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Nintendo DS Lite Browser
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Product Description

The Nintendo DS Lite Browser was co-developed by Nintendo and Opera and provides web browsing on the Nintendo DS Lite. The Opera browser software is stored on the Nintendo DS Lite cartridge, a memory expansion you can insert into the GBA slot. The browser uses both screens of the Nintendo DS Lite handheld. While the standard screen is displayed on the bottom, an expansion will be provided on the upper screen to provide a better browsing experience. Type your Web address on a keyboard display or using the DS stylus. A parent lock function is provided to disable the access to the internet for children.

  • The Nintendo DS Lite version does not work with the original Nintendo DS system

Customer Reviews:

  • DS Browser
    This browser is not a built-in (have to purchase) and yet it does not work really well on most web sites. The speed is too slow compared to a wireless connection using B band (10 MB). It's not worth the money to buy and the effort to create this software....more info
    There are web-based stores who advertise a DS Browser on their website, sell you a DS Lite version when what you ordered was a DS version, and then will not accept a return as you have opened the box to determine that the Lite version will not fit in the DS....more info
  • OK Product, if DHL ever delivers it!
    -It does allow web browsing on a DS Lite
    -Reasonably easy to configure
    -Supports AOSS standard which simplifies connection to AOSS-capable access points (like Buffalo's models). The linking process is pretty simple with this standard.

    -Slow. Yes, really. Even with broadband, no congestion, and the AP transmit/receive settings configured they way their instructions specify. It's slow.
    -Can't handle Java/Flash or other non-basic-browser apps so you can pretty much forget about those moving weather maps.
    -What's up with the Gameboy memory cartridge? This comes with the browser card that plugs into the DS Lite slot and a memory module that goes in the older Gameboy slot on the front. What?!?, they couldn't fit the browser cache memory on the browser cartridge?
    -Doesn't handle WPA for WiFi security. It's WEP or nothing. Nintendo apparently has no intention of adding WPA capability. My other gear uses WPA which is a more secure standard. This will leave people facing the decision to downgrade everything to WEP or use another separate WEP-endabled AP that's locked down for limited security products like this browser.

    -Uses Opera's browser. Some might consider that a plus, some a negative, doesn't really matter to me either was as long as it works.
    -I do really love my DS Lite but their browser won't be my primary browser if I'm away from a laptop.

    Other Thoughts:
    Ordered overnight to receive before leaving on a trip. DHL failed to deliver on the target date because the driver "couldn't find my house" even though they mysteriously found it the previous 6 times they delivered to the same address. Adding insult to injury, they subsequently forgot to put it on the truck at the depot the next day resulting in a 3 day arrival for an OVERNIGHT shipment. It would be really nice if Amazon would let customers directly choose the shipper they'd like to use on orders. ...more info
  • The browser that takes the fun out of browsing the Internet
    I expected too much from the Nintendo DS (Lite) Browser. When I heard the browser was from Opera, I jumped to make this purchase. Over the last few months I've used Opera Mobile on my Samsung A900 cell so I thought this would be as good (if not better).

    I was only in for a huge disappointment. Even with the memory card, this is not a fun browsing experience. You can browse WAP and simnple text sites with no problem -- but that's pretty much the world wide web circa 1997. I think I'm being too generous giving two stars as my rating.

    Save your $30 and buy another DS game (or save up for a real mobile Internet device like the iPhone).

    The Major Flaws:

    NO Video
    NO Sound
    NO Flash plug-in
    NO Pdf viewer
    Slow, slow, and slower...

    ...more info
  • Why the High Price on Outmoded Technology?
    I would love to buy this, but for some reason the current price has shot up to $75 (as of 15th Dec 08). One of the other reviewers said he paid $40 Canadian, so I wonder why are we now being ripped off? Especially given that the new DS console is about to be released, which not only has a built-in browser, but 2 digital cameras aswell!!! You would think the smart resellers would be throwing this product away for cut-price before they are stuck with something they cant shift. Makes no sense.
    My advice is to wait until the new DS comes out and trade in your old one. Much cheaper in the long run than paying a fortune for this gimmick. ...more info
  • Very useful, great to travel with!
    The Nintendo DS Lite Browser has become a very handy tool for me while traveling. I've seen many bad reviews about how it has no support for Flash and no video viewing. But honestly, it really isn't for surfing the internet for a long time! If you just need something to check your email while away, or short browsing of the internet while you are away from the computer, it is perfect!
    It allows you to disable images while loading a page which allows the page to load considerable faster!
    Its a great product!...more info
  • Amazing product!
    I got this product the other day thinking, what the heck - it looks pretty cool. I figured it would be the "DS Version" of the internet. But wow! I was awestruck at the amazingly similar resemblance in page layout to what a laptop or home computer would normally display. Pictures, links, everything was right where it should be making it an easy temporary adjustment from your laptop when you want to lounge around your house without a computer. It's like a handheld laptop - awesome!

    The only downsides in it are that you cannot play games, listen to music online, watch videos, or any other related task involving Flash player. However, if you are simply lying in bed or just in a place inconvieniant for a laptop, and you want to check your email, online message boards, look something up on a search engine, or any other resembling task, then this is the perfect thing!...more info
  • awesome
    this is an awesome little device for the wife loves it and it's a sinch to use. very reliable shipping....more info
  • so so. iPhone probably better.
    NO YOU TUBE!!!! This is the biggest drawback to this browser. No apparent support for Flash. Other than that, it's pretty cool. Keep in mind that the DS is no dual core Pentium and even on ethernet, it runs pretty slow. Web pages load like dialup speed. Cool options for functionality but the slow loading is a drag. Shutting off images speeds things up but make it a little boring....more info
  • got signal?
    Nice softwere!, but you need to have a very good wireless signal!. So far it hasn't worked well for me. ...more info
  • Sooo slooow
    I eagerly awaited the release of the Opera browser for the DS. My girlfriend tried to talk me out of buying it, but I had faith in Opera after using the top notch Wii browser. Now, I have buyer's remorse. Before I bought it, I had already come to terms with it's lack of Flash. After I started using it, though, I realized there were bigger problems. It takes minutes upon minutes to load anything. Loading a single Facebook page takes on average 2-3 minutes with images disabled. This application is basically useless to me. I could see it being of some use if you're stranded on a deserted island with only your DS, assuming the deserted island has wifi, and you have many hours of time to kill whilst awaiting your rescue.

    I'm already eager for the next gen of the DS so that Opera can put out a real browser. Only buy this as an emergency browser, since everyday usage is pointless....more info
  • Slow and tricky to work with
    We've had this DS Lite Browser (using Opera software) for only a few days, and have had no problem connecting to our wireless broadband service at home (SBC/Yahoo). Was able to access blogs, websites, weather, news, and images. Just for an experiment, I typed in "Brad Pitt" for images, and it came in with clear images of that hunky guy. My only problem is that I'm not able to (yet) access any of our email services. I have tried Yahoo's and Hotmail's, but no luck. Will not give up yet, because the instruction book says it is possible to access web-based email services. It could be our router is blocking email sites. Also, Nintendo does have a website with various suggestions on what to do if you have a problem at first connecting to your Internet provider for the DS Nintendo Browser. I plan to take this outside in a few days, and try some hotspots around town and see if this works. The biggest downer I have found with the DS Lite Browser is that it takes FOREVER to load many different types of websites. Of course you should turn off images to save loading times, but still it's slow. Be prepared to exercise a lot of patience with this program. But it's great to have a tiny device that can do internet work. Nintendo can do great things with it, if they would just improve downloading and accessibility problems. ***Parents take note*** it does come with a filtering setup so that your children cannot access adult websites and such while surfing the Internet....more info
  • it works...for some things...slowly
    i kinda knew what i was in for when i bought this. it's cool and clever and does what it's supposed to do. but it's reeeeeeeeally sloooooooooooow....more info
  • don'tt buy this product, not worth it
    this product is definitely not worth the money,
    i bought it months ago, and have never been able to figure it out
    what a waste of money...more info
  • DS Browser is painfully slow and virtually useless!
    Using the DS Browser feels exactly like trying to "surf" the internet with dial-up and a very old computer! Every page loads painfully slowly, with a counter telling you just how many images are left to load. You never realize how many buttons and icons and pictures are on the average web page until you try viewing them with the DS Browser. Forget about YouTube. Forget about video of any kind. I thought the DS Browser would be a great way to read e-mail or do some basic surfing without turning on my real computer, but in the time it takes the DS Browser to load one page, you can start your PC and have viewed 10 pages. Please do not buy the DS Browser. You have been warned....more info
  • Wow, it works!
    This is excellent for when I need to go wireless and don't want to carry my heavy laptop with me. I'm wondering why it's not really sold anymore, maybe because of liability? Maybe because it's as fast as a 56k? I'm used to the 56k speed though.

    Just go to the mobile version of the websites. I could check my google, hotmail, ebay, wikipedia, and other simple sites easily. I could not check my facebook or other sites that use a lot of flash and java. I mean, I could, but it takes a few minutes to load.

    I like how it uses both screens, and two different modes. One mode to zoom in and use both screens as one elongated screen, or zoom out and see the whole site. Again, I recommend that you use the mobile websites so you can use the zoomed in version. You can't read much when you zoom out. But the clicking of the penstick still works! There are only simple application sounds. So no youtubing or listening to pandora radio.

    You just have to be near a wireless router because it's range is a room's length. I think it's cool to show off to people --> "Hey! I could access the internet with my Nintendo DS lite!".

    Before I bought this, I didn't realize there are like three other different versions of DS, the original, the lite and the one with the camera. This one works for the DS-lite. You can google the image for more information. ...more info
    Even with broadband (not like you can use it any other way...) this browser is way, way, way, WAY too slow. I'm returning mine. No need for a review. You can read other people's reviews if you're that curious.

    Trust me, it doesn't matter how well designed it is. (It kind of is.) It is unusable. Remember 56Kbps dialup modems via phone landlines? Well, the internet is different today; pages are much more complex.

    Anyway, remember 56Kbps and how slow that was? I swear this seems about a quarter of that speed. I don't know how fast it really is, but with today's more complex websites and the DS being not that fast with wireless data in the first place, 1/4 the speed of dialup may even be generous!...more info
  • Does what it promises to do.
    The DS Browser does exactly what it says it will do.

    -Easy set-up
    -Modest loading times
    -Most websites accessable.

    -No Video support
    -No audio support

    If you have a wireless internet connection in your home, this is a fun little toy for your DS. I get bored sometimes and just browse Wikipedia or Myspace on my DS when I don't feel like getting on the computer. It could be better, but it could also be much worse....more info
  • Worth the buy
    The only reason I did not give the Nintendo browser 5 stars is because it doesnt play video or sound. As far as web browsing, it is beyond my expectations. I read through lots of negative comments about the browser but am very glad that i bought it. The split screens and keyboard make browsing the net very simple and easy. Text and pictures are very clear. Loading times vary. I have cable internet so it was quicker than I expected it would be.

    The only problem I encountered was accessing my hotmail account through Windows Live. It doesn't work. Some said to set it to classic but I found that was impossible. You can access hotmail through the msn mobile page so the setup is simpler and I am still able to access hotmail. Hopefully that will help someone.

    Overall, the Nintendo Browser is a good investment if you dont plan on buying the Iphone in the near future. For $40 there isnt much else out there that can give you what the Nintendo Browser offers....more info
  • Cute but limited
    If this was a freebie added on to the DS it would been a fine and handy tool when needed.Looking up a phone number or address or to check out "The Drudge Report" is okay, but you cant really do a lot with it, it takes forever (90 seconds is forever in cyberspace) to load pages. It doesn't support Flash so a lot of content is unviewable. I have Verizon FIOS at home and it took me almost a week to find out the proper settings for my WEP key. Nitendo wanted me to try to slow my home system down to try and get it to work at first. I hung up on him. Also this is only for the DS LITE. if you have an older DS (DS HEAVY?) you can only get it direct from Nitendo. When it does finally load a page, it is clear and the pictures are fine....more info
    DO NOT BUY THIS! i recently bought this item only to take it home and realize that it barely works at all. i bought it knowing that the connection speed was slow and that i would not be able to watch videos, but i thought as long as i could check my e-mail out and about it would be worth the price. low and behold, even reading e-mail was too much for this little puppy to handle. i tried to open a page with more than one photo and it ran out of memory. even wikipedia proved to be too much with all of the links and images. you might be able to manage a google search, but of course it would be difficult to to open any page you foud unless it was text only, and what good is that. the only use for this product i can think of would be a paper weight, or maybe a frissbee, but a crappy one at that. sorry if i sound cynical, but you will understand my frustration if you waste your money on this essentialy really expensive piece of plastic. DO NOT BUY THIS!!!...more info
  • Does what I expected...
    It isn't your home web browser. It woks as good as my Blackberry browser does. If you aren't expecting to do YouTube or something, its great!...more info