HDMI Cable 15 ft v 1.3 1080P FOR PS3 DVD TO LCD HDTV TV
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Premium high quality HDMI-HDMI gold plated cable suitable for use in HDTV, Plasma, LCD, PS3, home theater, cable box, projectors and more. Compatible Model: HDTV, Plasma, LCD, PS3, DVD Players, Satellite & Cable boxes and more.

  • Brand new high quality gold plated cable. Cable length: 4.5 meters (15 feet). Connectors: HDMI Male to HDMI Male
  • Features gold-plated connectors, molded strain-relief, and mylar-foil shielding. Cable constructed using the high quality material for best contact.
  • Fully HDCP compliant to provide highest level of signal quality. Compatible with: multiple audio formats from stereo to multi-channel sound.
  • Transfer Digital Audio & Video signals at warp speed of 5 Gigabytes per second! A superb cable with excellent audio-visual transfer properties.
  • HDMI Certified, LIFETIME Warranty By Bargaincell Only. sku:unidat003

Customer Reviews:

  • why pay more...
    ...when any and all hdmi cables will transmit the identical digital information?? nice gold plated tips and solid sheath made for a steal. no need to shell out $60-80 for monster or other name brand cables when these will perform the same ...more info
  • Percect
    I wouldnt use the customer I used bc the shipping took almost 10 days but the prod worked great when I finally got it. ...more info
  • Works great
    Can't see a single problem with it. Cheap HDMI cables might have problems at longer lengths, but I haven't seen any need at shorter lengths to use anything more expensive than something like this....more info
  • Does a great job hooking my laptop up to my HD TV
    First, those who insist that there is no difference between a high end cable and an inexpensive one are simply wrong. There is a quite discernible difference between a high quality gold plated cable and a cheap one. I definitely recommend getting a 3' or 6' cable for hooking up your Blu-ray player to your 1080 HD TV. The difference isn't huge, but it is perceptible.

    However, it would be hugely expensive to get a very long HDMI cable and there is just no way to justify the price in my mind. I wanted to get a couple of very long HDMI cables to enable me to hook up my laptop to my 46 inch 1080 Samsung TV. I am a Netflix customer and as a result I get several hours each month of things that I can stream from their website. I can now use my laptop to put this on my big screen TV rather than watch it on my laptop. I also wanted the option of being able to stream shows off the various TV websites, including those of the major networks as well as Hulu. My laptop also has a Blu-ray player, but my laptop's Blu-ray using either the 15' or 25' cable cannot match the PS3 with the 6' gold plated cable. Besides, replacing the Blu-ray drive on my laptop would be pricey, so it is better to save wear and tear and use the PS3 instead.

    So I ordered this 15' cable as well as a 25' cable. The picture you get from the 15' is mildly better than that on the 25' cable, though both are pretty good. And the price was right for both of them.

    So, if you need a decent and inexpensive cable I definitely recommend this one. I would also recommend dropping the dough for a gold plated 6' cable. But if you have a laptop and want to hook it up to your TV for whatever reason, this cable will fit the bill....more info
  • Great cable
    Unfortunately, this HDMI cable did not work with my XBOX 360 and my Olevia TV, but it is not the cables fault. After further research, there is an issue with Olevia brand monitors hooking up to the XBOX via HDMI. Used the cable in other situations with no problem at all. Great product....more info
  • Great Bargain, Great Quality
    Hooked up PS3 to 52 in Bravia.
    Cable runs through the wall up to attic and down the wall where TV hangs over fireplace. No loss of signal or noise interference from powersources located close to it.
    Product arrived as stated and in good condition along with 3 other 6ft HDMI cables. Great price specially when similar product retails for almost 15 times more at box retailers or brandname cables.
    I highly recommend vendor and product....more info
  • Great picture, Great value
    I'm not at all as knowledgeable about this stuff as most of the people that write the reviews so this should may good for people who are clueless about this type of stuff. I had read the reviews before buying this and wasn't sure if I should spend the extra $ on Monster cables or not so I bought Monster cables and this at the same time. I was hooking up to Direct TV and a Panasonic Blu-ray to my HP 1080i HD 47" Flat LCT TV so I needed two anyway. When I switch these with the Monster I can't notice any difference in quality. A friend of mine works for Tweeter and helped me with my TV installation so I asked him about it and he said that there's very little difference and he wouldn't spend the $ to upgrade. I spent $15 on these instead $40-$50 on Monster (which would have been $200+ at the store that I bought the TV at) and got the same picture as far as I could tell. ...more info
  • Works great
    I thought, for sure, these cables at this price was too good to be true. I was wrong - these hdmi cables deliver a fantastic sound and picture and the price is unbelievable. buy with confidence. thanks Amazon...more info
  • chris the tv man
    this was a n awesome product and shipped so fast i couldn't blink. saved me a hundred dollars thank you very much...more info
  • Definitely a Good Deal
    Used this for my second TV setup. For the first tv I bought 90 dollar cables for both TV and PS3. Out of curiousity, exchanged them back and forth on the PS3, the High Def Cable Boxes (both Comcast and identical)and my large Sony and the smaller LG. The picture was not any different. Called my girlfriend in and lied about which one was which and of course she said the best picture was the one with the expensive cable. She said it was "just a bit better than the cheap one". Of course you can guess she had actually picked the cheaper one. Buy with confidence because I was going to return them if they were even slightly compromising my quality. ...more info
    I am NOT electronically savvy, but: I bought these 15' HDMI cables on the cheap because I couldn't see popping $80-$100 for a set. Many many online reviewers have stated that price doesn't make that much differance in HDMI cables, so I thought I'd 'waste' $5 and try them, rather than 'waste' $100 on a quality that I didn't need. Did that make any sense?

    These work great! My upconverter upconverts just fine, Everything looks HD to me! If you don't have the extra loot to throw at HDMI cables, buy these. You'll be happy. To quote Ned Flanders, they work just Diddly-Darn-Fine....more info
  • Longer cable = Better picture???
    Well, I'm an engineer and I always thought, at least when it comes to conducting, a longer cable meant more material, which meant more resistance and hence signal-degradation. I'm also a guitarist and with longer guitar cables, I do notice some loss in tone. But, in the case of these cables, it seems the opposite. I am not a HDMI-Geek by any standards and these are my second set of HDMI cables (both from amazon). The previous ones were 6 ft ones.

    I just wall-mounted my 52" Sony Bravia LCD TV and needed these longer cables to connect my HDTV DVR and DVD player. After wall-mounting and connecting the cables, I turn on HGTV and I immediately felt the picture was too darn "rich". I could not stand it, I had to lower the backlight, picture (contrast), brightness and even color by atleast 25% to get it to how it looked previously with the 6 ft cables. In short, the same channel/programs, the same tv, placement in the same room (just a couple feet higher) with only the difference in cable, there is marked difference in picture quality. ...Difference for the good. I'm so glad I came back to amazon for these inexpensive quality cables. Thank you so much.

    ...more info
  • Don't waste your money on "monster" cables or "retail" cables
    These cables were shipped fast and work just great! I've compared to other "high-priced" brands and performance-wise, THERE IS NO DIFFERENCE AT ALL. This is what you would expect from a cable carrying a DIGITAL signal... it either gets from one end to the other, or it doesn't. Digital does not have the nuances of analog, so spending a zillion bucks on fancy cables is just a waste of money.

    Highly recommended!
    ...more info