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Sony SS-F6000 Floor-Standing 4-Way Speakers with 6.5" Woofer (Pair)
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Product Description

Experience the dramatic bass and tingling highs of the high-performance SS-F6000 floor-standing speakers. Crafted to bring massive audio power to your home, these speakers make a statement. You and your guests will appreciate their impeccable high-resolution sound reproduction and the deep, hard-hitting bass.

  • 6.5" mica reinforced woofer
  • 6.5" enhanced H.O.P. cone - mid-woofer
  • 3.25" enhanced H.O.P. cone - mid driver
  • 1" nano-fine balanced dome tweeter
  • 180-Watt maximum input power

Customer Reviews:

  • Best for the money
    Just purchased these and I have to say, probably the best speakers you can buy for the money. I've had numerous speakers throughout the years, and for $150 a pair, these things sound unbelievable. I have never written a review for a product I bought from Amazon, but I really felt that these deserved it. Don't expect these to perform as well as $1000 speakers, but compared to $400-$500 speakers, these are incredible. ...more info
  • Sony SS-F6000 floor standing speakers
    As a family man on budget, I wanted to create my stereo system again. My plan was to buy a pair of 20+ year old 'high end' speakers, but the affordable ones needed repair or replacement of internal components. This went beyond my budget at this time.
    I saw these Sonys and decided to try them out. The speakers blew me away-they deliver sound way beyond my expectations! Clarity from top to bottom. My brother compares them to his Infinity tower speakers. I have yet to listen to my old LP's, but I'm told that they sound great when playing records.
    Vanity-wise,they give my stereo system a clean, updated look. I've gotten several compliments from friends and family.
    I may be purchasing a second pair, as my son wants to take these with him to college! I recommend these to anyone-great buy!...more info
  • Great budget speakers for classical music !!
    I will start by confirming what other reviewers have pointed out : you're unlikely to find better sounding floorstanding speakers at this price. The F6000s offer convincing depth despite not being constructed out of real wood. I have two pairs hooked up to a Yamaha RX-V663 receiver along with the CN-5000 center channel speaker.

    I compared these at a store against a pair of JBL ES80 and similarly priced Yamaha floorstanding speakers. The F6000 offered the least warmth but most clarity out of the three. I rated the F6000s with 4 stars because it has a very uneven response curve (though somewhat expected at this price range) and needs delicate equalizing. The bass is slightly boomy, lower mids come out too strong and upper mids are relatively weak, highs are OK. I am amazed at the reviewer who wrote the bass isn't deep, he must be a subwoofer junkie. I can certainly feel the bass in my chest.

    The loss of upper mid frequencies might be because the speakers are 4-way and the signal may be degrading going through too many crossover filters or it may be a safe design decision to make the sound pleasing to the average Joe. This won't be an issue for most people but I would not recommend these speakers to you unless you are using a 9 band equalizer. Listening to Guns N' Roses "Use Your Illusion" albums I get the feeling the guitars sound distant and muddy. Other reviewers with sharp ears have pointed out this muddiness, it is certainly caused by the strong lower mids (NOT caused by low driver quality) therefore it can be corrected.

    My Yamaha receiver has a 7 band graphic equalizer and below are the settings I recommend for obtaining a 'flat EQ' (amplifiers and room acoustics affect the sound but you should get a general idea) :

    63Hz : -1.5 dB
    160Hz : -0.0 dB
    400Hz : -1.0 dB
    1kHz : -2.0 dB
    2.5kHz : +0.0 dB
    6.3kHz : +3.0 dB
    16kHz : +0.5 db

    What I would have liked is a control point around 4 kHz because boosting 6kHz too much can make guitars and drums sound harsh or fatiguing but with only 7 bands I had to make a compromise. Thats why I recommend at least 9 bands for these speakers. Nevertheless, the settings above will have the effect of removing a blanket from over your speakers.

    I use my Yamaha 663's automatic parametric EQ for classical music which makes the violins from Vivaldi's "Four Seasons" sound amazingly detailed with no trace of harshness. I must say I was impressed with Sony's tweeters and midrange driver's clarity. With just a graphical EQ I would recommend starting with my 'flat' settings as reference followed by a little boost of the 8-12kHz range ( if you can ) to your taste.

    The only weakness I can find with these speakers is the excessively strong lower mid frequencies but it shouldn't be too big of a deal if you are willing to spend some time correcting it. As long as you are subtle EQing, the tone will remain clear. These speakers won't have the depth of a 1000$ speaker but at 1/10th the price that can hardly be considered a fault....more info
  • Good Sound, Great price
    Great speakers for the price! Good base + mid range, plus they handle 150 watts. These are not speakers for the stereo fanatics who demand the highest quality is sound, but for us casual listeners, you can't beat the price. A fine addition to your stereo, or home entertainment system. Shipping was very fast, and free! You can't go wrong with these, they provide a full sound, without breaking the bank....more info
  • Very Good Excellent bang for the buck. Fast shipping
    Order was placed on Wednesday March 25 for:
    Sony SS-F6000 Floor-Standing 4-Way Speakers,
    Sony SS-CN5000 Dual 5.25" Center Channel Speaker,
    Sony SS-B3000 Bookshelf Speakers with 8" Woofer.
    Estimated shipping date was March 30. Order qualified for free shipping. I thought it would take 2 or 3 weeks to receive it. I received all before the weekend!
    Sound is excellent. A little light on the Bass at lower volumes but I believe that is due to the lack of adjustment on my Sony STR-DG510 AV receiver. I hear things in movies I never heard before. Watched a Rambo movie and could hear ALL the rainforest noises even at low volume. It fooled my dog and he started fratntically searching for the bugs, birds and even ran to take cover from the sound of rain. I first listened to Heart "Mistral Wind". Beginning with gentle acoustical guitar growing to a tempest of bass guitar, drums and high pitched lead guitar squeels describing a violent storm at sea, moving to the calming as the storm passes. A song I know well and have listened to many times before. I was well pleased with the clear highs, shuddering lows and the full clarity of the midrange. Excellent bang for the buck....more info
  • Great sound value! Used Amazon Prime Trial for shipping!
    I am not an audiophile nor an uppity audio 'know-it-all-purist' This review is NOT a 'honeymoon review' where one is still overly elated about the new product and may also seek to justify the cost in thier own mind.

    Two months ago I finally replaced our 30+ year old Zenith Allegro 300 floor standing speakers with these Sony's. To my wife and I the sound quality of all source material was vastly improved. We drive them with a new but inexpensive ($99) 'Insignia' brand 100W per ch stereo reciever we purchased at Best Buy. When cranked (as they say) all audio is very clear and crisp with ample bass for us (no sub woofer) and a very rewarding listening experience at all audio levels.

    TIP #1 - We have tethered these speakers with small eye hooks on the back of each speaker (about 4 inches from the top) with slightly taut elastic straps about 6 inches in length to the wall. They'll wobble a tiny but cannot tip over and fall. We have 9 cats! This would also be a good safety measure for an installation where small children may reside or visit.

    TIP #2 - We made good use of our "trial" Amazon Prime account (now expired) to have these heavy items shipped NEXT DAY air for $3.99.(2 day shipping is free) Would have gotten the Sony 7000 speakers but they were not eligible for the Amazon Prime shipping discounts and weigh too much for us to want to pay normal shipping charges.

    ...more info
  • Make sure you can return them
    Purchased sony SSF-6000 speakers because I like value and they had good ratings and were inexpensive. I was not satisfied and returned them for the upgrade to Polk R60's. The Polks sound much better and now feel I have the "value" speaker I was looking for. If you truly want that "amazing quality" sound, however, you will have to spend much, much more than either Sony or Polk, but I am not that picky and very happy with the Polks. ...more info
  • Audio quality at a low cost!
    First, if you are an "audiophile" these speakers are not for you. Go spend a couple of grand for "name" speakers, renew your subscription to the "New Yorker", and have a $7.00 latte at Star$$$. But if you love music and want speakers that will deliver rather than impress those who live by designer labels, these are the speakers you want.

    I bought these about three months ago--and love the heck out of them. My tastes in music are eclectic running from Mozart to Mingus to MC5-- everything in between. Since these speakers arrived, I've played the whole musical spectrum through them and have been pleased beyond words with the sound.

    Personally, I might be tone deaf, but I didn't find the bass to be overbearing at all, but then I suppose it's all a matter of personal taste. And you can always adjust the bass setting (which I do for each recording I play anyway) on your amp.

    My mother had this saying about snobbery, "If you walk around with your nose in the air, you never see the dollar lying on the ground."

    That sort of sums it up about the $ value you get from these speakers....more info
    JUST THE SOUND I WAS LOOKING FOR! I had bookshelf speakers hooked up to
    a home DJ system to include a 22 YO receiver, equalizer and a mixer w/it's own EQ. The Sonys have sharp, clear highs and rich, deep bass! The REAL quality of a speaker system is how they sound real low, which is how I have to keep them in my community because of their power!!! CAN'T BEAT THE FREE SHIPPING, EITHER!!!
    ...more info
  • You get what you pay for
    I returned these speakers after listening to them for a week. These were for bedroom use. I listen to classical music mostly. These speakers reproduce solo instruments, such as piano, guitar, or violin, quite well, but orchestral music comes out muddy and unpleasant. At best, you feel that you are listening to the orchestra from behind closed doors. The price is good for what they are but don't expect perfection if you are fussy about sound. After returning these, I spent about twice as much and bought a pair of Polk Audio Monitor 60 3-Way Floorstanding Speaker, Cherry Finish (Single). They are considerably better -- and worth the price differential -- although not perfect either.
    ...more info
  • Sony SS-F6000
    I'm very pleased with these speakers. I'm using them for 'rears'in a 7.1 AV setup....more info
  • 4 star ratings
    Did not expect the pair of speakers to be the height it is. Audio tones is good, but not as deep bass as the older speakers that it replaced. I am rating it at 4 of 5 stars....more info