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AUTHENTIC CELLET BLACK NOBLE LEATHER CASE POUCH for MOTOROLA RAZR V3 / V3i / V3m / V3xx / V3t / V3r / Samsung T809, T629, A707 SYNC, A900 / SANYO 6600 KATANA / KATANA 2, 6650 / LG VX8700 SHINE - CELLE
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Product Description

Each CELLET accessory is manufatured with the highest quality material and expert workmanship to ensure proper compatibilty and durability that exceeds OEM standards. THIS IS AN AUTHENTIC CELLET PRODUCT, DO NOT BE FULLED BY CHEAP KNOCK-OFFS. BACKED BY A 1 YEAR WARRENTY

  • High grade leather: protects your valuable phone
  • Perfect fit: precisely engineered to fit your phone perfectly
  • Belt clip: makes phone stay in place
  • Magnetic phone flap: secure & safe
  • Dimensions: approx. 4 (W) x 2 (L) x 1 (H)

Customer Reviews:

  • what a deal
    Price wise and quality wise You can't beat this cell case. Why pay $25 plus dollars?...more info
  • Just as I'd hoped
    This item was exactly what I was looking for and, for the price, I couldn't have asked for anything better. My job involves a great deal of moving and lifting heavy objects, which would either crush my phone when it was in my pocket or push the phone painfully into some sensitive areas. This eliminates that problem beautifully. The only (very minor) complaint I might have is that the belt clip is so stiff that it takes a little effort to attach it. ...more info
  • Good and functional
    I bought this case for my Samsung Sync, and I like it very much. Easily accessed from the side, and the magnetized snap is also a good feature. Very comfortable to wear, good style, and is just the right size for my phone. The only thing I've found wrong with it from my perspective is when you catch it on something the clip pulls off with little to no force. Thats just me!...more info
  • Excellent professional case
    Excellent case bought around christmas 2007. Writing this review in August 2008 and the case still looks as good as when I purchased it. Very professional looking and phone fits well. Don't let the low price throw you !!!...more info
  • Great Phone Case
    This is the best cell case i have gotten so far. it fits my phone perfectly and it does not bother me while functioning in my daily routine. i would reccomend it to all....more info
  • Great high quality product
    High quality leather case. Very versatile with two connector types. I use it everyday. Very satisfied....more info
  • Great case!
    This case fits the Katana LX perfectly. It fits on your belt horizontally so it doesn't get in the way when you sit down. The magnetic closure is fast to open and close and the leather finish is easy to maintain and durable. ...more info
  • Cellet Case
    The product is very useful; I use it EVERY DAY. However, this is the second Cellet case I have had in the last more info
  • false advertising
    This case arrived not like displayed on pictures. Clip is different. It is same cheap plastic one like on most of counterfeit products. Do not buy it....more info
  • Great phone keeper
    I really appreciate this product. The price is very reasonable (shipping included). I use it for CU 720 LG Shine (after looking at the dimensions of other phones that this thing fits). It fits perfectly and stays put. My only problem was on a cold rainy day, when I pulled out the phone in a hurry it flew out of my hand and onto the concrete. That's the downfall of a snug case and a slippery phone. Later, I attached a tether cord to the phone, so I have something to hang on to, and no problems since. I can also charge the phone without removing it from the case (just by opening the flap). ...more info
  • Cell phone Case
    Cell case is too small to fit the Motorola V3xx phone as advertised. The V3xx is just a little longer than the rest of the Razor phones. Otherwise this is a fine case....more info
  • Great Cell Case
    This case fits my Razor V3 perfectly and the leather looks great My last case failed because the clip was glued. This clip is stitched in place and I hope this will be an advantage. I like the option to clip and strap around the belt for extra security. You can't go wrong with this case especially at this price. All of my other cases that failed have cost much more....more info