and 200% more mids and tweeters if you get the 3 Sony SS-B3000 for the same money. However , you have to know how to wire it all together....more info
  • Extremely Pleased
    I needed speakers that were good for listening to live concert band performances. My budget could not handle the Ifinity or JBL. I heard the Sony 5000 with a subwoofer and it sounded great, especially with the small price attached. I immediately ordered the 7000 speakers and couldn't be happier, The sound is crisp and clean and very "Band" friendly. I do recommend a subwoofer be used to get the fullness of the bass that is preferred....more info
  • These Speakers are a good value.
    I received the speakers on time, They were very easy to setup.
    They sound Terrific. Very good bang for the buck. ...more info
  • The speakers of the year
    Say what you will. Dollar for sound sony has done a top notch job compared to other more expensive towers speakers....more info
  • not the best, but the best for the price.
    i'm a sony fan but i have to admit i was a bit worried. i sampled the ssf-5000 pair at best buy and compaired to polks and klipsh speakers with the same number of same size drivers the sony seemed a bit, 'lacking', despite the lower price they were unacceptible imo. but while i was there i realised that i'm in an open area with a reciever that's probably calibrated for the more expensive set, not using the subwoofer which i would have in my home setup, while at the same time possibly underdriving the sony. i knew i wanted more drivers than the 5000 anyway, but was worried if it would be enough to over come construction short commings if i was only to get more of the same.

    i paired these up with my str dg1100 using 16guage cable and the sony fth-200 5.1 flat set to complete my 7.1 system.
    after the auto calibration, the ssf-7000 brings something to my setup that i didn't even know was missing. 'punch' every thing hits harder, but not nessasarly louder. simply awesome.

    while the ssf-7000 is not ugly, it wont win anything for looks compaired to other similar offerings that cost considerbly more. i give five stars at this price because if you want value, quality, a price that can't be beat (esp if you are doing it way you are supposed to and using the same speakers for 6 of your 7.1 setup.) and preformance that will exceed the standards of all but the most extreeme audiophile or martha stewart when set right, than look no further. for style and true high end preformance, drop some dime and get something else. ...more info
  • Great speakers...
    If you are on a budget, you will not find a better pair of speakers that can handle the power and sound this good. I use them mostly with an Art SLA1 100W/channel amp for mixing music.

    The only problem is that the grills are very cheap. They were both broken when the speakers arrived from Vanns. It has been 1 month and I still do not have replacement grills. For some reason they even sent me to Sony.?? It is not Sony's responsibility!

    Bottom line...I'm impressed with the speakers, not the customer service! ...more info
  • Sony speakers
    They sound good for relatively inexpensive speakers. However, the base lacked fullness. I did not want a boom box sound, as I listen to Classical music. I subsequently purchased a subwoofer, which helped....more info
  • Great upgrade for your home theatre system
    I picked these up to replace the front left/right satellite speakers that came with my Sony HT-7000DH surround sound system.

    These match the system and surround speakers/sub woofer exactly. It's like they are made to go with the system.

    Sound is fantastic, bold, bright, and best of all they work in conjunction with the original satellites -- thanks to Sony's foresight making the HT-7000DH use up to two sets of front left/right speakers at the same time.

    They are dramatic in look and sound, for the price you're not likely to get this much speaker in another "name brand". If you already have a Sony surround sound system that is fairly recent, these will work flawlessly.

    Perfect 10/10!...more info
  • Amazing speakers for the money!
    These floor speakers sound great! I can't say they are the best out there, but for the price, you can't go wrong! I upgraded to Sony SSF-7000's from a pair of Polk R300's (Polk's cheapest set of floor speakers) and the difference is amazing! The Polk's sounded pretty darn good, but it only had a mid and a tweeter, so it didn't produce a strong full sound. These Sony's however, give off a much fuller sound, even at extreme high volumes. However, to get a strong low response, I had to crank up the bass on my receiver and really give it some volume. Along with the 7000's, I purchased the Sony SA-W3800 sub, which rocks! When both the 7000's and the 3800 sub are paired, you get a great full sound and movies sound more than amazing! I highly recommend purchasing the 7000's if you seek strong front speakers with a full sound. I also want to mention these speakers are tall - Approx 4-feet in height....more info
  • A Satisfied Consumers Best Buy
    After reading countless articles in Stereophile, Audio Review, Etc. and Researching numerous Audio companies and Long Nights of Research I had had it. I threw up my hands and decided to have Faith in my Fellow Man. Yes I read others Opinions and Reviews on Amazon. I have always had good results with Sony Products in the past Soooo I jumped head first into the Sony SSF-7000 Speakers. A really Good Price with Free Shipping. They Arrived in three days! An Extra Ten minutes to Hook them up. Then Sheryl Crow Globe Sessions Started Playing. Five minutes to position them and find the Sweet Spot and Then Play On! Next Up Joe Walsh "BarnStorm", Original Master Recording. I was Feeling Alright. Pink Floyd "Wish You Were Here" sounds great. Kim Wilson "My Blues" Crisp and Clear! Everything sounds Balanced. My Opinion....Save yourself some money. Sony has HIT THE SWEETSPOT and you won't be Disappointed with this Deal. And It is A Deal. Hope That Helps. ...more info
  • SONY does it right!
    I was skeptical at first of Sony speakers. However, after listening to these, my doubts were erased! Excellent highs and mids. The bass is a bit boomy, but by leaving the receiver bass settings at zero, and adding a subwoofer to provide the bass, you'll be fine. Pair these up with good surround sound speakers, and a receiver with a THD of less than 1%, and you'll be fine. These will rock!...more info
  • Excellant for the money!
    Makes my music come alive! The sound is terrific! Good Bass, I think a subwoofer helps but isn't necessary. These speakers were shipped to my door in less than a week. Worth every penny!...more info