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Pantone huey Pro MEU113
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Product Description

Huey PRO gives professionals and photo enthusiasts better control over the colors they see. With its multiple-monitor calibration and customizable profiles, you'll produce brilliant life-like colors in the photos you print, sell or share with others. A color-managed workflow is essential to good photographs and graphics, and a calibrated monitor is the first step. HueyPRO allows you to trust the colors you see on the screen.

  • Correct the color on virtually any computer monitor for in photos, gaming graphics, movies and web-browsing
  • Professional-grade results - Begin seeing true colors, using tools the professionals rely on
  • Sensor measures surrounding lighting conditions to ensure accurate, up-to-the minute color settings automatically
  • Revolutionary wizard-based Software guides you through the entire process, with help at every step of the way

Customer Reviews:

  • Easy to use
    I am an amateur photograher and use Photoshop Elements to edit my images. I use two monitors and each had its own color variations. The Huey calibrated both to near identical colors in a matter of minutes. For an amateur this product met and exceeded my expectations....more info
  • Best hundred bucks ever spent on computing!
    After reading some of the reviews here (which may have been based on old hardware or software) I decided to buy one based on Pantone's reputation. NOTE: Be SURE to download the latest software from the Pantone website... the CD in the box had 1.0 on it... there is a Version 1.5 now.

    I have a Mac Pro with two Nvidia 8800GT video cards, and a slightly unusual monitor configuration with a fairly new Apple 30" Cinema display in the middle, flanked by two older 20.1" Viewsonic VP2000s monitors. The Viewsonics pivot 90 degrees on their stands to be 1200x1600 and are a great match to the Cinema display's 2560x1600... so they are all the same "height" in pixels, and are extremely close in DPI.

    But try as I might, I could not manually adjust the color of the Viewsonics to come anywhere close to the Apple display... which was pretty jarring to work with all day.

    Just ran a calibration with the HueyPro on all three monitors... and it is amazingly good. The older Viewsonics just do not have the brightness and contrast capability of the Apple display, but now the color balance of the three is very close. The Mac Leopard UI gray window toolbars are very neutral looking on all three displays... and it even corrected a noticeable blue cast on the newer Apple display.

    Considering the non-trivial dollars in this computer/monitor setup, this was an amazing difference for a hundred bucks! So much so that I am almost annoyed Apple doesn't ship one of these with every 30" display given its price :-)...more info
  • Poor results from Huey Pro
    After following the published instructions as to the calibration of two different LCD's, several times through, the results were left in worse case than non-calibration. My investment is a total loss at this point....more info
  • Good Product
    After reading some of the reviews on here I was hesitant to get the Huey Pro, but it had come highly recommended to me by several other professional photographers so I did purchase it. Never have I made a better choice. The product works great and my pictures are printing in the same colors that appear on my screen. It was a little hard to set up but that was because of the contrast and brightness controls on my laptop NOT due to this product. Would recommend to anyone on a tight budget who wants proffesional quality....more info
  • Simple but effective
    I purchased this some months ago and have been using it extensively to calibrate my monitor for processing photos in Photoshop. It's simple and easy to use. If you know a lot about monitor profiles and calibrating and what "full" control then there are other products out there for you. However, if you want simple, reliable calibration this is the tool for you. I've had no issues whatsoever. Some folks have complained about the suction cups but if you'll clean your screen first and then wipe a damp cloth over the suction cups they work fine.

    I'm currently running Windows XP but I understand this device will work with Vista as well since Microsoft has apparently resolved the issue of Vista resetting your monitor profile.

    Great product for the price!...more info
  • Color cast with Heuy Pro
    When I set up my monitor with the Heuy Pro, it produced a magenta color cast to the screen. I found a help page on the Pantone site that admits this is a fault in some units. They assure me that they will send me another unit after I fill out an on-line form. Here's hoping!...more info
  • Bad product, non-existant customer service
    Despite a few reviews that said a defective product cast a red tone on the monitor, I ordered the Huey Pro. I had read that customer service at Pantone sent a new product out in 2 days and decided even if I got a defective product, it would be corrected quickly. The setting flexibility in the Huey Pro seemed worth the possible hassle.

    I got my Huey Pro and installed it. Had a red cast on my monitor and so downloaded an update from Pantone as a previous buyer suggested. Still a red tone. I contacted customer service online and reported the problem. Over 3 weeks, I updated my customer service request several times and called the 800 number but had to leave a message. Still no response. Nada.

    I finally called the store that sold the product and they are sending a replacement. I hope it works. If not, I will return it and buy something else.

    At this point, I suggest you not bother with this product or company....more info
  • Don't let the cheap price fool you
    for the price this is definitely worth it. the ambient light sensor is a really great thing to have. you don't always have to have the same light. the set up is easy and calibration is straight forward. when you are finished calibrating the sensor sits on a stand to measure the ambient light as mentioned earlier. you can adjust how often you want it to take a measurement. pretty cool....more info
  • You get what you pay for...
    As far as monitor calibration software/hardware goes, this is at the bottom of the barrel. It's not to say the product isn't good for the money but it's very hit and miss as far as an accurate reading goes. It will work brilliantly on some monitors and show a horrible red or blue cast on others as it over corrects. I still can't understand why. I've also come to realize that just about every one in about five of this piece of hardware that comes out of the factory has an inaccurate eye causing it to read false on ALL monitors. I've found this out from reading TONS of reviews.

    If you want something really worth keeping, you're going to have to throw out a good $250.00. ...more info
  • Everything turned a greenish color....
    I have heard so much over the years of the Huey Pantone huey Pro MEU113 and was very excited to finally get one. Unfortunately, it just didn't do what I expected. I tried this on two LCD monitors and the corrected colors on both of them was very greenish. I returned the product - it just was not as expected for me....more info
  • Another pink/magenta screen
    So you've read a bunch of people say it turned their screens pink. I am also one of those people.

    What am I using:
    2 x 23-inch Apple Cinema displays
    Canon Pro9000 printer
    with Apple Aperture 2/Adobe Photoshop CS in between.

    Serious photographer here, consistently frustrated with my on-screen color vs. printed color when using Huey Pro, I deactivated the Huey profiles and calibrated using my eyes and the internal calibration system of Mac OSX. Results are not perfect, but much more accurate than Huey. Now I am looking for a device that actually WORKS.

    Summary: waste of time and $$; don't bother...more info
  • Same cast as described by others
    Don't get this piece of gadget! Thought that I might be able to get one without the color cast problem as alot of people have mentioned in here already but it's true. Don't buy it. The first one gave me a red color cast and same goes for the second one I requested from Pantone. Just in case, if you want to request for a second one to try, I'd suggest emphasizing on the urgency of you needing a replacement quick, otherwise it will take a really long time until you receive it.

    With the same experience with second one I've received, I've decided to return the item back to Amazon. Yeah, it's inexpensive/cheap but doesn't do anything. It's a waste of money and time....more info
  • Pink Screen / Poor Customer Service
    This is a nifty item, however I had a problem with it making my new iMac screen look pink (which I see was F. Lau's problem too).. It is good to note that no matter which lighting I used the screen calibration always came out the same (meaning it was reading the colors coming out of my monitor consistently). Bad to note though, that I emailed the tech people at Pantone and they never got back to me. I plan on returning this product unless I can get them by phone and they can fix it. They get one more chance. It might work fine on other monitors. If it happens to work on yours, I think it's a good product to get....more info
  • excellant
    Pantone huey Pro MEU113
    works as advertized. does not have color cast on screen....more info
  • Utterly useless. A quality-control nightmare.
    I'm normally not so negative on a product, but this really is one of the worst I've used. No matter what I did, my MacBook Pro and Apple 23" Cinema Display ended up looking pinkish/brown. I've read numerous reports of this, but still took the plunge. I've also read of people getting slightly different results between identical Hueys, so clearly this device is not being tested correctly. In any case, the product may in fact work if you get a GOOD one, but since that's a risk nobody wants to take, there's no possible way to recommend this device. I since bought a Spyder2 and have had nothing but joy from it.

    Stay away....more info
  • infamous red tint
    Received the huey pro and tried calibrating about 5 times in different environments. Red tint evertime. Returned it. This was all tried on a dell precision laptop running vista...more info
  • Magenta-Hue after calibration.
    As many others have reported before me there are a lot of defective units of the Pantone Huey Pro. I happened to receive one in my recent purchase from Amazon.

    After contacting Pantone's customer support I was promised a new Huey Pro within 7 to 10 business days. (+1 star for support staff)

    Let's be hopeful that the new one doesn't give me PINKISH WHITES. :T

    ~Quinnyfizzle...more info