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Purple Cow
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You're either a Purple Cow or you're not. You're either remarkable or invisible. Make your choice. What do Starbucks and JetBlue and KrispyKreme and Apple and DutchBoy and Kensington and Zespri and Hard Candy have that you don't? How do they continue to confound critics and achieve spectacular growth, leaving behind former tried-and-true brands to gasp their last? Face it, the checklist of tired 'P's marketers have used for decades to get their product noticed--Pricing, Promotion, Publicity, to name a few--aren't working anymore. There's an exceptionally important 'P' that has to be added to the list. It's Purple Cow. Cows, after you've seen one, or two, or ten, are boring. A Purple Cow, that would be something. Purple Cow describes something phenomenal, something counterintuitive and exciting and flat out unbelievable. Every day, consumers come face to face with a lot of boring stuff--a lot of brown cows--but you can bet they won't forget a Purple Cow. And it's not a marketing function that you can slap on to your product or service. Purple Cow is inherent. It's built right in, or it's not there. Period. In Purple Cow, Seth Godin urges you to put a Purple Cow into everything you build, and everything you do, to create something truly noticeable. It's a manifesto for marketers who want to help create products that are worth marketing in the first place.

Customer Reviews:

  • Tons of Marketing Case Studies But 1 Consistent Template!
    After reading this book (in about 4 days!) I discovered that through all of the marketing case studies from major corporations, his point is that all of them have the one consistent element, a purple cow, or something special and different about each company. This book is a must read for a private consultant, small business, or corporate exec. I loved it!...more info
  • Simplicity rules.
    Purple Cow follows Godin's key strength: simplicity. Using very few words, Purple Cow succeeds in transmitting a powerful concept that can be applied in a vast array of areas.Top notch....more info
  • Purple Cow Sighting Means Success is Ahead
    Seth Godin's reputation for spotting what successful marketers have done and sharing it with the rest of us is well deserved. In his relatively short book, Purple Cow, he pinpoints what leads to business success: stand out, be different, be remarkable.

    It's not enough to be very good or adequate. There are plenty companies doing that. Nor is it wise to copy exactly what another successful company has done. It won't work the same for you. The worst thing of all is to try to be everything to everybody. That's a death knell for sure.

    Instead Seth shares many stories and anecdotes to illustrate how selecting your niche and producing a product or service better than anyone else is the goal. Better yet, find a niche so small that you're the only company in it. When a potential customer needs that specialized product or service they'll have to come to you. And, if that customer is what Seth calls a "sneezer," he will spread the word about you cheaper and faster than an expensive ad campaign.

    Speaking of sneezers. These should be your target market. Seth says "Only the risk-taking, idea-spreading people on the left part of the curve are willing to listen to you."
    The rest wait until a product or service has been around for a while, until it's safe.

    Before you spend another dollar on ads and advertising campaigns, read Seth Godin's Purple Cow. It may cause you to disband your advisors, cancel your focus groups and listen to your customers instead.

    ...more info
  • Maryland Magician Seth Godin Sliced bread
    Seth delivers no hype, all solid meat in his works.

    If you do not want to triple your sales, don't hear what Seth says, but if your goal is to become and or create the "purple cow" in your industry read, re-read, listen and hear what Seth says ... then apply it.

    P.S. Watch this video of Seth Godin
    ...more info
  • Remarkable
    "Purple Cow" is definitely one of the greatest Marketing and strategy books I've ever read.
    It doesn't take long to read it all, it's fast, objective and it certainly makes you stand up and start making difference in any kind of business you're dealing with....more info
  • A must-read for managers, leaders, and entreprenuers!
    This is an excellent book that should be read by leaders, managers, and entrepreneurs in every industry. Even if you are just sitting at home on your couch, feeling sluggish, and completely uncreative, pick up this book. It will not only spire you, but also give you the tools you need to be remarkable....more info
  • Is It Purple Enough?
    One of the other reviews called this book a great idea starter and so it is. Seth's book was read by our entire management team and ever since we ask ourselves "is it purple enough" when we come up with new marketing ideas. The idea of necessary distinction is not a new one to marketers. Way back when I started working for P&G we talked about "USP's" or unique selling propositions. Seth just makes that concept current and easy to understand. Should be in every marketer's vocabulary....more info
  • Purple Cow - a light mid-afternoon snack of a book
    Having heard others describe this as a "visionary work" I read Purple Cow with great expectations. The central message of the book is "be different", in other words, don't follow industry norms or you'll never stand out and be noticed. Seth Godin certainly has some interesting ideas, and I have to say I agree with pretty much all of them, it's just that if one reads this book expecting to find deep intellectual stimulation or new marketing ideas one will be disappointed. It is essentially a lightweight thought-bite work, more a mid-afternoon snack than a feast of new ideas. If you read this book before reading Blue Ocean Strategy you'll find it stimulating. If you read Blue Ocean Strategy (W. Chan Kim and Renee Mauborgne) first you'll find Purple Cow has altogether too little weight, research and well presented data to back up the central argument of the book. A good book to read on a short train ride to kill the time....more info
  • Hard Read
    This one has good information but it's a very hard read & not very interesting....more info
  • Short, Sweet, and Accessible
    At the heart of this book is the notion of "Moore's idea diffusion curve". It's just a bell-curve that shows innovators (sneezers), early adopters, early/late majority, and laggards. The central theme of the book is that you need to target the front of that curve by appealing your "remarkable" product to them as a niche, and treat them very specially.

    Contrary to the most popular review here (quite negative) calling this book an unnecessarily expanded essay, I would argue that Godin covers a lot of ground in a concise 137 pages. And you don't need an MBA to understand the principles. This book is required reading for anyone looking to start a business.

    The most resonating take-away is that marketing has worked its way to the front phases of product development. If the product can't *be* the marketing, then it will fail. This means that developers/engineers need to understand a bit about marketing, and need to be able to include and work with marketers from conception.

    In the few hours it took to read through "Purple Cow", I've been able to take away quite a few valuable insights:

    - The days of the "Hurricane Effect" (traditional massive blitz marketing, e.g., TV commercials, banner ads) are over

    - Understand the importance of the idea curve (a simple concept) and its ripple effect.

    - Employ market-centric design (marketers need to be a part of early design phase).

    - At the front of the curve are sneezers -- a very loud group of users who will do your marketing for you.

    - Treat the sneezers individually and personally, as your most valuable asset. Overwhelm that small target, and please them in every way possible.

    - You can only attract sneezers by being remarkable (a purple cow, stand out, break the rules, do the unsafe thing, etc).

    - The marketing *is* the product (the Leaning Tower of Pisa markets itself just in its name), and a good slogan is essential.

    - If your product is not innovative, start over.

    - Find an edge of the market, go to it and beyond.

    - Resist the temptation to "milk the cow" (be ever seeking the next purple cow).

    If you must pay $[...] for this book, it is well worth it. But given its popularity, you'll likely find many copies at your local library. In reading this you'll probably become a Godin fan. His blog ([...]/) continues to discuss material similar to that found in this book....more info
  • Instantly Transforming!
    I read the PURPLE COW in one sitting and it changed my entire philosophy on how to build out SUCCESSFUL marketing for my new theater company. I have always held several of the book's concepts as core business values but it gave me complete perspective to know I am on the right path to becoming REMARKABLE! This is one book you simply can not pass up if you intend to survive TODAY in any market. Confused or discouraged about how to reach people with YOUR business? Then you need PURPLE COW!...more info
  • Simple Concept - Great Presentation
    This is a quick read with a very simple concept. I have given this book to others for it simplicity. Some may call it "unique selling proposition" - Seth Godin refers to the concept as a purple cow. What ever it takes to spark an idea to get people to differentiate themselves - it worked here!...more info
  • Be the Ultimately Employable Purple Cow!
    These days it seems everything is about marketing. Most important is perhaps our ability to market ourselves. Purple Cow is a best-seller about standing out, being original and setting yourself apart - a vital skill for anyone looking to find a successful and satisfying career.

    Seth Godin, a highly successful marketing expert, best-selling author, lecturer, and entrepreneur essentially shares his secret to success. That is, how to be remarkable. He shares the "magic formulas" behind successful companies such as Starbucks and Apple and shows us how we can do the same.

    Setting high standards, being passionate and having guts are amongst the messages in this book. Godin wraps up his concepts within a ten point checklist that teaches us how to create a Purple Cow, in other words a product that will stand out. Whether that product be yourself or your idea.

    Purple Cow sheds some much needed light on just how difficult it is to been seen and heard in an incredibly saturated marketplace. If you have an passion project but don't know quite where to start, this is the place.

    Danny Iny
    Author of the free eBook "Forget Everything You Know About Looking For a Job... And Actually Find One!"
    HuntingToHired, info
  • Be a cow -- explore the limits!
    "Purple Cow" is an amusing quick read by Seth Godin. Although it doesn't contain a lot of practical advice for most people, it does have lots of food for thought. It's short, cheap, and fun and I recommend it. A good airplane book!


    Purple Cow is the act of building things worth noticing into your product or service - i.e. being remarkable. The opposite of remarkable is "very good," and very good is boring. Boring leads to failure because the "very good" slot is almost always already taken.

    Everything having to do with a product or service, from the design to support and everything in between, is marketing. The marketing, that is the total of what you have to offer, has to appeal to "sneezers" - the early adopters who like new stuff and who will hopefully tell everyone else. The sneezers need to find your product remarkable.

    Being a Purple Cow is easy - because most people are afraid of the Cow. They are afraid to stand out or be different.

    Outrageous is not always remarkable and is not required. Just outrageous doesn't usually work. You don't need passion or incredible creativity either - just the realization that only the Cow will work. Being remarkable doesn't always require big changes. Small things can help you be remarkable: how you answer the phone, price updates, handle complaints, etc.

    Be a Cow, explore the limits. Be the fastest, slowest, biggest, smallest, baldest, hairiest, newest, oldest, etc. - just be remarkable....more info
  • Great Book by a Great Writer
    Purple Cow is a great book by a great writer. This book has made me rethink the way I look at my business...more info
  • Great Business Tips Fast
    This book is great. Very up to date and useful information in a book that's fun and fast to read! ...more info
  • One-trick Pony
    I love Godin's creative approach to marketing, but does anyone else feel that he's milking us? "The Purple Cow" is a perfect example. It's a great idea that would have made a great article in FastCompany, but when stretched into a book, it becomes tiresome and loses its original magic....more info
  • This is a "must read!"
    An easy, entertaining read, this book is full of valuable tips for anybody ready to make changes and truly impact your business by getting your brand noticed. Seth tells you you're either a Purple Cow or you're not. You're either remarkable or invisible. Pick one! Definitely one of my all time favorites!...more info
  • Great Book, but enough with the "sneezers"
    I just finished reading two books by the prolific marketeer Seth Godin: Purple Cow and Free Prize Inside. I had heard a number of people discussing Godin's latest book and thought I would see what I was missing.

    Purple Cow is a battle cry to make remarkable products. It is a passionate plea that a product that tries to be all things to all people will be nothing to everyone. Godin makes a case that a product should leave the happy middle ground. Make the cheapest product, or the most expensive, the most elegant or the simplest. The early adopters are the people that you need to win first and they are not drawn to the average product. A remarkable product, literally one that would make someone remark and take notice, will produce "sneezers" who will distribute your "idea virus".

    Free Prize Inside! argues that a series of small incremental changes to your product to add value is better than either a huge marketing or a huge research budget. When Amazon took their large marketing budget and instead spent it on free shipping they created value, a "free prize", for their customers. Give your customers a free prize, give them value, and they will talk about it.

    I enjoyed both books even if I did not always relate to the world he was writing about. Having worked in Silicon Valley startup companies for so long I did not relate to some of the information in Free Prize Inside! about how to sell your ideas to a management chain that would clearly be resistant. I did not disagree that this happens, I just did not relate on a personal level. Also I find Godin's terminology like "sneezers" to be something that I am likely to remember but embarrassed to repeat.

    My favorite part of both books are the concrete examples that I look for in a book in this genre. I am left with questions like "how would I do something similar for my company, my blog or my podcast?" "What free prize could I provide my customers, my readers or my listeners?" So I am left with questions, but those are exactly the kind of questions I am looking for....more info
  • Required reading if you are in marketing or business
    Purple cow is the right message told in a very authentic and genuine way about creating remarkable efforts, products and work of any kind. Take the old saying "if it worth doing, it's worth doing well" to a whole new level. This book will change your outlook on creating "just good enough".

    A must read if you are in marketing or business of any kind!...more info
  • If... Depends... I Agree.
    This book is interesting if you don't have a background in marketing. If you have a background in marketing you will absolutely hate this book. The book does a great job of explaining something that as consumers we are e-mail and as business people we sometimes forget: people don't know what they want; we think we know what they want (as marketers)... however, we just need to think about the product/service and not the marketing.

    The book goes on to describe in history have the major brands of today were formed, mainly through TV marketing, which by today's standards almost all businesses would fail. Simply put, consumers are bombarded by advertising and you have to be a purple cow to stand out. Or should I say a remarkable cow....more info
  • The purple cow is a long time ago being
    I apologize for my english because I'm a french reader(Paris).
    "The purple cow" is a marketing easy reading book with lots of cases and success stories. I always wonder reading this kind of book if it was so easy to make a successful brand like to make a good cake. I'm sure it's not. The author seems to know all the keys of marketing and resume them in one idea : be remarkable. Isn't it too simplistic ? And what about be unremarkable by being always remarkable,think of United Colors of Benetton. The question is not approached. But the book is a good distraction for thoses who are interesting in funny and rationnal marketing short cuts. Anyway, remain to think in a singular way is always a good work to do in any job. Then, The Purple Cow is a useful training in this way. Enjoy your reading....more info