Divided in Death
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Found alone on the streets as a child, Eve Dallas has built a new identity and a new future as a cop. Now the hard-edged and coolheaded detective fights for truth and justice, but she still has one very human weakness--enigmatic Irish billionaire, Roarke. And when a trusted employee of Roarke Enterprises is a suspect in a double-homicide, Roarke comes to Eve for help.
Reva Ewing was a former member of the Secret Service, and now a security specialist for Roarke Enterprises--until she was found standing over the dead bodies of her husband, renowned artist Blair Bissel, and her best friend. But Lieutenant Eve Dallas believes there was more to the killing than jealous rage--all of Bissel's computer files were deliberately corrupted. To Roarke, it's the computer attack that poses the real threat. He and Reva have been under a code-red government contract to develop a program that would shield against techno-terrorists. But this deadly new breed of hackers isn't afraid to kill to protect their secret--and it's up to Lieutenant Eve Dallas to shut them down before the nightmare can spread to the whole country.

Customer Reviews:

  • One of the best in the series.
    Great characters about whom you care and wonderful dialogue that makes you laugh and can tug your heart are the hallmarks of Robb's (Nora Roberts) writing. This is a very enjoyable series, best read in order, and this one of the better books in it. ...more info
  • Murder Weapon -- Pul-eeze!
    Okay, I keep jumping in to review this series. Since I'm on the last book, I must be enjoying them. Definitely light-weight reading, the sort of romantic fantasies with which a teenage girl would populate her imagination. Then again, I'm well beyond the teen years, so perhaps these "fannish" plots push buttons within us all. I also confess I just started reading this book, so I can't comment on the plot or the characters, although I've certainly addressed these subjects in my reviews of other books in the "...In Death" series. No, this time my complaint surfaced early: with the murder weapon. A knife. Okay, that's cool. But from among the assortment of kitchen knives ranging from the paring variety to the largest chef's knife, what does Ms. Robb choose as her murder weapon? A bread knife. You know, a bread knife of the "blunt end, serrated blade" variety. What did the killer do -- saw the victim to death? Then again, what does it matter when the characters are so delightful that the mystery hardly matters. I guess it matters to me, for I am an veteran mystery reader. I just hope all this light reading hasn't dulled my senses for a meaty crime novel!...more info
  • Save your money
    I'm an avid JD Robb fan and have rushed out to buy everyone of her books upon release.... don't waste your money on this one. While it had it's good points, it wasn't worthy of it's hardcover price. Save your money and borrow it from the library....more info
  • Might be the best so far!
    "Divided in Death" is the 18th book in the "In Death" by J.D. Robb and it might be the best so far. The starts out with a call in the night that an employee of Roarke's has just found her husband and best friend in bed together dead! As Eve and Roarke start investagation, the past a brought up and this news divides Eve and Roarke and test their marriage.
    This a great book! Ilove that in each book the reader learns more about the pasts of book Eve and Roarke. Also, Ms. Robb continues to develop the main and minor characters in great fashion. Can't wait to the next book in the series This was a great book!...more info
  • Lots of Emotions
    I couldn't wait. I put my name at the library prior to release. I read it in 3 days. I loved the emotions that Eve and Roake go through. As for the mystery part it was good put the ending was a bit abrupt for me. I wanted more follow up after the bad guy was caught....more info
  • Eve Versus the Feds
    Tough homicide cop Eve Dallas finds herself at odds with the futuristic version of the CIA in this fun and fast adventure about high-tech terrorism in the 2050s.

    What starts as a particularly violent double homicide quickly morphs into a full-scale investigation of the anti-terrorist organization charged with protecting the United States. But the agency seems to be harboring a rogue who is out of control--and will not stop until he thinks his tracks are covered. And his "tracks" include not only Eve herself, but Roarke Industries, and that means her hunky husband Roarke.

    That's bad enough, but Eve and Roarke are in a bad marital patch for the first time in their relationship. If Eve allows herself to feel the fear about THAT, she won't be able to concentrate on the case that could bring them both down and destroy her career.

    It makes for an interesting and fun read. My only problem was with the intricacies of the federal organizations. I often found myself confused as to who was who--but maybe that's just me! I definitely found this a worthy addition to the "In Death" series, although not, in my opinion, one of the best....more info
  • Undivided in Enthusiasm
    While it is redundant to say JD Robb has done it again, it is worthy to note that this time the book has a little bite to it. Besides the obvious Eve/Roarke angle, and the intriguing Mavis/Leonardo/Mira/Nadine interactions, Nora Roberts has taken on the effort of showing a worthwhile government department gone awry. She chose the Homeland Security, close to most of our hearts right now, and shows what would happen if the wrong type of "gung-ho", "results at-any-cost" type people get into power positions at the agency. My guess is that Roberts is getting a lot of feedback from local law enforcement agencies, because she makes the local vs fed territorial boundaries very very clear, without getting editorial about it.

    The relationship of Eve/Roarke has a maturing side here, when all is not resolved by their jumping each other. They have to confront the issue, their feelings, and decide where they want to go with each. Absolutely dynamic!

    The only disappointment (the reason I didn't give it five stars) is that this book cannot stand on its own -- you must already know and understand the characters, and WANT them to go forward, or else you wouldn't care enough to continue reading the book.

    As it was, sneaking pages during breaks, lunchtime, etc., I would recommend you buy this book on a Friday night or Saturday afternoon, so you can have some real spaces of time to enjoy it....more info

  • J D Robb
    I thoroughly enjoyed this book. I am hooked on the Eve Dallas series by J D Robb....more info
  • I simply loved it!
    I just love the "In Death" series by Robb, but what I loved more, in this installment was the underlying tension between Eve and Roarke. Most who love the series, and for those who have yet to become hooked, know that Eve and Roarke have a love so deep and pure, that at times we get swallowed up in their story. However, while I found the plot to be the normal "Eve's going to get the bad guys", and the normal appearance of those characters we love to love (Mavis, Summerset, Galahad, Leondardo, Peabody, Feeney, McNabb, Whitney and Tibble), it was learning about Eve and Roarke's pasts that propel us to want more.

    Eve is trying to solve the mystery behind who killed Roarke's trusted assistant, Karo's son-in-law. Karo's daughter, Reva Ewing is married to an artist, Blair Bissell who is discovered stabbed to death in bed with Reva's friend, Felicity Cade. Roarke believes that Reva did not kill them, although she is found at the scene of the crime. Reva afterall has taken a bullet for the president (an ex-secret service agent) and is one of Roarke's most trusted employees. As the plot unravels, Eve finds that not only could Roarke's future (he owns a high tech security company, like he owns most of the world) be in danger, but the world at large. She is thrust into a world of techno terrorist, worm viruses, spies (AKA spooks), covert missions,and computer programs (Code Red)that could make someone a fortune. While solving the highly unusual murder, which of course leads to others, Eve learns how her past is linked to Roarke's, and they soon find themselves ultimately "divided" about what Roarke should do. What I found to be most compelling was the sacrifices each ultimately has to make to make the other happy. I loved it, and although at time there is a lot of smoke and mirrors, you eventually are happy with the outcome. ...more info
  • good start, but didn't last
    I was very excited to start reading the latest Eve Dallas book. I had finished about a quarter of the book in the first night and thought the story was great. Then the Eve & Roarke backstory came in, along with the Eve-as-a-child parts. It became very unsatisfying very quickly after that. The ending was a huge disappointment to me and the entire resolution was just - lame.

    It seems like Nora Roberts just isn't putting the same effort into this series as she once did. The stories have all been the same formula and the same ideas. Let's hope Vision in Death is better....more info

  • Origin In Death and Divided in Death
    Two more great Eve Dallas mysteries. I love J.D. Robb as well as Nora Roberts. Her books are my downfall...I pick it up and don't put it down until it's read!!! Keep them coming!!...more info
  • Top of the charts
    This time J.D. Robb has hit the jackpot. In "Divided in Death," she pulls together all of the threads that link her characters and weaves a stunning story of political intrigue, betrayal, and love. In an exciting twist to their ongoing story, Lieutenant Eve Dallas and her husband Roarke discover that their history together goes farther back than either can imagine. Few readers could have predicted this new twist to J.D. Robb's continuing story of love in the 21st century....more info
  • Divided in Death
    I'll skip the description since that has been done so many times here. But I would like to say that I don't have much time for reading, so make sure the books I choose are those by authors I consider 5-star. J.D. Robb a/k/a Nora Roberts is one of the most prolific authors I've ever read. How she manages to produce books that remain fresh and vibrant attests to her incredible talent and creative imagination. I've read this series out of order, but each book is written so that the book itself can stand alone. This one, however, revealed to me the reason behind Eve's sometimes belligerent attitude, her strong persona, and standoffishness. Robb is great at revealing subtle conflicts, inner turmoils. Great book!...more info
  • J.D. Robb Rocks!
    This book had me up until 4 am. A great addition to the J.D. Robb powerhouse that Ms. Nora Roberts has created - amazing!...more info
  • A great story, but hardly her best....
    This story was a great plot idea. It was a PHENOMENAL concept. Unfortunately, when concept met substance, substance suffered. Apparently there just wasn't enough to keep the conflict moving. There just wasn't enough to make a full story, so there were a hundred side trips and subplots into a story that did not flow well.

    Having said that, Eve Dallas et al are a complete cast of characters. They have strengths and weaknesses. They have quirks and foibles that make them human. You relate to them as if they are part of your family. This was a part of their story and I did enjoy the story development with Feeney and Dallas. Though it wasn't the center of the plot, it really seemed to be foreshadowing what might come later.

    It definitely showed that they have a history. And it gave Roarke a chance to prove what a man he is.

    As to the plot itself, Nora Roberts/JD Robb created a secret society/organization that is extremely realistic. For those who believe in such things as the 9/11 conspiracy and what not, you'll probably believe that Nora Roberts has created some new sort of Bible code, prophecying the end of the world.....

    For the rest of us, there will be only what there is. A well-written story that would have been more suited for a short story or as a subplot to a larger plotline....

    Just my opinion. ...more info
  • Eve,Roarke and Co
    Well, what else can be said about this series of great books, not much as everyone has said it all.
    But as usual J D Robb/Nora Roberts has done it again, excellent book. I loved the plot of the book, but loved and thought the interaction this time between Eve and Roarke was so neat as it showed their more sensitive sides especially Eve's which was nice to see. It showed how much she has grown within herself since the first book in the series and I have read every book in the series so far.
    Look forward to Vision's in Death when it comes out.
    Thanks Nora Roberts what a wonderful mind and imagination you have.
    ...more info
  • divided in death
    A year ago,I started at the beginning of the series - a must - and found myself flipping thru the heated love portions of the book. I am not sure why I stayed with the series as the early ones were more romance oriented and certainly not sci-fi. Also, many of the stories are filled with sexual violence and made me very uncomfortable. I think I have hung in because I have seen a wonderful development of characters and more stories without all the sexual overtones. As I read on I hope to see the series move more toward traditional mystery genre. Divided in Death was one of my favorites as it was more of a mystery, less violent and spoke to issues like government organizations that are created to keep us safe but sometimes misuse their powers and usurp freedoms. Loved this read!
    ...more info
  • Excellent as usual
    Excellent as usual. The good thing about the In Death is the variety. Some focus on action, while others are more character driven and some are mixes. Her latest furthers Eve's character development as we learn more of her past. Roarke has to battle his own demons when he learns new information. We also get to find out more about Caro. A true In Death fan won't be disapointed. While those who only want to criticise a popular and prolific author will always find something to gripe about....more info
  • Distasteful
    I can not believe that Nora Robert cheapens herself by writing such drivel. This is the first and last J.D. Robb book I will chance reading. I only read it half way through. It was so unclear, seemingly written with the pretense of intelligence. I thought the constant empty dialogues were wasted breath. I have read seven books by Nora Roberts and I will have to wonder if she has a twin sister living insider her mind who must be writing the J.D. Robb stories. She seems to me to be wandering from realism in her Roberts books to total abstract in her Robb books. I think in her Robb stories she must be letting her hair down with all of the unnecessary swearing and attitude the female characters have. There is a lot of rage there. I will take Nora Roberts over Robb any day. Sorry Robb fans, I just think it is all to shallow to waste my time going there again. Just like paintings from abstract to real, different strokes for different folks....more info
  • Excellent Book,, but....
    I have read all of the "in Death" books, and will continue to read them. This is a great addition, however I must say the rhapsodizing that Eve and Roarke do seems just, well silly....

    These characters love each other, that much we know. We know the depth of their love for one another, but there are more than a few spots in the book where Eve just seems to break character so that she can wax romantic about her handsome husband.

    Roarke's gushing over his wife is a little more believable, but what I find trite is at the start of every single one of these little episodes the characters have to rehash their bad childhoods. Did they forget since the last time they went over it? Have the details changed? No, I would just love to see Robb move these characters past their 'revalations' about their childhoods and let them move on to a different area of their relationship....more info
  • More Please!
    Once again, a wonderful book by a terrific author. I just love her books....more info
  • One of the weaker ones
    I have followed this series since the beginning and I enjoy the setting and the characters immensely. However, I feel that this installment lacked in something that the other books did not. Yes, this book has plenty of Eve, plenty of Roarke and plenty of Eve and Roarke together. There is suitable development with their relationship, and the underlying plot line of her childhood. I actually can't put my finger on what this book lacks, exactly. It just felt empty and while I would never dream of skipping a book in such a long running series, I can't help but wonder what this installment adds to the series as a whole. I personally, thought, I suppose, that it was too complicated ... but I suppose most spy tales are complicated....more info
  • Always good to see Eve and Roarke again
    A man and his lover are stabbed to death in the middle of a tryst. Homicide Detective Eve Dallas is called to the scene and finds the man's wife standing over the bodies with their blood on her hands. She's got means, motive and opportunity. A slam dunk? Not really. The wife in question is Reva Ewing, an ex- Secret Service agent who is a hero for "taking one" for the president and an employee of Roarke's. Reva is spear-heading a top secret government contract to counter a destructive computer virus that could cripple the country. Eve and Roarke believe that Reva's involvement in this project is the reason she is being so clearly set up. The two of them team up along with the regulars Peabody, Feeney and McNabb to figure out who wanted Reva's cheating husband killed, why they wanted Reva set up and why a few other civilians are turning up dead.

    For me the good part of this book isn't really the murder mystery. If you've read the other 15 or so books in the series, you've already sussed out Eve's rhythms. She remains consistent in how she works, how she thinks and where she connects the dots. As far as plots go, this one was so-so and the villain wasn't even very interesting or scary.

    No, what made this book good continues to be the story arc of Eve's dark past and her relationship with her husband and the people who surround her. From the very first book "Naked In Death" when we first meet Eve we are in a nightmare with her as she relives her horrific childhood. Over the course of the series Roberts has handed out dribs and drabs of information so that Eve has learned bit by bit more about her past. Obviously Eve has the resources to learn more but she chooses not to. Yet this case, brings her past starkly into the present. Not only does Eve unwittingly learn much more about her past she but it also brings her into direct conflict with Roarke. Although Eve and Roarke have clashed in the past over their own ideas of justice and vengeance, this time the difference isn't just philosophical but deeply personal. They spend a large part of the story divided and uncommunicative with each other. It is a nice, realistic bump in a relationship that in series time is only about two years old. It brings it home that even though they are deeply in love and quite devoted, Eve and Roarke still have a lot to learn about each other.

    If you haven't read the other books in the series, you could follow the plot very easily. But there are a lot of references to people and names in the previous books that you could miss some necessary subtext. Not the best of the series but a good, comfortable installment.

    I recommend...more info

  • Outstanding!!
    I love this series! It seems redundant to say that Robb's done it again but I think this is one of her best. The relationship between Eve and Roarke is maturing and the marital conflict makes the characters seem much more real. The dialogue as usual is very sharp and entertaining. I've always liked the story lines involving the secondary characters Peabody/McNab, Mavis/Leonardo, Nadine, Mira, and Feeney so it was nice to learn about Caro. I do feel you need to read the series from the beginning in order to understand all the character connections. There have been a lot of comments re the fact that it's a hardcover, but what heck, best selling authors almost always end up publishing in hardcover. All in all, a great addition to the series....too bad I have to wait six months for the next one!...more info
  • A good detective read! Page turner!
    This is the first "In Death" book I have read in a long time. In fact, so long that I cannot remember the other book I have read. But I thoroughly enjoyed it.

    I read for entertainment. Not to be "educated" (with the number of murder mysteries I read, my husband would be worried), not to be "enlightened", but merely to enjoy myself. I want my characters to be likable. I want the plots to be clever - not so convoluted they are contrived and not so simple I fall asleep. But just enough twists and turns to keep my attention and the lights on (instead of getting my much-needed sleep).

    Ms. Roberts fulfills all of the above and more. She gives me a future that is plausible (I want one of those Auto-Chefs - NOW!!!). In Eve and Roarke she gives me great characters - a little flawed (aren't we all?) but great people, nonetheless. Plots are interesting - just enough twists to keep me turning the pages.

    I would recommend this book to anyone who wants an interesting, enjoyable and highly entertaining read - likely to keep you up well into the wee small hours of the morning.

    ...more info
  • not one of her best
    I am a huge J.D. Robb fan, but for her first stand alone hardback, I found this entry in the wonderful "In Death" series a disappointment. Other reviewers have summarized the plot, so I won't waste time doing so here. In "Divided", the mystery is well-developed, and there is an interesting twist in Eve and Roarke's relationship, but overall I found the book almost tentative and stiff in its writing, far less masterful than the last two paperbacks, "Purity" and "Portrait". In fact, I found this one to be substantially different in the quality of prose than all the other In Death books.

    The strength of this series is the great characters. Here, the spark of their presence and interaction is dimmed. Some of the dialogue is still snappy, but an awful lot sounds stilted. The disagreement between Eve and Roarke seems too overdrawn, and their inevitable reconciliation somewhat anti-climactic. Some of the more entertaining side characters like Summerset, Mavis, and Nadine seem to have gratuitous walk-ons, rather than meaningful roles in the story.

    While I find it impossible to hate a J.D. Robb book, I think this is her weakest entry in the series. If you are not familiar with the series, it may read much more strongly. I only hope that "Visions in Death" recaptures the magic....more info

  • A good detective read! Page turner!
    This is the first "In Death" book I have read in a long time. In fact, so long that I cannot remember the other book I have read. But I thoroughly enjoyed it.

    I read for entertainment. Not to be "educated" (with the number of murder mysteries I read, my husband would be worried), not to be "enlightened", but merely to enjoy myself. I want my characters to be likable. I want the plots to be clever - not so convoluted they are contrived and not so simple I fall asleep. But just enough twists and turns to keep my attention and the lights on (instead of getting my much-needed sleep).

    Ms. Roberts fulfills all of the above and more. She gives me a future that is plausible (I want one of those Auto-Chefs - NOW!!!). In Eve and Roarke she gives me great characters - a little flawed (aren't we all?) but great people, nonetheless. Plots are interesting - just enough twists to keep me turning the pages.

    I would recommend this book to anyone who wants an interesting, enjoyable and highly entertaining read - likely to keep you up well into the wee small hours of the morning.

    ...more info
  • One of the Best in the Series
    I enjoy all of the books in the " . . . In Death" series, but this one stands out as one of my favorites, largely because it focuses more on Roarke and Eve's passionate marriage. As the multi-layered case unfolds, these two confront an issue that cuts to the heart of who they are as people: Roarke wants vengeance; Eve wants to leave justice to the law or God. The fights Eve and Roark have over this conflict are very well-written and engaging and the eventual resolution is satisfying and believable.

    I do admit, however, to feeling some irritation with Eve in this novel. In most of the stories, Roarke is impossibly patient and quick to accept fault, even when Eve is being abrasive and defensive. I like Eve when she's edgy and tough, but at the same time, there are times when she crosses a line into unjustified bitchiness. There's one confrontation in this novel that made me very much want Eve to apologize to Roarke. It'd be nice to see a storyline in which Roarke pushed Eve away and she had to put aside her obsession with her job to truly be there for him, as he is always there for her.

    The mystery at the heart of the novel is a good one, with a few twists that I didn't see coming. I found the very end to be a bit of a letdown, but overall, there's plenty of suspense and strong character development.

    If you read these books more for the Eve/Roarke marriage and less for the mystery plots, I think this will be one of your favorites in the series, too. Robb/Roberts has a talent for keeping the central couple interesting, complex, and root-able. This book took the characters to a new level and showed them becoming more emotionally intimate in a very satisfying way. ...more info
  • Not NRs usual standard
    Unfortunately I didn't find this book up to the usual standard of J D Robb novels, the fight was overplayed, and the other characters weren't given enough time. I can't put my finger on it, but reading this book seemed more like a chore.

    Vicki...more info

  • Just ok......
    I have to agree with the other reviewers that this book was not up to the usual J.D Robb standards! I waited with high anticipation for this book.....and I'm sad to say that it was a disapointment....the whole conflict between Roark and Eve was sooo contrived and fake! the whole story was just not up to par....I can only hope that the next book brings me back to the love of her work!...more info
  • Fantastic Addition to the "In Death" Series
    I read this book for the first time several months ago and since then I have completed the series to date. Since "Divided" stood out as one of J. D. Robb's best to my mind, I just re-read it (October 2005) for clarity and enjoyment. "Divided in Death" deals with techno-terrorism while delving into Eve's childhood and the atrocities she suffered while government agencies stood by and ignored the horror a little girl was living. While Eve is trying to uncover the latest murderers who, by the way have set up one of Roarke's top-notch employees, she is also dealing with a husband who cannot understand her thinking as to the deadly revenge he must not seek from an incident that cannot change what happened to her 20 years before. How Eve/Roarke and the supporting cast deal with murder and global espionage makes for a terrific and interesting plot. It is definitely a book you need to pay close attention to as it becomes a little convoluted at times, but it is definitely worth the effort. I hold to my initial thoughts: "Divided in Death" is one of Robb's better stories in a series that is nothing short of excellent. ...more info
  • Another Great installment in the series
    If you are like me, you buy these books the moment they hit the shelves, stay up as long as you possibly can to finish them(cause you just can't put them down) and then have to wait another six months for the next one. This book was no disappointment, and sucked me in like all the rest. In fact, I think its one of my favorites, as it included a bit more "real life" for Eve and Roarke (ie, marital problems) and the story was a bit different than the others, invovling a goverment agency and spies. Yes, they are now coming out in hardback, that is my only complaint. But I buy all my other favorite series in hardback, so why not this one. Run out and get it if you are a fan. If not, run out and by all 19, you won't be sorry. Now only another 6 months for the next one . . . :)...more info
  • JD Rbb - Divided in Death
    Robb does it again. Can't put the books in this series down. Just read her newest "Strangers in Death". Can't wait for the next. I read one book and got hooked. Not just Eve and Roarke but the whole gang. I went back and ordered the entire series and read from the beginning. It flows so you feel like you can "see" everything and puts you right there with them. Although each book can stand alone, reading from the beginning of the series is SOOO much better. ...more info
  • Divided in Death
    This continues the story of Eve, Roarke, Peabody, McNab, Mavis et al. along with the usual rip-roaring mystery for "Roarke's Cop" to solve. Great stuff!!!...more info
  • Very entertaining futuristic adventure
    The unfaithful husband and his lover are murdereed and the angry ex-wife is nearby. Somehow, though, Lieutenant Eve Dallas finds the whole thing a little to easy. Especially when her husband, Roarke, tells her that the woman is completely trustworthy and involved in one of his most important projects. Dallas decides to investigate further and finds subtle fingerprints of the Homeland Security Organization everywhere. Computer genius and billionaire Roarke finds out something else--Homeland Security stood by while Dallas was being raped by her father because they didn't want to compromise an investigation. Roarke may not be able to protect Dallas now, but he needs to go after those who messed with an innocent young girl.

    Although Roarke and Dallas work together on the case, Dallas doing the legwork while Roarke leads the investigation into a strangely destructive computer virus that has the earmarks of one rumored to be created by a terrorist organization, the knowledge of Homeland Security's failure to protect Dallas lays heavy on their relationship. Dallas is a cop--she can't take revenge for a long-ago mistake. And she can't let Roarke take justice into his own hands. But Roarke knows that there is no justice when government agencies can use top-secret classifications to cloak their mistakes in national interest jargon.

    Author Nora Roberts (writing as J. D. Robb) writes a fast-moving and exciting story. The damaged Dallas makes an intriguing character with her strong interest in the law and a sometimes battling interest in true justice. Dallas's decision to solve the mystery regardless of overblown claims about national security is strong stuff in an era where governments regularly ignore constitutional rights. Secondary characters like Peabody, Dallas's assistant and newly promoted detective are also charming and add a comic touch.

    It's hard to go wrong with any book by Nora Roberts and DIVIDED IN DEATH is an enjoyable treat. I found the romantic conflict between Roarke and Dallas an occasional distraction from the mystery and Roarke is just a little too perfect to be sympathetic, but Robb/Roberts' writing is so strong you hardly notice....more info

  • "The connection between you father and mine is there"
    J. D. Robb hits the nail on the head with this one, with a combination of fast-paced action and baffling developments that reveal facts from Eve's past. The novel grabs the reader's attention right away when we find Reva Ewing in a furious state driving to the house of her best friend. She has recently received information that her husband is cheating on her with Felicity, and her anguish is a combination of the betrayal per se and the fact that the person betraying her is a close friend. Reva is an ex-Secret Service agent who nowadays works with security systems, so she has no problem in accessing Felicity's house, since she was the one in charge of installing the security. But things take a sharp turn for the worse when she finds her husband and her friend dead in Felicity's bed, and Eva is attacked and turned unconscious by the killer, who was still at the scene.

    Things are a little different from usual because this time it is Roarke who receives the call. It turns out the Reva works in one of his companies and is also the daughter of Caro, the administrative assistant of the billionaire. In that way, both spouses become involved in the case, Eve as primary investigator and Roarke as a consultant and interested party. It has been a while since we found Eve trying to clean the name of a suspect, the last time was when she had to prove that her friend Mavis was innocent of murder. In this case, her investigation leads her to associate Reva with a project to stop the Doomsday Worm. This in turn leads to interesting developments that end with her finding the truth about her surname and a very disturbing fact related to the abuse she suffered as a child in the hands of her father.

    In the last few novels we have seen Eve Dallas and her husband Roarke go through an emotional roller-coaster, and the ride continues in this installment. This is in my opinion one of the most important aspects in this series, since each time we are looking forward to learning more about the characters' past and the new events that occur in their lives. We also observe that other characters show interesting developments in their paths. For example Peabody, Eve's former aide, has passed the detective's exam and is now Eve's partner. Peabody is one of the most charming characters in the series, and her sense of humor works miracles for keeping the narration flowing seamlessly.

    The fact that the novel develops in 2059 allows Robb to create a world in which she can apply her view in terms of how society will evolve. For example firearms are banned, there is a vaccine for cancer and droids take care of menial chores. In this novel, almost surreptitiously, the author delivers another tidbit of information about what is going on in 2059, when Reva says: "I carried a weapon when I stood for the President, and once took a hit for her".

    I think that writing as J. D. Robb, Nora Roberts has found a niche of readers that were looking for a good sci-fi and mystery mix. I count myself among those readers and will continue to follow this series as long as the quality remains at the high level it has shown throughout its more than fifteen books....more info
  • great reading
    every one of her books as j.d.robb make for great reading! i hope she keeps them going-i'll buy every one of them!!...more info
  • J D Robb
    I thoroughly enjoyed this book. I am hooked on the Eve Dallas series by J D Robb....more info
    As usual, Nora Roberts delivers a great book. The dialogue between the characters is so entertaining! The characters are so likeable and I always look forward to the next In Death book. I highly recommend it....more info
  • Good book, great reader
    Not having read any of the previous books I came on this one cold. Even so the book stands well on its own, Dallas and Rourke are a good couple - though he is too perfect, always knowing exactly what to say, always picking the right tone of voice, etc.

    The setting is the near future, something which seemed out of place for the first third of the book. I found myself wondering why it was in the future, there wasn't anything futuristic about it. It could easily have been present day. Towards the end of the book, some higher tech stuff came out but its still a pretty straightforward cop story, not a sci-fi one.

    There is a brutal murder and the woman claims she is innocent. Since she works for Rourke he gets the whole group involved. The whole thing worked very well I thought, with each scene and new revelation followign the last in a logical chain that I was just beginning to understand when revealed. I found the pacing and the deducing to be very exciting and well done.

    Dallas and Rourke learn some nasty tidbits from her past which creates a rift between them. This part was hard to understand at first as the author assumes prior knowledge but it soon sorted itself out. Their reactions to it were absolutely dead on, that is exactly the way my wife and I would have reacted, although the final solution was awfully quick.. I really expected more soul searching..

    What really set the audio adaptation apart is the reader. She put inflection in each and every word, you could feel the desperation, feel the anger, sorrow or pity through her reading. It was an absolute joy to listen to and I heartily recommend it to anyone, even those who have read the book.

    All in all a good book, probably not extremely intricate but I found myself wondering what was going to happen next and following along quite happily through the whole thing. I recommend it!...more info