iHome Bike to Beach Speaker System for iPod (Black)
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Product Description

Pedal in the rain with this water-resistant iPod speaker case that clamps to your bike frame. Handlebar mounted remote control allows for safe cycling while listening to your tunes. This speaker case is perfect for the beach, poolside and picnics too.

  • Compatibility: iPod mini; iPod nano 1G, 2G, 3G, 4G; iPod classic 4G, 5G, 5.5G, 6G
  • Listen to your iPod while biking or at home; includes mounting bracket and hardware for bicycle
  • Tough water-resistant protective design with speaker cap; Reson8 speaker technology for full, rich sound
  • Charges iPod when connected to included AC adapter
  • Includes handlebar-mountable remote for safe operation

Customer Reviews:

  • Very good value
    This product is a great value. It will provide you hours of enjoyment while enduring long bike rides. The volume is very good even in high winds. The only negative was that it was shipped with dead batteries. I had to spend $12 for 2 new batteries but now it works great....more info
  • Sounds Great, Could Have Better Power Options
    I am loving my iHome 2Go Speaker System for my iPod. It sounds pretty good for the size and I love the remote control. I recently used it at Burning Man for a little music in our dome when the surrounding noise was not too loud to drown it out.

    The couple of complaints I have for it are

    1) while it successfully charges my iPod while it is in the device, it cannot charge rechargeable batteries that way. I know it didn't come with rechargeables, but it is a logical choice for people to use if they will be using the device regularly. An in-device rechargeable battery option would make the unit very sweet.

    2) Also related to this is that the unit can run and charge the ipod itself off the speaker's ac adapter, but not run or charge the speaker part. If there are not live batteries in the speaker part, then it will not produce any sound even when it is plugged in. This is silly - the AC adaptor should power the entire device - what if my batteries are low? Heck, why not allow the iPod itself to power the speaker, too? the iPod's power wouldn't last for that long a playing time but it seems to make logical sense to me.

    3) Since the iPod is completely hidden and contained within the iHome when playing, there is no way to easily see the current track listing. There could be a display on the remote and that would resolve that issue.

    4) The remote uses stupid Cell batteries which are expensive and harder to find and cannot be recharged. The remote unit is plenty large enough for a AAA or even AA battery solution and that would be much better in my opinion due to cost, ease of finding replacements, and the possibility of rechargeables.

    5) This complaint is shared between both the speaker and the ipod. The remote and the iPod should both have an option / button to jump between shuffling music and continuing with an album if it chooses a song I love on shuffle and I want it to continue with that album. Removing the iPod from the speaker setup is just too awkward to make this realistic....more info
  • So much promise...
    Boy I was so excited to get this as gift. I wouldn't use ear buds on my rides because of concerns about not hearing approaching cars. So this seemed like a great idea. And the audio quality was very good, at first. But here are the things they don't tell you:
    1) The mounting cages aren't the same size as water-bottle cages and iHome doesn't sell cages separately, so if you ride multiple bikes, you either have to buy multiple units or move the cage every time you change bikes.
    2) The charging system is strictly for your iPod. The system doesn't contain rechargeable batteries, so unpacking your new toy, plugging it in, and then going for a ride will leave you listening to the road and no music. You need to put in 4 AA batteries.
    3) The Speaker System is not waterproof. I live in New England and riding in the winter means the roads are often wet with fresh or melting snow. And in the Spring, we gets lots of rain. The only comments in the instruction manual: "The appliance should be serviced by a qualified service personnel when...the unit has been exposed to rain."

    My first run with the IH85B lasted less than 4 miles...

    I feel compelled to add to this review:
    1) The speaker dried out and sounds as good as new however,
    2) I go for long rides and my iPod, which typically runs for 8-10 hrs on intercontinental flights, doesn't last for more than an 1.3 hrs on a bike ride. Have just replaced the iPod battery and will see if that gives me more time......more info
  • Need music while riding your bike? This is the one...
    I purchased this product, despite some of the reviews. I rode in the MS150 from Houston to Austin, TX. (180 miles). My team and I loved it! The ride was about 12 hours. My IPOD 2GB Nano lasted, and so did the iHome to Go player.

    Mounting was a bit tricky as my 1st bottle cage was near the mounting area for the iHome bracket. I removed the spacers that my 2nd bottle cage had on the top so that the iHome bracket wouldn't interfere. I was able to still use bottle 1 and the iHome together, eventhough they were very close together. I had to buy another bottle holder being that the ride was long and one bottle wasn't going to cut it.

    The iHome runs on AA batteries, but I don't believe that the charger included charges the unit; only the IPod. Otherwise, they would recommend rechargable batteries or warn you about the AC adapter.

    Volume was great. I could control the music and volume from the handle bar wireless remote included. This allowed me to listen to the music I wanted at the level I wanted to do depending on who was around me at the time.

    This device was snug and secure in the cage it comes in. It comes with a cap that covers the speaker when not in use so that you don't get water, sweat, etc. in the speak hole on top.

    I rode without ever loosing connection to the IPod. I saw some reviews that were skeptical about the Ipod being upside down. It never bumped out of connection or ever gave me any troubles. I have used this on many training rides and would definately recommend it for bike riding!

    Jay M.
    Houston, TX....more info
  • Nice biking companion
    The sound is good enough to be heard on the road, whatever the traffic conditions are. With the remote control attached on the handlebars, the iPod can be used very easily, provided you had previously selected a play list, an artist or a music style. Battery life is also pretty good. I've been riding for more then 8 hours on different days, and they are still playing.
    The IH85B holder is however a little bit larger then the regular bottle holders, so watch out if on your bike the two positions are too near....more info
  • decent, but can't buy spare mounts
    I purchased said product about 2 weeks ago. It's great for group rides in the country. Sound is OK considering wind noise. I wouldn't use it for a home audio system as the sound is very directed and theres no screen. The one downside is iHome won't sell additional bottle cages or handlebar mounts for the remote. This is bad if you have multiple bikes or get your bike stolen....more info
  • Great for the Road
    I purchased my new iHome bike speaker back in January and have taken it out on the road and have found it to be a great form of entertainment while cycling. Not only for me, but for those folks cycling next to me as well. Just load up the iPod, slip it in the speaker, mount the remote control and the included carrying cage and off you go. The remote control is what makes this a dandy. However, the remote control is also what gave me the biggest scare. It's not really the remote, but rather the supplied remote battery that was the one disappointment for me. So be warned, the battery for the remote may be dead on arrival and you may have to get a replacement. Other than that, this speaker has been a great pleasure to ride with. ...more info
  • only works when plugged in!
    I was rather excited to receive this product. I'm an avid cyclist who rides 2-3 times a week. Out of the box, I plugged it in, and it sounded great. I added new batteries, and, "poof" it stopped working. I tried different batteries. Same problem. I'm an Electrical Engineer, so analytical by nature. With the battery latch removed, I can pry the batteries into the positive terminal, and it works. Soon as I let go...dead. What a bummer. Not exactly something I can do while riding my bike. Wished I'd purchased it at a local store so I could return it directly. I've been putting off calling the support center, getting an RMA, boxing it back up, waiting for a replacement... Hopefully this was just a quality assurance glitch and yours will work better - but I was disappointed....more info
  • Completely awesome!
    I've always dreamed of biking blasting my favorite music. This lets you do it. The speakers are great. I love it!...more info
  • The best addition to a neighborhood bike ride
    My kids LOVE being able to share their music around the neighborhood with this speaker. The biggest drawback is that they can turn it up TOO loud :) The batteries so far have lasted well, I was surprised at how little of the ipod battery was drained. The remote is a nice feature and the cap for the speaker is a good idea. The biggest problem I foresee is remembering to take the ipod out of the speaker when the kids are done using it. Overall a very useful and fun item!...more info
    It seems to drain my Ipod instead of charging my Ipod battery
    when in the unit, and plugged into an AC outlet!!! I used nicley
    on a 4 hour or so charity bike ride.
    But, once the Ipod batteries were dead, there was no way the IH85B could recharge them!! What really sucked, was i had another
    day of riding to go, and had really enjoyed using the unit....more info
  • cool gadget
    This is one of the coolest gadgets I've bought in a while. It works great on a bike and also as a stand alone player. The sound is loud and clear. The bass is o.k., but that is to be expected. My iPod Photo fits snuggly inside and is well protected. The remote works well. Finally, I have freedom from my headphones while riding my bike! (and safer too)...more info