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Raytek MT6 MiniTemp Infrared Thermometer
List Price: $99.00

Our Price: $52.02

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Product Description

Large, easy-to-read backlit display! Give instant noncontact readings, just point and shoot. Unlimited automotive and other uses. Measure in Celsius or Fahrenheit with an ultra-fast response time. First number in distance to spot ratio indicates how far away you can be from target (in inches, to measure area of 1in. diameter circle). Operates on one 9V or NiCad battery.

  • Temperature range: -30 degrees to 500 degrees C (-20 degrees to 932 degrees F)
  • Instant current and max. readings
  • Large, easy to read display
  • Single dot laser sighting system
  • Durable and compact design

Customer Reviews:

  • Avid reptile keeper
    I bought this temp gun to help keep precise temperature gradients in my ball pythons enclosers, it works excellent it gives a precise reading very quickly. I would definately recommend this temp gun for anyone who keeps reptiles or amphibians, its a whole lot faster than just using a regular thermometer....more info
  • mr. radar gadget
    my boyfriend loves this little gives him a sense of being armed in the kitchen while cooking and baking..his taking the temperature of everything...more info
  • Raytek MT6 Mini Temp Infrared Thermometer
    I was initially persuaded to purchase this item after extensive research for an economical, but quality unit - so boasted the accalades of one reviewer. For the money, one could not purchase a better unit, said another. It is possible that my new unit straight out of the blister pack is not operating according to specs. The included battery was tested and deemed to be in excellent condition; however, one of the digital segments is almost invisible for certain numbers until rotating the viewing angle of the LCD well below a normal viewing angle. Moreover, after comparing readings with other certified temperature sensors, I have discovered that the readings of my Raytek MT6 are significantly lower- as much as 150% for readings over 200 degrees F. Of course, one negative review cannot label a product as useless for all. I have no reason to doubt that the unit can be returned for a replacement....more info
  • Nice Infrared Thermometer
    Not much to say. It's easy to use - just point pull the trigger and see the temperature. It is in fairly close agreement with the thermocouple we used to use....more info
  • would love to tell ya....
    i would post a real review for this greatly anticipated item but... Amazon sent me a holster instead of the thermometer. RMA time. reminds me of the time i ordered a typewriter from sears and got a vcr instead years ago......more info
  • Nice product for the price
    I got this to look for insulation problems with my house. It quickly helped me fine some small air leaks....more info
  • Performs as expected
    Other people do a great job reviewing this product. I purchased this thermometer to aid in the chocolate tempering process. Since I received it, I have tempered chocolate twice and was successful both times. Overall, I am very satisfied with this IR thermometer. So far, I haven't had any problems and hope I don't encounter any....more info
  • Very useful and accurate thermometer
    It's simple to use, very accurate and multi use thermometer. Among all hobby and professional use, I used it to measure body temperature too. Just put it streight into the ear hole and trigger. Read temperature is equal to pharmacy thermometers. Very useful in case of fever....more info
  • Nice, but not for all surfaces
    The thermometer does not work on shiny surfaces as, for example, pots and baking trays and the manufacturer does not disclose that in the description. Point it at a pot with boiling water and you will get readings of 85, 125, 90, 110, all within a few seconds. If you call the manufacturer, they will explain that the reason is that the emissivity of the surface is fixed at 0.95. So forget about measuring the temperature of your pressure cooker, espresso machine, etc. It is good for relatively matte surfaces. ...more info
  • Wonderful
    The Raytek MT6 is everything I hoped it would be. It works great and has made monitoring my air conditioning systems very easy. Highly recommend this product.

    Also, the shipping and handling of my order was perfect....more info
  • Be a bada$$ in the kitchen... get one of these!
    As my TiVo is groaning with over 100 episodes of "Good Eats", I am finally starting to understand the "what" and the "how" of food preparation.

    This handy gadget provides a great way to be precise when cooking. "No more burnt-on-the-outside-but-raw-on-the-inside pancakes!" "How hot does my iron skillet actually get?" "Wow, my science teacher was right! Water really DOES boil at 212 degrees" These are all questions and comments coming from my kitchen after receiving the Raytek.

    It's especially useful for gas cooktops stoves like mine, where the dials are a bit loose and the precision is questionable.

    Also fun at parties. You can shoot it at people's foreheads (cover their eyes, though. Safety first!) and see who's the coldest. The possibilities are endless!...more info
  • Noncontact Thermometer
    A very useful thermometer when you want to measure a temperature without contact....more info
  • great cool tool
    great tool I never knew I needed. I used it to seal up the air leaks in my home a/c ducts but found that it is usefull in the kitchen, checking food temps, oven, etc. the dog loves to chase the laser too. it seems accurate too. even if not perfect it still shows air leaks in the home and the scan helps. nice backlight. easy on battery too. you won't be unhappy with this well made unit! ...more info
  • One of my best devices so far.
    The reading is repeatable. It can scan too. Power is on in no time. Automatic power off in a few seconds if not used. Rugged enough (don't have to be too gentle with it). One of the best products I ever had. Just owned it for 2 months. Hope it lasts long. If so, it is surely worth the money and rated 5+ stars....more info