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Audiovox VE927 9-Inch LCD Drop-Down TV with Built-In DVD Player and Clock Radio
List Price: $229.99

Our Price: $209.88

You Save: $20.11 (9%)


Product Description

Audiovox Electronics VE927 9-inch LCD drop-down TV with built-in slot load DVD player is the perfect addition to your kitchen, dining room, bedroom, or any room. It lets you view your favorite TV shows, watch DVDs, or listen to CDs. It also includes a built-in AM/FM radio tuner, allowing you to keep things hot with your favorite tunes and radio programs. It mounts under a cabinet to keep counter space clear, and the swivel screen makes it simple to get a great view from anywhere in the room. It has a 16:9 widescreen aspect ratio, built-in ATSC digital TV tuner, front panel operation, built-in speakers, A/V output and a wireless remote control. Cooking Timer Screen format - Wide/Normal Plays DVD, CD, CDR, CDRW discs Selectable Repeat, Program and Resume Playback Language, Sub-Title, Multi-Angle Selection on applicable DVDs AV Out Remote Control Instruction Manual (English, French & Spanish) Mounting Accessories

  • 9" inch drop down TV-DVD player with ATSC Digital Tuner, 16.9 Aspect Ratio
  • Built-in AM/FM Clock Radio , Built-in Stereo Speakers
  • Plays DVD, CD, CDR, CDRW and MP3
  • Various OSD languages available (English,French,German, Spanish,Italian, Swedish, Portuguese)
  • A/V Input, remote control, mounting accessories and instruction manual included

Customer Reviews:

  • No Picture after 3 Weeks
    Same negatives as other reviews (have to reset radio presets and volume level after a power outage). In addition T.V. screen went blank after just 3 weeks. Sound but no picture. Returned for refund....more info
  • So far, so great!
    So far, I love this product. Clear radio signal, DVD works great, and the TV signal (via antenna) is decent. As well as can be expected, at least. I'll be running cable to it in a few weeks, but all in allm very happy. Color is OK, a bit off at times, but acceptable, but the 9" sized screen is as small as I'd recommend. The set-up directions are easy to read and follow. No complaints. Would recommend it for a nice little under cabinet TV to cook or eat dinner to!...more info
  • worked for one hour
    I bought this product for my wife, installed it and watched it for one hour before the screen went dark. Looked pretty good for that hour so I'm hopeful to get a replacement but that brings up a whole different problem.
    Amazon didn't stand by their original price and I had to get a refund and try to reorder. Unfortunately, it is now $50 more and I have to wait for Amazon to get them in stock at my sale price or pay the extra $50.
    Pretty lame response by Amazon.
    ...more info
    I have previously owned a portable Audivox DVD player for my car, which gave me all sorts of problems and Audiovox stopped supporting after only 3 years (in other words, they wouldn't repair at any price). Thus, I entered into this purchase with hesitation. However, I wanted an under-the-cabinet small screen TV, and there are only a few options in this market sector.

    I should have learned, but same as my last Audiovox purchase, this one was problem-laden. While it worked (all of 6 weeks) it was adequate. Decent picture, average sound (I didn't expect more for the size and price), and installation was fairly easy.

    However, about 5 weeks into ownership, the screen went black. No warning, no power. It happened once, and I thought perhaps a fluke event. However a week or so later it went black again, same thing, no power, no picture. And it never came on again.

    I've called Audiovox again, and again their service has been non-existent. They actually recommend "buying a new one" and told me they "can't always get parts for these".

    It makes me think they don't actually make any products but pay someone else to make items for them.

    I wish I had just tried the more-expensive Sony.

    * Decent video quality
    * Screen can be turned 270 degrees
    * Remote is user-friendly
    * Includes radio; decent sound.

    * Audiovox products seem prone to failure and Audiovox doesn't stand behind them. Warranty is virtually worthless...more info
  • TV broken within 6 days
    The good- for the price the unit would had been a good option for a under the cabinet kitchen TV. The picture seemed okay and with the TV flip up down option it does not clutter the kitchen. The bad- the TV stopped working after 6 days. Fortunately we were able to return for a replacement with Amazon. We'll see how the next one works. We are really hoping for the best because the unit is perfect for the space we are putting it in....more info
  • Great item
    I bought this for my wife. She watches it everytime she's in the kitchen cooking. So far, so good, works perfectly. The picture and sound quality are good. She doesn't really use radio feature. I did have a couple minor problems but not with the unit. I had to make a wooden spacer to get it to come to the bottom of the cabinet. I was able to use the provided template on space rather than inside cabinet, worked great. There was so little space between wall and back of TV for cable hook up. Found a 90 degree adapter that made hooking up coax cable a lot easier. All in all I would recommend this unit. We've had it a couple months with no problems. She loves it. Thanks...more info
  • Good unit for the price
    We purchased this unit and the only difficulty we have had so far was in the installation. They send you a template for drilling, but for whatever reason our holes were just off enough to make it rather tricky to get into place. A better design would be to have some kind of mounting bracket that you could get into place under the cabinet and then slide the unit into that. Sound is not Bose, but good enough for the morning traffic report. I have not located a base/trebel adjustment yet which would help adjust sound to personal taste. Screen is great. I would recommend this product....more info
  • Well pleased.
    This TV-DVD-Clock Radio was installed under the cabinet in my kitchen a couple of weeks ago, so I have no reliabnility information yet. It was easy to install with several stand-off lengths supplied with the product. When mounting under a standard depth cabinet, it makes for a tight turn on the antenna cable on the rear against the wall. When hooked to CATV, it has an excellent picture both Digital and analog. The FM radio reception is good at 35 miles or more with the attached wire taped to the end of the cabinet. I would recommend it as a good value. This product is inexpensive and will serve well as a kitchen or workspace
    unit to keep up with the game....more info
  • Audiovox VE927 9-Inch LCD Drop-Down TV with Built-In DVD Player and Clock Radio
    We are very happy with the Audiovox drop down tv. The quality of the picture and the sound quality are very good. The remote control works easily and the tv is very user friendly. It was easy to install. Overall a very satisfying purchase....more info
  • 3 1/2 stars
    Not a bad product.Tends to darken the picture at times.
    Used in the kitchen.Was unable to mount it under cabinet.Larger than previous installation of undercounter radio.Temporarily on a plastic crate on a swivel....more info
  • Under cabinet TV
    Very pleased with product. Does everything I wanted. Installation was a little difficult even with template....more info
  • Too Bad
    Item actually worked well except for one thing: I couldn't get the TV tuner to go from analog to digital. Almost didn't notice that until it was too late to return...made it by a week: Thanks, Amazon. The template for installation made that easy. All the extras worked great: AM/FM Radio, DVD player, Clock, Kitchen timer. All I needed was a replacement small TV but you can't get just that...the extras are all built-in everything. The price was good & despite a few bad reviews. I took the plunge because I'd had a couple Audiovox products before & they were all fine. Audiovox Customer Support was helpful & easy to access but we just couldn't get the digital tuner to work. They were willing fix it but Amazon paid shipping for return & I decided to cut my losses. Got out of it with all my money retuned and good feelings toward Amazon & even Audiovox. ...more info
  • Good product
    The unit mounted easily under the cabinet. I was hoping to get away without an antenna, but was only able to receive 2 channels. I purchased a small round amplified antenna from radio shack and with that mounted at the top of the cabinet, was able to receive all of the channels that were available from our local broadcast stations. (Drilled a 5/8" hole from the top shelf in the cabinet down through to the bottom by the TV.) very pleased with the unit, haven't played a CD, DVD yet. My wife enjoys watching it while she cooks. That makes me happy too....more info
  • Just what we were looking for!
    It might be a little soon to know for sure, but so far it is just what we wanted. It works very well under our cabinet where we wanted to have it.
    The Ultra Slim was the only product we found that worked so well, in that area....more info
  • Quit Working after two months......
    This tv suddenly went dead for no reason after I had only owned it two months. It was used no more than perhaps 3-4 hours a week before it died. It also did not receive any mishandling in this one middle-aged person household.

    I would not buy this product again....more info
  • Mediocre quality doesn't justify price
    The television screen and clarity is quite good, but this product has significant drawbacks.

    1. The depth of the unit means that if mounted flush with the front of standard-depth cabinets, you may have problems getting the various cable and audio plugs connected. All these connections are at the rear and there is inadequate space.
    2. The sound quality is extremely poor.
    3. Personal opinion but the styling looks clumsy and very dated....more info
  • easy install
    The hardest part of the installation was getting cable service to the location. Works well, clear picture and decent sound for a minature tv....more info
  • Pleased with this product!
    We ordered this product several months ago and have been pleased with the quality. It was easy to install, and has played DVDs and CDs with no problems. I would recommend this product to anyone looking for a slim, under-the-counter TV/DVD player that is good quality....more info
  • great buy
    Great picture- DVD. Radio works but not well. I bought this for the TV/DVD so this did not matter to me. looks very nice in the kitchen. Best gift I have ever bought for myself! :)...more info
  • Unit's nice but beware the installation template
    We're happy with the unit, although the functional screen is smaller than advertised. My big problem came in the very simple installation. It comes with paper template for marking where to drill the holes in the cabinet - fine and simple - except that the template did not match the unit. The holes were off by several mm so I had to measure, mark and redrill, making the cabinet like swiss cheese. Instead of taking 20 minutes it ended up taking a frustrating hour+!

    ...more info
  • won't last long
    This is second Audiovox I purchased basically because the others are less known names. Out of the box, it seemed like a ggod TV. However, first unit VE700 screen went blank after about 1 year. This new unit lasted 10 months. Developed annoying buzzing sound after 7-8 months and now screen has green lines across all channels. Warranty is only 90 days. Not worth hanging under cabinet only to remove in such short time.
    ...more info
  • excelent
    audiovox ve927 9-inch drop-down tv with built-indvd player and clock radio
    this is agreat tv its everything i hoped it would be the picture is
    great and the sound is also great i made a great choice....more info
  • audiovox 9" drop down
    I found the picture quality to be very good but I had to return the item due to the sound. The sound was good while listening to voices but when any high pitch music played, it sounded as if the speaker had a rip in it, very raspy....more info
  • I've been had!
    I purchased this Audiovox VE927 9-inch LCD Drop Down TV last spring (2008)and had it professionally installed in my brand new kitchen. I was thrilled with picture quality, sound, appearance, and overall functionality. Six and one half months later on a Saturday afternoon, my brand new TV went black...totally dead. Neither Amazon nor Audiovox will take any responsibility for this product after 30 days past delivery. To even have it looked at by anyone costs 25%+ of the purchased price.I am now the proud owner of a very nice looking piece of junk. It is truly disconcerting that $230 is a throw away value these days. Shame on Audiovox and shame on me for missing it so much. This is truly a buyer beware situation. ...more info
  • nice system for the price
    This combination flat screen TV/DVD player/radio has a depth of around a foot and when folded, extends below your cabinet only around 3 inches. The sound coming out of the tiny speakers is surprisingly good, and the ability to output audio, as well as video, to an external source is a nice touch. The unit plays DVDs, audio CDs, and can be used to view JPEG images, as well.

    Setup is pretty quick and easy. The manual is fairly comprehensive. Image quality is not bad at all and the ability to customize various settings for contrast, brightness, etc. is great, especially if your unit is in an area that has drastically different lighting conditions throughout the day (such as a kitchen). The remote is compact and magnetic, so you can stick it on the fridge. The unit itself lacks any surface one could park the remote onto, alas. I guess you could always attach a small piece of steel onto it or near it! :-)

    The main minuses are a pretty minimal radio antenna (luckily, one can always extend it or interface with a good, external antenna), the lack of RGB adjustments (IMO, the screen seems a bit too red). The warranty is only 90 days, which is not exactly confidence-inspiring, but most electronics fail pretty quickly if they are going to have a short life.

    Overall, it's a surprisingly good package for the price and currently has an excellent price on this product. Definitely recommended....more info
  • Good Tv at a good price
    The TV was fairly easy to install with the enclosed template. Picture is good but if you are looking for the same picture as a big HDTV you will be disappointed. It does get good reception on the radio and TV. The sound is better then I would have expected from such a small set. I have been very happy with this product....more info
  • Satisfied Drop down Cust
    My wife always wanted a drop down Radio/ cd player for the kitchen, I bought the TV/DVD player instead. She love it. We don`t have it long enough,but so far, We have found no problems, excellent product
    Rob Buff NY ...more info