Purity in Death
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From #1 New York Times bestselling author Nora Roberts, writing as J.D. Robb, comes a shocking new novel in the futuristic series... A frightening new computer virus is spreading and it knows no boundaries... Louie Cogburn had spent three days holed up in his apartment, staring at his computer screen. His pounding headache was unbearable... like spikes drilling into his brain. And it was getting worse. Finally, when someone knocked at his door, Louie picked up a baseball bat, opened the door, and started swinging... The first cop on the scene fired his stunner twice and Louie died instantly. Detective Eve Dallas has taken over the investigation, but there's nothing to explain the man's sudden rage or death. The only clue is a bizarre message left on his computer screen: Absolute Purity Achieved. And when a second man dies under nearly identical circumstances, Dallas starts racking her brain for answers and for courage to face the impossible... that this might be a computer virus able to spread from machine to man...

Customer Reviews:

  • loved it!
    I've been reading this series since the first one and I have loved them all. this one is no exception. nora roberts is the greatest writer. I love the way this whole story has developed over the years and how each one is still fresh in it's own way. I love these characters, this story line, and it's great to be able to keep coming back. I can't wait for the next installment....more info
  • Good Read
    Reading this series in order is not necessary, but makes it more interesting since the development of the character of Lt. Eve Dallas is part of the compelling draw of the JD Robb books. Robb spins a good mystery and is creative and unique in the plot lines. What is disappointing, however, are the love scenes. They are cookie-cutter and as someone continues to read the books, you find phrases and adjectives that are the same over and over again. Additionally, with each successive book, those scenes become nearly brutal. This is, of course, a fantasy and given that, if you find these scenes tedious, you can skip ahead because they don't add to the plot line one bit. I will suggest, however, that the romance, no matter how it is presented, does contribute to the discontent of all women in all relationships. Nevertheless, they do not diminish the character development which is nicely paced and accurately presented in light of the human condition....more info
  • Purity in Death by J D Robb
    The continueing saga of Eve Dallas and her search for truth and justice. The back drop of the future and the changes that have taken place are realistic enough but not out there. Although Eve pulls no punches and tells it how it, she is there for the victim. Her heart is pure and this is why Purity has choosen her. The book takes you through the steps to find this group and solve the puzzle as to who is behind it. Eve is relenting in her catching the people involved. I enjoyed this book as much as all the others in the series. Eve is a hard nosed cop that I would want to stand up for me. Her continueing love affair with Rouke is a good combination with the mystery and intrigue of the crime....more info
  • Pure Excitement!
    I have bought and read all of J. D. Robb. Purity in Death is an exciting read! I read it in one afternoon and evening. Reading all of the books in order brings knowledge of the growth of Eve and Roarke and their 'family' with many twists and turns. The investigation in excellent. The banter is still amusing. The pregnancy was a surprise in this one and we will see where that goes. The subject was a difficult one but Nora is amazing. Her research is incredible and her way with words is the best!...more info
  • A disappointed fan
    I have read all the 'in death' books and often count the days until the next one comes out but I was very disappointed in 'Purity in Death'. The playful 'here they go again' tone to the rampant sexuality of the books was completely overshadowed by the unnecessary introduction of practices that shouldn't be hinted at, much less described in detail and the vivid descriptions of crime scenes (which usually drive home the grisly nature of police work) were painted with such minute and gory detail as to be completely distracting from the story line and, frankly, nauseating! Reality may have it's place (even in fiction) but if I wanted to be scared and sickened by what I read, I'd read the daily newspaper.
    Because overall the series is so entertaining, I will no doubt read the next offering but if you're picking up J.D. Robb for the first time, I don't recommend you start with this one.
    In fact ... unless you're an addict don't read this one at all....more info
  • Rapture in Death
    Great book and in good condition. I would not hesitate to pruchase from this dealer in the future....more info
  • Purity in Death
    Purity in Death (In Death)
    You can't go wrong with J.D. Robb. She writes a great futuristic detective fiction. I am going to read them all again; and there is a big list. ...more info
  • Purity in Death By J.D.Robb
    One of the Better Writer's Great Series-Murder Mistery-Romance
    It follows the life of a Woman Dective, her up's and downs and
    every thing in between....more info
  • This series is still rocking along quite well, thank you.
    A mild mannered low-level drug dealer goes berserk and kills his neighbor. Everyone who knew him thought of him as a quiet man who, although he peddled drugs to kids, wasn't the type to harm anyone. A member of a wealthy and powerful family slits his own throat. He had everything to live for: he was handsome, rich and a pedophile that routinely got away with his crimes because the system couldn't touch him. A porn king goes on a rampage and butchers his live in Lolita and then himself. His last entries in his diary show a man well satisfied with his life. The only thing Eve Dallas finds that these men have in common in a cryptic message on their computer screens. With the help of her friends and colleagues in the NYPSD Eve Dallas must hunt down a killer that uses a computer virus that infects the users, not just the computer.

    This is the fourteenth installment of Nora Roberts' "....In Death " series and it is still entertaining, if for no other reason to catch up on the characters to see where they've progressed from since the lat book. I liked this book particularly because it seems to be more purely police procedural. There are still the futuristic elements and the romance elements that are a mainstay of all the books, but this one somehow seems to be a little less formulaic than the others.

    For one, we don't ever get an idea who might the murderer(s) be until well into the second half of the book. Where many of the previous books, especially the last two, seemed to be as much about the personality of the criminals perpetrating the crime as they are about Eve, this one seems more about the crime itself and the police work involved.

    Also, Roberts added a nice little layer about the gray areas of police work. Previously, Eve's victims had all been pretty much blameless, if not spotless people. In this book the victims, by and large, are people who prey on young kids. Who cares if these people get offed? Society would be so much better without them. But those of us who know Eve know that she simply doesn't think that way. She stands for the dead, regardless of who they were. For those of us who are "Homicide: Life on the Street" fans, the discussions about this very subject bring back fond memories of Frank and Tim's discussions of this very subject. And the character of Eve Dallas is very close in ideal to the character of Frank Pembleton.

    And finally, I think I love the idea of Eve's team working from Eve's palatial home as much as they do. Circumstances force them to work on this latest crime around the clock at her house and we see our favorite regulars, Peabody, McNabb and Feeney as well as some other familiar faces, consuming her great food and using Roarke's state of the art computer facilities.

    Once again, Nora Roberts scores. This is a welcome installment in a series that should be getting tired but just seems to be getting better....more info

  • Fantastic series.
    This book tops the last book. Eve Dallas is in her element and closing in on the culprits and and taking everyone in and justice is served or is it? My favorite of the series so far. Purity justice served or more vicious killing by a virus that is spread to its victim online, this raises a moral issue and very emotional to Eve for past and present. All my favorite characters are in this one, and finally Mavis reappers and in a very big and futuristic way and brings a surprising announcement to Eve,I loved how Eve reacts to this. Will Portrait have more of Mavis,I hope because she is one of my favorits. I missed a lot Summerset and Eve's constant bickering, but I know he will be back. Read this book, you will not be disappointed. These characters are all like family to me....more info
  • Great - But 1 Big Mistake!
    I am a big fan of Nora Roberts and the 'In Death' series. I find the characters well thought-out and intriguing... it is a joy to come across those vital 'nuggets' of information that give the series such heart and depth. Those tidbits of personal information (Peabody's childhood, Summerset's past, etc.) keep the series interesting...but please Ms. Roberts, keep the details consistent! In a past book (I don't remember which), Mira had shaken Eve out of her shell by admitting she herself had been a victim of sexual abuse as a young teenager by her stepfather. In this book - Mira muses about her semi-retired parents happily enjoying their lives. Am looking forward to more books (and 'Purity' is the best in a long while) - but hope the characters remain true to past books!...more info
  • A good read, though not the best in the series
    A word to those who have not read any other books in this series: this is a series best read in order. Character development is as important as plot, and if you don't know where the characters are coming from, some of their reactions in this book will not make sense to you. That said, let's assume that you go back, order all of them from the beginning, catch up on your reading, and are now ready for this one:

    Lieutenant Eve Dallas and her trusty sidekick Peabody are the main protagonists in this series, set around 2059 and subsequent years. This book, the latest in the series (September 2002) brings us back to a familiar theme: computers can spread more than just information, and our growing reliance on computers can have serious downsides. The editorial reviews provide the outline of the plot, so I won't repeat all of it here. Instead, I'll mention some specific themes that you may want to watch for. For example, one aspect of the computer "virus" that spreads to humans (believe me, this is not a spoiler; it's obvious after the first few pages) is that it appears to cause humans to want to cocoon - withdraw into their apartments and communicate less with other people than ever before. Is this a natural extension of some of the tendancies toward withdrawal that we see in computer users today? Is there really such a tendency normally? Another theme is Peabody's boyfriend who works in the EDD (Electronics Detection...) - the actions in this volume force Peabody to clarify her feelings for him.

    There is less interaction between Eve and Roarke in this one, it felt to me, and more between Eve and her fellow cops, than in previous volumes. Of course there are still a few doses of steamy sex between the two, which don't add a thing to the plot but do seem to attract a few more readers. We do get more of Summerfield the butler, who winds up caring for the injured - somewhat differently than a hospital might do it.

    For the crossover readers from science fiction, things to watch for: far more virtual reality than we have now; better voice activation of computers; occasional space travel; urban vehicles that aren't cars; the activities of the Electronic Detection Division. Other volumes in the series do have more about space travel than this one, which only mentions it in passing.

    For the crossover readers from romance: less sex in this volume than in many of the previous ones, but the increased realization of the seriousness of Peabody's relationship with McNab is satisfying.

    Overall, the plot's pretty easy to guess in this one, although there are a few twists right at the end - don't think you've got it all before then! But the interaction between the characters is more important than the plot. If you haven't read any of the others, then you may find yourself disappointed in this book, because the plot is skimpy; however, if you have read the others, then you absolutely must read this one! In between? Read a couple of them but not all? I *DO* recommend reading the whole series! You won't regret it!...more info

  • one of the best of the series
    This is, if I'm not mistaken, the 17th in the series. I could very well be mistaken, however, since I messed up the order. The last book I read in this re-read was Seduction in Death. For some reason, I put Portrait in Death on my TBR pile as the next one. I started reading it, found a reference to something that happened in Purity in Death, so I put it down and picked this one up. I completely forgot about re-reading Reunion in Death. I'm not sure I will, now that I'm already out of order. I'm getting a little tired of re-reading them, to tell you the truth.

    But not this one. This, I think, is one of the best of the series.

    Purity in Death starts with a panicky call from Trueheart saying he's killed a man. Turns out the man had actually been killed by a computer virus--infected deliberately by a vigilante group called The Purity Seekers.

    Ignoring the mechanics of how the computer infected his brain, this book is just jam-packed with good stuff. There's a good mystery, with some unexpected twists, there are developments in the ongoing relationships (including announcement of Mavis's pregnancy), there's an injury--possibly permanent--to one of the team, life-and-death danger to another, political intrigue, and the thought-provoking question of vigilantism.

    I loved the intensity of this book, both the tension resulting from the mystery plot, and that resulting from Eve's emotions. She's come a long way in 17 stories, going from being mostly a loner with all emotions kept tightly under lock & key to a person with a lot of people in her life who she cares about. ...more info
  • Purity in Death By J.D.Robb
    One of the Better Writer's Great Series-Murder Mistery-Romance
    It follows the life of a Woman Dective, her up's and downs and
    every thing in between....more info
  • A good filler
    While this installment of Eve and Roarke's story was entertaining and enjoyable, it wasn't as good as the other "In Death" books because there was little emotional exploration and Robb kept a little too closely to the formula on this one. A vigilant group has decided to execute criminals that slip through the system, starting with crimes against children such as drug dealing and molestation. The murder weapon is a "virus" that is trasmitted from a computer into the criminals brain, causing the brain to change. One of the more intersting aspects of this story is how Dallas and Roarke disagree over the morality of vigilante acitivity. While there is no surprise on who take each side, it is intersting how the characters interact on this issue.

    Nadine was used very effectively in this book; however, some of the other regulars put in an appearance just to put in an appearance. It would have been better to leave a few out when they really didn't have anything to contribute to the story. I will say that I am impressed that it took 15 books before Robb had a less than stellar book-- how many authors can we say that about!...more info

  • fantastic futuristic romantic thriller
    The summer of 2059 in New York is brutal and tempers are flaring over trifling things. The New York Police and Security Department are kept busy leading to Lieutenant Eve Dallas reaching the end of her rope. When Louis Cogburn, a low level drug dealer who sells to children, suddenly goes berserk killing someone and injuring another person before he dies Eve catches the case.

    At the scene of the blood bath she notices that on Louis's computer is the message "ABSOLUTE PURITY ACHIEVED". She orders the computer brought to headquarters where an officer specializing in computers examines it. Eight hours later the officer goes berserk, killing a peer and injuring another before he's killed. Eve immediately realizes that a virus on the computer is being passed on to humans, causing them to die. The Purity Seekers, an organization dedicated to destroying those who hurt the innocents takes credit for Louis's death. When a pediophile is found dead with the same message on it as Louis received, Eve realizes she has to smoke out the terrorists fast before they mete out their own brand of vigilante justice.

    This is the fifteenth in the Death series and it is as fresh and innovative as the first book in this ongoing saga. The characters are growing and evolving with readers liking even the secondary cast almost as much as they adore the hero and heroine. In PURITY IN DEATH, the heroine's husband provides technical advice to Eve, but this time she figures out who the terrorists are and brings them to justice. J.D. Robb has written another fantastic futuristic romantic thriller.

    Harriet Klausner...more info

  • Purity In Death
    This is a wonderfully compelling story, as are all in the In Death series. ...more info
  • The best series ever!
    All J.D. Robb books are enjoyable - this one, with its not-that-farfetched anymore scenario, was well worth the read. I do think that J.D. Robb's combination of crime drama, sci-fi, and romance makes this series one of the most wonderful out there. ...more info
  • Not The Best In The Series
    I have been a fan of this series since "Naked in Death," several years back. I have read virtually each book in the series at least twice. So, I look forward to each new installment as anxiously as the next fan. But I've gotta say that this book didn't quite do it for me. I read with a feeling of deja vu. Even the scenes with Roarke and Eve didn't totally engage me. Nora Roberts puts out a huge volume of work each year. Maybe too much -- spreading her creative energy too thin. Still, I am looking forward to the next book. In the meantime I will just re-read another In Death favorite....more info
  • One of the best in the series so far!!!
    "Absolute Purity Achieved..."

    Those are some SPOOKY WORDS!!!

    What Nora Roberts achieves in this book is Absolute SUSPENSE! I defy anyone to read this book and not be thrilled. It grabs hold of you and will not let go! I absolutely do not know what to say. I'm already two books past this one, and neither of them have risen to the mark that this one hits. The action is gripping. You will laugh, you WILL cringe.

    Not the most frightning book I've ever read, but I did momentarily contemplate unplugging my computer. ...more info