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Helen Chen's Asian Kitchen Flat Bottom Carbon Steel 14-Inch Lidded Wok Set
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Product Description

Helen's Asian Kitchen 14" Carbon Steel Wok Set includes a wok made of traditional heavy-gauge carbon steel for quick and uniform heating, a high-dome lid, 13" bamboo spatula and a recipe booklet. "A well seasoned carbon steel wok with its natural nonstick patina is the prize of every Asian kitchen." - Helen Chen. The flat bottom of the pan allows it to sit securely on any stovetop, including electric, gas and induction. A burner ring is not required to stabilize the pan on a flat cooking surface. The wood handle and helper handle are naturally heat-resistant. Dimensions: 14"

Carbon steel pan seasoning and care instructions.

Fashioned with a handsome profile and a rugged build, this Asian Kitchen carbon steel lidded wok provides a smart-performing traditional tool for high-heat cooking. Created by Helen Chen, daughter of Chinese cooking pioneer Joyce Chen, the 14-inch piece is crafted from heavy-gauge 1.6 mm carbon steel for speedy conduction. As opposed to nonstick pans, this material does require seasoning but with a little initial help from the cook provides an optimum surface for searing and stir-frying.

Flat-bottomed for stability, this wok features deeply sloped sides and dual heat-resistant handles made of wood. A high-domed lid allows for steaming and accommodates bamboo steam baskets comfortably. The set also includes a 13-inch bamboo spatula and recipe booklet. For best results, both wok and lid should always be washed by hand. --Emily Bedard

  • Traditional carbon steel wok set created in collaboration with Helen Chen
  • Includes 14-inch wok, domed metal lid, 13-inch bamboo spatula, and recipes
  • Crafted from 1.6 mm carbon steel for durability, comfortable weight, and quick conduction
  • Durable and attractive wooden handles; compatible with gas and electric stoves
  • Washing by hand recommended; simple initial seasoning required

Customer Reviews:

  • Rusted after first use!!
    I would not reccomend this item to any one. It rusted after the first use. A total waste of money. ...more info
  • Just what we needed
    We purchased a new electric range with a glass top. We needed a new wok. This one fits the bill just right....more info
  • Helen Chen Wok Set
    For the money, a great product. Seems well made and works fine. I have used it numerous times - it's great....more info
  • Good Product - Bad Shipping
    This wok seems to be a pretty decent wok. I treated it according to instructions found on internet, and we used it once so far. I expect it to last for a long time if I keep it oiled well and dry after use. No complaints about the product itself. HOWEVER, the shipping of this item needs to be improved. The handle (a hollow, wooden piece with a bolt through it) was shipped inside the aluminum lid. The lid arrived with numerous dents since the handle is thrown around during shipping and the steel parts smack into the inside of the soft aluminum lid every time the box tumbles over during shipping (my best theory for the damage). Those bumps are easily visible on the outside of the otherwise great looking lid. I would say there are about 20 dents on the inside of the lid. It looks like someone took a little hammer and went to work on the inside. I decided to not care (and did not want to send back the item), but the lid looked worse when it arrived than the lid of the wok we had in use for many years. Just so you know....more info
  • Not what I expected
    This product was not what I expected, the pan rust when sits with out being use for a period of time. Amazon has alway sell good quality products and I have never had a complain with anything I ever purchase from Amazon; the size is perfect and the delivery was excelence, but the product itself doesn't live to its expectations. I cannot recomend this item to anyone....more info
  • Rusted after first use!!
    I would not reccomend this item to any one. It rusted after the first use. A total waste of money. ...more info
  • Great Wok!
    This is a great wok. The carbon steel is easy to season, making it virtually non-stick (without the chemicals), the flat bottom means it is stable while sitting on a burner, and the heft keeps it from slipping around. The domed lid is great for steaming, and there is ample space inside for a bamboo steamer.

    I priced these in retail stores in the area, as well as other outlets online, and this sells for at least a competitive price....more info
  • Chen's wok
    The wok is working out just fine. Had a little trouble seasoning the wok but will keep trying. The only problem I had with this product is that when I received it the lid had several dings in it from the handle which was packed in the lid and bounced around in transit. Maybe someone needs to figure out a way to avoid this problem....more info
  • rusts easily
    The wok rusted the first time I left water in it. This indicates very crappy composition of carbon steel as it shouldn't rust, unless it is scratched which the wok wasn't. Apparently re-seasoning the wok will remove the rust but why would anyone wish to be constantly removing rust. A wok should only need to be seasoned once....more info
  • Helen Chen Carbon Steel Wok with lid
    They should tell you before you buy that this wok will rust horribly if you don't dry it totally....more info
  • Professional grade wok for half the cost
    I honestly felt like I was stealing from somebody when I clicked the "purchase" button. After researching the best equipment for Asian cooking, the experts concluded that the carbon steel flat bottom wok scored top marks with professional chefs. The idea is to season the wok (you can find out how to do this on instead of purchasing a teflon coated one. I cannot emphasise how important this step is if you want to create the perfect Singapore Noodles or Chow Mein! You will be cooking like a pro in no time, for almost no cost at all....more info